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Project Destroy Tia

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1 minute ago, Tyler said:

Ah, well that's part of why I'm asking. Like if Tia housed like 5 million people or something, and if say 1 mil were killed, 3 million go to Aspyn, then how do the remaining mil get divided? Do I take in 1,000 people? 10,000? 100,000? With Norkotia having a smaller population to start, my numbers will have a significant proportionate increase.

It might not be necessary to ask, but I don't know what sort of numbers we're talking to begin with, so if Tia is smaller than I would suspect, or if more people die than I anticipate, then I kind of want to know what is reasonable.

Not to mention having some hard numbers is worth it for IC propaganda efforts! 

Well I do intend to let amenities respond to your questions also, I was just letting you know that a lion's share would likely be destined for X and that what remains after is what would be divvied up rather than the total, overall population that disperses. We're talking, in the loosest terms, percent. What the numbers are that those percents apply to is for amenities to supply. If it helps anchor the discussion the average megacity population is between 6-8 million. I imagine that total numbers will be settled on once the thread is actually complete and amenities can take a full reckoning but maybe he already has something in mind I don't want to speak for the man!

This is not to say there's no reason to have a discussion around actual numbers so there's no need to defend your interest in that, I wasn't trying to shut the book on it or anything! 

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1 hour ago, Tyler said:

@amenities Hey, so I have a question. About how many civilians do you estimate escaped Tia? (And if you know, it'd be interesting to know how many died and how big the population was originally.) 

I'm asking since I'm interested in some numbers for how many Norkotia takes in, plus I believe @Ataraxy was also intending to take in refugees, though he probably doesn't care about hard numbers as much as I do. Still, I think it might be worth it for us to figure out where the bulk of these people will be going.

So while I have designated Aspyn as a refugee city and will send a significant population there, I'm willing to part with certain percentages for Norkotia and Taen based on IC effort in the Tia thread to divert citizens there.

Of 7.1 million, 1.7 will die or go missing during the thread. That leaves 5.4 million survivors. I'll take 3.4 million and decide what percent of the 2 million you both get at the end of the thread. Maybe you two can do something fun like a roll for it, unless you just wanna brass tacks bust out story support for sending refugees your territories and evaluate it at the end of the thread.

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6 minutes ago, amenities said:

Maybe you two can do something fun like a roll for it, unless you just wanna brass tacks bust out story support for sending refugees your territories and evaluate it at the end of the thread.

Actually I think the coolest way to handle this would be an ANT Conference meeting.

Otherwise, I'm fine with rolling or just having a discussion OOC somewhere to figure what seems fair.

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7 minutes ago, Ataraxy said:

@Tyler 50-50? 1 million each sounds like plenty imo

7 minutes ago, Tyler said:

Actually I think the coolest way to handle this would be an ANT Conference meeting.

Otherwise, I'm fine with rolling or just having a discussion OOC somewhere to figure what seems fair.

I'm fine with any of these options. You got 2 mil to hash out friends, let me know what you decide on and we'll roll with that!

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15 minutes ago, Ataraxy said:

@Tyler 50-50? 1 million each sounds like plenty imo

That would actually result in there being like three times as many Tian refugees in Norkotia as native citizens! lol

I feel like of the 2 million remaining, we should cut out a chunk of those who just went "everywhere else", and I'm fine with having a smaller chunk of the total remaining. 

If you wanna discuss specifics on Discord, we can do that, then post the result of our discussion here.

Edited by Tyler

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27 minutes ago, Tyler said:

That would actually result in there being like three times as many Tian refugees in Norkotia as native citizens! lol

I feel like of the 2 million remaining, we should cut out a chunk of those who just went "everywhere else", and I'm fine with having a smaller chunk of the total remaining. 

If you wanna discuss specifics on Discord, we can do that, then post the result of our discussion here.

This right here imo

Maybe 1 million between the two major territories and the other million split between minor territories and other cities? There are lots of choices now! 

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@amenities @Grubbistch

Aight here we go

Big Fat Tia Fight Judgement (because you asked for it)

So Citizen Cain and Fur Kong have beef. They're both in Tia, and they want to fight.

Cain post 1: Cain shows up and mispronounces Feurerkönig's name, then Naruto-runs at him with a... two... ended... scythe? What the fuck even is that weapon He also summons a rune bracelet on his wrist which is charging up his earthbending skills. There's a bunch of other stuff going on around the city, but we can safely ignore all that.

