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The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

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The Reaver can dash, or it can react, not both, and so it eats a dagger to the side of the head. 

Like the one before it, this one doesn't bleed or writhe, even as the dagger chews through the majority of its head. Without much of its head, it still continues to fight against the dagger, and pulls itself free.

It promptly staggers off the platform, following that.

Well, then.

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Hello, hello, my friends, we are back! I hope the holidays were kind and refreshing for you all, and that we're all coming back with new ideas, a more positive and opportunistic outlook, and overall just an overwhelming urge to explore this spooky, yet fascinating locale!

The last time we spoke, we were on the tail end of a crushing victory for the party against a ravenous group of monstrous Reavers, a peculiar group of supposedly mummified bodies that, despite their age and stature, proved to be flexile, intelligent and dangerous. This doesn't bode well for the archaeologists the party was asked to track, as both were likely ill-equipped for even minor threats. To go against powerful foes without sufficient equipment is perilous, if not suicidal.

As I recall, we never did resolve the conflict, as the last Reaver was still standing. However, as the party was as well-prepared and dangerous as they were, I'm willing to skip past that and declare that the foe was dispatched with minimal incident. That means we can continue the story right where we left off, as our resident Ghoul Slayer has done his job and written a post in which, you might be surprised to hear, slays some ghouls.

So, allow me to stoke the fires of your imagination once again, and fit you all into the environment once more. For the time being, I would recommend everyone get involved with investigating the environment as soon as convenient for them, so that we can all get immersed in the story as soon as we can. If you don't have time right now, or if you don't feel as if talking right away is necessary, you are free to abstain, but I would appreciate it immensely if you gave some minor indication that you have decided as such. That lets others know you are aware the thread is updated, and have intent to push onward with the story.

If, for whatever unhappy reason, we have lost some of you; do not fret! I thought ahead, and offered a useful means of writing you out, without making your contribution irrelevant. If you've decided to drop the thread, we simply need to explain that your character has used their Lodestone to escape the dungeon. Easy as cake.

Is everyone caught up? Good! I'll be mentioning everyone here, just to be certain you all get a notification.


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The last of the Reavers is dispatched quickly and cleanly, or as cleanly as the peculiar creatures can be. The body writhes on the ground, trying to mobilize until someone has the decency to kick it down into the pit below. It falls into the darkness without much noise, and presumably falls into the gaping hole at the bottom. It's going to better places, surely.

However, with the bodies broken and laying about, the returning stillness once again invites in unease and doubt. There are dangers afoot in these profane halls, and given the sheer scope of the Ziggurat there can only be worse things awaiting the group ahead. The evils they've faced so far, these fast, lethal creatures, certainly don't appear alive, as evidenced by their body structure, but they move with a vicious, intelligent nature that suggests higher cognition than your common undead. While this may be useful in dealing with them in future conflicts, it also brings to mind their actions previously.

Several of the Reavers were investigating the drains and windows above the room, and one leapt down into the pit below, in search of something, but what? They're certainly hostile; perhaps they're in search of other trespassers, perhaps the archaeologists, even. If that's the case, it may be worthwhile following whatever leads they may have had. 

Put simply, could the archaeologists used the ladder they found to climb up into one of the portcullis overhead? Or maybe, did they climb down into the pit below? Or, perhaps the party ran on through, and lost the Reavers in the process. However, there can only be one right answer.

Perhaps the party could take a look around?


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In case you all wondered, I was out sick yesterday, and didn't get a chance to check in on the thread. I hope I didn't keep anybody waiting. From the looks of things, not much has changed, however.

We'll just keep moving down the list, then, until somebody is able to post, I think. 

So, that means it is @Thotification up next, unless someone else wants to go instead!

Does anybody need an update or rehash of the scene so far, or are we okay on that front?

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The room is approximately a full 110 meters in length--long enough that the furthest reaches of the lantern cannot get to the very end of it, but the cone has no issue doing so. The lens' that had trouble seeing through the thronging mass of darkness that climbed out of that vase see quite clearly in here, and catch plenty of little details that the lantern cannot. This is handy, as it very clearly defines the most important obstacle in the room, long before it becomes an obstacle. 

The party is standing on a tall platform, high enough up that such a fall from here would certainly be painful, if not deadly. Looking up, the darkness spans upward for what feels like forever, but is really about 5 meters outside of the party's vision. Up there, a few doors--or perhaps pipeways, windows or some other utility break the smoothness of the walls up there. Water stains lend credence to the possibility of them being a water return system of some kind. Looking down, one can see that the yellowed sandstone is darker about two thirds up the platform, and worn away, ostensibly, by previously running water. That water, speaking of which, likely would have come from the party's left, where several grand spouts appear in the wall. These spouts are flush with the wall, and are shaped much like the edge of a flat hose; square, with diagonal edges on the inside that funnel the water down (ask me for an example tomorrow, if that description confuses you. Odds are it won't be an issue, though, so it's of no consequence if you misunderstand.) These spouts likely channeled river water, or maybe even glacier water at some point down into the ziggurat, and from there down to the left side of the room. Looking over the edge of the platform to the left shows that the bottom of this chamber slopes and funnels somewhere into the center right of the room. There's probably a hole there, maybe even several holes, designed to channel the water lower into the ruins.

However, for all this grand detail, there's not a drop of water to be had! Whatever source these people used, it's gone dry several years ago, and nothing remains of it anywhere. It's a bit sad, in a way. This room was probably wonderfully active and likely terribly loud in its heyday. Now, there's just the skittering of bugs, somewhere in the distance.

As for the platform the party stands upon, it's quite large in of itself, and mostly appears to have served as a passageway for the populace. Twice on its journey across the room, it is halted by checkpoints, great pillars that touch the very bottom of the room and house the means of climbing into and out of the water, and perhaps some kind of utilities. The second one is quite notable for the grand ladder that has been knocked over close by it. This ladder appears big enough to climb directly out of the dry pit, if one were to fall into it for whatever reason, but serves no purpose where it is. Perhaps it was used to climb elsewhere?

That was the older description of the room. Put simply, it's like standing above an aqueduct, or something similar. It's difficult to see the end of the room, but there are, in fact, two doors at the far end of the room. Beyond that, there appears to be a handful of potential exits upward; the small ducts lining the walls over the party's head may lead to other rooms above this room. These ducts are likely water return systems, too; odds are they lead to bedchambers, waterclosets or bathhouses. There's also the possibility one of the archaeologists has climbed up into the ducts, in order to escape the monsters below.

There is also the suggestion that one of the archaeologists jumped down into the pit, in an effort to escape. If that's the case, they may have left something down in the pit, too. One would need to use the ladder in order to get down there, however, and there's still one of those Reavers down there.

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