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Chateau de Choisel: The Labyrinth That Is Her Mind

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Locations: Chateau De Choisel - Quin’s Lab, the gardens and the labyrinth. 


“Das ist Ira.” Quin slurred  “IRA. Wenn du ihn siehst, verletze ihn nicht.” 

This is Ira...I-R-A, if you see him, don’t hurt him! 

Quin was holding up the only picture of Ira she possessed, normally hidden away in the depths of one of her drawers where she was unable to look at it, her drunken and drugged out.state allowed her to carry it with her where ever she went. She waived it in front of Otto, who sat on the ground in the gardens. He was crushing a black rose bush under his bulk as he sat there cross legged listening too her intently. She’d taken to calling herself “mommy” when she was in this state, insisting she teach her ‘baby’ his duties. 

This just so happened to be the day that he was slated to go wander the labyrinth and keep intruders out - all except Ira of course - which in Quin’s current mind set - she was poisitive that he was going to magically appear at any moment. His picture told her so after all. 

Otto just continued to breath in that raspy watery rattle he had while she lectured him. 

‘Wenn es Ira ist, bring ihn zu mir, direkt zu mir.” She continued, swaying a little, “Versuche nicht, ihn zu essen, nicht einmal einen kleinen Zeh! Verstehst du mich?”

If you see Ira, bring him directly to me....Don’t try to eat him, not even a little toe, do you understand me?

She waited until she saw him nod and nodded too, sitting down on the ground as well as she was quite dizzy and the dust was wearing off. She felt tired, exhausted, like she needed more. But no she must sleep, and she must eat. 

“Gut. Sie können alle anderen töten. Mama wird ein Nickerchen machen. Du übst ein wenig in den Gärten.”

Good, you can kill everyone else. Now Mommy is going to have a nap, You can practice in the gardens while I’m gone.

She swaggered to her feet and stumbled into the lab where she had a cot waiting for her to sleep it off. Her head already killing her from her latest drinking bender, she grumbled a little and closed the door behind her, hoping to get some undistrubed sleep. 


Otto watched her for a moment, then given full permission for destruction, which he so loved, leapt up and with a roar began to parade around the gardens, smashing plants, gazebo’s and terrorizing the servants that were wandering about instead of where they belonged. 

Quin rigged a few cadavers to hang from the hedges for him to find as an exercise. She made sure they were really secure so it would take him some time to get them before he could eat them. A busy - creature - was a happy one after all. 

Soon he would be ready to wander the Labryinth, terrorizing the occupants in it and destroying the tombstones and vaults. Happily busy with his job, until then, the gardens would take a beating, as would the rest of the outside areas to the Chateau that he happened to wander into, like the courtyard. 


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He had just finished a very modest breakfast with the two sell swords when Aidan climbed out of his tent. Max and Dustin had tended the small fire all morning and had even cooked a small kettle of coffee over it. He paused from carving the wood in front of him and thought to himself that the coffee alone was worth bringing the two mercenaries along, never mind the fact that they were both skilled swordsman. With the dangers ahead, that skill might be needed as soon as today. He closed his eyes and reminded himself that this was the real reason to put up with Aidan, that he was arguably the best swordsman he had ever seen.  They had talked about gaining riches since they were young, and now were both over the wrong side of 30. Pain that he maybe, having someone with Aidans abilities on his side was a good way to live to see 40.

Aidan sat down on the log that they had pulled close to the fire and looked at him. "Where did you even learn vampire?" He thought back to the war that had broken out during his youth, when the neighboring country of Namur invaded his homeland of Lydon. For years he had fought in the mountains as a scout, hitting at enemy supply lines and nipping at the army that was unable to break through the fortresses blocking the mountain passes. He narrowly escaped only with a  great cost, fleeing his home after the army of Lydon was slaughtered in a final battle. For years he had held on to the image of his family farm burning in the distance as he rode off with the army, swearing to raise a company of enough mercenaries to invade the country, and free his people. 

He looked at Aidan who was starting to put some sausages on the frying pan, "During the war I trained with a vampire. It turned out he had lived in Lydon for a couple hundred years, and he thought he had a greater stake in the outcome of the war than anybody." He thought back, to call him a friend was a bit much, but a good mentor was very accurate. He was one of the fastest beings he had ever trained against, but otherwise his personality was a bit stiff. "He taught me a little bit of it, and I've picked up a little bit since then. He was great with sword, but he decided to charge an entire squad of enemy soldiers by himself. Learned a funny thing about getting an arrow with a wooden shaft in the heart".

An hour later all four of them were packed and standing before the gates at the edge of the maze. The sun was still coming up over the east, they had plenty of time to explore the maze before sundown, when they hoped to either be out of it, or inside the castle. His axe was drawn, and all three of the others swords were out. 
"You guys cut up the garlic and make the necklaces like I showed you?" The other three grunted and showed the strings around the necks. "You edged the swords and arrows with silver?" At the Aidan turned to him, spit on the ground and said, "Fucking A man, and we have the stakes we carved with morning, yes we're ready."