Feurer post 1: Feurer pretty much just stands there going 'come at me bro.' He thinks about how much he loves murder and genocide and stuff.

Cain post 2: Cain runs at him some more. In fact, he takes so long running over to Feurerkönig that a literal vine starts growing on his left arm. This is also a prep for his earthbending stuff. Except it's listed as 'geomancy [1]' even though he already did a Geomancy prep in his last post? So it should probably be 'geomancy [2].' Whatever, he has two pips of earthbending stuff charged up in his left arm. Meanwhile, he creates a big earth gauntlet around his right arm and then... makes a polearm? That's also a sword? Even though he's already holding a 'two-ended scythe' in that same hand? @amenities what the fuck? Cain then jumps in the air and tries to hit Feurer with his earth-sword-polearm thing (which I presume is attached to the earth around his arm, because how the fuck else would he be holding it).

... okay.

Feurer post 2: Feurer calls Cain 'pathetic.' #rekt Also he shoots chains at him. Also the chains are on fire.

Cain post 3: Cain goes on about how foolish and pathetic he is. Apparently Feurer really hurt his feelings. Nevertheless, he wraps a mass of rocks and vines around himself, and when the chains snare that he pops out from the middle of it. Fair enough. He has a bunch of weird tentacle vines that are wrapping around everything (ew). He's apparently holding a wooden staff in his right hand, even though he was already holding a double-scythe in that same hand. Did he drop the scythe? Did the scythe turn into a staff? Who knows! @amenities certainly isn't telling.

Another rune bracelet. More vines. Vines, vines, vines, his eye is vines, he's ripping off Father Anderson from Hellsing, more vines, vines fighting chains, the vines are also immune to fire because some old puppet dude is watching. Okay.

Vines are spreading Feurer's arms (that sounds oddly sexual). This apparently occurs 'moments before' Cain arrives, despite Cain having jumped at Feurer literally last turn. The vines are 'invasively lively' (okay this is definitely sexual). Cain fancies bondage (oh for fuck's sake). Cain hits Feurer with a stick, right by the edge of his neck.

Also he gathered another Geomancy prep somewhere in there, IDK.

Feuer post 3: Obviously, the giant armored fire dude isn't particularly hurt by being hit with a stick. He does some Jedi mind tricks to find the old puppet dude, and summons a sword to chop away some of those creepy BDSM vines. Feurer punches Cain, and his fist has lightning power in it or something like that.

... Feurer comments on the stick attack being weak, but apparently finds nothing suspicious about it. Hmm...

Cain post 4: SURPRISE!!! It turns out the stick was actually the two-ended scythe all along! Cain does a Naruto yell and blasts away all the earth gathered around them, which apparently gives him super-strength (somehow?) and lets him decapitate Feurer with the scythe that he had positioned right next to his neck. Or maybe he summoned the scythe from within the staff, the wording is kind of unclear... but basically he put the stick there so he could do the whole head-chop-off thing with the scythe.

He used all three of his geomancy preps to boost his strength on this attack, and has two passive advantages, one from Feurer being entangled by vines and one from...

... 'troll power.' @amenities are you fucking with me Okay NVM, it's on Cain's profile and is apparently a living tattoo that boosts his strength some more or something.

He also catches Feurer's punch in case he survive, and gathers a 'troll prep.' Though that isn't important, because what comes next is...

Feurer post 4: SURPRISE!!! It turns out that cutting Feurerkönig's head off doesn't hurt him at all! Because he's, like, an elemental and stuff. Ignoring the loss of his apparently useless head, Feurer ensnares Cain with fire chains and then summons a sword to stab him in the heart. Also the other sword he summoned before comes back to stab him in the head as well.

... at which point BS is called, and poor old me has to come on down and decide this whole thing.

Okay so, uh

Before I make my final ruling, let me just say a few things.

@amenities Using the stick as a bluff to essentially sneak the scythe in where you needed it to be... that was honestly a pretty good plan, so props for that. However, it's hard to really congratulate you on that when your methods were arguably underhanded, even within the boundaries of T1. Although the Chosen ruleset is no longer available to us, I'm fairly certain it included a line or two on clearly describing your actions, and my own Fun with T1 guide states that 'you must make it clear what your character is doing physically, even if their character cannot see it.' Hiding a tiny mention of a scythe being replaced by a stick amidst a bunch of flowery descriptions of vines is not how it's meant to be done, especially when the nature of said replacement is vague to the point of obfuscation. Even now, after reading that whole fight in detail, it's still not clear to me quite what happened there. Did wood grow around the scythe to make the staff? If so, wouldn't it be distinctly scythe-shaped? Or did Cain drop/unsummon the scythe before growing the stick? If so, why wasn't this mentioned? I understand the temptation to be sneaky with your wording (heck, I've done it more than once myself in the past), but it's best to maintain at least a modicum of clarity throughout.

