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The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

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The sands of the Velhatien Desert stretch as far as the eye can see, and doubtlessly reach equally deep into the earth. Before the sands, before the heat, and the arid, unforgiving climate, what secrets once laid here? What lost, forgotten relics await the persistent, and the wary underneath these sprawling dunes? What dangers could possibly await the intrepid and persistent explorers in the secret, untouched crypts of the decayed civilizations beneath the desert?

What ancient history awaits them, within the corridors of this mysterious ZIggurat?

The Thread: 

Our Cast in this Thread is:

@Garion as Azytzeen, a well-traveled psyker, familiar with conflict and danger already.

@Alexei as Ghoul Slayer, a battle-hardened warrior, with an almost fetishistic obsession with slaying (you guessed it) ghouls.

@Mollusk as Pollst Greeneye, a bard. I accidentally thought his last name was 'Talethief', but his real last name is also quite telling, I think. 

@Dolor Aeternum, as Ilyana Sevryn, a well-trained adventurer, with a penchant for shiny trinkets, seeking out secrets, and sticking people with the point end.

@Zashiii as Zatalya of Izral, who apparently does not need a permission slip to explore ancient tombs beneath the desert.

@Csl, both of whom have not yet revealed their characters. (I for one, am on the edge of my seat with anticipation)



Hello and welcome to what will hopefully be a very, very active OOC Thread, for what is otherwise a rather straightforward dungeon.

Here, we will be able to post our character sheets early, so we have a better understanding of who is participating in the thread, and what kind of personalities you'll be encountering. I'll also be sorting through the character sheets from time to timse for important, plot-relevant details. As always, we'll also be able to ask questions, keep up to date on whose turn it is to post, and more.

But this OOC Thread is far more than that, this time around. In fact, as far as this thread will be concerned, this post is more important to me than the thread itself.

This is because I will be writing primarily in here. My posts in this thread will actively detail each new environment we encounter. Every trap, piece of architecture, the lighting, the taste of the air, each and every monster and baddie we come across, it's all going to go in this thread.

This is because my goal is to minimize the hand holding within this thread, and in doing so, hopefully make the thread read far more organically, and feel more engaging for you, the writers. I ask only for you to suspend any disbelief you might have in this method, and give it your all. It's, theoretically, the closest I can get to writing a thread the same way I might write a campaign in Pathfinder, or Dungeons and Dragons.

So, I would ask that when you get the notification from this thread you post your character sheet, or write a little something about them here right away. That will show me who is interested, and still willing to participate with the thread. Sometime this evening, or perhaps tomorrow sometime, the main thread will go up, along with a post that will detail the party being briefed on the situation they're getting into, transport to the location of the dungeon, and from there...well, that's entirely up to you, once we get inside. The Ziggurat, her ancient treasures, and her untouched history awaits you around every corner.

I do hope you have fun.

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Added the party roster, and links to every character sheet to the main page.

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In this post: Jots attempts to properly articulate the full breadth of his ideas, how they work, and how you can use them in this thread.

Very early into this thread's conception, I used the allusion to Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons, both of which are tabletop rpgs, where a heavy emphasis it put upon the freedom of the players, and the various approaches to solving each and every problem the party is faced with. Some of you are probably really familiar with tabletops already, but not everybody is, which is kind of why I feel the need to explain my madness here, for everybody to read, rationalize and utilize.

So, one of the big flaws I've recognized with writing on Valucre in general is that it doesn't feel like progress is made quickly, or in a very exciting way. Most of the time I like to see writing on Valucre as an improv excercise. You take what the person before you said, and go "Yes, and then..."

However, a big problem arises when you get into the habit of reacting to everything. Where the story should advance with each new post, that doesn't happen often enough in my own experience. 

Let me give a brief example of what I do not like to see, most of the time.



Thread Leader: This is the situation at hand. This is what is happening around you. This is what people are saying.

