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Predator and Prey (Monster and Men Quest)

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"Yep, its official" the green haired boy stated, as he looked a map projected from an interface on his arm.  It would appear to be a sleeve of some sort, only they were not connected to his actual shirt, his shoulders bare and exposed.  He was then wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts, which looked like the uniform for a schoolboy maybe, as well as some tough boots.  He had come here to explore some interesting ruins he heard about, but....he had gotten lost.  Again.

"I am definently lost".

"I told you to travel with a group".

A voice spoke to him inside his head, through a bio-link.  That was the voice of his advisor, who was built into the devices on his arms.  Although they appeared like normal sleeves, although granted not attached to a shirt, they were actually his gauntlets and helped regulate and focus his powers.  They could also provide him with data and such, so it was very helpful.

"But, its way more interesting to walk through a forest!"

Thankfully Momo was alone right now, or else it would appear he was talking to himself.  However, anyone who did come across them might be more concerned with why an eleven year old boy was walking through an area, where dangerous monsters had been reported, alone.

"And look at this cool track we discovered!"

Especially when they were standing in the center of a giant monster footprint.  As Momo was doing right now, examining it.  He seemed really interested in it.  He was also a bit hungry, so he was wondering if he could hunt it.  His breakfast had been a little light in his opinion, just two omelettes with ten pieces of bacon, a waffle, and two apples.  Personally, he would have liked another omelette at least, two more waffles, and a mango thrown in as well.

"Please be advised.  There appears to be motion up ahead".

At those words, Momo looked in front of them and focused his ears.  From that alone, he could hear people.  It seemed like they were panicked, and in distress.

"Alright, we should probably go see what is going on then.  They seem pretty loud".

Deciding on his course of action, Momo bent his knees down until he was practically sitting, and then launched himself up into the trees.  He grabbed hold of a branch and pulled himself onto it, and then began jumping from branch to branch that could hold him as he moved closer to the people he could hear.  He also heard something that sounded like growling, and it made him wonder if it was the same creature who left that print.  He was still kind of hungry also, so he wondered if it was delicious.  

"Predicted Danger Level increased.  Activating Physical Boost and Wind Boost glyphs".

Automatically reacting and managing his magic, a Physical Boost glyph, being a symbol inside a circle design with various other details and accents, appeared on his back.  At the same time, two Wind Boost Glyphs appeared on his feet.  The Physical Boost glyph would increase his physical abilities even further, while the Wind Boost Glyphs were giving him more speed and control as he jumped.

And then, he eventually he came across a road that seemed to go through the forest.  On that road, there was what appeared to be a group of guards and merchants transporting their cargo and had come to a halt.  Their opponent meanwhile appeared to be an incredibly large wolf that Momo had ever seen before.

"Oooh, That looks fun...although..."

"Confirmed.  Beast Print encountered earlier is larger and a different shape of the wolf creature.  This is a different hostile creature.  Magical energy is present inside and around it, as well as traces of it all around on the ground".

"Huh...interesting...alright, queue up Glyphs for defense, support, and flames".

At this point, Momo jumped down from the trees and stepped out of the forest.  The wolf took notice of him first, which was followed by the guards and the merchant.  One of them seemed to use some magic on his eyes, and then he cried out.

"Boy, its dangerous here!  Run back home, quickly!"

He called out to Momo, but the wolf who also saw that took the opportunity to charge right at him to attack.

"He is in critical danger.  Applying Physical Boost glyph to arm as cover, only at 1% power".

As it reacted to Momo's will, a Physical Boost Glyph appeared on his fist as he punched into the ground.  In front of him, the ground itself got cracked and shattered, and the resulting force of the rocks shattering outward towards the giant wolf knocked it back.

The reason for the application of the Glyph was to hide his strength.  Granted, the road was mostly just dirt and rocks underneath that was hardened by repeated use, so although Momo was incredibly strong, it was not like he could do the same to harder materials as easily.

But compared to normal people, the level of strength was still clearly superior.  Far stronger then normal adults for sure, and probably at least most that train.

"What the..."

"Don't drop your guard" Momo warned him, as he walked past them all and the rubble towards the wolf, which was getting up.  "That was not a direct attack, it was mostly blowback force.  He didn't take that much damage".

The guards went back to high alert on those words, turning to look at their opponent in front of them.  Just as Momo said, his attack was done to save the man.  The actual damage itself was low by comparison.