He took a deep breath, and pulled back the main gate and took the first step into the labyrinth. On both sides were a wall of tombstones and mausoleum's, that turned into unkept hedgerows about 50 feet in front of him. "Remember" he said as the others walked passed the gates, "Anything on the outside of the bigger ones is fair game, as well as anything inside the castle. Don't touch any of the tombstones, and don't go into any crypts, vaults or mausoleum's. There are going to be things out to hurt us, and lets try and keep their numbers to a minimum.  

He thought to himself, with a little luck they'd be very rich in a few hours. With lousy luck they'd be dead. Just another day really. 

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Quin sat up with a groan and a stretch, the cot beneath her creaking dangerously from her near dead slumber. Her head was pounding a painful rhythm against her skull so she took a sip from the flask that she kept next to her cot in the lab. The plant hissed at her and she glared at it. 

"Don't judge me." She snapped at it, "There are some burdens too terrible to bear sober. You wouldn't know because you are a plant." 

The plant ignored her and instead sank back on its stem with a small hiss and grew quiet. She stood up and blinked a few times to clear the fog that the dust always left her vision with for a little while. Having felt like it was mostly out of her system, a series of cursing, yelling, smashing and roaring. Heaving a big sigh, she wolfed down the snack she kept in her drawer and exited the lab to find Otto terrorizing the garden. 

Plants strewn everywhere, hedges shredded, pavilions crushed....he was a monster of destruction. As she approached him he was dangling a terrorized man that looked like he had been released - or escaped - from the dungeons. With a sickening crunch he snapped him in half with his teeth and held out the remains to Quin when he saw her. 

She hid her gag and shook her head "no" looking away from him as he finished his snack and sitting in front of her as she had taught him. 


"Es ist an der Zeit, das Labyrinth zu terrorisieren." She said, "Es ist deine Aufgabe, die bösen Jungs draußen zu halten. In Ordung?"

It is time you go out and terrorize the labyrinth......It is your job to keep all the bad guys away from me. Alright?

It growled in agreement and pointed to the pocket where Ira's picture was kept, she looked down at it for a moment without taking the picture out. Wondering how the creature knew where it was....she must have been lecturing him again in her drugged out state. 

"Außer für Ira, das ist richtig. Guter Junge." She said with a nod. 

Except for Ira, that is right. Good boy." 

It let out a whine and she signaled for it to stand before leading it to the entrance to the labyrinth. They stood side by side for a moment, looking down the entrance in silence, their eyes following the path until it ended abruptly and turned out of sight. 

"Sie können mich besuchen, wann immer Sie wollen." Quin looked up at Otto, "Sie werden den Meister und die Mami sehr stolz machen.

You can visit me whenever you want.......You are going to make the Master and mommy very proud. 

She watched it go, stomping off into the labyrinth, roaring and smashing happily as it went. Quin heaved a sigh, tucked her pipe between her teeth and lit it without a flourish. Watching for a few moments longer, hands now in her pockets, she puffed on her pipe. Purple smoke curled up and around her, she instantly felt better with the best hangover cure she knew. She turned to return to her lab to catch up on the work she was now behind in, sure it wouldn't be long before she saw Otto again. She already missed the little rascal. 