Writer: This is me reacting to the situation. This is me reacting to what people are saying. This is a little bit of action, in response to what has happened around me.

Thread Leader: This is still the situation at hand. This is still what's happening around you. Now the people are saying this.

Ad infinitum


So with this thread, I am trying to avoid the above feedback loop, by hiding the majority of my own writing. By writing almost all of my descriptions, the setting, the backdrop, how the bad guys look and act and more. I also mean to add maps, and images, as necessary. All of that information is going to go into the OOC, where readers and writers most likely will not see any of it.

So that cleans up my writing, but it's not enough to keep the thread ongoing without getting caught in a loop of minor progression. That's where my stern insistence that you ask questions often comes from.

See, while I'm writing stuff down in here, you get to participate as well!

Our first post in this OOC, where the thread has already begun, describes the room as dark. I'm not expecting you to write 'oh, it's dark' until something changes. No! I'm inviting you to interact, and change the environment. Use a torch, or a lantern, or magic, or night-vision goggles, if you have them, to change how you see the environment, and how your character is changing it as well.

This is where the reference to Dungeons and Dragons comes from. In essence, you've gotta write in here along with me, as I go. You can touch things, investigate the environments, loot stuff and fight baddies, and even talk with your fellow adventurers.

Am I making more sense, now? Let me put it like this.



Thread Leader: The camp is mostly silent, but you can tell by the light flitering through the sides of the canvas tents that there are people present. Many of them are still moving around, but a few are already in bed, and nobody appears to be aware of your presence. Just ten feet in front of you, a map rests upon a stack of crates.

Writer: This is actually a good time to launch a surprise attack. I knock a flaming arrow and I set fire to a tent.

Thread Leader: The arrow sails through the air almost soundlessly, and the tent catches fire slowly at first, before erupting into flames. Shouts of confusing quickly change to that of alarm, and before long the camp is alive with sounds of panic and fear. Several shaggy, massive hyena men burst from nearby tents, and quickly try to put out the fire as quickly as possible.


 Image result for this is where the fun begins




So, what do you do once you've asked your questions and probed the environment to satisfaction? Well, you take what you've learned, and the consequences of your actions and the things you've done, and you write it in the main thread. That's right, you continue the story in the main thread, using your own words and perception to describe what you've seen, and what you've discovered. You keep the action going, without doubling back on anything else written in the thread already. This way, we avoid repeating ourselves, and we continue to move forward, keeping the thread fresh and exciting, and inviting discussion and communication. This, in turn, keeps people interested and invested in the thread, and invites them to try and post quickly, and more frequently.


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I was both joking and somewhat serious. In fact since you said this:

9 minutes ago, Jotnotes said:

I ask only for you to suspend any disbelief you might have in this method, and give it your all. It's, theoretically, the closest I can get to writing a thread the same way I might write a campaign in Pathfinder, or Dungeons and Dragons.

You have my complete and riveted attention.

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Pollst is basically a standard bard. Since we're actually talking about DnD / Pathfinder, I'd classify him as a multiclass between Bard / Rogue. His gist is he wants to collect stories. One of the ways he wants to collect stories is by being involved in them himself.

Otherwise, jack-of-all trades. Mediocre at everything he does, but can do pretty much everything. That's really it.

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Donovan Cutler - Boy adventurer, private detective, dragoon, cartographer

The sheet is a haphazard documentation of the things he’s done and earned for himself over a period of many, many years. I don’t intend to play him “fully armed at 100%” because that’ll sap narrtive tension. So if that’s a concern on reading his sheet perish the thought! I will say that he is literally a professional adventurer though so I plan to make honest attempts at portraying that 

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1 hour ago, Garion said:

Would Azytzeen fit in?

We've already gone through recruiting, and shouldn't be accepting more members.

However, it looks like a few people already seem fine with it.

So long as I don't hear any objections from the rest of the writers, I don't see a real problem with you joining.

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