The wolf itself was not bothered either, and proceeded to glare at Momo for a moment, recognizing him as the strongest there.  And then, he charged at Momo and attacked with all his might.  The charge was truly ferocious and filled with power, and might make most worry and afraid.  However...

"Switching to Single Point Strike".

Suddenly, those unconnected sleeves seemed to almost transform or shapeshift into these gauntlets, covering his knuckles while keeping the Physical Boost Glyphs.  They covered his arms to the amount of the sleeves did.  And the parts on the knuckles seemed to also adjust themselves, with a single part extruding farther then the rest.  The wolf just about reached him, leaping up to use gravitational force and change the attack angle at the last moment.

"Sorry about this..." Momo muttered, and drove his fist into the skull of the wolf.  And then, as if it was some kind of joke, the wolf's head practically cracked open as its body skipped across the ground until it hit a tree.

The guards half were in shock, half wanted to cheer the wolf was defeated, but the leader noticed Momo had not dropped his guard.

"Well then, I know there is at least one person out there who doesn't know how to use the wolf he summoned!  You might as well come out!"

Momo shouted that.  In the first place, he knew the wolf had been summoned, or at least suspected it, when he learned the ground had traces of magic on it.  Probably from a summoning circle.  There was also the high concentration of magic in its body, yet it used no magic itself.  And what really clued him in was how the wolf acted itself.  It suddenly went from sizing him up, to doing a reckless charge.  It was illogical, like someone who didn't know how to use a wolf had just ordered it to charge forward.  If the wolf had been behaving like a wolf, it would have rather strafed to the side, acted smarter, maybe used its tail in an attack to obscure Momo's vision.

And it definitely would have been able to avoid Single Point Strike.  Single Point Strike had the ability to focus all of his strength from a punch into a small, single point on his knuckle.  It magnified power and penetration, but it also made it harder to hit.  Even if his fist grazed or hit the enemy, if that small, singular point missed, the blow would actually have a lot less power from a normal punch.  A Wolf is an agile creature, so if it had been acting normally, it would have taken actions to let it dodge and flank.

And if there were any more reasons needed, a wolf is a pack creature normally, and yet this was the only one here.  Although it was true there were occasional lone and stray wolves, they probably would not go out of their way to hunt near roads like this.  With all these compelling reasons, Momo was one hundred percent sure it was a summoned creature under the control of the summoner.

"Calculations conclude that deduction has an extremely high chance of accuracy.  Lowering all Glyphs to low power mode excluding Defense Glyphs to save energy, until details of Summoner can be confirmed so a strategy can be formulated.  Additionally, there have been reports of large creature attacks in the area.  It has been deemed likely that they are using those beasts to cover up their own crimes.  Therefore, careful calcu...".

"Isn't it obvious Advi?  We smash him for doing something so inconsiderate to other people.  And then, we beat him up in order to get information on the larger beast".

Advi, which was the Advisor's nickname Momo gave him, stayed silent towards that remark.  A sort of disapproving silence.

"Alright then.  I just thought we should prioritize speed.  I guess I will just improvise then".

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Korgan was in utter shock after what he just happened before him.  He had gone through all that trouble to summon a powerful wolf monster in order to take advantage of the chaos and raid trader supplies while letting the awakened monstrous creatures take all the blame.  And yet, this person...this boy, who looked like he had just come from school wearing those clothes, had completely crushed his new summon like it was nothing.  Its head had been complete broken open, and already the beast began to bleed all over the land.

And then, proving he was not just some musclehead that focused solely on strength, he called out to Korgan.  It seemed he knew he was there, and Korgan was a bit afraid of what would happen to him if he refused the request of the monster before him.  Of course, there was also the issue of the blood.

"Please dont hurt me!  I surrender, I surrender!"

He ended up surrendering, in a rather cowardly way truthfully.  He looked almost pitiful.

"Well, that was surprisingly easy".

"Easy!  You just killed my best line of defense!  And now if we stay here, we will die!  We need to leave now!"


"Alert.  High amounts of lifeforms and motion detected coming this way.  Theory: Blood of the larger wolf is attracting monsters in the region...alert!  Momo should move right now!"  

The moment he heard those words, Momo jumped out of the way right as a strange creature appeared in front of him.  There was a central core, a nuclear, right in the center, surrounded by a purple, jello like substance that made up the whole body. 

"Species Identied.  Poisonous Slime.  Alert!  You have stupidly low compatibility against this creature!"  

"Yeah...this isn't good at all".