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He turned yet again to the right. Aidan actually had managed to agree with him about something, that when it came to the maze, it was best to stay on the outer wall, because it would have to eventually lead to the castle. Once the group were inside the middle of the maze, they could get into real trouble. So in the meantime they entered what had to be their 5th hour in the maze, and they kept turning to the right as they passed fancier and more elaborate burial sites. Max and Dustin were getting visibly frustrated, even though AIdan had said it might talk all day to reach the castle entrance. Personally, he was thanking his stars that they had made it five hours inside the maze so far without incident.
Max was the big one, who had seemed to be the more impulsive of the two. Max had to stand a full six inches above him, and was roughly as broad as gorilla. Dustin looked like he threw hay bales for fun, but at least he was quite and a reasonable height. As it were, Max was the one who was getting audibly annoyed with the lack of progress in the maze, and therefore was clearly the one who was most annoying.
"All I am saying, is that I am going to be mad if we get done this entire thing and there is no treasure." Max told the group, leaving Aidan visibly annoyed.
Dustin tried to step in, "Max just leave it dude",
Max stopped and looked at Dustin long enough to point his finger in his face, "No! Damn it, we came all this way, we had better come back with something better than just a pile of tombstone fragments. And quite frankly I am starting to wonder if that is going to be the case right now.
Aidan looked like he was trying to control his temper, as he told the two of them, "You think your the only sell swords we could have hired? We are paying you too be here right now! By all means, do me a favor, quit. Find your own way out of the maze and don't get paid." He saw Max turn walk toward one of the mausoleums with a gazed, far off look in his eye. "Hey, where are you going?"
He had tried to ignore the exchange between the three others in his company, but even from 30 feet away he had seen what Max was walking toward - it was a ruby easily the size of his head. It was in a 7 foot high white granite mausoleum with glass doors and some sort of dark ancient writing on the front of it. It looked like it had to be 20 feet long on the inside which was pitch black aside from a massive red stone resting on a pedestal.
He dropped everything he had, grasped his shield, and grabbed hold of his battle axe. He raised his voice urgently and yelled forward "Max! Stop! We agreed, no looting graves!"
Max turned around as he raised his sword, "Consider it taking up your friends offer, I quit. I am taking this, and going home. Consider it my share of all the treasure you find the rest of the time here" Ira winced in fear as he watched Max slam blade against the door handles, cutting them off. Quickly, he was inside the structure, standing behind the pedestal. He lifted the ruby up off of its home, and lifted it over his head like a prize, with an expression of pure joy. Max hadn't heard noises the noises starting to creep out of the mausoleum, but he had and looked at Aidan, "Swords and shields." Aidan had already read his mind, and Dustin didn't take long to figure it out. He watched as Max finally turned around to face what was inside the granite tomb with him. He never saw the blow, all he heard was a brief shout and gurgling seconds later as the blood started to trickle out of mausoleum. Max collapsed on himself in a heap, as out stepped 6 bodies dressed in rags, horribly decomposed from centuries of burial. They all carried foot-long swords, and walked out moaning as they slowly came toward the three remaining men. Aidan and Dustin had come close to him and they watched the insects crawl over the bodies that suddenly wanted to kill them.
"Wonderful." He said raising his shield up so it protected everything from his chin to the top of his thighs. "Pallbearers."

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 ~ "Where did you even learn vampire?"

The Night was as it had always been, even with good spirits from the genius Doctor Nash and her Project baby Otto tearing portions of the Castle's exterior here and there. Her Human life brought a fine line to coexistence amongst Vampires, primarily the House and Pureblood of Choisel.

The ever changing labyrinth never appeared the same more than once since the Devil knew how long in his brief month of residence somehow, the estate fed from the prominent thriving Entropy of the Glen the Castle was told and found to been self-repairing. Silent eyes watched. The graveyard was rarely a place to mourn and weep those beloved and lost. On the other end of things in places that didn't grow beautiful with sunlight, tombstones there were in fact sleeping grounds for the Undead. Down, deep beneath the surface of land slumbered a massive force of nearly 5,000 dormant undisturbed until, footsteps from men trampled into the premise trespassing Chateau De Choisel in their wicked intents.. Those of the Dark Legion a handful, were once living men that swore fealty to the House of Choisel, while a good portion been acquired through the many centuries of Leinhart's eternal mortality. These numbers were no-where close to actual count of D.L in his expense, but it was enough to guard the 400,000 sq. ft. property without need of reinforcements.

Swimming across the sky the travelers would soon discover they weren't the only ones there. Undead Crows with their reddened pupils and wingspans twice the size of their worldly counterparts! Talons were like they could easily snatch up victims and tear the bodies to devour them. These hungry meat-feeders circled the trio in route from above, dipping in and out of existence, falling in the shadows provided by the Night. 

The Patriarch vampire did not sit in his throne, from the large bay window of the Great Hall that overlooked the Courtyard he watched, a hand outstretched the velvet drapery slightly. Ember red eyes complimented his undershirt of a long-sleeved scarlet silken button down. Of course, these passersby had been long spotted and word was received to be handled accordingly.  Even in the face of his own Death, the Dark lord could not resist his good looks and taste in fashion. The culprits had another thing coming their way, something far more unexpected than the Rotting Cadavers they were soon skirmishing.

~ "Consider it taking up your friends offer, I quit. I am taking this, and going home. Consider it my share of all the treasure you find the rest of the time here"

If by in a short few seconds after Max removed the ruby from it's sacred place the ground beneath his soles began to rumble, not only just was the surface trembling under his feet but his companions as well. The man was celebrating himself too soon, or counting his chicken before they hatched. His friends, just for bystanding had to suffer as well. Though with the fool of a Piratee like Max who could not resist such temptations of man, he would be afflicted in curse the worst out of the looters. The creeping noises in the background became more hissy once they removed the rags that covered their six foot frames. These Undead knights had partial remnants of their former armour as swordsmen under Choisel banner paced even closer in their plated boots by two's for each man. All the while, the mausoleum was still ….. Tumbling

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it took forever x.x hope I covered everything clearly. (time phase is only two weeks ahead of Chateau presently. Did edit.

