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Home. It’s such a strange word, now, hearing it spoken with such feeling, with hidden depths beneath the stoic facade. He looks down at his reflection in the water, eyebrows furrowing under the veil of his hood.

"I'm going back home. To Kinumo.  I need to make peace with the past.  It is a very long journey. It could take several nights before I'll make it."

Ascytale watches the woman pause for a moment, suspended in time, and then shake her head, dispelling whatever thoughts had gripped her before her return to reality. He can commiserate with that cast-away feeling; he does have a voice in his head that distracts him from the here and now, after all.

Be wary what you think of me, Stranger.

Oh, don’t be so touchy.

Rev asks where he’s headed to, and for a moment, no immediate answer comes to mind, which is par for the course, really. “Here and there,” he ventures, before shaking his head; no, that does not sound quite right. “Nowhere, to tell you the truth. Wherever the wind takes me.” Ascytale looks over his shoulder, back towards the ruined remnants of the bar, then back towards the woman before him. “Would you mind terribly if I accompanied you for a time, on your journey?”

Now, that just begs for pity, Stranger.

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Rev's head cocked to the side as she contemplated Ascytale's words.  The way he asked to follow her on her journey... it reminded her of someone else.  She knew who it reminded her of immediately, and thought of telling the stranger no because of it.  She definitely didn't need someone reminding her of her brother when she was making a trip home.  He used to follow her around everywhere, and seemed more a pain in her ass than anything.  But that wasn't why she was hesitating about Ascytale going with her.  It was because she didn't want to be reminded.  How was she supposed to face home, if she couldn't even face her memories?  She swallowed at the thought, looked quickly to the water and squinted her eyes as if the sun had been too bright.  The lines of her mouth tightened, and it took her a moment to respond.

"That would be..." an awful, painful reminder, "...fine."  For a moment she didn't realize that her words had been different than what she was thinking.  When it sank in she looked at him in surprised alarm.  She couldn't take it back now.  Not without saying why.  And wouldn't it be better to go through this now, with only a small dosage of reminders?  Instead of getting smacked in the face with it all at once, which she didn't look forward to.  "Yeah," she continued shakily, "having someone watch my back when I'm traveling sounds like a good idea."  She actually preferred to be on her own, not really trusting anyone to watch her back.  She just said this to compensate for any strange facial expressions she might be giving right now.  She was aware of her weaknesses, and her feelings marching right across her face was one of them.  

Besides, she felt a little sorry for the snake guy.  He was alone, and she knew how that felt.  He was also asking her, a demon, if he could travel with her.  This made him a little more pathetic than she was, though not by much.  Most beings avoided demons.  They were afraid of the power, lack of control, and angry temperament they seemed to always have.  Rev was an exception to the rule, but only due to years of effort and will.  Where most demons went, trouble seemed to follow.  And if Ascytale had been less needy for companionship he would have looked at the damage done by the raptors as something that could have followed the demon to town.  Instead he was asking to hang with her on her journey.  For weeks.  To a village of demons.  Poor guy.

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She does not seem to be comfortable with that suggestion, Stranger. How intriguing.

Ascytale does not feel the need to respond to the voice, but he does agree with the observation, quietly taking note of the woman’s pursed lips, her pinched expression, the shadows curling around those eyes. Idly, he wonders how he must have looked like, before he had become what he is now. Had he been this transparent? Had he allowed emotions to take control of his mind, of his body, that they would speak volumes loud enough for everyone around him to see without even putting any one of them into words?

You will find that you are stronger without these petty mortal feelings, truly.

You know I only got that trait from you.

He waits for Rev’s response in the span of a few wordless moments, letting his gaze flicker back down to the ground as if in silent respect of the woman’s inner deliberation. When she finally speaks, Ascytale pointedly ignores the cold shiver entwining the words she lets fly.

"That would be...fine. Yeah, having someone watch my back when I'm traveling sounds like a good idea."

His eyebrows itch to climb into his hairline, but he resists the urge to; there is no sense in appearing rude in front of his intended traveling companion, and so Ascytale merely nods. “That is precisely my line of thinking. Really,” he muses, coming to stand tall once more in preparation to move, “you will find I am quite the picture perfect companion.” He looks towards the shrinking light in the horizon, gaze a thousand miles away.

Does she know your restlessness will be the death of you and all you hold close?

A deep breath, a slow growing smile. “Shall we, then, ma’am?”

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