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Can I play too?

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12 minutes ago, Ichi said:

Jokes aside, I forgot how to muscle myself into RP's here on Val. Anyone wanna write with one of my characters? Any story will do. I'll be honest, I'm really rusty.

I can, however, compensate with my devilishly good charm! Yep, cause I have that.

On a scale of one to ten where would you say your morales and ethics are? One being you’d sell a baby to Satan for two dollars and ten being the pope.

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Are you interested in....

Mind control?

Basicly a tower that keeps asoeroids away (or makes them crash)?

A robloxian nuking itself?

Being an algae?


(This stuff in alternatives)

Being a god? (outdated but can return)

The Nexus eye? (consept idea)

Space Purge l? (a space WW2 event)



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9 hours ago, Ichi said:

I'm rusty, so I'm hoping to be led on the right track so I can keep the ball rolling once it starts. I'd like to write as Vince please. That is all I ask.

Sorry i didnt ask before but....

What's Vince's speciality?

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