Momo, someone who had a lot of strength and was a major melee fighter, would have difficulty against a creature that was basically jello.  Not only that, but it was poisonous, so Momo would get poisoned for sure if he got caught up in it.  Thankfully, there only appeared to be one, as the rest were wolf and snake type monsters, and a few large monkeys and imps.

"Wait, hold on...isnt this too much?"

"There does seem to be an unusually large amount of monsters...".

"Its the giant beast!  It must have disturbed their habitats, so they were in the middle of migrating when the blood attracted them!"

"Unknown Summoner is likely to be correct in his analysis.  Please do not let the enemy outshine you like this".

"Now is not the time for snarky remarks!"

"How was that a snarky remark!?  I was just explaining the situation, you crazy monsterous brat!"

It seemed the situation had caused the summoner to partially forget his fear, given his remark and tone, but Momo didn't mind that as much as he realized, or rather remembered, that Advi was only communicating with him directly to his mind.  In other words, no one but Momo could hear Advi.

As a wolf leapt to try and eat Momo, he reacted and punched the wolf like monster away.  It was nowhere near as tough or strong as what he just fought.  However...

"Whew!  That was close!"

Momo said that as he pivoted his leg around, and avoided getting bit by another wolf.  They didn't anticipate Momo to be that strong, but they anticipated him to a degree as they used their pack nature to attack him from multiple sides at once.  However, Momo was forced to hop back as he dodged a tendril of the poison slime that swiped at his location.  Momo was immediately assuming that the poison it had was probably extremely deadly, just to be safe.  Although his body could filter out and deal with poisons that would kill others, the poison would still affect him, possibly slowing him down.  And if it was extremely concentrated, extremely deadly, or both, it might kill him before his body could handle it.

The Caravan guards, as well as the caravan itself, had also been surrounded and was under attack by some of them, but for now that fight seemed to be a deadlock.

"Seriously...the threat of a large creature awakening really is less the creature itself, but rather the impact of the surroundings, isn't it..."

"Agreed.  Such an awakening causes massive territorial shifts, mass monster migrations, and a large release of magic particles, or mana if you will, into the area and cause mutations.  Poison Slime is likely mutated, and due to the high concentration, likely possesses a deadly poison inside it.  Do not let it touch you".

"Then give me something to work with!"

"Who is he talking to...some sort of spirit?"

"Advanced Glyph Formulated.  Combinations of Lightning Glyph, Tempest Glyph, Flame Glyph Void Glyph, and Spirit Glyph.  New Glyph Created: Blazestorm Zero.  Queued up.  Warning, do not point at allies.  Adjustments may still be needed".  

At that time, a black and red glyph appeared on the palm of his hand, and he pointed it towards the mass of monsters.

"Blazestorm Zero!"

Black lightning and flame sparked from his hand, followed by a huge cone or beam of lightning and fight thundering out.  The recoil caused himself to fly backwards, but everything in front of him was turned to charcoal and ash, or was just outright obliterated.   Not to mention, he felt like a good chuck of his magic was used.

"Error.  More magic was used then optimal.  Sealing Glyph until optimized for best efficiency.  Also, apply medical treatment to hand as soon as possible..."

Even though there were still enemies out, using one hand while watching them, Momo took out some bandages and wrapped his hand with them.  Although it was minor, it was pretty obvious the move he just did had quite a few flaws.  Although he still had plenty left, it did take up a huge chunk of mana.  And the recoil knocked him off his feet for a moment.  With his hand bandaged, he stood back up while watching the surroundings.

"Well, that clearly was...gah?!"

And then, he smelled it.  A noxious smell, as if poison, and a bad feeling across his body.  There was purple liquid that had drenched him, and it was on his hands and face.

The spell had too much force in it, the poison slime practically exploded and he got hit.  There were still some monsters left too, but many of them were now running away.

"Area confirmed to be safe for the moment.  Confirming: Summoner is already in custody of caravan guards.  Taking emergency measures, forcing shutdown of consciousness and beginning emergency filtration of toxins in body.  Applying high fever to help burn out traces that endanger the brain.  Please remain calm and sleep like a good little boy".

"What?  YOu....bas...tard...."

That was all Momo was able to get out, before he passed out there on the spot.

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Some time later...

Momo felt himself adrift in a calm, cool, safe place.  It was dark, and he couldn't see anything.  There was no pain, there was no burdens on him, there was just him...and his memories.

"No...no...its not enough!"

And with the exception of the last year or so, all of those memories were bad.  The brutal experiments he was subjected to, getting operated on again and again.  People dying in front of him, other children.  He only had one year's worth of good memories, the rest were terrible.

