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Ebony-Yahera, The Battle of Disasterous Catastrophe, Breaking the Heart of Hope

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2c16cc2d8d422a8a8dbf14223462d62a--fantasy-women-fantasy-art.jpgRin threw Sayndar to the ground as he came running at her. The rain drowning out his cries as it fell down heavily. Sayndar rolled against the ground, his sword falling to the side as the princess of Athentha made her way towards the hero of Lyonesse.

That was his title, his proud achievement of defeating her those long years ago. That day he ripped her eye from her skull. Yet she didn't do the same to him. Picking him up from the back of his collar, she snarled. Nothing left in her eyes as she would make him suffer. 

Sayndar would have let her but he couldn't let the land fall to her hands. Her dark vision. His hands grasped her arms backwards to singe her skin. Rin hissed in pain as she released him. 

Sayndar with his last ounce of strength ran at the half breed and slammed her against the tree. He then collapsed into unconsciousness... 


cf413af06d737c2342d8944445fdf787--shorter-hair-a-guy-who.jpgSayndar gasped as he awoke in a small enclosed camp. Those cold memories trying to suffocate him as the sweat fell down his face. Gripping the sheets as he sat in the bed, he had this dream for a week now. As if it was haunting him for a reason. And he didn't know why. 

Salsa leaned against the wall, her arms crossed against her chest. Her elf ears peeking out from black blue curls. Her yellow black eyes hauntingly staring at him. She was dressed in the usual resistance garb. 

About time ya awoke Capt'n. You've been asleep for days now after we found ya beat'n by the princess. She cut yer body up real good. Fin'lly had to shoo her off ya with that old magic tactic.

"Salsa, it wasn't that easy. We were evenly matched. I thought I could redeem her this time. Show her the light. We've lost her to that villanous cur's magic. I--I--"

Salsa put her hand up as she tried to ease the man's worries. Sayndar sighed as the resistance was growing in numbers yet at the same time couldn't fully go against the half breed and the man running the show. 

Capt'n, don't stress so much. We'll free yer princess. It will just take time. Plus we have to retrain a demon hunter again. Afraid he got eat'n by the demon raven. But the knights of Gemini Phoenix are here.

Sayndar sighed shaking his head as he stood up. Yes, the knights were here to help build numbers in their ranks. Yet, he felt they weren't enough. He told Salsa he was off to see Cid. Waving her off as she stood there in silence. 

This is a side story, going on during the Umbral Year, and Rin's capture by Raven. It deals with Sayndar, his character and how he plans to save the infected including Rin along with training a renewed Vex. If you join, please ask first

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4f04ae956b7fbbb1fe48f214bbe8e6ee--anime-girl-kimono-manga-girl.jpg"Capt'n, wait! Yer don't need ta be so melancholy about this. I was just tryin' ta help."

Sayndar stopped before looking at Salsa. She was acquired by the resistance from the Red Blood Moon Children Organization. He was still skeptical about her. Sayndar didn't trust the organization since their many ties to the side trying to destroy them all. 

"Yeah, I know. But I figure Cid might be closer to fixing up our new demon hunter, so I wanted to go see. Besides, I'm melancholy for another reason, so I'll let you tend to the trainees. We'll need strong soldiers."

Salsa sighed letting him go. Nothing she could do at the moment to lift his spirits. Nothing more but to tend to her duties as the hero madehis way towards the lab, disappearing into the distance. 

6b8a77daec46250d445d88137c3a0970.jpgAs Sayndar entered the lab, the young fresh face of their oldest mage greeted him sourly. Cid at been at this for fourteen hours straight with no sleep. And he was trying to rebuild a demon hunter which wasn't an easy task. 

"Oh good, you fin'lly arrive after taking your sweet ass time. No, don't come help the mage rebuild your demon hunter. I don't mind all the work and loss of sleep."

Sayndar shook his head as he took a seat in the chair off to the left. He was no good at rebuilding people. But this was a special case, they needed him to combat the pair of Raven and Rin. And it was being a pain in the ass. 

cf413af06d737c2342d8944445fdf787--shorter-hair-a-guy-who.jpg"Cid, you know between me and you I cannot help. Vex would become even more messed up than last time." 

Sayndar replied as he looked at Cid. Cid knew that to be true. He looked at the body as it laid open, trying to connect tissue and nerves. He wiped the sweat from his brow. 

"This was easier last time. Gonna have to make sure he doesn't easily break this time. If only Vex wasn't so crucial to the plan. It's gonna take longer before we get Vex back. And the knights--"

Sayndar shook his head as he drifted off to sleep as both were overworked and barely slept. Cid sighed noticing and went back to work.

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6b8a77daec46250d445d88137c3a0970.jpg"Wake up ya bastard! There's a snag in the process." Cid cried then. 

Sayndar didn't awake as the mage kicked the man with his foot in the leg. It startled Sayndar as he fell out of his chair, rubbing his head looking up at Cid. 

"That was unnecessarily uncalled for. You could have shaken me like a normal hume. Now, what's the issue?" 

"Yer own damn fault. You didn't wake when I told ya. Listen, this body--the body connective tissues won't connect to it. I've tried seventeen million ways and it won't work."

Sayndar placed his hand to his head as he muttered. Vex had to go and play hero, had to go save his beloved princess. And look where it got him, dead in a pile of ashes. Cid noticed the muttering yet didn't say anything. The hero was punishing himself too harshly like always. 

"Fucking idiot. He had to go after her. Had to try and save the land without a back up plan. He always does this and makes us pick up his slack. Damn it, I hate his stupidity."

Cid chuckled then. It seems that everyone was to blame yet Sayndar was taking the lion's share of it. He sighed softly then as he went back to work. 

"Someone had to. And ya know Vex just wanted to save the land like us. It was why he started the resistance. And ya know he has a torch fer the girl. Not his fault. Though he did go about it idiotically since we know nothin' about that man."

cf413af06d737c2342d8944445fdf787--shorter-hair-a-guy-who.jpgCid had a point. Vex did it for the people, not himself, not for glory. Yet he ended up dead because no one of the land knew Raven. 

Sayndar sat back in the chair as Cid worked on the body. Would they have to be nefarious in rebuilding Vex? They could go and find the slaver Esben but could they even trust him? 

"Yeah, that's the best thing about that idiot. We could find Esben. We could place a seed in Vex. Could be more helpful even though I despise him and his tactics."

Cid rose an eyebrow then. "You really want to seek out a man who could be aligned with Rin? Do we even know his intentions? And even if you did, do you really think he'd help us? It's a big risk to take and time wasted if it doesn't."