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He looked frantically for some sort of easy way to attack the six corpses that walked slowly in a line toward them. Aidan was to his left, Dustin was to his right, and there was no way around it, the odds were two to one. He whispered to the other two, "On my mark, Dustin attack the one on the far right with everything you have. Aidan, you and I are going to attack the second and third from the right, see if we can drive them back and create space. Got it?" He heard them both agree, and as the undead started to cross a part of the maze that was slightly narrower. "NOW" he shouted, and the three of them charged forward. The corpses were ready for them, when he got within reach of the corpse, he had to stop immediately in his tracks, as a short sword was swung within inches of his face. By doing so, the creature had extended himself too far out of position. He wasn't going to make the same mistake however, and stepped forward quickly. He felt the backstroke of the sword glance against his shield, and removed the corpses' head from it's body. Both tumbled to the ground motionless, which inspired a bit of hope. "Beheading seems to work well". He heard the sound of sword cutting threw bone beside him, and Dustin agreed. "Great, could you fucking help now?" was heard from his right, he turned and saw Aidan was fighting off two of them, and two more were approaching rapidly. He joined Dustin, rushing toward the undead and rejoining the battle. The undead tried a stabbing motion, and he had to parry and dodge several wild strokes from the creature. This one was wearing a nearly full set of armor, and was going to be much tougher to kill. He tried to attack the corpses weak side. The undead held his sword in his right hand, so the attack was to the left, slashing and cutting straight ahead. After cutting deeply into the monsters side, it became clear that wounds which would have crippled a normal man, had no effect on such creature. The undead attacked again, slashing wildly toward his strong hand. As he parried, he used his shield as a pivot, spinning on it, and bringing his axe around until it buried itself in the creatures head. As he watched his enemy fall, he saw a giant winged creature swoop down from the sky.
He turned in time to see Dustin behead a second corpse with a third walking toward him.  He took off running towards Dustin but saw the bird rake the sell swords exposed arm. He realized it was a crow, "That's the largest bird I've ever seen" he thought to himself". A second shadow came down from the sky, and this time came away with flesh from Dustin’s shield arm. He saw the first crow fly around for another pass, toward Dustin. He got between the giant bird and his friend, and saw the bird swoop down for a second strike, this one straight at him. He gripped his axe and shield, and as it swooped nearly straight down at him, he buried the axe in the crows body.
He turned around and found Dustin on his knees, the second crow ripping out his throat and corpse trying to dislodge his sword from his former friends armor. He rushed toward the bird which could not take off fast enough, and struck it down. The final corpses sword was still stuck inside Dustin, and was quickly beheaded. He turned to Aidan who had just finished off the last of the undead, and shook his head. They paused for a second and listened to the tomb as it continued to sound like footsteps coming towards them in the distance. “Let’s get the fuck out of here” Aidan said, and the two of them rushed further down the maze.
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Otto heard the scuffle, the roar of battle and the clash of swords. With a curious roar he stormed towards the noise, barreling through hedges, bushes, cracking stones beneath his massive feet. He crashed through the remains of the tombs and sent shards of stones everywhere, only to catch sight of all the dead undead and some knights high tailing it away from the scene and around a corner. Pausing to grab the one dead merc that was there, he ripped an arm off and held on to it, intending to give it to his "momma" as a present, before chasing after the two retreating knights. 

His long legs and large size helped him catch up to the two in no time, the shattering of stones beneath his feet and cracking of branches giving away his pursuit. Should the knights turn to face him, he would immediately stop in his tracks, skidding to a halt in front of them to study them closely. His wet rattling breath loudly as he crouched, head tipped to the side. He would knock the helmet off of the one closest to him and study him again before scooping him up with a massive roar. 

His feet propelled them through bushes, past some undead stalkers and even crushed one wolf as he ran faster and faster. Screeching and roaring the entire way as loudly as he could. Until he burst through one last set of hedges, the garden he destroyed earlier already repairing itself and falling victim to his clumsy feet again. He came to a stop in front of a small building built into a wall. It looked to have been a garden shed at one point, the wooden door hung crookedly off of it and the walls were poorly repaired where they'd been damaged. Above the door was a sign that read "clinic." 

Otto dropped the knight in front of the door and let out a deafening roar, spit flying from his mouth and landing on his new found 'friend.' 


Dr. Nash was busy, as usual, cleaning up the mess from another experiment she'd conducted while she was high. The remains of the cadaver nearly unrecognizable as she'd tried to "re-create" Otto, or at least make another one, but they always ended in failure. The jars on the walls began to vibrate and rattle quite violently and clank together, increasing as Otto neared. His roars and near screams catching her attention, wondering what trouble he'd gotten into. With a thud and one last roar that caused her to cover her ears, she took off her lab coat and yelled. 

"Ich komme, halte deine Pferde!" I'm coming, hold your horses.

Stepping out the door she froze, rubbed her eyes and blinked. She rubbed at them again, looking at who surely was not Ira. No - it couldn't be - it most certainly wasn't. But he looked so much like him. Was she finally going insane? 

Otto whined again and dropped the slimy arm from his mouth in front of her with a sickening squelch. She held back the urge to vomit before looking up at him and giving him a shaky smile. 

"Guter Junge." She purred to him before looking back at Ira. 

