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Old Wounds (Artifact)

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SUMMARY: The undead swordsman Samson is sent by his lord Ankou Lethe to the High Lords Labyrinth to retrieve a powerful artifact known as Mori. Aided by a young vampire and member of the Cult of Power named Mercury, and a sorcerer named Cerin, he infiltrates the Labyrinth. At first things seem to go smoothly, but then they trigger a trap that the groups just barely manage to survive. But their victory is short lived, as they are then beset by a primordial darkness that is revealed to be coming from Mori itself. Working together, the team stop the flow, and take the artifact. After contacting his master, Samson is instructed to invite Cerin to meet Lilith, the leader of the Cult of Power should she choose to do so. Once the invitation is extended, Cerin agrees.

SHORT SUMMARY: An undead Swordsman, a Vampire, and a Sorcerer are tasked with acquiring a legendary artifact.


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