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Change to development in Terrenus

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For the next couple of years at least, and with the exception of closely managed projects like the civil war, I intend to focus on and prioritize vertical, rather than horizontal, development in Terrenus

To sum up the guiding philosophy in a few words, in terms of worldbuilding for the continent, think "deeper, not wider". Rather than a continuous stream of new properties and territories that fall to the wayside over time due to flagging interest, which is an organizational headache on top of everything, I'm going to be focusing on those projects and creations which add new features (businesses, organizations, hotspots) to existing properties rather than adding new properties altogether, and which recycle into a new or more mature form those properties which would otherwise just age out

On the small scale this model has already been wildly successful with Yh'mi and now Ursa Madeum. I also think we'll see a strong related benefit from focusing activity down fewer number of channels within which a larger number of members must consequently engage

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