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Genesaris Airships

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Genesar Airships: A Complete History

Author’s Note: In the list of airships you will see some that are owned. If you are the owner of said ship, please send me a PM with evidence supporting the claim. Thirty days after this thread has been posted, I will “reset” ownership rights as part of a new acquiring initiative.

Long ago, airships ruled the skies of Genesaris. Massive crafts blotted out the sun, casting looming shadows as they soared past. Powered by crystals drawn from the depths of the earth, they were the greatest, most fearsome creations of war. Fleets battled against one another, matching speed and strength, firepower and defense. Sleeker ships were made for enjoyment, cruisers designed for luxury, but the true purpose for airships was nothing more than to facilitate the nation’s growing hunger for conquest.

The first master engineer was a northern woman by the name of Uhltoria. With rag-tag crew, she designed and built the nation’s first airship, a single occupant vessel that allowed for just seven hours of sustained flight. After her success, she continued to refine her skill and produced increasingly impressive ships.

The first airships, most notably The Iris, were rough in shape and grossly simplistic. Complaints about its generally ugly design, however, were soon silenced as they proved their usefulness, quickly gaining attention as they ripped through the skies, compensating their lack of firepower with superior speed. Modern airships obtained a sleeker shape, better armor, more fuel, and stronger firepower. Most airships attempted to balance capabilities; others had specific strengths.

The fuel, brilliant crystals known as Exalta, can be found in any amount of mines, just like gold and other precious gems. Oftentimes, they were placed in the wings of airships, with extras stored on the bridge or in the hull. These same crystals make the shining missiles the airships fire. The fuel must be watched over to be sure that it has enough strength; weakened crystals are often disposed of in the form of missiles.

Airships were once plentiful but abruptly disappeared as a great Magestorm shook Genesaris in the War of Five Lands. It was as if they had never been, and a few theories say that the Three High Lords disapproved of the airships being used for war. Some airships are buried underground in various locations; most are said to be in the caverns of the Three Lords.

Since the rise of the Imperial South and the continued growth of the Carmine Dominion, airships have returned to prominence in all sizes and shapes. They are constructed all throughout the nation, especially in the wealthy realm of the Great North; anyone can bargain an airship out of those willing to sell, or hire someone to build one.

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Method of Acquisition

Acquiring one of these airships will be treated similarly to a quest thread for an artifact. However, there will be some notable differences. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me using the forum’s PM system or contact me via Discord.

In a general sense, threads seeking to claim an airship should be more than one page long (15 posts). While you may not have to engage in theft or warfare to obtain one, the airships on this list are vessels of fame and power; their owners, even merchants, will not part with them easily. Each ship is broken down into three classes (B, A, and S) with each requiring a different bare minimum of posts/pages.

While you have the creative freedom to approach your quest however you’d like, keep in mind that these threads will be canonized. If you end up laying waste to half a major city in pursuit of an airship, you may find yourself as an enemy of the state.


  1. PM me (King) to confirm airship availability.

  2. Include [airship] in the thread title.

  3. Threads that go 30 days or more without a post are subject to having their attempt at acquiring said airship negated.

  4. Threads must be completed within one (1) year of their start date.

  5. Threads are semi-closed but open to meaningful interruption.

    1. The first is to respect the fact that these threads often require structure and planning.

    2. The second is to respect the fact that the item in question is a high-value object and an opponent may show up to claim it. However, if you intend to interrupt another’s thread, your personal contribution should be significant prior to this (likely in your own threads).

    3. All forms of combat rules will be determined prior to any combative posting.

  6. Three (3) airships per player.

  7. Airships are subject to modifications, updates, and changes at any time*.

  8. All threads must follow the canonization process but can omit Opportunities and Notable Consequences.

*The current owner of the airship is more than welcome to determine the appearance of the airship they own, and likewise, modify the ship as necessary. The information here should be seen as a blueprint and used as the foundation for the airships in question.


  • Cloudstrider (Supernal)

  • Godhanger (Supernal)

  • Final Covenant (King)

  • The Iris (Malintzin)

  • God's Hand (Thotification)

  • Aezar's Howl (Zashiii)


B-Class Airship [1-2 pages]:

  • Heaven's Stream: A sleek airship that is among the fastest of its kind.

  • Whisperer: A blue airship that was feared because it was so fast, using the sun's glare to hide it before it dove to shoot down its targets.

  • The Iris: The first airship ever built by Uhltoria. In her later years, the master engineer revisited her first success and modified it into the fastest airship of all time, using a complex system that no other engineer has been able to duplicate since.

  • Cloudstrider: A small, sleek airship built for speed, not needing very much fuel due to its size.

  • Gaze of Time: Said to be enchanted with unreal speed.

A-Class Airship [3-4 pages]:

  • Godhanger: A very large, powerfully built airship that can take down weaker ones with a single shot. Sunk in the waters of Terrenus.

  • Paradise Rise: An airship that, with its superior firepower, tends to send a lot of its enemies to paradise. (In Progress: Toast)

  • God's Hand: Made from triastine soaked in the waters of the godsprings, making it supernaturally durable.

  • High Atlas: The largest airship of all time.

  • Tearful Horizon: An oddly flat, jet-shaped airship, pure white and extremely hard to hit.

  • Heart's Rhythm, Heart's Song, and Heart's Tune: A trio of airships meant to fly together in perfect harmony, forming a miniature fleet that is said to have never known defeat.

  • Dracosis: Shaped in the silhouette of a dragon in flight and armored with dragonscale.

  • Aezar's Howl: Named after a God of Earth, this airship is designed to fly low to the ground at terrifying speeds with high maneuverability, causing the earth to quake under its pressure, crushing entire armies against its hull. Said to never be without bloodstains.

  • Sacred Attendance: A flying fortress, designed to protect and launch smaller airships.

S-Class Airship [5+ pages]:

  • Clockwork Grind: A strange airship with extreme, enhanced, and mysterious firepower of ingenious workings. (In Progress: Aataraxy)

  • Blade Sweeper: It is said that, like the Sky’s Great Ravine and Final Covenant, this was an airship of a High Lord. It is rumored to be nearly indestructible. It was used in the great razing of Blairville during the war with Terrenus.

  • Sky's Great Ravine: Also known as the Ravine, it said to be the airship of a High Lord. However, this is largely regarded as a myth as no reliable records have even been produced (In Progress: Dolor Aeternum).

  • Final Covenant: A battleship of the ages, rumored to be the sister ship of Sky’s Great Ravine. It is said to have been the most powerful airship of its time, though it has been lost to the passage of time.


Credit to Carlos (supernal) for some information and methods used.

Edited by King

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