The arm was real, Otto was real, so.....was Ira real? 

"What the fuck are you doing here?!" She finally burst out. 

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Just as the two of them started away from the undead further up the maze, he heard the sound of thunderous steps coming ever close. 
"What the fuck is that?" he asked Aidan, finally admitting to himself that this entire expedition was a mistake. "Lets not find out" his partner said, already summoning up whatever energy he had left to sprint further on. He saw it out of the corner of his eye, massive, grotesque. It exploded through the hedgerows like a normal sized man would go through tall grass. Except this wasn't a man, it was at least ten feet taller than a normal one, and looked like something out of a nightmare. The monster paused only long enough to dismember the corpse of Dustin, pulling his arm in one clean motion. "OH FUCK" he thought, sprinting as fast as he could, around the corner disregarding any other trap he might be running into. 

The monster caught up to him, and it happened quickly. It was right behind him, and he knew there was no way he would be able to out run it. "If this is it, I am not going out like a coward running away" he thought as he slowly turned around and drew his sword. "Ira no!" He heard Aidan cry out behind him. The monster was paused in front of him, studying him. "Aidan, get the fuck out of here. Follow the path through the hedgerows, look!  He's burrowed a path straight out for you. There's no way we are going to be able to our run him. If I make it out, I'll meet you at Ulfs." Aidan didn't need to be told twice to save his hide and just said, "Good luck buddy"

The monster just stood there. "Maybe he's out of sorts" thought Ira, charging forward as quickly as he could without further hesitation. The monster reacted by hitting him so fast and so hard, he barely had time to even see the blow, never mind react to it. It was so hard that his helmet came off, and he was staggered enough that he had to struggle to keep upright. The creature roared then just sat there staring at him still, studying him. The monster again moved at breathtaking speed. Scooping him up in the crook of his elbow, and carrying him off, Ira knew he was going off to be eaten. His sword arm was pinned down, there was no way he could move or defend himself. He had lived to old age as a solider for hire, and most of the people he had known in his life had died well before his age of 30. The monster rampaged through hedgerows, and only now did Ira see how massive the courtyard was. He knew now that it would have taken days to get to the castle. Finally he reached the edge of the castle, where the monster ran right up to the nearest door roared one last time, and dropped him a few feet from the door. He looked up to see what awaited him inside ... and saw Quinn. 

""What the fuck are you doing here?!" She asked him, standing in the doorway. 

He couldn't take it anymore. He sat backwards, down on the grass as he looked up at her. "Aidan, myself and two others heard that this was a deserted castle that possibly still had treasure and gold inside of it. We started into the maze, trying to find our way here this morning. One of the sell swords did something stupid and we were attacked by the undead. Both sell swords died, and then this thing here attacked us immediately afterwards. Aidan hopefully escaped, it grabbed me and brought me here." Ira sighed, of all the people on earth he expected to see today, the last was Quinn Nash. He thought back to over ten years previous, meeting her during the early stages of the great war for his country. They fought side by side, outnumbered by thousands as they came down to attack from the hills and mountains, trying to defend their land against the invaders. They both endured 2 years of constant fighting, and tragedy resulting in a final battle for the control of the nation. Unfortunately, it was a massacre resulting in all surviving members fleeing, and it was during this time he met Aidan. Quinn sacrificed herself in order to ensure that both Aidan and Ira could sail off away from the continent to safety. He had seen her a total of three days since then, when he had collected a bounty in a small town that she had happened to be in, before they went their separate ways.  

Day dreaming distracted from the moment at hand however. He looked at Quinn with the backdrop of the massive castle behind her and asked, "Quinn, what is this place?" He looked back at the monster still behind him. "What is this thing?" He looked at the sell swords blood still on his armor. "Quinn, did you have anything to do with us getting attacked?"

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Cariella was strolling through the garden admiring the lady of the house's beautiful flowers when she heard the screams and felt two souls leave their bodies. 

"Duty calls." She pulled out her fan and snapped it open. Shadows whirled around her as her human form melted away and she stood in her Reaper form. It was a resplendent form with her long black robe and hood that covered her skeletal face. Two gloved hands gripped the handle of her long scythe. Cariella flew into the air and into the labyrinth to collect the souls. While she was flying she sensed the familiar soul of Dr. Quinn, along with two men and something undead. That will have to be dealt with.

Cariella came upon the souls floating near the mausoleum, they floated near the bodies of their fallen selves. "Grave robbers by the looks of them," Cariella muttered. There were also some skeletons and other undead creatures that turned towards her when she materialized. Luckily these didn't seem to have any actual souls, just some magic that brought them back for security. With a wave of her hand, Cariella muttered an incantation, "Return to your rests my friends. You may serve the Master another day."

She then turned toward the sell swords. "Now you two." They floated toward her. "It's time for you to cross over." Cariella gripped her scythe and cut a long slice in the air. A rift opened up and she could see the swirling darkness of the Spirit Realm. "You will be much happier here," she told the souls and motioned them into the rift. Once they crossed over she waved her hand again and closed up the rift. 