"It may be our last resort if you can't get it working Cid. I don't want to seek out that elusive snake but I might have to if we have nothing left. We NEED him more than ever, he knows more about Rin than any of us."

They both sighed in defeat.

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cf413af06d737c2342d8944445fdf787--shorter-hair-a-guy-who.jpgSayndar stood up as he rubbed his head sheepishly. Seems they were in a corner without any way forward. Cid eyed the thoughts running through the hero's mind. That this is the only option left. Both sighed again. Cid waved him off as he knew he couldn't stop Sayndar. 

And that was the truth as well. Sayndar left the room and headed out. Leaving behind Salsa and Cid to hold down the fort. He was headed to Talia to find Esben Eden, the mad scientist. Vex dying had screwed them hard. 

Walking down the cobblestone street as the rain began to fall. He sighed again as he knew the walk would be long. And no coaches or carriages ran. Sayndar didn't mind the walk, as he knew that finding Esben would be the hard part. 

I cannot believe I have to find a man I despise so much. I'm kicking Vex's ass once that fucking twit comes back to life.

Sayndar thought to himself. He wished someone came with him so he could banter off with as he hated the uncomfortable silence. The man tried to think of a tune to hum or whistle. Shakimg his head, he knew the mess was huge, and they were in the thick of it now. 

The hero of Lyonesse walked on now in his silence towards the island of Talia. Annoyed and frustrated.


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cf413af06d737c2342d8944445fdf787--shorter-hair-a-guy-who.jpgSayndar paused then as he eyed the sign. It was 100miles to Ghulur-Vjara and that was the closest to his destination. The man hated looking for a man he hated. Esben was someone who helped shape the half breed. The experiments he did to her drove her crazy. 

Yet, he had to catch a coach in Ghulur-Vjara to Talia's main city. And that was another pain altogether. As he tried to look around for a tavern to rest. But something weird happened next. 

It was a carriage riding down the road. Sayndar tilted his head as there were no carriages or coaches running. Not any he knew. Lyonesse was closed in many places at night during the week. 

The carriage stopped in front of him as the door opened and Sayndar's eyes locked with the slaver himself, Esben Eden. 

Capricorn-Man-Art.jpgWell, well well if it isn't Lyonesse's hero and champion. Sayndar wasn't it? Last I knew of you, you were running home with your tail between your legs. 

Esben chuckled as he told the carriage to remain. Sayndar waved off his insults as he wasn't here for petty fights. He begrudgingly took up his courage and began. 

"Yeah, well I just knew I wasn't going to win. Anyways, we have a slight problem and if we could solve it I wouldn't be here looking for you. Vex is dead. Ash. And rebuilding him--"

Wait. Vex died?! That great demon hunter met his match? Please tell me how he died. What, it's like his second time right? A problem with rebuilding? Did you lose your mage again?

Sayndar grumbled as he spoke. Esben was condensing towards him, acting like he knew everything. Sayndar hated that about Esben, how he acted so smug. Sayndar shook his head as he tried to talk to this man. 

Yet, he was so happy that Vex was dead. Seems Esben was in the demon hunter's sights for a while now. Sayndar sighed, composing himself again. 

"A foreigner named Raven beat Rin in her own game and burned him into ash. Seventeenth actually. Look, as much as you love bantering with me, I am tired. Are you going to help or not?"

Esben laughed. It was a good hearty laugh for at least five minutes before wiping away the tears. He told tje hero to get in and then the carriage drive to head to the resistance's hideout.

I cannot believe seventeen. I thought he was smarter than that. Calling an enemy's help, I find it hilarious. You know I'm going to want something in return. That bounty, I want it erased.

Sayndar grumbled again. His demand wasn't something he could just do.

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cf413af06d737c2342d8944445fdf787--shorter-hair-a-guy-who.jpg"I don't see why you're so happy the demon hunter is dead. He is the one who knows mostly how to deal with the princess. And I don't enjoy even being in this carriage with you. You're the last man I'd ever bargain with. It's all your fault this happened."

Sayndar replied as the carriage rode on. He was trying his hardest not to rip the slaver apart for everything he had done. Everything that happened before and now Esben had a big part of it all. Esben smirked as he enjoyed watching Sayndar squirm. 

O' my dear hero, if only you knew the magnitude of events transpiring. War is breaking out, people attacking each other, not trusting each other. Yet, I do not care what she does. My goals are all that matters. And he had it coming, he allowed her to twist his heart into that torch.

Sayndar frowned. He wasn't half wrong. But he didn't like how smug Esben was being. But in his defense, he could be. He had the upper hand at the moment, the resistance seeked him out. They needed him to bring forth a dead man. 

"Cut to the chase, you know I hate your cryptic bullshit. And I'm not in the mood to play your games."

Sayndar, Vex isn't the only one who knows much about the princess. The four keys were made to combat her should she goes down this road. Vex was just the back up if they were all compromised. One, so far is. 

The hero tilted his head. What was he going on about now? He wasn't sure about the lore of the land but it looked like he knew more than Sayndar did at the moment. 

Yuma, Odessa, Abalone and Vanilla. Those are the four keys. Keys to keep the half breed from obtaining true reign. Yuma has already bern compromised, but the three are still safe. Hidden to make sure you heroes have a fighting chance. 

Esben waved off his hand then as he felt everyone should know this by now. Sayndar grumbled, hating how the slaver felt he was above him still.

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Capricorn-Man-Art.jpgOdessa has ties with Vanilla as she deals trades and items for her from time to time. I have no idea where Abalone resides. 

Esben responded as he spoke to Sayndar. This wasn't his smug usual self. He was giving information Sayndar desperately wanting to have. Since they lost something they truly needed. 

At least it seemed so big to them. But Esben knew he could play with the resistance, even rip them asunder with paranoia and deceit. So, he would show the hero of Lyonesse that all suffered in the land. There was no light left here, no hope to gain.

cf413af06d737c2342d8944445fdf787--shorter-hair-a-guy-who.jpg"Abalone, that elf girl. Yeah she's the safest of the trio. No one knows where she is. I didn't know the seeds hired others to do work for them."

Sayndar replied as he sighed. What was Esben's end goal? What did he truly want that he wanted to help the resistance so easily? It seemed so suspicious that Esben appeared out of nowhere even though they did need him. 

"Odessa? Yes, I've heard of her. That lovely beauty was Lucinda's apprentice. She can even rival the arch mage. But why does she have ties with the Red Blood Moon Children Organization? I don't get that."

They're a boisterous grandeur of an organization even if not spoken about these days. They have ties with many citizens of the islands. Odessa, she decided to dabble in the black arts one day, a taboo spell that tore her asunder. Vanilla--

Esben paused for a moment as he leaned back into his seat. His hands laid in his lap as he shook his head. The elf was of noble blood even if his actions were never noble. His father before his death made him learn and grow in these traditions. 

