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Tyler's Design Display (Now with Commissions!)

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Edit 1-24-20:

Since there has been some interest in commissions and art trades, I'm going to put out some prices in case anyone wants something. See below:


Coding: Character Sheet - $3.00
Organizing your information into an HTML Template that can be loaded into a character page on Val.

Coding: Lore Article - $5.00
Organizing your information into an wiki-style HTML Template that can be loaded into a lore page on Val.

Vectorizing - $7.00
Recreating an existing raster logo as a vector with no other edits or new elements.

New Logo (+Flag) - $15.00
Creating a new logo or making modifications to an existing logo. Flag or vertical banner layout can be requested for no additional charge.

Character Portrait - $25.00
Vector upper body shot of a character, similar to the images shown below. I will require several reference images.

All Other Art - $25.00 per/hr
Any other requests, should I choose to accept them, will be done on a pay-per-hour basis rather than a set price.

*Payments can be accepted via either Cash App or Paypal.


Art trades can sub for cash, you'll just have to make an offer. No offense, but if I don't care for your art style, I may decline the offer and suggest you go with payment instead.


== original post ==



So, a few years ago, I went back to college for graphic design after spending a year working a dead-end retail job. The actual reason I decided to go back to college in that particular program was because I wanted to learn how to do better art so I could make portraits of my RP characters (for the other RP website I'm on, I was not anywhere near signing up on Valucre at the time). Ironically I wound up getting a good job and eventually buying a house as a result of getting that degree, but I never quite put the skills to proper use making pictures of my RP characters.

Fast-forward to eight days ago, I idly decided to try and do a simple vector line-art design on my character Joseph Tynes. Before I knew it, I was doing vector art designs for all of my major Valucre characters! So now that I have them done, I want to show them off. Admittedly, these don't hold a candle to any of the fancy commissioned character pieces a lot of people here have, but seeing as I was able to do these for free, and more importantly have stylistic consistency across my whole cast, I can't complain about the results.

Without further ado, my Valcure character cast, in order of appearance:



Erin Hale

My first character on the site. There's not a ton to say about her other than that she's my only character not to hail from Terrenus, being from Earth instead.


Shane Haydes

My resident psychopath. My first Norkotian character, though hardly my most prominent one at this point. His character backstory is on its third recycling.


Abigail Karradeen

Possibly my favorite design. Abigail was originally a villain in one of the my early threads on Val, but now she's head of House Karradeen and my main representative in Ursa Madeum.


Rodan Allagi

One of the founding members of the Abbadon Triumvirate, Rodan is possibly my most popular character. He's also one of my more unique and powerful ones, despite not being a combat character.


Nikki Stratton

Nikki doesn't have a lot of screen-time yet, but @Djinn&Juice and I have an interesting arc in the workings for her. It should be noted that I frickin' love black eyepatches.


Joseph Tynes

The dictator in the making. Tynes is already starting to become known thanks to his presence in the A.N.T. Conference and Norkotia's rising prominence in Terrenus.


Diric Redbridge

Joseph Tynes's chief advisor and his go-to man for "plausibly deniable operations". He has yet to appear in a non-solo thread, but all you need to know is he's a young Spock with no restrictive morals.



Once a normal man, now a bone-armored vampyre mutant, Cedric is Rodan's main field agent for the Abbadon Triumvirate. He possesses biological traits lifted from Gabriela DuGrace.


Mara Mercer

Because everyone needs a badass cyborg bounty hunter. Also I like purple. Do I need to say anything else?



All character sheets can be viewed via the link in my signature. Feel free to share thoughts and criticisms as desired.



Edited by Tyler

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7 hours ago, jaistlyn said:

They’re not showing up on my mobile (not sure why), but I’ve seen them, and they’re awesome!! 

Probably thanks to me using dropbox as the host. If a lot of people have that issue, I can put them onto a image hosting website, though I like dropbox because I can update them far more easily.

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1 minute ago, supernal said:

Dude these are awesome

How long did they take on average?

Depended on the complexity of each design, but uh... I'm gonna say two-to-three hours. But with each consecutive design, I'd figure out new tricks or details to add, so then I'd have to go back and make little edits to the previous ones to keep them all consistent. Some were easy because they required less reference images, some (like Cedric) I had to get a little more abstract and free-form with.

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Hopefully I don't get in trouble for bumping an old thread like this, but I'm repurposing this as a general showcase for other shit I make too.

So, some logos. First here's my Norkotian Union Flag:


Though, I'm sure everyone's seen this by this point (uh, because it's in my frickin' avatar), so this is not really showing off much. I'm thinking on doing a couple redesigns too, one for the pre-Union confederation, and also for the next phase of Norkotia, since my current trajectory has been altered. But more on that later.

Next comes a company I created early-on in Norkotia's history, and which I intend to use increasingly in the future:


I'm honestly pretty proud of this one, given how many things you can read into the name, logo and color scheme. 


And then for something more humorous. Norkotia is, in many way, Valucre's own version of America (just with a lot more German naming). And you see, no America, real or parody, could possibly be complete without that wonderful thing we call "Fast Food".



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6 minutes ago, jaistlyn said:

Also the Abbadon logo! I don't recall if it's ever been posted on Val.

True enough. Not sure I ever really considered this final, to be honest, but here it be:


Edited by Tyler

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8 hours ago, The Hummingbird said:

Dude, you're awesome. Keep it up!

Thanks you kindly, sir!

Definitely hoping to start focusing on adding depth to my work and less time grinding solo threads...

6 hours ago, Malintzin said:

When I first read Abigail and saw her picture I thought, "OWFOSG SHE'S PRETTY!" >o< This is really feckin' cool, man.

Also thanks! Might have to update Abby a little in the coming months, but I'll get to it when I get to it.

6 hours ago, supernal said:

BBE icon is the dopeness

Excelleeeeent. ? And thank you!


More stuff! So this is my own drawing "style", or whatever the hell passes for a drawing style. To be fair to myself, I was drawing without any references, but doesn't change the fact that the proportions and shit suck. But whatever, was just looking for a quick depiction of the cast of cretins I threw to their doom in Yh'mi:



Now, this next one I can only claim partial credit for. The art itself was done by the ever hilarious @zackrobbman, I just made a colored vector version of it.

What you see here is the finale of Chasing Legends, a super fun RP organized by the also super fun @jaistlyn . From top left to right and then down: The Cursor (me), Trey Tyrrell (@Laughingmad), Clive McTeague (Zack), Erin Hale (me), Ignus (@Hurttoto) and Meritio Rivas (Jaistlyn). Of course, outside of those of us in that RP, none of you people are gonna understand what the heck the context of all this is, but trust me, it's weirder than you think.

Disclaimer: Clive is wearing underwear under there, thank goodness.


Zack's original art:



Also a JoJo reference:




Edited by Tyler

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Dang man! Thanks for the mention! ? BUT...there is something I have to address. Something truly heinous and despicable. You lied to me a while back sir. A most malevolent and horrible lie. You told me.....

That you couldn’t draw.

I done looked at all these pictures and I am hereby accusing you of self-slander! ? These pics are downright gorgeous! You ain’t no bad artist bo’ah! 

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