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Tsarra Tallis

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Name: Tsarra Tallis
Age: 22
Occupation: Ranger (Military)
Alignment: True Neutral
Nationality: Terran
Birthplace: Blairville

  • Mother - Alari Tallis
  • Father Cael Tallis (deceased)
  • Brother - Rowan Tallis 

Height: 5'8"
Build: Lithe; mostly lean muscle; especially muscular in arms
Hair: Dirty blonde, long, worn braided or tied back
Eye Color: Green
Skin: White, tanned. Scattered freckles on face and shoulders

  • Hearthwood bow
  • Quiver: Broadheads and Ercaniron arrows (military issue)
  • Hunting knife, minor enchantments of sharpness and durability
  • Several throwing knives

Armor: Leather armor, minor enchantments of durability and water resistance
Magic: Minimal training in enchantments. Can do small enchantments such as minor gear-improving ones (durability, sharpness) and water resistance (light to moderate rainfall slides off the enchanted material instead of soaking in; not strong enough to do much against heavy rain or submersion)

Personality: Tsarra is practical and hardworking, though a bit awkward when dealing with other people. Fairly quiet; more of a listener than a talker. Usually cautious, but has a natural curiosity that overrides that at times. She gets restless easily, needs to be active or engaged in something. Prone to anxiety. She cares about people, despite having a hard time connecting with them, and if she comes across someone who needs help that she can provide, she will. 

Tsarra grew up in Blairville, and spent much of her childhood and adolescence exploring and learning firsthand about the extensive plant and wildlife in and around the city, having inherited her parents' curious nature. Both her parents were researchers at heart - Alari, her mother, studies the flora of Terrenus (there's no shortage of plantlife to study in Blairville, though she did periodically go on research trips to less inhabited areas), whereas her father, Cael, focused his research on the arcane arts. They encouraged Tsarra to question the world around her, though usually sent her 8-years-older brother with her on her escapades to keep her out of trouble when she was younger. Rowan usually spent that time fiddling with magi-tech while his little sister roamed about, though he'd sometimes get her to stay still long enough to explain the ins-and-outs of his latest technological fascination.

In 25 AO, at age 18, Tsarra enlisted and began her training to join the Ranger unit of the military. A year prior to that, in 24 AO, Rowan Tallis was injured in a magical attack and lost the use of his legs. The one responsible was never identified due to lack of evidence, and when the Safeguard Act went through, his and Tsarra's father spoke out in favor of it despite the fact that it went against his lifelong ideology - the thought that that system could have caught his son's attacker, or even prevented the attack from happening, drowned out the objections he would have had otherwise. Alari and Rowan tried to convince him to step back as tensions rose and violence between the two side became more common (Tsarra stayed quiet, though she was uneasy as well), but he remained stubborn. Early 28 AO, Cael got involved in a conflict between an anti-Safeguard group and other Safeguard supporters, and said conflict escalated to the point of lethal magic being used. Cael was hit by one such spell, and Tsarra came home on leave to bury her father.

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