"I wonder if Quinn is alright. I might need to talk with her about that creature she has. It has a soul, if only a partial one and that will need to be dealt with." Cariella took off again and flew back to where she saw the doc. Before she reappeared she wanted to see what she could learn. 

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Whatever was left from the Murder quickly fled, scattering the area in blackness to report their findings to the Choisel Patriarch. Resultingly, there been consequences for two dear visitors dying in pools of Crimson. Meanwhile, thick, blood-sucking vines sprout like webs from the wall edges of the labyrinth in the wake of this all, entangling the humans securing their limbs first, then raking them into a pit to be spat out later as some hollow monument fixtures. Cariella stripped their Souls marking them with blank lifeless eyes, but that didn't stop their torpid suffering; half their bodies dismembered before her arrival. It was that day he recalled her from the Haunted Gathering, hundreds if not thousands of creatures from both the Night and of the Underworld marching from the abandoned Cathedral in his Supreme Command. Since her arrival from the Glen their brief conversations hadn't been much of any discussions, but her visit to the Chateau was dearly welcomed with the courtesy of the Choisel House. Long as her Reaper doings didn't interfere with his Vampiric rulings, she was safe and considered an ally to the Pureblood Coven.

The white granite mausoleum went crashing over any evidence of the men ever being there, returning to it's preternatural mystery as if virtually nothing ever happened. The Labyrinth too shuffled, clearings and rearranged pathways under influences of the Haunted Glen. The thieved Ruby went unscathed in the clearing of the debris, emerging from the soil in it's ancient luster. 

"So, you tell me the Doctor knows one of them by Ira and this man was rescued by Otto?

 A thick, glossy feathered Carrion with scarlet eyes descended on the Pureblood's velvet shoulder. It's communicative caws and telepathic messaging, inferring what he already witnessed himself from the Two hundred foot elevation. A blood-curdling grin formed upon his bone white grin, his Goldenrod hues flashed their fury in disgust and hate at such speculations rolling them over the lids in a flick of his eyes. The Labyrinth was a giant sandlot for Quin's Project Baby who quite didn't understand it's mysterious self-repairing works; as days passed further, Leinhart's analysis of the experiment was near conclusion. Another failed attempt to his collected ages of work. All brawns, no intelligence so ever. The Butler Martis had yet to been fully pled guilty in a trial against him. but Leinhart felt the envy and malice boiling against him from day one of meeting the Dhampir - things, went almost cloudy in his judgements of Doctor Quin Nash. Or perhaps his expectations of her went unmet and she was a threat to all the forgotten knowledge he possessed.

"This is impossible, isn't it?'

Without further to question a gloved white hand shut the scarlet drapery of the bay window scenery to the Rose garden. In a about-face he pivoted a Hundred eighty degrees, just prior to his foot taking an advance to head for the opposite direction Leinhart's entire 6'5 frame dispersed into a swarm of Bats, whizzing hastily towards the exit of an opened window to meet with Ira and the Doctor at once and immediately. 






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She merely stared at him as he sat there and explained himself, Otto standing behind him like a proud puppy that retrieved a stick. 

"Quinn, did you have anything to do with us getting attacked?" He asked her. 

"You were attacked?" She exclaimed dropping down in front of him ignoring the soggy arm, "What kind of idiot would attempt to - Aiden - Aiden would. Did he talk you into coming here?"

She rolled her eyes and checked his head for injuries as that was the only part of him she could get at, all while smoking her clenched pipe between her teeth and grumbling. 

"Of all the places to for you to come....." She said, "I never thought I would see you again after that last stint and took off. Left me high and dry in that place, didn't even take me along with you - and after all I've been through for you...." 

She caught herself and clamped her mouth shut around her pipe before taking it out of her mouth and tapping it on the ground to put it out. 

"Did you get hurt at all?" She offered an arm that was a little too scrawny to help him up, "Come on in, I'll get you patched up. You are likely going to be stuck here for a little while - that is if the master doesn't kill you or one of his workers...." 

She would help him into the clinic and gesture that he sit, keeping him away from the back room that was a complete disaster still. Otto's thundering steps lumbered away and back into the gardens as she turned her attention completely on Ira. A war going on in her head, chaos, insanity, and that stupid itch that came with the withdrawals. Shit. She would really have to stop now that Ira was around. There was no way she could let him know she was a junkie like her mother. A junkie that missed him every. damn. day. since they'd been separated. 

"He is likely already on his way." Quinn said, her voice a little nervous, "So just - be respectful alright. Don't fight him, don't argue. Maybe you can work for him for a bit, I am sure he will pay you really well." 

She would say just about anything to keep him around. Anything. 