His empty eyes looked at Sayndar as he knew the strengths and weaknesses of the hero. He did also went toe to toe with the half bred princess without being corrupted.  So he wasn't just a pushover. 

"Go on Esben. Don't shy away now that you've given so much away already. Otherwise you'd not lead me on with so much information."

Vanilla has helped rebuilt Odessa after her death. So, she is devoted to her, owing the seed her life. So Vanilla has kept Odessa in hiding. So she could protect her. Though soon enough, no one will be able to be protected.

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Capricorn-Man-Art.jpgAre you afraid Sayndar? Afraid that you cannot stop the war coming? Are you afraid to witness that you are not strong enough? 

Esben asked as he spoke looking at Sayndar. He wondered if the actions taken were strong enough to hold out against the tide. If they were truly prepared for incoming storm. He shook his head, the carriage carrying on towards its destination. It would be a few hours more til they arrived. 

Yevan is alive. Fueling the flames of war towards the islands. Someone has revived the bastard. Who, I am not sure. But he has acquired a massive army of captured souls. They march towards Athentha. Sayndar, you are under prepared.

"Shit. I didn't think that was possible. He was killed, dead by a lowly vampiress's hands. How did--who knew about him?! It's overwhelming to know the Red Blood Moon Children Organization has revived and now this?! Why are you telling me this?"

I want that pesky bounty off my head. Do you know how annoying it is to woo potential slaves when you have to look over your shoulder constantly? It's affected my business. Hardly an elder has shown. That's why. 

"I don't have the power to revoke it Esben. That is Lyon's job and he's dead. Another problem I have to deal with."

Esben held out the piece of paper as he frowned. Seems he would have to prove himself to get what he wanted. And he'd have to deal with these pesky annoyances until then. How he hated that. 

Sayndar looked down as he read the paper. Not sure if he could deal with anything more at the moment. Looking up, the slaver nodded. 

Odessa has been spotted by Gothra. And she will do anything to gain the organization. Including capturing one of the keys. That is why we are heading north instead. Ghulur-Zu was the last place she was seen. We cannot let the keys fall into the Red Blood Moon Children Organization's hands.

Sayndar sighed. This was too much to handle, to know. What was happening to the land he once loved?

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cf413af06d737c2342d8944445fdf787--shorter-hair-a-guy-who.jpg"Shit. Odessa wasn't suppose to be found. She was what we-- Goddamn it Esben, if you knew why didn't you--" 

Esben cocked his head at Sayndar's stumblings. He shrugged at this for a moment before eloquently speaking like he learned how. Taught to always remain calm while someone blew their top. He smiled softly, not to taunt or be smug, but to keep himself from tearing apart Sayndar. 

"Don't look at me like that. You're just as much at fault here as I am. You could have helped Odessa, kept Gothra-- Why do you smile so you daft bastard?!"

Because you're screaming your head off to a matter neither of us can help. Odessa hasn't been claimed yet, Gothra is playing with the organization. We have time to retrieve her once we reach Ghulur-Catastroph.

Esben sighed softly. This ride was giving him a headache. Yet should he be able to claim the key, he would have three of the five. There was one certain key he nor no one else knew of. Magmus. And he would head out to find her, enslave her like the rest to be sold to important figure heads. 

Listen Sayndar, you cannot stop the war. It is the Umbral Year after all, our beloved princess has become Demon King. As her brother is dead and no one else to challenge the throne. What do you hope to achieve?

Sayndar went silent at those words. Her brother dead? When?! How?! He didn't hear this until now. Where were his spies? Shaking his head, he remained silent looking at the slaver. How much did he really know behind the guise of an elf? 

Esben stared at Sayndar still, trying to read the man.  A man who didn't know what he was fighting for? What he wanted in life. It was sad. Esben wanted to enslave people, make them experiments to his beautiful ore. Give them purpose. 

Sayndar, was at a loss.


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The ride was not enjoyable for Sayndar. He didn't like riding with a man known for enslaving children and the like. Esben had a bounty on his head for the transgressions he did. He was as old as Athentha itself, he had many lives and names. Serphus Alumna was his real name, though when he started he was called Oisin Marquis Von Ja'Gothra de Ivaneous. The scientist to create his greatest masterpiece ever, the Dark Winged Beast. Ordered by the Demon King Miach the year of the first Umbral Year.


1624AY, 3 March it was documented by the famous historian, H.H Dylan.


“Well, tell me more about the things you know Esben. Seeing you desire to spill everything so far. And I'll see if I can do something about the bounty upon your head. Though, I can't promise you anything. The Inquistor Marquis Llewellyn Von Ja'Gothra, your brother is in charge of those matters.”


My dear Sayndar, you wish to know it all? You may not like what I tell you. Yes, Esben told me of our dear brother. Though he always was more handsomer than I. How is my dear twin sister? She doesn't write me anymore. Sad state of affairs upset her so.


Sayndar raised an eyebrow at the slaver. He would know a lot about Athentha, yet what he said chilled him to the bone. Esben looked nothing like Serphus or Oisin. He looked like an elf who knew how to plan his goals out perfectly.


“I'm prepared to hear what you desire to tell me whether it's bullshit or not. You are the only one who can know what Rin's planning and possibly a key to stopping the war upon the islands--”


I told you, I care not for the war or Athentha. Those fools will either kill themselves against Ra or eat my beautiful ore disguised as rock candy. As for Rin, that girl is dead. Died when she was seven. When the lab I worked in exploded due to my brother Marquis. He decided to have a conscience that night.


Sayndar’s eyes widened at those words. Rin had been dead since she was a child? But how?! He had fought her, took her eye. And she was no child. What was Esben talking about? He wanted to know more. Yet the elf went silent as he shook his head.


“Go on. Explain about Rin.” Sayndar spoke, calming his nerves as what he was about to hear. “As for your sister Esben Djinn, she's become Inquistor of Rowan. Elder Cassandra's new favourite, as she's her knight commander. Protector of Rowan. Please, continue.”


Ah, a perfect place to hone her skills. Of course Marquis and Esben detest me. My own kin want me arrested or dead because of the actions I've done. I am the Red Blood Moon Children Organization’s scientist. I bear their mark upon my neck, a symbol of proof. I have kidnapped children, murdered those not perfect enough to become my beloved Amoura. Tortured innocents for information on Augustus and the Elders's children.


Esben paused as he placed his hands in his lap again. Sayndar listened intently, wanting to know what he knew. Such trangressions he did just to bring back someone he loved. Sayndar couldn't falt him for that, it was something many did. But everything else acquired the bounty upon his head.


