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Attention GMs and Quest-Givers! Potential antagonist for your quest or role-play!

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To those of you seeking to start a quest or a role-play, I have a proposition to put to you. In addition to whatever goals you wish the players to accomplish or villains you wish them to defeat, what would you say to having another antagonist thrown into the fray to change things up a bit? This antagonist won't be trying to kill your characters, rather, he'll merely be looking to impede and annoy them using his large arsenal of curse spells. Most of the curses involve some sort of physical alteration or transformation designed to hinder the characters as they pursue their goal, whatever that goal may be!

This antagonist, who I have dubbed "The Cursor", is just a punk looking to have fun at other people's expense, so he can be included in almost any kind of thread. Whether he will stalk the players as they try to navigate a jungle to recover a priceless artifact, or ambush them in dark alleyways while they try to track down a ruthless criminal, or even show up in the middle of a party claiming to be "tonight's entertainment"!

Here's a to the original thread I made on the matter, but I'll summarize how this would work here also:


The GM of the thread will work with me to establish certain parameters, like how long each curse will have effect and any other considerations. He or she will also make the presence of the Cursor known in their interest check and I will post information in the interest thread as well. Once the RP begins, I will track the progress of the characters, then at key moments I will have the Cursor show up and hurl some curses at the PCs. I will roll a D10 in the dice roller thread on the Cursor's behalf, while the intended victim's author will roll a D10 to dodge or defend against the spell. There won't be any special considerations for the rolling, the victim's author can just make up whatever reason he or she wants for how their character got hit or how they managed not to get hit, so long as you abide by the results of the roll. Once a character has been cursed, I will then use the D100 role from the dice thread to determine the curse effect (a full list of the curse effects will be disclosed at the beginning of each thread). At that point, the character will be cursed and will have to endure the debuff for a set number of posts, which will be determined by myself, the GM, and the length/speed of the thread.

Below is a tentative list of possible curse effects, though I'm keeping it open for suggestions. I am aware that it is pretty heavy in the "transformation" section, but those will individually be "weighted" a bit lower when I set the number spreads for the rolls. Also, I think transformations, which are common in fairy tales, folklore, and Greek mythology, are somehow vastly underappreciated in pop culture fantasy (or at least, from what I've seen of it).



  • Character’s head will be on backward
  • Character’s face will vanish (no speech, sight or smell, can still hear and think)
  • Character will shrink down to a tenth of their normal size
  • Character will size up to ten-times their normal size
  • Character will blow up like a balloon and float away
  • Body becomes immaterial like a ghost or hologram, cannot interact with objects
  • Fragmentation curse*
  • Target of curse will swap bodies with the nearest other party member
  • Age change (choice: child or elderly)
  • Sex change


  • Transformed into a frog or toad
  • Transformed into a chicken
  • Transformed into a rodent (choice: mouse, rat, squirrel, chipmunk, rabbit)
  • Transformed into a bird (choice, excludes birds-of-prey)
  • Transformed into a farm animal (choice: horse, donkey, pig, cow/bull, sheep, goat)
  • Transformed into a domestic animal (choice: cat, dog, hamster, goldfish in a bowl)
  • Transformed into a reptile (choice: snake**, lizard, turtle)
  • Transformed into a game animal (choice: deer, antelope, wild sheep/goat, wild boar)
  • Transformed into a sea creature (choice: fish, crab, squid/octopus, marine mammal)***
  • Transformed into a freshwater fish (choice: sport fish, carp, crayfish, panfish)***
  • Transformed into a tree (based on local flora)
  • Transformed into a plant (based on local flora)
  • Transformed into a vegetable or fruit (author choice)
  • Transformed into a pumpkin
  • Transformed into a mushroom -- another player can eat them for a 1-Up! (just kidding)
  • Transformed into a statue (author choice of material)
  • Transformed into a weapon (author choice)
  • Transformed into a tool (author choice)
  • Transformed into a misc object (author choice)
  • Compressed into geometric shape (choice: sphere, cube, cylinder)****


  • Drunkenness
  • Hallucinations
  • Victim cannot tell a lie or cannot tell the truth (author choice)
  • Victim will obey any command given to them by any person


  • Rain cloud will hover over victim and rain on them



*  - The victim’s body will disassemble, meaning the arms, legs and head will detach from the torso. If roll spread is more than five, the arms and legs will also fragment at the elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. No blood; the severed sections will be covered with skin. All the body parts will continue to function as normal, only without the benefit of the fully connected body.


**  - Only a smaller snake that is not a venomous snake or a large constrictor. Must be relatively harmless.


***  - Only if near a saltwater body or a freshwater body, respectively. If the characters are not currently near accessible water, you may reroll.


****  - In this circumstance, the body would retain its normal elements, just be compressed into that particular shape. I guess it’s up to your imagination how that would manifest!


Note: For transformation spells, the effects will be applied in the form of more children’s cartoon style of transformation, that is, think of how they are handled in thinks like a Disney movie or an anime. The character will remain fully awake and conscious regardless of the form they take, and will likewise retain elements of their normal form. For example, human hair, human eyes, possibly a full human face (on plants or objects), skin coloration, and their clothing and gear being refitted to their new form. Not necessarily all of those need apply, just imagine most of them do. This is partially so the character can continue to interact to a degree, and so the other characters don’t lose them (unless they intentionally want to leave them behind), and partially just because that’s my personal preference. Deal with it.


Anyway, if you are planning a thread in the future, keep me and this character in mind! I'd enjoy a chance to throw a wrench in your players' plans, especially if that wrench used to be one of the other PCs! Also, if you're just a regular player not GMing anything, but you are involved in a thread you feel could use some more intrigue or challenge, please mention this to your GM!

Also, if you read this and like the idea one way or another, please comment! I want to know if people are giving this serious consideration, or if they're just like "Oh, nice idea, but nothing I ever intend to participate in." Thanks!

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1 minute ago, supernal said:

I made this an option for people to use in the Terrenus artifact list, rather than submitting to a 10% chance of the item itself being cursed

Very cool! Thanks!

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