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Miss Blonde

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Middy was grateful that Blonde was abole to decipher the message. It was a gamble for her especially when such ability was not her area of expertise. Sera might have been crass and uncivilized individual, but the woman would have easily dealt with such situations with more subtlety and finesse than Middy could. 

Frowning, Middy uncrossed her arms as she impassively approach Blonde as soon as the woman was almost done checking the products. She knew what would happen next once Blonde was done with the exchange. Knowing Blonde, the woman woud not take such actions kindly. Blood will be spilled.

”We’re good.”

Now. Seconds after Blonde made her move, Middy followed suit. In a heartbeat, the plain faced woman was already between Blonde and Roger's goons, acting as a human meat shield with both her pistols held in outstretched hands.  Blonde maybe strong but that doesn't mean she's invincible. She's still human after all. But Middy is turning into something else. Something less human. She's turning into a thot. The darkest of thots.

Then came the expected burst of fire. Middy felt the bullets hit her chest a few moments after firing her own. Blood and gore splattered from a pair of heads. The goons must have emptied a full round since her chest feels like crap right now. But the goons made one mistake, Middy is way harder than the two goons can ever be and she is a woman. It was painful, but Middy knew it will only hurt the first time. Still, in the end two goons were down, and Blonde is probably safe. At this point, she hoped that Lycoris and John have made their moves.

Cracking her neck, Middy looked down on the dead thugs, "Sorry, boys. Hate to break it to ya, but I've been penetrated so much, in so many ways more than one, that your bullets barely made a scratch. In fact, I only felt the first one."

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John was moving as soon as he saw Blonde reach for her gun, charging the first man on her right. The goon was far to slow to do anything but stand there dumbstruck as he was cut in two by the crime lords blade. By this point the man standing next to him had been able to reach into his jacket for his weapon, pull it out, and begin to point it at his friends killer. Angling his body to the right, John swung his blade in an upward arc, severing the mans arm. He then turned into a spin as the man stared shocked at his dismembered limb, and took the guys head off. 

Once he had seen that the Mistress and Lycoris had taken care of the other guards, he turned his attention to the weapon in his hand. It had performed even better than he could have hoped for, slicing through flesh like tissue paper. He hadn't even had to use one of its enhancements to get the job done. A spin of the blade removed the blood from it, and he slung it back over his shoulder. Now it was time to see what Raj had to say for himself.

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As her associates burst into action, Lycoris makes her own move, her fingers quickly finding the gun strapped to her thigh, raising it up in a blur. She sends a bullet straight into the head of the last guard standing, crimson splattering onto the floor as the body holds still for a moment before slumping down lifeless.

It’s a shame she’s only allowed to shoot one. Lycoris grimaces, her gaze passing over the rest of the corpses littered about, dead at the hands of the others. She’s losing her touch, really, and she makes a note to return to the training range once she returns to the Crow’s nest. This is not acceptable, in any case.

Her gun turns to the man caught in Miss Blonde’s grip with a vaguely threatening air, not that it matters when Little Raj is being choked within an inch of his life. Lycoris tilts her head, gives him a tiny smile, sharp and cruel. Her fingers itch for more blood to be spilled.

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@Zashiii @danzilla3 @ourlachesism

It was over in a flash. Roger’s crew was dead and Miss Blonde and hers stood. With a sigh she rolled her neck and would give Little Raj a few words of advice. If you wanted to be someone in this world, you had to be faster on the draw than his late comrades. 


”Now that I have your full attention, I hate to inform you that your dearly departed friend over there had a wire on him.” There was a quick pause and power flowed out from Blonde’s mind. 


”But you knew that, didn’t you?” The man’s mind was weak. Easy to probe and prod to gain an entire lifetime’s worth of information.


”I didn’t kno-aghk!” Interrupted by Blonde she tightened the vice grip around his neck. 


”Don’t you lie to me, Raj. Your little cop buddies are probably listening in right now, and I’m honestly not in the mood to drop some pigs tonight. So we’ll be taking what’s ours and leaving.” Blonde would then throw Little Raj across the room with enhanced strength and a bit of TK. 


