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Bulletin Board Quests 2.0 - obsolete 2020-05-17

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Replaced by S4 bulletin board: https://www.valucre.com/topic/44580-read-first-tavern-of-legend-season-4/?do=findComment&comment=805303

Note - Posting this new instead of edits to the old thread since the old one is 4 years old and should gracefully archive, and since I'll be cutting a lot of content to lower barriers to entry and remove as much middle management as possible. To that end I have made significant changes to the overall system. 

These quests are available to any members eligible to post in the ToL. Lower level quests can be done solo but groups are encouraged to foster collaboration with multiple parties. Quests are not essential and should be treated as something of a writing prompt, meant to throw a little structure around a plot and rewards but ultimately relying on your creative expression. 

These quests are designed for new comers with lower level characters, as we've found that the most meaningful character experiences are those which progress your character from weak to strong rather than starting them at strong. Feel free to adjust your quest experience as you see fit for a fun narrative. 

Going back to the quest as a writing prompt, your incentive as a player to take on quests is the opportunity to develop your character and to role-play with others. Both are key. Overcome challenges and immerse yourself in our detailed and living lore at the same time as you make new friends. Also keep in mind that part of questing assumes some level of autonomy. Staff won't always be available to play NPCs so we provide personality and appearance details for these side characters so you can more easily integrate them into your stories.

Another reason for these quests is to get players used to the questing structure., which is essentially the practice of having defined beginnings, middles, and ends for narratives that you intend to use to canonize actions or events in the world. Most of the threads you do probably don't need to be canonized, but this will help you get familiar with the process for those times that you do. This is the easiest, most automated, and most flexible way we can think of to add structure and cohesion to a world where anyone can change anything. 

Quest threads follow the site standard of waiting 3 days before skipping a player, however individuals are free to set their own desired pacing for their quests or roleplays. If a claimed quest goes more than one week without a post it is considered available again, and does not require staff intervention to list it as available. We just go by the time stamp. You can only participate in one quest at a time.

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Quest Listings

Level 0

  • I cannot bear it any longer 
    • Local travelers have been complaining about a problem with a specific bear, one which seems to be going out of its way to attack travelers, raid their food stores, and wander through their camps at night for leftover food. A reward is being offered for the bear's removal. This bear is distinct, being larger than an ordinary bear with a bright pink scar on its snout. Estimates place it at 1200+ pounds (545kg)
    • Contact - Vaddock
    • Size - 1 player and up
    • Reward - Vaddock will make you bear skin cloaks. These are enchanted against cold weather. 
  • Unfinished business
    • There are rumors about a spirit haunting the cemetery. Up until yesterday most of the reports were made by drunks, and therefore not very credible. Today a local known for her integrity swears she's seen it as well, and that it appeared frantic. The local believes the spirit has unfinished business. Your task is to find out what that business is and maybe even help the spirit resolve it
    • Contact - Rhemy, a lumberjack
    • Size - 1 player and up
    • Reward - A bottle of homemade rice wine. 10 servings. It intoxicates like alcohol at twice the proof and grants enhanced stamina for 1 hour.
  • The intermediate escape
    • You've been captured (while on the road, after drinking tranquilizer slipped into your drink, etc; up to you). You find yourself in a jail cell in a prison uniform, no gear, no explanation. You don't have amnesia, you just can't remember what landed you in prison. Now you have to find a way out.
    • Contact - Aleward, a fellow prisoner
    • Variables
      • Roll 1D100
      • 1-33 = On land prison
      • 34-66 = Subterranean or underwater prison
      • 67-99 = Prison in the sky
      • 100 = Prison in a pocket dimension
    • Size - 1 player and up
    • Reward - Unbreakable lockpick

Level 1

  • Unwelcome guests
    • Fire-breathing spiders the size of cats have formed a nest in the Tavern's wine cellar. They need help clearing the nest out.
    • Contact - Levhea, a general contractor who helps keep the tavern looking good
    • Size - 2 players and up
    • Reward - Explosive tree sap stored in an acorn. Three acorns per person. When the stem is subjected to a flame, it acts as a fuse and the acorn explodes. Has as much explosive power as a stick of dynamite
  • Round 'em up
    • A group of bandits has been reported stealing from traveling merchants and are suspected in being involved in a string of recent robberies totaling three serious injuries. One of these is suspected to have been a failed attempt at organized murder. The group is wanted dead or alive and are proving difficult to catch, often taking refuge in an unknown hideout in the mountains or woods. To get the whole group you must first capture a bandit and get the location of the hideout from them. There are an estimated dozen bandits
    • Contact - Zell, a middle-aged fisherman with a sour disposition who works as a volunteer constable in the area (just for this quest, there's otherwise not an official one). You can find him at the bar complaining about the bandits over a glass of bourbon. 
    • Size - 2 players and up
    • Reward -  A randomly generated (by me) item with a low-level enchantment. 

Level 2

  • Don't drink the punch! (credit to amenities)
    • An increasing number of cult members patronize the tavern. You overheard that the leader is planning a ritual suicide where all members will drink cups of red poison. Beat, a tavern worker, tells you he has family members that have been brainwashed by the cult and wants to hire you to stop the ritual. The leader has gathered four powerful mages (one for each element) and is planning to perform the ritual tonight in the woods
    • Contact: Beat, the Tavern Worker, tells of his worry about Vyrn the Cult Leader and gives the dates of the secret planning meeting and the Ceremony.
    • Size: 3-4 players
    • Reward - Beat has tavern-family all over Valucre. Beat owing you one means you can expect to get low-level accommodations in any major city. 
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