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Villains and Compadres

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So, as the title vaguely implies, I’m looking for both a traveling posse and villain for my character, who is out for revenge.

The villain would preferably very powerful, if not over powered, and have a great deal of connections. If your concerned about your character potentially dying, don’t be. I don’t actually intend for it to come to that.

As for the posse, I’m hoping for at least 3 peeps but no more than 5. My character specializes in melee, but has some ranged ability as well and will eventually get some kind of cursed weapon.

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Pollst is a classic bard. He does everything. He tells stories, he sings songs, he does a bit of magic, he can fight with marginally average skill. Do you need assistance, but don't know what EXACTLY you need assistance in? He'll help! Do you need someone with a bunch of obscure lore, but poorly remembered and filtered through time and tale? He'll help! Do you just want someone to abandon at a dramatic moment? He'll help! It'd make for a good story.

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My character would not mind helping you out. He is a pure support that can make any fighting style stronger but hes a pushover on his own. 


Would be fun to get to know eachothers.


What I forgot to add on there is that I received IC training with rapiers from a user who left the site, so he knows a bit of melee fighting favoring dexterity and precision over strength.

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