”Leave him. Rats aren’t worth it.” Blonde would then use her TK to lift the heavy crate of the material and shove it into the trunk of the limo.


”We probably have about forty five second to jet so I suggest you all get in the car.” Blonde would move towards the limo with her hands tucked into her coat pockets. 


If there was one thing she hated, it was amateurs who got pinched by the cops and were forced into being their servant.

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The ride to the drop off point was far less eventful than the preceding operation had been. Not that John was complaining about the way things had turned out; any job that ended in a good fight was a successful job in his opinion. They had even managed to secure the cargo in time to run from the cops, though, "run," was a strong word. By the time the feds had gotten to the scene, they had been long gone. The only loose end was Raj himself, the only thing that he disagreed with Blonde on. If it had been him, that kid would be dead right now; on principle if nothing else. Still, it seemed unlikely that the kid would try to come back at them, and if he did it would just mean more fun for him.

During the drive, he caught himself sneaking glances at the masked woman more than once. It was undeniable now that his attraction to her went beyond simply being aroused by her bold demeanor, and willingness to get her hands dirty. She fascinated him, and he wanted to be closer to her, and not just in a sexual way; although that was certainly a part of it. By the time they had reached their destination, he had made a decision, and as they all moved to disembark, he moved to face her.

"Mrs. Blonde... I... well..."

Why was he finding this so difficult? He could have killed ten men in the time it was taking for him to try and stammer out what he wanted to say. He took a deep breath, steeled himself, and looked her in the eye, smile shrinking, but becoming more genuine.

"Would you like to have dinner with me sometime?"

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Lycoris almost snickers at the sudden question from John’s mouth, but she thinks better of it, raises her eyebrow instead. This is not the kind of dialogue she had expected, not after an operation, but perhaps that only speaks to her propensity for grim-faced introspection after any kind of mission.

Even her sisters make fun of her for that.

Despite everything, the hollow pit in her stomach aches with the knowledge she now holds, that Belladonna had left less than ample breadcrumbs after her flightly betrayal. However, the night had been eventful thus far, granting her bloodlust a third-rate sort of pleasure, but satisfaction all the same. Miss Blonde had given her word on providing her with future information about her wayward sister.

For now, it’ll have to be enough.

When they arrive at the drop-off point, Lycoris nods quietly at everyone, gives Miss Blonde a pointed look, and then disappears into the night, not once looking back to notice any acknowledgement of her retreat.

Lycoris can understand if there had been none. She doubts the woman has attention for anything other than John’s proposition, really.

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Middy had followed the others into the car as silently as she could. She could already feel it, could sense what was about to come. From their looks and questionable actions earlier, Blond and John had something going on between them and Middy already understood from the beginning. There was no place for her between the two. 

As soon as they dropped her off, Middy chuckled bitterly. John had chosen Blonde leaving her all alone, dejected and depressed. The moments she had shared wih the man was nothing more but a fleeting memory but she would treasure them deeply in her heart. The memories she and Taen's crime lord had shared. She had always said it was only business but it seemed she was the one who didn't understand her place. Now that John had found something else, someone better than this poor excuse of a woman, Middy now regretted her choices. She was but a disposable tissue, easily gained and easily discarded as well, especially after she has been thoroughly consumed and soiled. once Perhaps if she had more courage, things would have been so different. 

Lighting the cigar she fished from her  coat pocket, Middy would look back at Blonde's retreating ride, her eyes gazing longingly at the silhouette of the man she once knew and the woman she looked up to. They looked perfect for each other. Biting back the stinging tears, Middy inhaled deeply from her cigar, the tobacco's rich taste was her only solace. Perhaps this was her fate. Even now she still envied her late mothee for at least having Dredge before Middy ended her. But it seemd Middy was the one who lost, as she was the one who had nothing left in the end. Exhaling the smoke together with the pent-up feelings inside her, the Mistress began her long walk home, the wisps of smoke trailing in her down her sorrowful wake. It was painful, but the Middy simply accepted her. She was just the Mistress after all.

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