When I worked for the organization, I was called Oisin. I had been reborn by the children as I died in battle against Matthias. Miach had called upon our group to perform the ritual of the Dark Winged Beast upon his daughter Rinoa. Paid us a good amount. However Marquis fought me tooth and nail to not do it. He said--o’ what did he say? It's hard to remember.


“Marquis didn't want her to become the legend? Interesting that your family held righteous children. It seems the Red Blood Moon Children Organization is intwined with everything to do with Athentha.”


Sayndar sighed. Esben did like to take his time with getting to the point.

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Sayndar sighed. Esben did like to take his time with giving information. But that was how the slaver worked. He was one to make sure it all made sense before continuing on. Yet Sayndar's last words did irk the elf a bit. Righteous family, that was something he couldn't stomach. His father, after all, was not righteous to begin with. A legacy Esben decided to continue.

Well, in one way or another aren't we all connected to the Red Blood Moon Children Organization? Some less than others, others more due to family trees and blood ties. However, without the organization, Athentha would have sunk under the water by now.

Of course he still have to tell about Odessa and her part in all this. She, after all, was one of the keys kept from the children and the princess's hand. And he was still dragging on about the Red Blood Moon Children Organization. Yet, it was true that without the organization, Athentha wouldn't be floating in the air right now. Sayndar looked out the window as the carriage carried on its way. They would be there in two more days. He was tired and hungry as he hadn't eaten since he left the resistance's hideout.

Esben eyed him then as he opened the compartment next to him then as he pulled out a small cooler and placed it beside the man. Inside, there were a few items humes enjoyed, sandwiches, snacks, drinks and the like. He hoped this would keep Sayndar content for the moment.

Of course he had planned for them to stop at a tavern that night. Esben didn't plan to ride the whole five days in the carriage without stopping. And he had much to tell Sayndar. Much indeed to speak of, as he did like to give information.

“Not all of us though. Some of us are not apart of that awful organization Esben. Some of us have grown up decent even if their ancestors were. Yet, you aren't telling me everything are you? I don't enjoy your games slaver nor being here but the walk would have taken me forever. It's the only reason--”

Yes, I know. I do not like sharing my carriage with you either. But it is inevitable that we would cross paths. As your little resistance has lost a valuable member. And you need my help, your enemy among enemies. But I things I wish to tell you, things that need to be known. Things that will brand me a traitor to many parties involved.

Sayndar raised a brow at those words. Why would he do such a thing? Especially since he was a part needed in many ways. Did he just not care? Did he think he could charm his way out of everything like always? Sayndar didn't know. And it must be wonderful to live in such a dream state.

The carriage made its way then as Sayndar pulled the cooler close and opened it. He unwrapped a sandwich and ate it in silence. It was clear that the two despised each other. That the two wanted the other dead. Yet, it was impossible to abandon the course with all that had happened.

“And you'd risk your life to tell me such things?” Sayndar asked looking at Esben. Not sure if he was to believe such words. “You rather be branded a traitor to give me information from your higher ups? It seems highly suspicious.”

O'ho, the mighy hero of Lyonesse is worried about me is he? Such noble actions from a man who desires me dead. Esben spoke as he smiled such a cunning one. But alas, it is my orders from said higher ups to tell you what needs to be told. I'm sure you desire to know about the organization’s plans.

Sayndar sighed. Esben was someone who enjoyed torturing people by not just giving the information they wanted. He placed his hands into his lap as he looked at the man.

You know you sigh a lot. As if you're forlorned to be near me. As if people will think you're siding with me. That you turned against your people. I find it highly amusing.

“You would. But that's not why at all. You won't tell me anything fast enough. You are playing this annoying game of cat and mouse, giving me tidbits of info here and there. It's fucking annoying.”

Esben laughed heartily there.

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Yes, annoying but I enjoy seeing you get flustered over nothing. You realise that doing so won't help the situation right? You're just making it worse. You see, we are all part of a plan. Ra wants the organization, Raven wanted a wife, a family, a place to call home. Vex wanted to save Rin, love her, have her as his bride. I wanted Amoura back and you--you wanted to save Lyonesse, protect Grant Lyon.

We all wanted something different. Yet, the Umbral Year doesn't allow things to go as planned. The only one who succeeded so far are me and the lad called Raven. A foreigner besting an Athenthian, that was something else. Athenthians are built for prowess, for battle.

Esben shook his head as he looked at Sayndar. He was not one to get involved with affairs of Athentha and Lyonesse. Nor political moments of grandiose movements. Yet he commended the man known as Raven for beating Rin at her own game. Should they cross paths, he would congratulate him. It was not everyday someone took down an Athenthian.

Sayndar shook his head. “Just get on with it. I know we have a long trip ahead, but you aren't making it tolerable. Esben, why do you care what happens in Athentha? You barely deal with it any more.”

The elf sighed softly. It was his home once before. How he did miss it since moving towards Lyonesse, Platinum-Neptune and then Talia itself. But he could always go home, as Athentha welcomed the scientist. Esben leaned back in his seat as he looked at Sayndar.

Does it matter what I do to you Sayndar? You ride in this carriage with me, yet you don't think of the consquences attached. Lyonesse isn't going to just let you rescue her from your botched attempt. Lyon is dead. His son--his son soon to be consumed. Whatever power Raven has, we don't know how to combat it. Vex died to save someone he loved.

Yet she wasn't his to begin with. Miach arranged their marriage. Yet, how did he know of Raven Sithis? He's ashes because he threatened the lad, told him he wanted to save Athentha and its princess. Yet, Rin--how did she falter? Such things to decipher Sayndar.

Sayndar glared at Esben then. It wasn't a failed attempt to save his homeland. Lyon was old and dying, it would be easy for anyone to kill him. Even the rogue artifact, Rheumial. Yet, the elf was right though. Esben’s words affected Sayndar as he sat there. They knew nothing about Raven Sithis. He appeared out of nowhere and now controlled the princess of Athentha. What could they do?

What could they combat him with? They couldn't seal him like they could Rin. It meant they needed to find the keys, and the shaman Augustus. Esben shook his head as the whole thing was a mess.

“Miach knew Raven? The Demon King of Athentha met a man of foreign soil? You're telling me he planned this?” Sayndar asked as Esben nodded. “Why? Why on earth would he do such a thing?! What the fuck was he thinking?!”

He wasn't Sayndar. He planned everything from the beginning. He knew she'd become Demon King during the Umbral Year. She's a product of the Red Blood Moon Children Organization. A threat that looms upon us now.  And Sithis, well that house needed to be rebuilt. Raven and Rin will be wedded, will fall into their destiny. Only the girl--she's about to become the monster we fear.