"I need...to make more...."

And as he thought that, he started to feel something.  Warm and soft rubbing his back...was he laying down?  No wait, his groggy mind began to catch up...it was not dark here...his eyes finally began to open as he stirred.  He saw a bunch of people, with worried faces, his own bare arms which his head seemed to have been resting on, and his sleeves folded on the side right next to him.  He seemed to be laying on some sort of makeshift bedding.

That was when he realized, he was completely naked in front of them.  His body seemed slow and groggy though, and indicated it currently did not want to move despite Momo's face becoming red with embarrassment.  Momo had various things he didn't like, and getting stripped by strangers was one of them.  It reminded him of how the lab treated him.

"What the....what happened?!  Where are we?!  Why am I naked?!"

"Ah, don't worry don't worry.  We are good people, we didn't do anything weird.  However, your clothes were soaked in poison.  Your friend told us we had to remove them all so that the poison would not keep soaking into your body, and they had to be washed separately".

At those words, a square protected itself from the interface on his sleeve, and something that looked like a sound measurement box opened up.  It was what Advi used to indicate it was him speaking.

"The poison was continuously infecting your body due to your clothes being covered in it.  It is a rather nasty poison that not only can affect people by getting into the blood stream, but also could be breathed in through fumes, and absorbed directly by the skin.  Therefore, the best option was to request the complete removal of all clothing, while one of them continuously wipes away the poison on your body directly and also wiping away the traces of poison I have been having your body force out of your system through the same way it came in".

Hearing all that, Momo was not entirely happy about the situation, but he really couldn't see an alternative or anything to really protest about.

"I don't suppose you have any clothes my size?"



"Some of our cargo are baby diapers...."

Hearing that, Momo went even more red for a moment.  Then he shook his head.

"I can manage..."

Momo was an adult (not), who could make adult and mature decisions (more plausible), and as embarrassing at it was, he would rather be naked then wear a diaper.

Besides, he just had to wait for his clothes to be washed and dried.  Given that he was probably asleep for some time, it probably wouldn't take that long...although, its not like they had access to a washing or drying machine either.  Seeing that the awakened Momo seemed to be getting better, many of the guards returned to their guarding positions.  That said...

"And, why are you not getting washed Advi?"

"My composition allowed me to not absorb any poison from the start, so unlike your clothes that got soaked in it, I just needed a simple rinse".

"Okay then.  Bring me up to speed.  What is the status of Blazestorm Zero, and the monsters in the area?"

"Blazestorm Zero optimization has been completed.  Power has been lowered, and it was adjusted overall to be more efficient.  As for the monsters, nothing major has attacked yet, so the guards are holding well.  It is night time now, but it will be some time still before your body fully recovers.  Additionally, now that you are awake, we should have the doctor with them check you over..."


"Oh, is that my signal?"

From one of the tents Momo could see nearby, a woman came over with a bag and wearing glasses.  Although her outfit looked practical, she definently gave the vibe of a doctor or healer.  She then looked towards Advi.

"Is it safe now?"

"Currently altering the flow of poison secretion.  It should be alright, but wear gloves to be safe".

"Of course.  Anyways Momo, between the poison, and that spell you used, there might be some hard to find underlying damages or symptoms, so I am going to be checking your body now".

As she said that, she put her hand on the center of his exposed back.  He suddenly felt a bit of mana flowing into his system, as she seemed to be mapping it out.  First, she traced her finger up his spine and to his neck, and then returned to the center point on his back.  After that, she did the same for each arm, going down and making him extend his arms so she could reach the palm.  And then finally, she went down, tracing from his back to the soles of each of his feet.

"Alright.  It looks like while it was taxed, your mana veins inside your body are still perfectly fine and in tact.  However, on a personal note..."

She then began to touch, pinch, and squeeze his skin in various places, however none with any intention or meaning that was not innocent.  Of course, it was still embarrassing that Momo went super red because he did not understand at all at first.  However, it was not at all like that.

"How did you get your skin to be so incredible?  Its so soft and smooth and perfect.  Some sort of lotion or conditioner?"

Even if she was a doctor, she was still a woman who was interested in making herself beautiful.  And she realized Momo's skin was way better then hers.

"It's just...naturally like that!"

"Oh, I see...lucky..."

"I don't feel lucky right now.  Advi, I am okay right?  I am actually okay to move and fight?"

"No, you should continue to rest.  There are still traces of poison remaining".

"No no, but if I sweat more it will go faster right?  If I go and fight some monsters and not be here, it would be better right?"