"Gods Ira - I didn't expect - " She paused, "Wait a minute - where is Aiden? Did that drunken miserable yellow son of a bitch leave you to die in that labyrinth?! I asked him specifically to keep a close watch on you! I fucking paid him to do so!" 

She was practically seeing red at this point, the withdrawal making her a little erratic. She had to take some calming breaths to get a hold of herself. The eye floating in the jar on the shelf was taunting her in front of him. 

"Insane bitch, now he can see just how messed up and broken you are." It taunted, "Now you can put this silly notion that he would ever take you back to bed. Not that he ever loved you in the first place."

She bit down on the urge to yell back at it, rage, smash the jar to a thousand pieces, throw things at it. Instead she shook her head back and forth, hands shaking violently the way they always did when Ira was brought up - or - in this particular instance, in front of her. 

"I'm - I'm sorry Ira!" She said shaking her head still, "There is just a lot you don't know. A lot I should probably explain at some point....." 

She crouched down and grabbed her elbows hugging them to her chest and continuing to take deep breaths as if it would keep her from falling apart. Quinn squeezed her eyes shut and willed herself to pull it together, to stand up and go back to the way she normally acted. But it was all too late, he was seeing it, the insanity. The brokenness. The fucked up place that was her mind. She couldn't go back to being normal, that would make her look more insane than she already did. The shaking slowed down a little and she looked up and gave him an odd smile. 

"I don't know if I'm glad to see you again or not." She finally admitted, "I guess it depends on why you are here and when you are going to leave me again." 



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"I guess it depends on why you are here and when you are going to leave me again." 

That hurt Ira. He was simultaneously hurt, seething mad, frightened, and most of all tired. For a guy who was already having a hell of a day, and whose emotions were typically greed, lust and revenge, it was quite much. He figured he would start from the beginning.   

"Aidan and I both talked to someone who was boasting that he knew of a castle in this area that had been abandoned decades ago, and aside from a slight danger was easy pickings for left over gold and treasure." He paused to think about iit obviously being a set up. He'd kill him if he managed to get out of this.  "We hired two mercs to come with us, and see what we could find. We entered the maze this morning, and were certainly going slower than I would have liked, when one of the mercs disobeyed orders and broke into a mausoleum to steal. It triggered some sort of an attack which ended up killing the two mercs. Just as we were getting away we started to be chased by whatever the fuck this thing is. Aidan was ahead of me, I turned and charged at it, Aidan got away."

He tried to remember Max and Dustin, what they looked like. Truth be told, aside from being in great shape, they were truly unremarkable. Then a switch turned on him. "Hey, wait a damn second. Last time I saw you, we were attacked by an entire ghost army and you wanted us to go on some sort of suicide mission with that freak to fight another ghost army. Yeah I bailed on you, but you were insistent on going, and that was not my idea of a good time." Wait a second, what else did she say? Master. The writing on the gate was in vampire. He felt his face go white. Oh shit. "Oh shit, Master." He drew his sword and looked around. Seeing no immediate threat he took out garlic from his pack and put a string around his head. "Damn it Quinn, that's what this is, a vampire colony!? How the hell did you end up here?" He didn't have anything against vampires, but they weren't his favorite creature in the world. He tried to remember what he had learned about them while getting to know one in the war a decade ago. Mainly that they were fast. They could be killed if need be, but you first had to deal with the fact that they were remarkably, scarily, fast.

He looked at Quinn from under his armor plate and paused once more. She was a young feisty broad of twenty when he first saw her, and while she still was very pretty, he could tell the years had not been easy on her. It was no wonder, she had without question saved his life, and Aidan's as well, leaving herself for dead in the process. Ira smiled to himself, she always did have a temper, and she looked quite pissed off at the sight of him today. Damn it, he always did have a soft spot for her. "If it's good with him, I am done fighting for the day." He didn't sheathe his sword, but he lowered it, took a deep breathe and sighed. "I will be around until the annoyance of these vampires outweighs the pleasure of seeing you again. Which, considering how nice it is to see you again, I might need to start to like drinking blood.

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pair of eyes gazed through the shadows at them; He was watching them. Fresh off the hunt, Alistair arrived just in time to miss the party it would seem. He wasn't clear on anything besides having human trespassers, and apparently at least one of them knew their Doctor. He smirked, barring his fanged teeth as his eyes narrowed. Not unlike a Jaguar on the prowl, he waited, his mind calculating his best methods of approach. On any given day, the Choisel brand needed no express reason to commit murder. Though today it seemed that this fool would become one of their victims, or Alistair's at least. Not without toying with him first however. Not only did he disrespect them with his presence alone, but he even accosted members of their ranks. The Master would certainly never stand for this. As Majordomo, Alistair was officially tasking himself with ridding his family of this pest himself.

"I will be around until the annoyance of these vampires outweighs the pleasure of seeing you again."

"Don't tempt me boy."