“What do you mean?” Sayndar asked.

Esben said nothing as the carriage stopped in front of the Firebird Inn. Sayndar glared at the elf as the silence grew. Esben exited the carriage as Sayndar jumped up and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. He shook the slaver with such force and hate.

“What the hell do you mean?!” yelled Sayndar at Esben. “Tell me you sonofabitch. Tell me what you mean she's about to become a monster we fear.”

I will soon. Not now in front of the humes. They scare easily while eavesdropping Sayndar. Don't worry, I won't leave you hanging. Let us go inside and get some food and sleep. You need it. Besides, Odessa is waiting for us inside. I told her to meet us here, we have much to discuss. Much to plan, decipher.

Sayndar let go of Esben then. Grumbling behind, he followed the elf inside. He hoped to God, Cid had good news for him when he returned. Yet, he still needed to bring the slaver back with him.


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Inside, the Firebird Inn hummed with such noise and joyous celebration. Humes, elves and dwarves come together, drinking the night away as if celebrating a victory. Esben saw this as he walked by many patrons. Noticing they were enjoying a night of peace away from the half breed princess--no, now she was something else. Still a princess, but not a half breed as she once was. Sayndar shuffled in behind him.

Following the slaver as his questions clouded his mind. Odessa came out of hiding? Why would she do that if she was a key? Something to combat the princess and Raven. It bothered him that it didn't make sense. Esben sat down at a table in the back as the waitress greeted him.

“Sorry dearie, we're a bit busy tonight. Seems a party of adventurers came in and are celebrating a winning battle. Something about demons of Val Cruxis. I didn't listen to all the details. What can I get you?”

A pitcher of your finest rum. And two glasses. The hume standing there fuming will have a bottle of ale and whiskey. And our guest arriving soon will have a blackberry rosé tea. That's all for now dear. No worries about being busy, we're not in a hurry.

“Good tastes. Coming right up sir. Though probably not right up, but coming nonetheless.”

The waitress sauntered off then with the order of drinks as Sayndar took his seat across from Esben. The elf reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of parchment paper as he slid it to the man. They were safe back here, no one to eavesdrop.

You see this woman's handwriting before? I received this letter a few days ago. Farenheit-Abalone is involved. Along with Abalone herself. But, I never seen such sloppy writing, could barely make it out. Worse than Atlas's own writing.

“Yes and no.” Replied Sayndar as he took the slip of paper. “Probably Rowan's successor. The old elders are dead after all. Yazu, Lyon, Absolon, Rowan, Talia, even Yevan. The new ones are their kin after all.”

The waitress placed the pitcher and drinks down as she smiled. Esben thanked her and watched her walk off. He eyed the rum, pouring himself a glass as he looked at Sayndar. He didn't touch his drink. Not yet anyways. However, the tea hadn't arrived yet as the waitress told him they were out of tea. He thanked her anyways and sent her on her way.

Sayndar opened the paper and read it as he could read bad handwriting. He was used to Atlas's own after all.


Abalone has awaken in Farenheit-Abalone. She is one of their keys needed to stop the onslaught of ore. People have fallen victim to it as they sit and eat it. They no longer care to do anything but consume the ore at fast rates. They swell and sfink of decay and dust. They line the streets, changing into slaves or worse, demons.

However, there's another problem. Rin. It’s like you said. She's no longer a half breed as Miach had made her. The visions you told me of have come true. Raven had found her after we hid her. Found her, corrupted her and changed her.

She's become a--

The letter cut off without a name to who wrote it. Sayndar closed the paper as he slid it back to Esben. Odessa took her seat as she looked at the elf and man. It was a rare sight to see an Athenthian and Lyonessian sit together and not try to kill each other. She of course was Lyonessian herself, but she was more curtious and pleasant.

“I assume you called me here because of something important Esben. I am not suppose to be out of hiding. And you know that. And Sayndar, you came. I am glad to see you again. I thought Raven had killed you.”

“You know of the man named Raven? Coulda helped us before he ensnared the princess and killed Vex. Cid's trying to bring him back to life, it's why I came to find the slaver.”

“Cid won't be able to bring him back nor will Esben. Vex is dead. Raven--Raven’s magic is stronger than any Athenthian or Lyonessian. The ore he ate, it's fueling his power. And I fear the worse for the Athenthian princess. Should they wed--”

Odessa, please. We are still in luck. Only two of the seven keys have been compromised. Yuma and Vanilla. We still have you, Abalone, Joslyn, Esben Djinn, my dear sister and Silas. But continue, since we sent you to spy on the foreigner Raven.

Sayndar shook his head. Two keys already compromised and now she was in the open. Yet, she listened to Esben speak, curious to know how his mission of getting back his dead beloved went. If he called her Amoura, or her true name, Lucinda Amoura Virga Catherine Talia. Odessa decided to bravely ask.

“If you'll tell me about your mission Esben. Have you acquired her back yet?” Odessa asked boldly. Esben didn't become angry or show he was upset. “Did you successfully bring someone back to life?”

Esben nodded then. Sayndar sighed as he listened to these people speak so openly about bringing back the dead and of the foreigner, Raven. Though now he wondered why the elf sent Odessa, someone who was supposed to be hiding, to spy on a dangerous and unknown man. Odessa eyed the rum as she shook her head with a kind smile.

O'ho, someone interested in my line of work for once. I do like you more than grumpy old Sayndar here. Fussed and moaned all the way here, it did get on my nerves. Esben replied, taking a sip of his rum. It was a long silence as he drank it slowly before continuing. I have. Lhorr thought he could hide Seldeth from me, keep her locked up in Platinum-Neptune. O'ho, the look on his face when I found him.

Esben laughed then. Sayndar grumbling as they talked. He didn't like necromancy nor Esben's line of work. And he, of course, was in league with the Red Blood Moon Children Organization.

“I don't see how any of this is funny.” Chimed in Sayndar at last. He was angry and fuming, yet the two were calm. “Necromancy is taboo in all Lyonesse and you, of all people, should know that. What do you mean Cid can't bring back Vex? He's got his ashes, and the technology and magical studies--”

“Doesn't matter.” Odessa interrupted both Esben and Sayndar with a somber look on her face. “Sithis magic is different from our own, and more powerful. When he arrived in Athentha, it was for a purpose. But, I fear that Miach set it up from the start. I found an Athenthian piece of jewelry hanging from his pocket.”