"Alert.  Your clothes are still not ready.  You would have to fight naked, and as your clothes are also your armor, without proper protection".

"I don't care about that!  Just let me leave!"

"Denied.  YOu should not move during this phase.  Besides, a little boy like you should not worry about..."

"Advi...it seems you have gotten quite cheeky lately, calling me a little boy like that".

"Well as a little boy, you dont really need to be embarrassed showing your actual cheeks, do you?"

"You want to go ten rounds in the washing machine when we get home?"

At those words, Advi got oddly silent.


"Yeah, I know.  You dont like being washed...perhaps, even afraid of it?"

"You wouldn't dare..."

"Try me".

"Do that, and I upload picture of you right now to the school news board".

"Even think about that, and I will add ten more rounds, as well as rounds in the dryer.  You wont like getting spun around either right?"

Once again, Advi went silent for a moment, before finally speaking again.

"Temporary truce?"


Although to others it might seem strange, this occasional bickering was normal for them.  However, Advi suddenly went serious again.

"Besides, we cannot continue this further.  Your consciousness needs to be suppressed again to accelerate healing process".

"What?!  No, do...n't..."

Unfortunately, at the worst possible timing, the two of them heard clashing swords in the background.  It seemed they were getting attacked right at this instance.

"Alert...procedure already administered.  Cannot reverse.  Administering wake up procedure so Momo awakens earlier then intended".

That was the last thing Momo heard before passing out once again.

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Some time later...again...

Momo moaned a little as he became ever more awake and aware.  The last thing he remembered was that there was an attack right before he passed out, thanks to Advi.  For an adviser, he seemed to act a lot on his own without even consulting Momo.  It would be something to complain about later.  However, it was very clear the place he was waking up in was far less comfortable and pleasant then last time.  For one thing, Momo's wrists were shackled to chains on the ceiling, chains made of some sort of strong and durable metal, and he was inside some sort of cage.

"Uhg...I hate this already...Advi?  Where the hell are you?"

Momo looked around, but his sleeves and other belongings were nowhere to be seen.  Well, he supposed that meant whoever attacked them were less then pleasant.  However, he saw a sort of telepathic post it note was left in his head.

"Don't worry.  Working on it.  Try not to stir up trouble".

"The hell is that supposed to mean..."

"Oh, it looks like the little boy has finally woken up.  My my, how wonderful".

In response to Momo's muttering, it appears one of the people nearby had noticed.  A dark, rugged, distasteful expression.  Weapons that looked dark and bloody.  Clothes that looked as if they did not care about looking clean or presentable.  No matter how you looked at it, Momo was surrounded by bandits.  Furthermore, the bandits that were looking at him had looks that sent shivers down Momo's spine.

"And lucky for us, you are just the type for me and my friend here.  So please, feel free to squirm, no one will save you, little boy..."

The two started fumbling around, looking for the key that was supposed to be left nearby, so they could enter the cage.

Advi, you better get here soon then...please hurry...

Momo thought that, while trying to imagine anything he could do to change the situation.

Advi's POV:

Eventually, as the bandits passed around all the treasure, including Momo's clothes for some reason, Advi was finally put into the hands of a single person.  For the moment, as he sensed great power and strength from one of them, likely the leader, Advi could not do anything at the moment.

But eventually, a lower Bandit got both the right and left sleeve, and then headed into a tent in the camp on his own to try them on.  His body size and shape was not similar to Momo's at all, but Advi made adjustments himself so that he would be able to.

"Hmmm....I wonder why he had these fancy seperate sleeves, instead of..."

And right at the moment he finished putting Advi on, before he could even finish his sentence, Advi took action.

"Initiating Neural Hijack".

And so, Advi used the Bio-Link feature to hijack the body and mind of the bandit.  It calculated the best course of events now.  Thankfully, Momo's clothes had been completely purged of poison by now, so Advi could collect them for Momo now.  Of course that meant retrieving everything from all the bandits, but many of them were drunk by now, and Advi knew he could do it easily.  Using his borrowed body, he got some bottles of alcohols, and "swapped" them for the various belongings of Momo.  Also, it got the bandits even more drunk.

The bandit leader seemed to take notice a little, but he too was distracted by festivities and alcohol, and he had no way of knowing Advi existed due to no activity at all until now.  He just thought the bandit that Advi hijacked had taken a weird interest...and it caused Advi to overhear what a few bandits had gone over to do to Momo.  This forced him to increase the pace a little.

