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Genesaris Bounty Hunting System

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All Genesaris bounties will be handled exclusively from this thread. Updates and alterations - including the removal and addition of rules - will be noted here, so be sure to check back frequently.

1. About the bounty system

The Genesar bounty system is an intricate law network that spans the entire continent. While the various nations within its boundary operate on their own terms, with sometimes stricter or more liberal protocols, the founding system can be seen in most of their practices (this should be considered a plot device. While regions that have established their independence from the primary Genesar government may have their own in-character bounty system, this OOC method is still something that must be completed in all instances; more on that below).

Given the continent’s size, it’s easy for criminals and enemies of the state to disappear. To that end, pre-schism, the Genesar Government invested heavily in their bounty program, including the establishment of several prestigious ‘hunting academies’ in the North, West, and Midlands, which have produced some of the most famous bounty hunters on the planet.

2. Bounties and how they’re earned

Generally speaking, there are two types of bounties found in Genesaris. These are federal bounties (government-issued) and black bounties (privately issued).

Federal Bounties -  These are issued by the government or local law enforcement and thus are entirely legal. A wide variety of criminals and unsavory individuals find themselves on this growing list. The severity of the crime tends to determine the state in which a bounty head may be returned (i.e dead, alive, or dead or alive).

Black Bounties - These are privately issued, typically by major corporations or begrudged individuals. While these can sometimes be legal (say if a company put out a bounty to have stolen property returned), a large number of black bounties involve unlicensed assassinations. Because of this, many bounty hunters that prefer this manner of work are often looked down on by their peers, seen as little more than contract killers.

If your character does something that would make them a wanted target by the Genesar government (especially in cases where said events are canonized), you can expect that your character will make it on to the bounty list. This likewise applies to independent nations, as well. Qualifiable events for receiving a bounty include:

  • Terrorist Attacks (of any severity, though severity dictates the value of bounty)

  • Murder (any murder can and may land you on the bounty list, but high profile murders are much more likely to do so)

  • Kidnapping (dependent on the notoriety of the target- common people rarely lead to a bounty; kidnapping a councilman's daughter will definitely do so)

  • Theft of highly valuable items or thefts from high profile figures (items worth a significant amount or considered of great value to someone like a high ranking politician)

  • Conspiracy to commit and/or attempted assassinations (generally regarding high ranking officials or wealthy people)

  • Treason

  • Other serious compromises of Genesaris' overall well being

3. The process of putting out a bounty

As mentioned above, this OOC method of establishing a bounty is required, regardless of your IC motivations or methods (meaning you could have your king say, “I’m going to put a black bounty out on this guy just because,” but you’ll still need to fill out this form). This will help with the organizing and exposure, hopefully bringing some activity toward the story.

Bounty Header

Type: Is it a federal or black bounty?

State: Dead, alive, or dead or alive?

Crime: What did they do?

Target Description: What does the person look like?

Last Known Location: Where were they seen last?

Additional Information: Is there anything else they should know?

Reward: How will you compensate the bounty hunter?

Once you’ve filled the template out, PM it to me and I’ll post it here in the proper category. It should be noted that when a federal bounty is posted here it should be considered “universal knowledge,” meaning common in-character knowledge. Bounties are posted in taverns, inns, information hubs, and law enforcement agencies (though it’s always good to see it written out!). Black bounties, however, are at the discretion of the employing party. To that end, unless stated otherwise (by the contractor), black bounties will need to be learned of through interaction.

4. Taking down a bounty head

Being a bounty hunter means traversing the continent hunting down the world’s most dangerous prey: your fellow man. This can sometimes lead to conflict (open vs. closed threads) and hamper the story. To that end, a player pursuing a bounty may overstep the confines of a Closed Tag based on these rules:

  • The player can only RP in the thread insofar as pursuing the bounty. It should not be taken as an opportunity to invade closed threads against the will of the participating individuals.
  • The RP must take place where the bounty hunter would have reasonable access of reaching them within the timeframe that the character will reside there.
  • Note: In an effort to prevent “camping” (or not posting and just waiting for a thread to pop up for you to jump into), bounty hunters will need at least two [2] threads of at least one full page of role play prior to being able to enter a bounty head’s thread. These threads should show active hunting, finding credible evidence to lead them to their target.
  • Situations that evolve into combat should be handled in one of three ways: the target posting a plausible and effective means of escape, a T1 match, or combat by dice system. If a judge is called into the situation, the initial judge’s verdict is final. This means that you will not be able to pull in another judge simply because you disagree with the verdict that was handed down. To that end, it is encouraged that the parties involved do their best to come to an agreement themselves.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in the disqualification of the hunting threads associated with this particular bounty. 

It should be noted that no federal bounty is exclusive. This means that multiple people can track the same target, and in some situations, discover them at the same time (or nearly), as well. In this situation, it will be treated similar to artifact quests - a first come, first serve basis with room for organic interruption.

Players may interrupt a fellow bounty hunter's thread if:

  • They meet the credentials listed above for the bounty hunt, itself.
  • Possess plausible evidence to support their character's interruption of the thread.

A player that intends to interrupt/join another bounty hunting thread must do so as soon as the option becomes available to them. This means that if you've worked up to the interruption but then postpone joining, hoping to jump in at the end of the thread and steal the glory, your attempt will be denied. That being said, these interactions are not required to be cooperative or friendly (in-character, speaking). Bounty hunters can squabble over who wins or even attack each other if they decide to. In such cases, refer to the combat rules above.

5. The Hunters

If it isn't the thrill of the hunt that get hunters moving, it's the competition. Given the sheer size of the operation, many bounty hunters haven taken to forming teams, and even guilds, with like-minded individuals to better their chances at completing more difficult tasks. Below is a list of all currently active bounty hunters (PC), the guild they are affiliated with, and their successful bounty completions.

  • Noel "Shadow" Moon [Shade]: 0 completions.
  • Takemato, Yusukai: 0 completions.
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Federal Bounties

List of Active Bounties

  • Loken Dezzy [The Double Draw]


    Type: Federal

    State: Dead or alive.

    Crime: Multiple acts of kidnapping, extortion, blackmail, murder, smuggling, and sedition.

    Target Description: Loken is a tall, slender man with dark hair and dark eyes. He has a scar that runs the left side of his face, chin to hairline. He has a tattoo of a wolf devouring a stag on his right forearm.

    Last Known Location: City-town of Palamon.

    Additional Information: Loken is the leader of a growing criminal organization known as the Wild Boys, vying for control of Palamon's criminal underworld with several other prominent gangs. He is a well-guarded target and won't go down without a fight.

    Reward: 50,000 crowns; spoils of war.



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List of Completed Bounties

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