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I challenge you to brevity

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3 hours ago, supernal said:

I've been doing this on/off and am going to be trying it out in a new slice of life thing I'm aiming for soon. I've been enjoying the results so now I lay the challenge to you my fellow forum goers 

Try it for a new thread or even just a few rounds of an existing thread. Let us know how you get on 

  • 48 hour turnaround time
    • If a thread goes 2 days without a post, a post must be made and it must advance the story
  • 300 word maximum
    • Even if you have time to write more, keep it to 300. The more you write, especially if there are multiple partners in a thread, the more your partners have to read in order to make their own posts
  • Always forward!
    • Every post must add or change something, or advance the story in some way 

An observation:

The average word count for a page in a paperback or Kindle book, where the font and line spacing tend to be small, is from 250 to 350 words. Imagine a scene in a story you like where two characters are interacting, but instead each one of them acts or says something per page. Now imagine a scene with several characters. 🤔

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I think a good comparison would be the Allied Nations of Terrenus (ANT) thread vs the Symposium Against Doom (SAD) thread. Both are of large forums and both are of people raising issues in Terrenus. However, SAD uses brevity, while ANT uses the very opposite of brevity - the average word count I believe would be around 850, with a few that are closer to, or more than 2000. It would be interesting to see the results of both discussions at the end.




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Wade was on the fence joining a western roleplay until Die Shize mentioned brevity rules, then he threw his hat in. Another success for the system! 

Bohemian Eagle had pretty much given up on RP but came back to be a TOL mentor knowing that he could make shorter posts to it. Not sure if I mentioned brevity rules specifically . . . but I'll take a half point on that 

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