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Abbot Knight

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abbotchurch.pngKNOWN INFORMATION

Author’s Note: All the information in this profile is things that can be deduced either by looking at Abbot, speaking with him, or reading the Daily Weekly: Business. This is not an all-inclusive profile.


Alias: Abbot “Jacobs” Sabella Ignazio Knight

Moniker: Chameleon, the


Height: 6’5”

Weight: 225 lbs

Age: ???

Eye Color: Gunmetal

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: Sunkissed

Facial Hair: None

Scars: None apparent. 

Tattoo: An intricate cross hidden by the bandages of his forehead.


Style of Dress: Black suits matching lacquered footwear. 

Ornaments: Golden ring with an elaborate skull design. A golden watch, indelible and ceaselessly ticking. 


Occupation: Prince. Envoy. Agent. 

Holdings & Investments:

I - The Babel Corporation, Alterion, Izral [shareholder, ???]

H - The House of Cards, Hyperian, Terrenus [Owner]

H - The Lover's Remorse, Hyperian, Terrenus [Owner]



As a chameleon in plain sight, enigmatic and misunderstood, some believe that his mysterious character has begun to infect his being in a variety of ways. The most notable of these strange changes is the fact that it has become impossible to recall any of his features once he has left a person’s line of sight. This “forgetfulness” is immediate.

While individuals can recall their interaction with Abbot in perfect clarity, it is the finer details such as his physical appearance, smell, or the sound of his voice (etc.) that are affected. When viewing memories through magical/occult means (psionics included), Abbot is viewed as a shroud of smoke with a distorted voice.





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