Odessa reached into her coat pocket to produce a picture. No one could have acquired a piece of Athenthian or Lyonessian item without being in contact with someone like that. Which bothered the elf girl. Sayndar grasped the picture, which un-nerved him more than it did Esben. Of course, that was because the elf didn't care for political movements.

“How did he get a piece of the Sakimura family ring? It has been crafted for only their tree, and last I saw, only Rin had one. On her left middle finger. I know this ring, its their family crest, the griffin on a shield. She always wore it. I don't get it.”

Esben said nothing. He listened intently yet didn't speak of his treacherous happenings. Miach had ordered the scientist, which he was at the time to meet the lad. That he wanted to marry off his daughter to a pure bred demon that would awaken the monster within her. The Demon King heard of the Sithis line one day, during his last days of life.

Their power, their strength intrigued him. He couldn't ventured out to meet Raven, but Oisin did. Esben had forgotten all about that meeting until now. Raven, yes the man who at first was a kind and gentle man seeking to make a new home for his family and kin. A man who didn't desire much until his fated meeting with the elf. Esben, as Oisin then, told Raven of the beautiful daughter of the Demon King and gave him a ring of the Sakimura clan.  

The rest was history. His mistake was seeking out Rin, at the time a half breed demon which her father detested. Miach wanted her to be a full bred demon, for the legend couldn't awake as she was. He bargained this with Raven, even offering up Rin, as his bride, slave, whatever he desired of her should he awaken her to a full demon before the Umbral Year arrived. And after his meeting with Rin, both changed for the worse way imaginable.

“So, Esben since you've been so quiet all this time, and haven't said everything you wanted to yet--what's your opinion on this? Or do you just want to wait until later to spill your guts again.”

O’ I guess it would have happened eventually. That ring was made for each family member. Possibly stole it off Deryck's corpse. Seeing he died in Sol-Morwenna’s desert, along with the shaman, Kogal. But I do believe Miach set it all in motion.

Odessa nodded. It seemed that she was learning much about the treason Miach created for the first time. As was Sayndar, and it looked like he was not enjoying one bit of it. A leader was supposed to lead it's people, support them, protect them. Miach decided to let the organization eat them to keep the island afloat. The three sat in silence as the celebrating party was dying down.

“I suggest we take a break. Get some sleep and reconvene to continue our talk of plots and plans. No use continuing to get all riled up and not think clearly on what we plan to do.”

“I agree. I had enough talk for one night. Should we all get a room or separate? Seeing one of us is an important piece.”

Already have that taken care of Sayndar. We’re all bunking together. A two bed room. Come, it's getting late and we need our sleep.

Sayndar shrugged as they stood and walked up the stairs to the last room on the right. Each crawling into bed as they entered, closing the door and locking it beforehand. Each wondering about the other, who to be trusted, feared?

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The night passed slowly as Sayndar tossed and turned in the bed. Odessa watched him for a while since they shared a bed. She noticed how troubled he seemed as Lyonessians couldn't hide it as well as Athenthians. Esben was asleep, as he didn't let a thing bother him. The dreams he had made Sayndar sit up in a cold sweat.

“Sayndar, you alright?” Odessa replied, a hand on his arm. “You've been tossing and turning for hours now. Something's on your mind. I can tell, our kind can’t hide it as well as we want to.”

“No,” Sayndar said softly as he looked at her. “I am not okay. I cannot sleep unlike that bastard over there. A lot of things are on my mind Odessa. You shouldn't be out of hiding for starters. We need you. Yet, I fear that elf is involved somehow.”

“Esben involved?” Odessa asked softly. “But he doesn't care about politics. He just likes to tell information. Plus he told me he's returnimg to Platinum-Neptune, to rebuild it. Isn't it amazing?! He brought back a dead person. Just wish he could do that--”

Sayndar raised an eyebrow at her. Odessa looked down then. Placing her hands in her lap, she shook her head. Sayndar placed his hand on her shoulder. He didn't mean to be so cross with her, it wasn't Odessa's fault. She had been in hiding so long that it was good for her to get out. And Sayndar wasn't upset at her, just the whole ordeal with Vex.

Why couldn't he use his head? Why did he have to hold a torch for a monster that wasn't his to begin with? Yet, Sayndar could understand a little, she was a stunning creature. He noticed it when the two were in battle yet he wanted nothing to do with the princess. Probably mostly due to him being Lyonesse. Sayndar didn't know as Odessa looked at him.

“Platinum-Neptune? That city that resides next to Farenheit-Abalone? I didn't think anyone remained there after the black heart mirror ore over took the entire city. The people there--” Sayndar paused as he shuddered at the thought before changing the subject for the moment. “I apologise Odessa. I cannot fathom what it means to be an important piece to stop a monster's plan. And I wouldn't want to be in your place. But you do realise--realise we have no plan.”

“Yes, that beautiful little city my brother always told me about. Though didn't know those two cities were so close to each other. No need Sayndar, I can understand your frustration. I can't either but I am learning. But that's why I am here, to give you what I know. You fret too much you know.”

Sayndar shook his head as the two sat there. He had heard what occurred in Platinum-Neptune, due to a passing knight visiting Grant Lyon while he was still alive. That someone had brought the mirror ore into the city, possibly Esben himself. He wouldn't put it pass the man if it was the elf. He did have a bounty on his head and he did mention Lhorr. And the elf did like to keep secrets.

Odessa placed her hands in her lap again as they looked at each other. He still wondered why she agreed to spy for them when it was dangerous to come in contact even with Rin. Sayndar knew this, he had fought her, taken her eye. And he could battle toe to toe with her on any given day. Yet, those words, Only the girl--she's about to become the monster we fear, haunted him so. The legends of Athentha were thankfully written down by the historian. And the books were in Talia's library. It was going under a new name, that they didn't unveil yet.

And Athentha’s own library, the small one called Ebony-Azura, was located in Farenheit-Kalediscope, east of Farenheit-Abalone. There were records and history books that also held the recorded words of H.H Dylan. The copies were sent to Talia to keep safe in case the originals were destroyed. Sayndar sighed as he eyed the window, the light coming up signaling that dawn was approaching. Yet, they still had much to discuss.

“I still don't get how you were able to spy on Raven and Rin without them noticing you. Unless that idiotic Vex was in the way. He still did the most stupidest thing anyone could do. He knew we needed him. You told me Cid couldn't revive him, tell me why.”

“Sayndar, it cannot be done. Even with all our technology and magical prowess, even with Esben and his magic--it cannot be done. I'm afraid what Raven did was the end of Vex. And we are left one less to battle them. Raven is something else. A pure bred demon that is keen in battle. And he has the ore at his side. Should he place the black heart mirror into Rin--”

Odessa paused as she couldn't continue her words. The thought of anyone placing a relic artifact into a creature of the red blood moon, was terrifying. And the papers she was able to steal from Miach's old chest were even more petrifying. She trembled ferciously at her thoughts, at the things she learned. Her disguise of one of their maids almost consumed her into the role. Yet, she couldn't help herself at the time.

