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[Relic] Under the light of Mars

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Brief: A ragged charlatan hires you to counterfeit the undying beast of the wild.
Item: Aries Necklace
    A silver necklace with a medallion in the shape of a charging ram's head. This enchanted necklace gives the user an advantage to their strengths. The user has the strength of a ram.

Class: C
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sean1.pngIt was a strange request for the Bravada to come across, though it did offer the chance to pass the time until his wife returned from treaty negotiations with the Taen Empire. He also felt the need to stretch his legs, and perhaps knock some of the rust from his spear arm. Of course he would need to adequately prepare and see that everything was running smoothly for Primera’s return. He’ll say it’s a fishing trip, the manliest of all activities for husbands.

He sat at his desk, looking over the letter that had found its way to him. A forgery of sorts, far more shady than he would have liked. It was suspicious in itself, and his gut told him that he should get involved. It seemed like something that could become a real problem with drawing numerous adventurers and the like to Renovatio. Counterfeit relics could become quite damaging for the government’s reputation.

“Suppose I will deal with this. See if we can’t turn their trap into our own.” He knew it was a trap, no one makes such an open request. More than likely, he assumed; that they would try to remove him as soon as the job was done. That would make his job easier, they’ll think to kill him, no doubt gather a large number of their people. “Well, lets get everything into order for my fishing trip.” He said, shuffling important documents around after pocketing the request paper.

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sean1.pngThe Bravada snapped out with his spear, poking first at the exposed foot of his opponent before quickly withdrawing the spear and taking a light step backwards. As he moved back the spear thrust out quickly as he took half a step forward before snapping it back with a half step back. He repeated these series of action twice more, always pulling his spear back before his shield could block the blow. The rhythm was easy to figure out, elementary; really.

That’s exactly what Ezio was counting on.

He snapped forward with half a step, spear coming towards his throat. As the last one of his would-be ambushers raised his shield, Ezio made as through to pull his spear back. The other man lowered his shield to intercept the blow he had thought coming. Instead, the Bravada lunged, taking a full step forward and plunged the spear into the man’s eye. With a firm twist he pulled Ascalon free.

“Do they think I’m weak, just because I don’t flaunt my strength?” He asked himself out loud, he shook his head. “Well, better to face unprepared and arrogant opponents I suppose.” He knelt down and began to rifle through the others pockets. He was the strongest of the lot, though that wasn’t a particularly high bar to set. Though this in and of itself could well be a trap in itself, best not to feel to secure.

“Aha, what’s this now?” He pulled a small letter, he glanced through it quickly. “So that’s how it is. When the cat’s away the mice will play, is it?” He stood and tossed the note aside, the relevant information had already been memorized. “Though it's still quite suspicious that they’d have such a letter still. No way they are that inept.” He considered it for a moment. “Suppose I should just go break this next trap as well.”

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