On top of this, your preps. You built up three preps of 'Geomancy,' based on the very vague mention in Cain's profile of 'mastered geomancy.' Which according to Google means 'the art of placing or arranging buildings or other sites auspiciously,' though I guess most roleplaying nerds would recognize it as something along the lines of 'earthbending.' Even if 'plantbending' is a stretch, you make it clear that Cain's geomancy includes plants early in the fight, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and accept that.

... Except when you actually use those preps, they translate to 'super strength.' The fuck? I can sort of get the idea of converting built-up power in nearby earth into personal strength, but nothing about Cain's profile or prior preparation really gave any hint at this ability. 'Mastered geomancy' indicates that he can 'manipulate earth really well,' not 'gather earth and then release it to gain super strength.' Similarly, prepping 'geomancy' indicates that you're building up an earth-based attack, not 'getting ready to give myself super strength right when I need it lol.' If Grubb had judge-called you right when you made the attack, I honestly might have ruled against allowing those preps to be used in the way they were, simply because there's barely any connection between the nature of said preps and the effect they were expended to create (beyond some very vague logic in the post of the attack itself).

... except he didn't, and Grubbs has built up a solid rap sheet of his own.

@Grubbistch Please don't get into a fight and lose your profile right in the middle of it again. Profiles are important. Profiles tell me what you can and can't do. If you'd had a profile saying 'Feurerkönig's head is just a useless decoration' then I could probably be a bit more generous here. I rag on Amenities for being too vague with his profile and his preps, but even a vaguely or badly described ability is better than an ability with no prior description at all.

... now, as it is, you went and found me this post, in which Feurer loses an arm and manages to keep on fighting. And because I'm really, really nice, I'll accept that as evidence for Feurer having a better-than-average ability to withstand having parts of him chopped off.

However. This does not change the fact that you tried to facetank a fucking decapitation.

Let's look at this old post you provided, shall we? The destruction of Feurer's arm 'staggered him, forced him to one knee,' and was described as a 'crippling loss.' He's tough, sure, and he has weird biology, sure, but big injuries still hurt him, as described by your own words. And this is good! Having a completely invincible character is frowned upon, so props to you for having your fire dude genuinely show a hint of weakness back there.

Here, however, Feurerkönig loses his fucking head, which even in non-human organisms tends to be really important... and all you say is ' Feurerkönig did not move for a moment' before you get right back into attacking Cain as if nothing had happened. I'm sorry, but no. Just no. Even if Feurer is this crazy badass tough guy who can survive things no mortal ought to survive, having such a significant part of him be literally severed and then acting like nothing happened is going too far.

Preps aren't everything, true, but they do lend weight to an attack. As my guide says: " An action that is prepared in some way is always 'better' than a 'quickdraw' action.  This does not mean prepared attacks are unavoidable, but it means you can't brute-force your way past them without your own preparations." Feurer basically took Cain's prepped attack to the face (or head, whatever) and then tried to brute-force his way through it, going 'oh whatever that part you hit was useless anyway lol I'm fine.' If he'd had his own preps, then he could maybe have tanked it; if you'd have him do something clever or given a really solid argument then maybe he could have survived even without preps. Of course, you were already in a bad situation after letting Cain stick his weapon right where he wanted it, but even so, if you'd had Feurer get decapitated and then actually played it like a major freaking injury rather than pretty much laughing it off, that would have been more acceptable...

... okay, I've ranted long enough. A dubious attack and a dubious defense, good heavens! It's time for my final decision.


Big Fat Final Ruling:

Feurerkönig is incapacitated.

Cain wins this fight. Feurer's decapitation doesn't kill him, but it's a debilitating injury, enough to cut short any attempts at further counterattack.