He was really worried about Momo.

Momo POV:  

After some time, and a bit of drunken stumbling, they had finally found the key and managed to unlock the cage.  There, Momo looked completely helpless and at their mercy, a boy for them to use at their pleasure.

"Well now, are you ready to give us a good time?"

"Please...plase just stay away!"

"Ohohohoho.  I love this part".

He said that as he leaned in, and grinned right in Momo's face.

"Maybe, maybe I will, if you give me a kis-hmmh?"

And then, at the moment he did that, Momo actually went and did it...and then a bit more...

"Bleh!  You dont kiss people by spitting into their mouth, you brat!"

As he said that, the other went there and slapped Momo...only to feel his own hand hurt, and start to feel weird.  As for the first person, he suddenly collapsed to the ground and began coughing up blood.

"Oh dear.  Advi asked me to behave and not stir up trouble before he got back, but...there was no way I could just let you do that to me, you know?"

There was a bruise on Momo's cheek, but the damage to the other man's hand looked much worse as his arm started to feel both numb and in pain.  He started to back up, to run out of the cage and get help, only once he turned around he got punched in the face by what was supposed to be a fellow bandit, wearing some weird sleeves.

Momo's face turned red as Advi entered.

"You took too long Advi.  Honestly, aren't you supposed to stop me from getting into trouble like this?"

"There was an enemy among the group that was stronger then expected.  I couldn't risk starting a fight.  I see you used the remaining traces of poison in your body to your advantage.  You licked the inside of your cheek so the traces left in your saliva would be forced out through the skin to the outside, right?"

"Yeah.  Now..." Momo said, using all of his strength to break the chains open.  "...can I get dressed now?"

Advi gave him his clothes, and soon after, Momo was fully dressed again and almost poison free.  Advi switched to the neural link.  In truth, they could have communicated like that the moment he was at the cage, but he was not one hundred percent sure about Momo's state until he was being physically worn, and their link was the strongest.

"Caravan group and cargo being imprisoned in a seperate location.  It seems you were seperated for...well, those three and their personal desires".


"I knocked one out on the way here"

Meanwhile, the two Momo had poisoned were already dead.  After all, his ability to filter poisons and toxins was better then normal people's.  If it had given him so much trouble, naturally it would kill anyone else unless they were also abnormal in a way that let them resist.  And because of this, they currently had the initiative.

"Alright then.  I guess its time to get to work..."


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"Confirming analysis.  Mana levels are now back up to 93%.  Recovery from poison confirmed.  All traces of poison eradicated.  Using all data collected to determine enemy count.  Confirmed, there are 39 enemies within the camp that have been counted.  35 remain.  Of those 35, many of them are drunk and weak footsoldiers, often relying on previously set up traps and numbers.  Several stronger members have been confirmed though, including their leader.  Captured caravan guards and merchants in isolated holding area, potentially able to be used as hostages.  Conclusion: Large area of effect magic should be used to eliminate large multiples at once".

"I see.  In that case..." Momo said, raiding some of their crates that they stole from others.  "Ah!  Here!  Mana potions!"

"Alert.  These are high purity mana potions.  Extremely effective, but has side effects on those who are young or have weak endurance".

"What if you are young and have high endurance?"

"...correction.  Has side effects on those who have weak endurance, or have yet to develop a way to filter it well.  Age discrimination is a bad thing to do".

"Better.  And I am sure I will be fine!  This cant be worse then the poison I just dealt with.  Alright, lets do it!"

Suddenly, a glyph appeared under Momo's feet as he stretched out both his hands into the sky, a glyph appearing above each of them.

"Analysis.  Blazestorm Zero shall not be used here, still too dangerous for young little Momo to use here..."


"...so instead, a fusion of Storm Glyphs, Vector Glyphs, and Tempest Glyphs.  New Glyph Created: Vectorstorm".

"Activate Vectorstorm".

From Momo's hands, a large Glyph appeared from his hands and over his head, and the wind picked up to become something fierce.  Thunder surged around and ruptured the skies, and lighting tore those ruptures apart.  THe clouds themselves seemed to swirl and darken, and the temperature chilled and cooled.  THe very forest seemed to shift.

"....Advi, how much mana of mine are you using?"

"Begin drinking the mana potions now".

"Advi!  Damnit!"

Momo immediately began to drink the mana potions with one hand, multiple potions at once.  He really wished that Advi would fill him in on some of these things ahead of time, or knew the definition of "holding back".  ALthough, Momo was not always much better with that either, and sometimes even worse.  

