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Pride and Larceny

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Rashvana felt a bit worried at the thought of being carried. She was heavier, and taller than the winter girl who fluttered around anxiously gathering materials. She wanted to help her, ease some of her burden, but every step stung, and each time she tried to flutter her wings, it was complete agony. She walked forward anyways, wanting to help Iridia in anyway she could. She tried to hide the pain she felt in each step, but stopped as she found the girl was suddenly in front of her. She flinched slightly, not used to being so slow. 

As Iridia hovered above her, she felt the cloak around her shoulders, and she smiled gratefully, "Oh, thank you." She said softly, loving the chill she felt tingle down her spine. This felt homey to her, and she loved it. The sharp stabs of chilly air piercing her skin, made her forget about the pain for a while. As Iridia held her arms out, she shifted nervously on her feet. 

"Are you sure you're rested enough? We can wait, I don't want you to feel rushed." She said, her voice cracking from the anxiety she felt welling up in her chest. She didn't know why she felt this way, but the thought of Iridia's tanned arms around her made her stomach feel fluttery. Like when a child flew for the first time on their own, at least, that's how she remembered it. 

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"I'll be just fine, I promise." Iridia said warmly, her voice calming and gentle, understanding and feeling the anxiety that was coming from the fae. The little sprite cracked a cheesy smile and winked at the taller girl, a warm feeling coming up to her chest. "I think you underestimate how many heavy pocketwatches I've hulled around in my time." 

   The white-haired girl stepped a bit closer to the taller fae, reaching a hand out to take one of hers in her own, squeezing gently. Iridia looked up to Rashvana, relishing the feeling of their hands touching sweetly, her blush deepening on her cheeks. Iridia gave her a look of adoration, smiling reassuringly as her teasing subsided. The little thief ran her thumb over Rashvana's knuckles before lifting her hand to place a tender kiss upon the winter girls chilled hand. 

"Rashvana.." Iridia murmured, looking back up, her voice practically made with honey at the moment. "I got you into this mess, I caused a huge ruckus in your life, so I swear to you completely.. I'm going to get you home safely and you have no reason to worry or be anxious. I promise you." 

   Iridia's mismatched eyes studied the taller girls, going back and forth to take in the color of her lovely orbs, her blush still lingering upon her cheeks and the tips of her pointed ears. The sprite really did want to get the mechanic home safely, she wanted to visit her at the shop and tend to her wounds, help and make tea and bring her dinner, slip into bed with her, hold each other close and press each other with kisses. However, Iridia said none of this and only allowed those thoughts of want to beat within her heart and flood her mind. However, a moment of doubt dimmed the sprite's thoughts as the sharp words Vox had spoken prior rung through her mind, never trust a thief. 

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Whenever Iridia winked at her she swore she could feel her heart flutter, and when her heart fluttered, other things would also flutter. Those other things were just painful and one was just plain inappropriate. Then there was comment about the pocketwatches, and she couldn't help but giggle. She covered her mouth with her hand, and smiled into her hand. "Well, hopefully I'm lighter than a pocketwatch." 

As Iridia took her hand, she felt a shiver creep up her spine, and as she ran her thumb over her knuckles and her soft lips touched her cold hand, she thought she'd melt into a puddle right there. She's never felt like this before, not once. There was this one time she had some creepy fae guy in her shop that wouldn't leave but that's not even remotely close to what she felt right now. A gust of wind crept through, and she watched as the smaller girl's snowy hair was swept behind her shoulders, exposing her cute little tanned face. The puddle was growing now, she was about four inches shorter now. 

"Oh...Iridia," Rashvana said, melting a bit more, four and a half inches now, "I suddenly don't feel so anxious now." She said softly, gazing into her eyes. They were so pretty, like a frozen lake and a forest that had frosted over. She was enraptured. She wanted to go home with Iridia, have her take care of her, make her dinner and tea, crawl into bed with her, hold her, and suffocate her with kisses. And other more inappropriate things, that are not PG-13. 

"Well then, I-I guess we better get going. I don't know how far we are from the shop." She said, and she squeezed Iridia's hand gently, and yet another gust of wind rolled through, and she stepped closer to the girl, to shield her from the wind. She could feel her breath, it was hot on her face, and she felt herself melting more and more into her hands. 

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