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General Information

HjCTX2n.pngFor this is no ending, but the eye.” -- Unknown

A magestorm, popularly known as a highstorm, is a devastating weather system that traverses the entire continent of Genesaris from east to west, starting at the Cold Mountains. A highstorm can last for days to weeks to months, and the sheer brutality of these storms has begun shaping much of the ecosystem of Genesaris, with most eastern lands developing the hardiest of flora and fauna. In addition to the highstorms’ meteorological significance, they have recently become a source of clean energy for the more technologically advanced regions of the continent.

Forming in the eastern skies above the Cold Mountains, highstorms are at their fiercest there, lasting for weeks or months at a time as they build themselves into continental-spanning weather systems. As the storms progress westward, they gradually subside. Those located at the center of the continent (the Midlands) experience slightly weaker storms, which become timider toward the Northern and Southern coasts. Those in the west often experience little more than soft rains.

The life of a highstorm can be broken down into two stages. The first stage is the most dangerous, called the squall. This is a massive wave of water and violent wind, casting dirt and debris high into the air. Occasional gusts can even lift and toss larger objects (such as boulders), hurling them hundreds of feet. As the storm passes and gradually depletes its strength, the trailing end, or second stage, called the weeping, is little more than a peaceful rainfall.


The majority of the recorded highstorm effects appear to be random. Those caught in the storm’s tempest can be imbued with dangerous levels of arcanum; other studied cases showed mutations in already magically-rich creatures and entities. It is believed that a large number of the continent’s Elementals were born from a magestorm interacting with the base element in question. You're as likely to be blessed with newfound abilities are you are to be killed.

Alternatively, the tracking ebb and flow of Genesaris’ magical saturation is among the more predictable effects highstorms have on the continent. These occur in two “natures”, known as the strengthening and the weakening.

In the strengthening, the highstorm significantly increases the levels of magical saturation, boosting channeling, conduction, and production. This boon gradually weakens with the strength of the storm. With the weakening, the storm suppresses the channeling supernatural saturation (levels similar to the current state of magical affairs in Terrenus). This too weakens as the storm subsides. These two natures appear sequentially, coming one after the other, never simultaneously. It is extremely rare for either one to occur twice in a row, though such phenomena have been documented. It is worth noting that this manner of either amplifying or inhibiting is not limited to traditional schools of magic and can have similarly drastic effects on more exotic practices like psionics.

Stormwatchers are scholars with a pension for studying magestorms and determining their coming, duration, and nature. Typically, they can be found in all megacities and prominent towns, selling calendars with magestorm dates and seasons.

Notable Magestorms

LhzvwSt.pngThe Great Fire: In the great city of Northern Seltaria, a massive fire broke out. It spread fast, running down the streets and devouring buildings as it grew. Many died in the flames, trapped inside their houses and shops. To this day, no one knows how the fire began. Whatever the cause, the number of casualties was staggering. When it seemed that the entire city would be burned to nothing more than smoldering embers, a powerful Magestorm rumbled over the city, banishing the fire.

The Arcantian Storm: The Arcantians believe that the High Lords are the demigods of Altus Arcantium, God of Mysteries and Secrets. A strong Magestorm washed over them when they were no more than a simple, beginning cult. The magic of the storm infused them with the power to cast spells using any of the elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light, and Dark).

The BloodMage Storm: Occurring soon after the Arcantian Storm, another magestorm infused the Arcantians with magic that allowed one to use his own blood as a weapon, to form supernatural armaments crafted of gore. The Arcantians thought this was punishment for being unfaithful, and cast the BloodMages out, who thought this was their gift for being faithful.

The Aurora MageStorm: Once, during the night, a shocking stream of magic shook the heavens, and the entire night sky lit up with blazing white fire. It seemed to have no consequences or effects, either negative or positive in Genesaris. However, the sky still lights up with white over the city of Aelindra City (now a very rich capital). It is said that beautiful Magestorms are a sign of favor and good fortune.

The Ragnarok Storm: The most recent highstorm of note, it is believed that this particular storm was the cause of what some refer to as the Whispernight Ragnarok. Empowered by the storms abundance of magical energy, the horrors of the dreadful Whispernight plunged Genesaris into chaos. The result was widespread destruction, resulting in the complete annihilation of multiple cities and villages across the continent. Nearly a year later, the realm trembles at the grim memory.

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Here you will find the current status of all official* magestorms in Genesaris. This mainly includes their current location, nature, and duration, though any other unique factors and information will also be listed here.

*Official magestorms are setting elements and cannot be ignored. Players are more than welcome to write their stories during magestorms or not (even when an official one is or isn't active), but for threads seeking canonization, the story itself should be in line with significant events of the board.

Jan 1st - Apr 31st: The Weakening

January 1 - February 1: Orisia/Arcane East

February 1 - March 1: Midlands/Great North/Cold South.

March 1 - April 1: Midlands/Southern Swell.

April 1 - April 31: Rising West.

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