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Project Destroy Tia

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To save Tia, or let it burn. The cards will soon be on the table...


Like the breaths of a slumbering titan, vampire and human Reichs rise and fall on Tian soil. The process seems doomed to repeat forever, the burning wheel rolling on and on to flatten the lives drawn to Tia’s cursed grounds. I have a character who seeks to break that wheel. He has planned in the darkness, with nothing other than Tia’s current social temperature as an indicator that the city’s razing looms just over the horizon, so defenses will be relegated to on-the-spot response.

Cain Rose, First Officer of the Dead, has served as a human-favoring regent of Tia under the guise of a man known as Nica Sero for the last decade. On the surface, vampires agreed to step into smaller noble roles and mount fewer attacks on humans. However, about a year ago it was found out that Cain started up underground human trafficking rings in order to feed blood to the vampires and keep them politically civil. Cain was ousted as a result, and turned from the guise of humanity he had maintained in order to rule Tia.

Now in an act of revenge, Cain will strike down on Tia with all the might of the Dead who once placed him at Tia’s head in the first place.


Some contextual information:

Maleficence is a synthesis of a drug the Dead has made use of for ages called Bliss. Unlike Bliss, which lured those who ingested it into bloodlust for specific races, Maleficence drives people into a blood crazed frenzy. They'll kill friends, family, and when they run out of other things, themselves.

There are three mine shafts. Two are named after the former Tian Titans who disappeared in the civil war that displaced Cain. Shaft Ramesses and Shaft Ozymandias. The third, an unknown allusion to some, is called Shaft Aidni.

There is a water purification center called Water Ablution Kormoir (WAK) through which all water in Tia passes before being distributed throughout the city.


The Tia attack will have three objectives:

1. Infiltrate WAK, clear security there, and dump 4 barrels of Maleficence into a large vat called the Tia irrigator.

2. Three groups infiltrate the Ramesses, Ozymandias, and Aidni shafts with Maleficence-infused bombs. Once the -5th level has been infiltrated, the bombs will be planted beside the shafts’ main ventilators. Once Maleficence charges explode, a gargantuan plant infused with the poison that feeds on Tia’s steamy atmosphere and the loamy topsoil just beneath city streets and infrastructure burst to life, growing an accelerated chain of the Maleficence flower invasively throughout the city.

3. While the initial shock of Maleficence washes over the city and three teams cause some commotion making their way into the shafts, one group of highly skilled individuals will make their way for the group of vampire nobles who runs Tia (the Dolos and Matton clans.) in an attempt to unseat them.




























@Dolor Aeternum




1) WAK attack/Nobles and surrounding fighting @amenities @Wade @Mag @Stumbler @bfc @SweetCyanide

2) Shaft @Grubbistch @danzilla3 @spacegy4 @-Lilium- @Hurttoto

3) Shaft R @Dolor Aeternum @ourlachesism @Zashiii

4) Shaft O @Roen @Aleksei @paradigm @PandaHat

5) General Evac and surrounding fighting @Tyler @Metty @Ataraxy @Twitterpated


*Looking to get started in the military by helping people evacuate to safety? Looking to cut your vigilante justice group's teeth by getting a taste of what some big criminal orgs are like? Maybe even join the organization by proving yourself? Then this thread is for you!*

Registration for Defenders and Attackers is open now. Feel free to join on either side, just say which in your request.

Final Clarifications:

1) Tia ends as a breeding ground for Maleficence. There's just plum no saving the place. The people, however, and the chaos-imbued location that remains afterward, are workable.

2) This is a COLLABORATIVE PIECE. Interaction with other characters, even on the other team should be planned unless otherwise stated.

3) Any armies or significant forces accompanying your character need to be listed here, like what Grubbitsch did 3 posts down. Good job @Grubbistch

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2 hours ago, Mag said:

Dove is, in fact, on her way to Tia at the moment for completely unrelated reasons.

This came at a good time. She will defend the city with one of the Gauntlets of Zengi.

I'd love to have you! Sounds fun to have ya on the other side again.

2 hours ago, Roen said:

I’d like to participate with Roen as a defender.

Sure, thanks for signing on! I don't think we've ever written together but I relish the thought 😊

2 hours ago, Wade said:

I’d like to throw in my hat as a defender. Either with Echo or Teddy, I’ve yet to choose.

Yes! I don't know think I know you so it's new blood to the max and I like that!

By way of first come, first serve, these are the ABSOLUTE participants I've slated so far. Original post is updated with tags reflecting this. 

Just to be certain that this was/is understood. Tia will end this thread as a breeding ground for the Maleficence plant. There will be no saving of the city as it stands, only pitting your stake in the people and place to come after.

I'll make another post shortly that details auxiliary roster additions.

At this point I'm opening up registration for any ne'er-do-wells who wish to sign on and cause trouble or loot the dying Tia.

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For the record, like Amenities said, this is going to be distinctly different than the raid on last chance thread. Although the Dead are infiltrating WAK and there will probably be some conflict between characters, the actual destruction is coming from the drugged up citizens themselves. You can't protect a city by killing it's drugged up citizens lol

A majority of the defensive efforts will be to protect the people and help evacuate the city before the citizens are infected. Doing that might involve fight the Dead, but might also require you to corral citizens and neutralize the infected. I just want to put that out there in case anyone is joining because they think it's gonna be guns blazing and dbz destruction- cinematic stuff 24/7

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