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Mana Nahi (Naherin Alter)

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First name: Mana
Surname: Nahi
Title: Black Mana

Nicknames: Stitcher Black
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Race: Human
Marital Status: Unknown
Sexual Orientation: Highly questionable
Gender: Female

Age: 22
Role: Naherin Alter (Other half of Naherin, the part she cast away
Specialization: Semstress/ Sewer

Voice: High, nasal,
Eyes: Black
Nose: High
Face: Gaunt angular features
Complexion: Fair
Height: 4'11''
Build: Skinny AF
Hair: Long, Shaggy, Black

Demeanor: Shifts between edgy and insane with brief moments of clarity
Hopes: Live a life of self-indulgence
Fears: To lose people important to him
Likes: Sewing, knitting, stitching anything
Pet Peeves: Her other self.

Clothes: Wears a long coat. 

Physical Sewring, ehanced physical abilities
Magical: Magical sewing, arcane weaving, spell stitching

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