Even if Cain's attack did cut a few too many corners, I was called here after Grubb had already accepted the hit, to rule on the whole matter with the head. While Grubbistch did provide some evidence of his character having the kind of ability he indicated, he still tried to have his character tank a massive hit and sustain a major injury while implying that said character was hardly inconvenienced at all, which verges on god-modding. Out of respect for Grubb's creative freedom and whatever weird kind of character he wants to play, I'll allow Feurer to survive having his head cut off. However, I rule that @Grubbistch should edit his current post to reflect that Feurerkönig has been defeated. You can have him fall unconscious, or succumb to the pain, or have his two-minds thing get disrupted by losing his head, whatever. So long as you acknowledge that he has been majorly fucked up and is effectively out of the fight.

There are a few ways we could go from here. Cain could deliver a finishing blow and fuck up Feurer's torso or something (or whatever it takes to actually kill him, and he better be somehow killable), or maybe Feurer can survive to play out that whole interrogation plot that was being planned. I'll ask that @amenities be graceful in victory here and try to cooperate with Grubb as to how things play out post-fight.

If either of you disagree with this ruling, then I understand. Fighting in RP is a weird and subjective thing. However, both of you agreed to have me as a judge for this fight, and as promised, I have judged. My ruling is final.

No matter the outcome, I hope you both had fun.


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K. We need to work this out.

My character Schrei was given a mission: kill all the vampires. Specifically all the Dolos and Matton vampires (mostly NPCs) within the building known as the Black Tower. @amenities specified that he wanted to have his character Serafino Dolos escape, which I was fine with, but beyond that I fully intended for Schrei to accomplish her mission and murder all her targets.

Your character Koji and his forces then came along with a goal running directly counter to Schrei's own: they wanted to save some of the aforementioned vampires, and exploit them for their own purposes. This was not necessarily a bad thing. If you'd roleplayed fairly, followed site rules, and/or found a cool or clever way to subvert my character's ongoing machinations, I'd have been more than fine with letting Koji achieving his objective, even at the partial expense of Schrei's own. Normally, I'm nice like that.

Over the course of this thread, however, and especially recent posts, you've been godmodding, metagaming, playing Koji as an untouchable Mary Sue, and completely ignoring both the letter and spirit of Valucre's Mild Powers rules. Some examples include:

- Having your character perceive every event going on across an entire city, at once.

- Having your character effectively teleport across said city and arrive right next to my character to interfere with her business.

- Attempting to have your character ignore my character's previously established protections against supernatural perception.

- From the same post, attempting to effectively teleport my character's weapons 'leagues away.'

- From the same post, attempting to move my character into a pocket dimension where your character had, according to his profile, 'complete control of objects within the domain and the domain itself.'

- From the same post, claiming that my character 'was mistaken that his limitation and prowess with such was on par with those native to this world,' which seems to me like a badly worded way of saying 'lol my OC is stronger than everyone on val.'

- Having your character surround himself with 'shadow' that can move at speeds only surpassed by light itself, and can apparently also facetank a building-busting attack at point-blank range with no effort.

- From the same post, claiming that your character could facetank said building-busting attack at point-blank range even without his magical shadow horse crap, something you specified for no apparent reason other than to furiously masturbate over your Mary Sue's pointlessly inflated abilities...


...there's more, but I think I've made my point.

As mentioned before, if you'd roleplayed even remotely fairly or well, then I'd have been fine with your character achieving his objective, even at the expense of my own character's goals. This is no longer the case. While I don't give a shit about whether your character survives and how many injuries you have him ignore, I still do care about my character's objective, and I don't think the kind of roleplaying you've engaged in over the course of this thread (which will likely be canonized after its conclusion) is the kind of behavior that should be rewarded.

As such, I am requesting the following:

- @amenities The vampire NPCs in the Black Tower are your creation, correct? Having read this post (and, time permitting, reviewed the linked posts to confirm my claims), would you please confirm whether or not the aforementioned NPCs are canonically dead (from Maleficence poisoning) before @Twitterpated's character can possibly reach them?

- @supernal If you don't mind, could you read over this post and consider, if you think it's necessary, warning @Twitterpated away from further violations of Mild Powers rules in the future?

- @Twitterpated If you still want to disrupt Schrei's objective, then fine, I'll officially contest you for it. We can fight using Valucre's default ruleset, the MOBS system. Assuming @amenities isn't sufficiently revolted by your godmodding to deny it outright, then if you win Koji can rescue a few vampires. If I win, things go as Schrei planned and they all die. Sound good?

Edited by bfc

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