His voice came from everywhere around him, and yet from nowhere at once. Perhaps it was in his mind? From the look on her face, Quinn heard the voice as well. Certainly it wasn't a mind trick, though a trick none the less. Standing about 100 yards off from Ira's flank, the voice of Alistair would seem to favor the ear farthest from him, begging him to look that way for the somber face that would match such a grave tone. Choices. Choices had to be made, and quick! The Master himself would soon be here, and Alistair was almost certain he'd love to have this man's skull as a trophy by the time he arrived. 

"I never thought I'd see the day you brought us party favors, Doctor."

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Hearing Ira speak brought her out of her strange place, the eye stopped speaking, the world stopped spinning and she stood up. Her old stubborn self setting in at the sound of his annoyed tone of her fighting ghosts. Something else she would have to explain to him later, the list was growing ever longer. 

"You are going to stay - with me?" She blinked in confusion, expecting him to take off on her again, "Well - I suppose we had best intro-"

She was cut off by the one voice she least wanted to hear, the one that usually fucked with her mind for fun, and while she did owe him her life.....he still caused a knot of dread to fill her stomach whenever he was around for fear of him messing with her or trying to turn her. She wasn't sure what was worse, him or the master showing up first. 


"I never thought I'd see the day you brought us party favors, Doctor." 


Quinn put a very firm hand on Ira's sword hand and held it down so he wouldn't lash out like he usually did. Strike before think, that seemed to be his mantra and a whole lot of good it ever did them. 

"He is not a party favor." Quinn said firmly, "He was and is my friend." 

Her free hand wrapped around something in her lab coat, just in case she needed it. This would be the perfect opportunity to test what she dubbed the "goodnight kiss" made from the very same poison that Alastair drank from her not too long ago. The needle was a thick long contraption that shed managed to make and tested it on hard surfaces such as metal to make sure it could punch through with enough force. 

She didn't let go of Ira's sword arm, her grip continuing to be a warning that he'd best shut up. 

"This is Ira." She said to no direction in particular, "It isn't polite to hide or play mind tricks when greeting guests, Alastair....." 

She pulled the syringe from her pocket and let it sit in her hand, ready to go if need be. 

"I'm sure this idiot and his - friends - caused some damage in the Labyrinth, from what it sounds like they were sent here by someone who knew it wasn't abandoned....." She heavily implied that they paid someone to send them prey, "Whatever they did - I'll cover it. I'll work it off." 

Never having been in debt with them and knowing she would quickly work her way out of it with the revealing of the goodnight kiss, she was willing to take the risk. 

"Now why don't you just come on out and we can wait for Master to arrive." She said, "If you are here then I am sure he is on his way too....." 

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Leinhart predicted well, the outcome on this Bloody Eve.

Son of Istrefi received the telepathic report almost immediately arriving on scene of the Clinic. The bastard child withheld the status as Choisel Guardian. In turn, that gave him the Power and Will to assert any threats to the Coven, or the Choisel Patriarch himself as he felt necessary. From the fragments of Blood suckers, a heavy fog like darkness hung over the doorway to the facility. None from inside would see, not unless they were by the windows of course, but they would feel His presence, circulating the proximity in seething anxiety.  Primordial golden oculars peered from the veil, it’s origins of Power beyond the comprehension of fleeting mortal men. A dark material limb extended to grasp ahold and ajar the door ahead, yet whilst reaching for the knob in his sublimated form the Supernatural then instantly reanimated. Beneath the wears of a luxurious velvet button-up and a pair of complimentary slacks, transpired his fleshly being. Scarlet cowhide loafers welcomed themselves into the opening door as Leinhart slowly stepped his way in.

“I’ve been expecting you, Ira.”

The Vampire lord stood considerably taller than the others at full height of Six foot Five inches, the shadows crawling beneath him even seemed to afford a few more centimeters. The Count’s legs did not appear completely grounded, reflecting the impression he hovered and lethargically over to the trio. He called out as if he’s known Ira personally, yet perhaps at this instant the thief began assuming that maybe Quin made some mentions of him before? Neither was the case. His goldenrod eyes found themselves pouring into Quin first who appeared most frantic, scrutinizing her every motion, telepathically flipping through the many pages of her human mind in search of any deceit, in which he already knew she could not fabricate against his Will. Then, his eyes averted onto the armoured trespasser holding the Sword alongside of her. Imbecile for unknowing. A bloodcurdling grin formed itself across his thinned lips at how pleasant his unclaimed Blood could been. Just what exactly, he had planned for this man’s crimes? Trespassing, obstructing private property, breaking an entering - though these crimes may have seem to pertained to unfavorable humans, Ira was still guilty as charged. The Doctor felt deeply in affection with him, Leinhart had been aware of this, however, would be hardly taken into account during judgment.

 Coming to a full halt midway to the couple, maybe barely even just half way into the Clinic, he commented on Quin without any further explanation, in little acknowledgment of the accused and a flash from his uncanny fanged teeth:

“You do know him, yes? In that case, you will charge this man accordingly, Doctor.”


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