The beauty of the monster was all tiring and consuming to the young elf maiden. She had come to the castle that once was the Yao Si Ji temple, in service to Raven and Rin. It was her plan to find out more to combat them. In the hours she worked, she would steal away to the chambers that Rin used. However one night as she was snooping around, she was almost caught by the beast.

Odessa hid in the closet, her heart beating in her chest. She watched Rin so closely, noticing the changes in her. It was a night that Rin was changing into her clothes from a nice hot bath she had taken. Odessa had noticed the ebb marks on her skin. Old Athenthian and new Sithis words marked her alabaster skin. Her eyes, those hollow peering crimson black eyes were starting to fade to a new color of crimson and yellow. The elf had wondered about this. But she was so beautiful in the moonlight.

It almost ensnared the key. Yet Odessa kept her wits about her as she stole the papers left in the chest in the closet and got the hell out of there. She never returned there again, nor told them she was leaving. It was too terrifying to do such a thing.

“Odessa?” Called forth Sayndar's voice breaking her out of her thoughts. “What are you saying? That you were near the beast to endanger your life just to get information on the princess? That was stupid. Incredibly stupid should they known it was you.”

“Yes I know Sayndar, you don't need to remind me of the stupidly brave thing to do. But it was worth it in the end. I found papers in a chest, in Miach's handwriting. And they describe how the Demon King is made, and his plans for Rin herself.”

Sayndar sighed as he listened to her speak. She had risked her life to gain information on what they needed. He commended her on that, that she was able to slip in and out of the castle without being noticed. It was remarkable to say the least. Yet, dangerous at the same time. Should she be noticed by either party, they would have lost another key. Which would have been terrible.

The sun began to rise slowly as morning came now. Esben rubbed his eyes as he stirred from sleep looking over towards the two. Lyonessians were curious creatures, how they stressed over such small things. How things kept them up at night, feelings of doubt and fear clouded their judgement. Humes were interesting people. He loved watching them when he could but loved experimenting on them more.

Been up all night have we? Esben spoke, as he stood and stretched. His clothes ruffled and wrinkled from sleep. You shouldn't let such thoughts keep you from sleep. It will hurt your judgement when it comes to important decisions dear boy.

Sayndar glared at Esben then. He never trusted the elf and here he was stuck with him until he could part ways with him. And he had no idea when that would be. And it irked him, more than he showed either one. How could the elf be so calm? Was it just an Athenthian thing? Sayndar didn't know.

“And you suddenly care for my health Esben? You've hated me since the day we met during the Athentha-Lyonesse war. Now you want me to believe you care.”

Yes. I want you to start to trust me for once. We won't get far with us bickering and quarreling every minute. I do not enjoy it either as I'm trying to help you so you can have a leg up in the war you daft bastard.

Odessa chuckled softly. It wasn't that she was laughing at Sayndar, but found the wording odd to her. Esben was civil headed at the best and worst times yet he was using such uncivilized words. Sayndar placed his hand to his head as he rubbed his temple.

“Well, it's morning and we need to decide our course of action. We sit here and mull over everything. It will waste time.” Odessa replied as she stood and looked at them. “Esben, Sayndar we should discuss--”

Miach. And his designs from the start. When I was the scientist. I am old as Athentha itself, so I should be able to confirm or deny the proof dear Odessa stole.

Both nodded. Of course they needed to clean themselves up and then they could get on with business. Esben took the first shower as he decided he would. Sayndar sat in a chair facing near the door and Odessa sat on the bed. Sayndar would keep watch in case someone tried to enter while they prepared for the day. A mere moments later, Esben reappeared dressed in finely pressed silks and clothes. Expensively enough clothes even. He dusted off the dress shirt as his heterchroma red and orange eyes peered at them.

Sayndar said nothing as he nudged Odessa to go next. He wanted to go last in case Esben tried something. She sighed softly as she made her way to the bathroom. Of course the elf girl waited a few moments for the hot water to return. Esben looked at Sayndar then with a smirk.

Such a gentleman. Though it won't help you get the information you seek. But I find it courageous she risked her life in the face of a monster. I overheard you two talking since Lyonessians are loud.

“Oh good, eavesdropping on me and Odessa. Well it will save us time then in our discussions. And you, can you be trusted not to run back to your cult--or Rin to tell them of our plans?”

Are you stupid or do you not listen to me. I do not care about politics. And besides I plan to head back home to Athentha, a little city called Platinum-Neptune. It needs a lot of work since Lhorr came and destroyed it. As for the Red Blood Moon Children Organization, they do not need my assistance at the moment.

Sayndar grumbled as Odessa finished and came out dressed in a dress shirt and plaid skirt. Esben sat on the bed as the man got up and cleaned himself up. Odessa shrugged as she looked at the elf. Humes tended to get upset over nothing. She asked if everything was okay. Esben didn't speak as he leaned back in his chair.

“Esben, you and Sayndar fighting again? I have never met someone so angry like him before. You should not rile him up so much you know.”

He does that himself you know. I told him when I met him that he needs to learn to calm down. That it's always a better way to approach things in a calm and collected manner. But my dear Odessa, he isn't elf like us, he's a hume. And humes--well, humes don't listen to a word anyone says.

She sighed as she nodded. Odessa knew that Esben only wanted to help, yet probably just to clear the bounty on his head. She knew of the elf and what he did to acquire such an amount. She couldn't help but think he was only doing this for something in return. But she didn't ask as Sayndar appeared from the bathroom in a long sleeve shirt and jeans. Sitting on the bed he looked at Esben and Odessa.

“And that's because you never help anyone Esben unless it's to get something. You're the only one here with a price on their head. And the other thing is your past makes me not trust you either. Athenthians can't be trusted at all.”

Esben waved it off. Think what you like hume but right now it's not about you. It's about making a plan. And that involves letting us see those papers Odessa.

She nodded as she reached into her pockets pulling out the old parchment paper. These documents looked faded and the elf noticed the handwriting as he looked it over. It truly was Miach's handwriting.

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Esben paused from reading Miach's words. It seemed the events that played out a first were a desperate attempt to correct the mistake he called Rin. For she was born a half breed on the last Umbral Year. A curse her mother made upon her to aid Miach in his plans. Sayndar eyed the old name of Esben, knowing he was involved but didn't know how far. Odessa found this interesting to hear, the lives of Athenthians always did.

