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The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

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Minerva does indeed glower at Ilyana at the suggestion of being beautiful, but the color in the girl's cheeks suggests she's mostly annoyed at the attention, and little else. She seems mostly focused on the people around her at the time, which seems to be a benefit for her; without focusing on the drawings, especially that of the tower, her mood seems to have considerably improved. So, when asked if she would like to lead the party along, she more or less just obeyed in silence. Y'know, because she can't talk.

And so the little party marches down the length of the room, towards a doorway that, hopefully, may lead them after the figure who'd been watching them earlier. As they move away from the tower drawing and even the window the tower might have glared through at them, the tension vanishes, little by little. Ahead of them, Minerva's shoulders drop down from around her ears as she relaxes. 

This doesn't mean the journey forward was short, or even that easy. The party passed through mutliple rooms as they traveled, but this low in the ziggurat, things were far more quiet. Rooms were largely empty, or stripped clean by angry, biting insects. Rarely did the party come across anything living or undead, and Minerva was able to continue taking the party through room after room. She avoided stairs mostly, and instead focused mostly on corridors that would connect the various common rooms, burial rooms and bedchambers. In one hallway, Minerva even caught a glance at some intact hieroglyphics, and turned the party around, marching them up a small set of stairs at last. Without Minerva, heading back the way they came may prove difficult, if nobody was paying attention to where they were going. 

They passed by another window with putlogs, which Minerva and Azytzeen both glanced out of at the same time. This was beginning to grow a little spooky, how they continued to do so. Even though the rest of the party couldn't feel it, there was no denying that the tower had some effect on them. They continued on, through another small cluster of rooms.

They stepped into the next room, which was just your plain old, average dark. Shadows cast over everything in the room, but didn't swallow up the furniture, or the expensive, and familiar purple carpets. The tiles were dusty, but smooth and not terribly worn. The majority of the room was segregated by a long, long series of fine silk curtains, of that same purple dye. They formed a sort of large purple room in the middle of this room. Lights shone into it caught the edges of the pool within, betraying the identity of the bathhouse. Minerva paused in the doorway, scanning the darkened room. It was mostly intact, and quite large, but it also had a large alcove above where the pool would be, a sort of shaft that led straight up an unseen distance, a bit like the aquifers from before. It was possible the bathhouse used runoff from other sources first, or perhaps the remainder of the water from the aquifers ran into pools like this one. Though it looked long abandoned, it was almost a pleasant room to be in. 

Had that ghostly figure come through here, though?


From where the party is standing, the room is quite large-- just about as large as the aquifer the party had passed through earlier. Instead of being as deep, however, the pool in this room only went down about four feet or so. There's a lingering, but very faint scent of fragrant flowers here, possibly remnants of a long forgotten bottle of shampoo or perfume. Amusingly enough, the party can see feathers here and there too, but it's too dark to ascertain the nature of the feathers.

The party entered from the door on the bottom right corner of the room, with the walls forming a right angle just to the party's right. Forward, a small, but smooth stone altar of some kind awaits. Some of the flower petals rest atop it and around it, as well as some of the feathers the party noticed. It's not perfectly horizontal, and slants very slightly in one direction. The pool itself is in the very center of the room and spans much of the rooms length and width. On the outskirts of the walls, small cubicles break up the field of view. From this side of the room, the party can barely see into one cubicle, to observe a few small benches and what appears to be a steam box of some kind. Further investigation may be needed.

Minerva keeps herself busy by looking around the room for things of interest, and quickly vanishes from sight around one of the cubicle walls.

It is also @Csl or @vielle 's turn to post. Or both.

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3 hours ago, Jotnotes said:

What's the situation, loves? Either of you able to post this round?

@Csl @vielle

If not, we can move on for now.

Apologies, @Csl has been AFV and I've been rather busy as of late 😢 we tried to write up some posts, but life got in the way, so we'd like to ask to be skipped this round 🙏 sorry it took this long to inform everyone 😢

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Fantastic post, @vielle and @Csl

In case you're all curious, making maps is hard and I don't particularly enjoy doing it, but I'm always looking for new ways to do so. So, a map of the room will be up sometime within today or tomorrow, for ease of reference. 

Right now, it's @Garion's turn to nose around the room.

Oh, and for the record:


The feathers on the floor are fairly large, and although they're quite colorful, they're sadly faded with age and dust. From what Celestine can gather, however, these feathers are the plumage of the genus Pavo, mostly well-known for pheasants and peafowl. However, they don't resemble pheasant plumes or even peacock plumes for that matter, and might belong to some other species entirely. 

Based on how old the ziggurat may be, it's entirely possible that they belong to a rare, possibly extinct species.

Minerva doesn't appear to be doing much as she explores the room, aside from brushing her hands against the walls from time to time, feeling around as she moves. Her actions do not suggest intent, but curiosity.

Somewhere, probably far from here, a long, slow wail of ancient wind breezes through doorways, echoing down the halls. Far above, water drips slowly from unused aqueducts.


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8 minutes ago, Garion said:

Is there anything in the memories the many eyed thing gave him that would grant some insight?

Not particularly, I'm afraid. In fact, as Garion has traveled through the ziggurat, it's become apparent that these little nostalgias occur usually whenever the Tower knows something about the room in question. Whether they can see into it, or watched it get built, for instance. Assuming, of course, that the tower can see at all, and isn't just some kind of delirium.

So, with no windows to peer into, and no means of seeing this room develop, the tower cannot recall anything of value in this room.

Of course...the feathers are another story.

The tower describes a vast, beautiful vista of the land above ground. It towers above the sprawling spring below, the lush greenery and waterways surrounded, on all ends, by dry, cracked dirt. From where the tower resides, it's not possible to see precisely what goes on around this spring, or what beings might reside there. However, there's a dull and distant ringing, of stone tools against stone, likely a symptom of ongoing construction out of view. A large, proud-looking bird does strut into the tower's view, closer than anything else right now. It's handsome, with brilliant tones of blue and red across its magnificient body, but it has a distinct, fish-hook shaped beak. Its eyes glitter with a cruel intelligence. It looks at the tower briefly, and perhaps the tower stares back, for a moment. But...nothing comes from that. In the end, the predator bird is simply a dumb animal, uninterested in the arcane, and the tower, at the moment, is just a tower.

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39 minutes ago, Garion said:

Azy will take a closer look at the altar, mostly out of curiosity.

The altar is mercifully untouched by time and strange stone-eating insects, and is made of smooth, yellowed stone. It's smooth and porous, speckled with minerals and fine grains, and buffed to a glass-like smoothness.

Upon close inspection, it also appears to be slightly curved. The altar, overall, is longer than any human would be, but might be the right size for a tall elf, or maybe a larger species like an orc or troll. Running a hand across it, the grooves appear shallow, but are deeper in the middle of the table. It's an odd altar, for sure. What is its purpose?


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