The storm picked up serious juice, but Momo felt the world itself shift under him.  Actually, that was him, suffering from the effects of Mana Rush, the over absorption of Mana, and Mana Drop, the over exertion of mana over a short period of time.  It was an extremely unpleasnant sensation to feel both of these at once, as usually a spell of the level Advi was deploying would be given a longer charge up time and mana would have already been prepared ahead of time, already drawn out and stored in some manner.  Of course, Momo usually had some of that too for emergencies, but that had been used to help deal with the poison.

"Form the storm of which vectors change, manipulated to my will....Vectorstorm!"

At those words, lightning rained down from the sky.  And yet, as it hit its targets, it suddenly changed trajectories and hit others nearby.  Others, who could not really be hit from the sky, were hunted down by lightningbolts.   They came down and curved, going into the tents and structures, stabbing through people and burning right through them.  It did not matter if there was something that should have or could have served as a lightning rod nearby, nothing was safe from the lightning.

And as the lightning stopped, and Momo felt his mana levels no longer going in two different directions at once, a loud battlecry could be heard.

"I thought you said it would take them out?"

"I never said it would take ALL of them out.  Please initiate intercept so they cannot take hostages".

"DAAAMNNN IITTTTT!  Tell me ahead of time this would happen Advi!!"

ANd so, Momo ran at top speed to take a combat position between the remaining bandits, and the prisoners.

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Momo ran as fast as he could towards the clearing he spotted up ahead, after having weaved through tents and makeshift structures to prevent any hostages from being taken.  He jumped up and over some crates in the process, and dashed out.  He spotted something in the corner of his eye approaching him, and so slid into a stop as he took a battle position.

"Advi!  Now!"

"Understand.  Activating Physical Boost Glyphs, Wind Boost Glyphs, and Multiple Defense Glyphs.  Also using Resistance Boost Glyph, Friction Modification Glyphs, and various elemental attack glyphs".

"Whaaat?!  Is it this little brat that has caused us so much trouble?!"

The leader, who although he should have been drinking and partying, looked fully prepared for battle, as well as a number of others behind him.  The others seemed fairly dangerous, but Momo could tell that the boss was the true threat.

As he brandished his large sword, the others went and charged forward first.  Momo prepared for sprint and impact, and then...


A Vector Glyph appeared under his feet and he launched forward.  His head impacted the chest of the guy in front, and then as he fell back from laws of physics, he planted his feet on the ground as he transformed both gauntlets into combat mode and smashed the ground in front of him with them.  The ground shattered and various jagged rocks shot up.  A few got grazed, but by their skill and ability despite having consumed alcohol they managed to dodge.

Two tried to flank him from the left and right as the others jumped over the haphazard terrain to strike him from the front.  Momo dug his heel into the dirt and swiped it around, covering their eyes in dirt and then jumping back while two flame glyphs appeared on each fist.  He punched each one forward, and a fist of fire shot out and hit the two that had charged from the front.  Meanwhile, the two that went to flank had already recovered and attack him with swords from each side.

Momo ducked under one sword and deflected another, and then punched one guy in the gut.  However, he put up a magic barrier around himself to absorb some of the force, so he was able to endure.  That said, he was surprised when Momo shattered the barrier in a single punch, even if he wasn't really exceptional with barriers or anything.

They kept their sword movements up though and also applied physical boost and physical resistance magic to them.  It seemed they were some of the more elite members, probably why they survived.  Even when drunk, they were able to dodge lightning and probably kept emergency barriers up on themselves.   Momo was forced to jump and duck at the same time as they swung again, just fitting through the gap in height between the sword swings, landing on his back but jumping up to his feet while avoiding them stabbing downwards with daggers they had hidden in their sleeves while also weilding their swords.

The two others that had been hit with fire fists had also recovered, and were now charging.  Momo jumped up into the air, and applied an Accelerator Glyph onto himself.

"Managing Mana Levels to balance Mana Usage.  Remember to save Mana for the leader.  Micromanaging activation of Glyphs between active and disactive to conserve power when certain glyphs are not being used in that moment".


Momo fell back to the ground and impacted his fist into it, causing a massive shockwave to blow everyone away.

"Accel Burst!"

Momo then accelerated for a few seconds, and enganged in hand to hand combat with several of them.  Two of them managed to match him well enough, but the other two were blown away and recieved serious wounds.  One actually had his head impact a rock, which caused his instantainous death.