“Always knew you were scum.” Sayndar said as he sat there. “You helped Miach torture the princess, experimented on her and then sold her off as nothing. No wonder Yazu easily won his seat of power.”

If you're done being stupid, I can continue reading on. You, after all, want to know how to combat Rinoa, and save Lyonesse. But you two do know once they wed, Athentha and Lyonesse will become one island.

“I have a question.” Odessa spoke then as both looked up at her. “If Grant Lyon was murdered on his death bed, as I heard in rumors, how come Atlas or I weren't notified. He decreed that one of us would do so. But Atlas is still just an elder and I'm still--”

Lyon was murdered indeed. It was a wonderful murder as I stood there watching. You left your post Sayndar as did that rogue artifact Rheumial. You both left him open for Raven to come in and take over. Esben replied with a straight face. Of course what he did next was marvelous, I commend him greatly.

“Um, Esben not to be rude but why didn't you stop him from murdering Lyon? You were there, were you not?”

Not my place. Lyon's bodyguards and overseers were wanting him dead for years. All desiring the throne like vultures. Our eyes did meet then, as they did before, but I let him make the choice. I am no one's babysitter or conscious.

Sayndar stood up as he walked over to Esben and picked him up by the collar of his shirt. He angrily shook him seeing he could have stopped him. Stopped the events that now occurred. He was just as responsible as Miach and Rin.

Esben pushed him off as he dusted himself off. He cared not what Sayndar thought of him. Lyonessians had quick tempers as humes did and it unfazed him. Odessa sighed softly as Esben shook his head and continued onward with Miach's papers. Well he would have if he noticed that they were burned. Noticed that the words written were of a madman who went down the same road as Absolon. Yet here it was different. Miach had breached the human world to talk to the House of Sithis.

He wanted to create the legend no matter what. That Rinoa was a causalty because the land needed souls to keep the island afloat. That the wars that decayed and scarred the land were actually necessary for the islands survival. But she was a causalty because the birth of what she was, was not just the Demon King or Umbral Year. What they made her was worse than that.

Well, seems the children created something out of Rinoa after they found her buried in rubble. But its not something good either. I am afraid that we are outmatched should what I am about to say comes true. Hopefully Raven has no idea how to find it.

“You're telling me that Rin, the princess of Athentha is dead? And the children found her before the shaman, Kogal? You got to be kidding me. You cannot be serious. And now we're outmatched due to crazy writings of her father. Fucking wonderful.”

“Calm down Sayndar. It's why we have gathered here. Though I read he breached the human world to find Raven in the first place. We can figure this out, we aren't out of options yet. Raven doesn't know a thing about Lyonesse--”

Well, I afraid he does. Another one of Miach's gifts. Yes, please do calm down Sayndar. But getting back to these notes, it says he gave Raven a book about Lyon, Lyonesse and--well, Rin. It also says that in order to create the Demon King this Umbral Year, the item needed is the Black Heart Mirror.

Sayndar raised a brow as Esben handed back the papers to Odessa. This was getting ridiculously out of hand. No one had seen that artifact since the first few eons of Athentha and it's early days. Meaning that they still had a chance. The elf stood as he shook his head. It was time for him to head out.

It's been fun but it's time for my departure. I have things to attend to. Sayndar, this key is in your hands, don't mess it up now.

Before either Odessa or Sayndar could protest, the elf exited the room. It was time for him to return to his duties. Odessa looked at Sayndar now as they were left there with the vague information Esben gave. But the elf had done his job, the higher ups would be pleased.

“Great. He didn't tell me anything important or useful. And left you out in the open so that you could retrieve useless papers. Odessa, you need to--”

“Sayndar, he led us to new information so it wasn't useless. We know that Rin can't become Demon King without the mirror. We can rally the Plutonium knights together and go search for it before anyone else does. We aren't ready to give up yet. I just wish Vex was here to see the land saved.”

“He will be.” Sayndar replied as he shook his head. “Cid can bring him back you just wait and see. I knew I couldn't trust that elf. I'm not telling Marquis to lower the bounty on his head. He deserves everything he gets. Plutonium knights?”

“I told you, he cannot be brought back. Like I said Sithis magic is different from ours. It's more powerful, more darker. If it was able to take over Rinoa, then who knows its true power? And yes, Lyonesse's top ranked knights. They're in Farenheit-Abalone, where we are headed anyways.”

Odessa's words pierced through Sayndar then. Take over the princess. He had heard that Yral and Farenheit-Varuna had been overtaken with ore creatures. That many were cursed people, undead servants. But he wondered why Rin was in Lyonesse to begin with. Athenthians had no business in Lyonesse at all, nor were welcomed. However when Raven played as Grant Lyon, he had Sayndar send for her, a personal invitation to Lyonesse. He never read the letter but he should have.

The people of Lyonesse, Sayndar wondered about them too. Did they know Raven wasn't Lyon? What about Atlas? Didn't he notice the difference in his own father? Did the ore creatures keep him preoccupied so Raven could take over? Odessa wanted to ask but before she could, Sayndar left the room. She followed behind him, as he was her guardian now. Questions formed faster and faster in his mind before Odessa grabbed his arm.

“Sayndar! What is the matter with you?!” Odessa yelled at him unsure why the sudden change came into him. “Everything will be alright. You look pale, as if you've grown sick all of a sudden. You're supposed to look after me like--”

“He was here. In Lyonesse when Lyon was dying. That sonofabitch was here when I abandoned my post as did Rheumial. It's my fault he died. We thought Lyon would recover quicker if we weren't breathing down his throat. And Esben did nothing to help him either.”

“Sayndar, it's not your fault. You guarded him the best you could. You couldn't have known he would be murdered. Blaming yourself won't help matters. We need to find the other keys and stop the princess. Without her, I am sure Raven will go back to normal.”

He didn't look at her then. Sayndar wish he could study Sithis magic, find a way to use it to bring back Vex. He felt hopeless, that this was pointless to try. Esben didn't tell him what the children made Rinoa truly into, he left before giving those details. It was truly annoying that he left secrets buried. And they still had no idea how to combat Raven.  

Sayndar knew Raven wouldn't just let them seal the princess indefinitely. Odessa looked at him confused at what he was thinking. But why did he go after Rinoa? Was he still honoring Miach's promises? Was it to build a new place for his family name? The questions built more and more inside Sayndar.

“Odessa, you do know that continuing to journey with me will put you at risk.” Sayndar said then. He looked at her then. “Everyone and everything will be sent at you to get you since you're important. I might not be able to protect you. Go home, back into hiding. You're safer there.”

Odessa said nothing as she glared at him. She wanted to continue onward.


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