The other two tried to stab him right through, but Momo blocked it with his gauntlets and then knocked their swords away.  WIth them disarmed, he was able to close in and deliver some final blows to them, knocking them out and throwing them aside.

"Alright then runt....I suppose its time to fuck with you myself".

"Alert.  Activity has been detected in..."

"Yeah, you dont need to tell me.  I will happily kill this bastard, so he wont get the chance".

Momo really didn't question right now why these guys were outcasts.  Instead, he just fully focused on preparing now for the real fight ahead of him.

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The two sides took their stances, and stared into each other's eyes.  They watched their body movements, looking for any tells, identifying any feints, observing all possibilities.  The two sides were measuring each other up, looking for weaknesses to exploit, and strengths to look out for.

And it was Momo that made the first move.  Two Flame Glyphs appeared on each side of him.

"Flame Dragon Inferno!"

Two dragons made of a brilliant red and white flame came charging out, charring anything in their wake as they burst right towards the target in front of Momo.   The leader of the bandits did not just accept his demise, and took out a massive sword.  He swung it once, and created a massive windstorm that threatened to blow them all away.  Momo increased his own weight to avoid that, actually.

The man then charged towards him, but Momo deployed multiple Defense and Barrier Glyphs to hold him off while he blocked it using a punch, reinforcing his gauntlet with magic and using the shield technology built within it.  The two blows collided, and fierce shockwaves exploded from the point of collision knocking them both back.

"His strength is commendable.  Also, he is using strength reinforcement magic..."

I am well aware of that!  How else can he blow me away when I currently weight 600 pounds?!

Momo steadied his body and looked back at the....


And immediately rolled to the side as the man had already begun charging him again with his greatsword, just barely avoiding being cut in two by the large man.

"Lightning Lance!"

Momo formed two Lightning Glyphs, and two lances of materialized lightning shot out from them at the man.  Once again, he used his sword to block.

"How is he doing that...the magical formulas are different, he shouldn't be able to negate them both".

"Analysis.  That sword is made of Myzentium, a material that repels magical particles.  Therefore, he is not negating magic, but repelling it".

"I see...alright then.  Lets try a different tactic".

"Understood.  Taking reference from Simulations 568, 4033, and 19045 as main reference points".

As the man charged again, Momo punched the ground once more to use his Earthshatter technique, causing the leader to stop his charge to regain his footing.  It only took him a moment, but in that moment Advi had prepared the additional Glyphs that were needed.

"Lets go, Gaigantis!"

And one of those Glyphs was the Golem Glyph, which had been created to enact a Golem Creation Spell.  Using the rocks that Momo had already upheaded, a large rock Golem now formed behind the boss, while Momo now had Vector Glyphs prepared for himself.  Gaigantis immediately tried to punch the leader before it finished forming, but the leader gracefully blocked the punch...

"Vector Launch!"

But in the opening he was forced to make, Momo launched himself towards the boss and punched him right in the back, then spinning around and delivering a kick to his side before...


...before the leader managed to grab him and throw him away, into a nearby wall.  

He then proceeded to slash at the golem and cut through the rock, going right for the glyph, but the glyph was burried deep within that rock.  And furthermore...

"Azure Sky, Trigger!"

The original spot that Momo had punched was not just a punch, but a Glyph had been placed there.  Momo had anticipated he would be caught and thrown so the leader could quickly finish the Golem, and even if he hadn't, he had prepared additional Vector Glyphs for a quick retreat.

And at that center spot, a couple of bolts of blue lightning rained down from the sky and struck the leader several times over, causing him to finally fall to the ground....which was followed with the rock golem jumping onto his body several times to confirm death.  No way was Momo going over there himself when he could have the golem do it.

"...all good?"

"All clear.  No hostiles remain".

"Good...because damnit, I need to rest again before doing anything else...."

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Growling, knashing, crunching.

".......hff.....hff hff...."


Something was active, something was awake even in this time, even in the dark of night.....

And it smelled something new.  Something different.  It was far off, but it was still not of these woods.   Not of this region.  

Something new.  Strong maybe?  Strong enough.  Not stronger then it.  Or was it?  No.

The growling started up again, this time from the creature's stomach.

It was hungry.  It needed more.

It wanted more.

It wanted everything.

Did it want everything?

WHy is everything different?

Why is it all the same?

A pair of eyes glowed, as it gleamed out of its dark cave across the forest.

Prey.  Predator.   Predator.  Prey.








It was the king!

It ruled these lands!

Something else was killing!

Something else was taking over!


And so, the creature began to make its move.

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