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For the Betterment of UM (SASS)

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Even without the heavily guarded perimeter crawling with Enforcers, the Thean Consulate would have been immediately identifiable as having been built only recently. For one thing, it was a lot cleaner, and more intact than most of the other buildings in Port Thea. The previous regime had cared little about maintaining anything but the King's castle and the surrounding areas; lest King Damien be forced to look upon the squalor in which the majority of his subjects lived. Now under the new management of Taen and Hyperion, the city was rebuilding, and sometimes one could even see a distant echo of it's former glory. The same glory that Issac Graham would now be working toward; albeit through science rather than construction or cleanup.

The guards allowed the alchemist to pass through the gate after checking his credentials, although Issac wasn't sure why they even bothered. How many masked weirdos did these guys see that they needed to check him every damn time! But he could hardly fault them for doing their jobs, so he continued up the path to the main consulate building, saying a friendly hello to the receptionist as he passed by and turned to a bank of elevators to his right. Once inside, he input a special code that only members of his staff would have, and waited. A few moments later, he emerged into the Senarian Applied Sciences Sector, better known as SASS.

Issac had pushed for the base to underground/underwater for important reasons, and not just because it was awesome. For one thing, much of their research would be going toward improving the condition of the oceans, and being underwater allowed them easy access to submersibles that could be used for information gathering. Second, given that some of the things they would be working on down here would be dangerous, it made things more secure. There were only two exits and entrances to the R&D labs, the one he had just come in through, and the submarine bay, and both were heavily guarded.

Also, it was so fucking cool!

But he could revel in his awesome surroundings later; for right now it was time to meet his staff! He walked into the meeting room and waited for the other people to file in, at which point he would welcome them.

"Welcome to SASS! My name is Issac Graham, and I'm the Director of this place. Please go around and introduce yourselves, and then I'll outline our goals, and our immediate priorities."

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Rotwell coming in applauded by the grand looks of the underwater structure being so much well taken care of compared with the other structures surrounding it. Security seemed heavily beefed up which did nought to discurage him, he knew why this was, anyone who was still loyal to the tyrant king might attack and destroy whatever work was to be done with that building, effective sabotaging it. He understood completely that it was in place especially in a place like this.


Inside he was made one of the staff, as his ID tag displayed "Professor Rotwell" on it. Being sure to become as welcoming as possible to the receptionist and the other staff members that were hired. They were told to introduce themselfs by their director named Issac Graham so he did.

"My name is Rotwell Calvin, Geneologist, Chemist, Engineer, and Psychologist all in one, I'm usally extremely busy with my own work but a break came up and now im here."

This had been one of the few times where he didnt have to build a new weapon to impress the king instead actully repairing a broken ecosystem.

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Theo was in a submersive just a little unlike any he’d ever been on before. It wasn’t that Terran technology was all that different from the higher muster of Hyperion and Taen, but things were just… differently colored. The trim tank controls were on the left instead of the right; the secondary propulsion motor never retracted, it just buzzed on and on dutifully; and the ovular porthole at the front of the vessel was slightly more bulbous than the Terran ships’ flat, square counterparts. Amantis stroked his oak-colored beard as he breathed in every mechanical sight and sound, the undulations of every creature that flitted by.

A massive loading bay opened up to allow the submarine entry to SASS facilities. Amantis watched underwater construction ships and suited crew members float by as the loading bay doors shut behind the submersible. Nearby a drainage alarm and red light went off symbolizing the drainage of the loading dock. He came with two intern doctors. One had come from Casper, the other from Ashvile, and he from Tia. This was certainly a trio of homeless doctors, Amantis the most able of them corralling the others into his tutelage.

“Where do we go now,” they had asked.

“We go,” said the doctor on the southern coast of Yh’mi, gazing over the sunkissed waves. “To Ursa Madeum.”

Amantis had this pocket and that body cavity searched, the good doctor bearing a reputation for tomfoolery and sneaking unpalatable substances into official areas, but all along he stared ahead like a government official being body searched by a first-year receptionist temp— he paid them no mind at all, as if this were the thousandth time a glove went “smack!” on someone’s hands before they shoved it down his pants.

“What’s this?” said one guard as he removed a perfect orb of steel from Amantis’s trousers.

“That’s my science experiment put it back!” he said angrily.

The guard looked down at his pants questioningly, as if he would rather stick his hand anywhere than the place from which he had procured this orb.

“I can leave it here and go to R&D, sure, but they’re just gonna send me right back for it. That baby is precious tech!”

The guard stared incredulously.

“Listen, if I wanted to do anything bad with it I already would have.”

A short while later, Dr. Amantis entered the room tossing his orb up and catching it in hand. He took his seat near the head of the table and, just like Dr. Graham, watched others enter as he fiddled.

“"Welcome to SASS! My name is Issac Graham, and I'm the Director of this place. Please go around and introduce yourselves, and then I'll outline our goals, and our immediate priorities."

“I am Doctor Theodore Alexander Roxyer-Rollins Amantis.” Theo immediately spoke with gusto and stood, intending to make a scraping noise with his chair but grimacing, finding that the chair’s legs were quite padded instead. “These are my interns Gregory and Tabitha. They may not look like much, but these two as well as myself are survivors of certain great Terran downfalls. Out of kerfuffles that have toppled kingdoms, us scientists have arisen to insure for other nations that the same fate does not befall them.”

He began sitting but paused, holding out his hand with orb within.

“Ah, and this little guy is B.Nano. We’ll learn about that more later. Thank you, that is all,” he said, seating himself.

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With as much emphasis as Dr. Amantis introduced himself, Issac felt bad that he had no idea who the man was. He wasn't sure if the man was a big name in the science scene these days, but the he certainly acted like he was. Of course, the fact that the masked alchemist didn't recognize the name wasn't necessarily indicative of the doctors actual fame; as he hadn't followed the mainstream science news much. By comparison, Rotwell Calvin's introduction had been subdued, but still made sure to let his audience know how important his time was. That was fine, but Issac hoped that the man understood just how much time being a member of SASS would take up. Not that he minded if the man also wanted to pursue personal projects; just so long as it didn't come between him and his official duties.

Issac clasped his hands together, "Excellent! I look forward to working with you all. Now, I'll explain the goal driving this organization."

He cleared his throat, and his tone was more serious when he continued.

"As you may be aware, until very recently Ursa Madeum was under the control of a King named Damien. This man committed every manner of atrocity upon his people that you can imagine, and probably a few that you can't. In addition to being a truly wretched ruler, he was also a terrible steward of the land itself. The earth and seas are horribly polluted, abused to the point where recovery could take decades... if it weren't for us that is!"

"The primary goal of SASS is to investigate any avenue of research that might benefit the land and people of Thrace, and Ursa Madeum as a whole. Right now, that means that we are to research ways of cleaning up the pollution, and restoring the land to pristine condition. Now, I don't intend to micromanage you guys. If you're anything like me, you work best when you're given a goal, and then left to figure out how to achieve it. All I ask is a weekly report. Painless right?"

The alchemist clasped his hands behind his back, "Any questions?"


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With no shortage of belief in himself, Theodore sat unperturbed by the recognition or lack thereof that was bestowed upon him. Being the progenitor of fauxton transportation, as well as retired senior engineer for the kingdom of Tia, offered Amantian coffers quite the insulation against hard financial and social times. As Isaac divulged the properties of their mission to the scientists that be, Theo leaned back as much as the springs on his chair swivel would let him and then some, just lifting the front wheels of his chair off the carpeted ground. If he couldn’t make a scraping noise on the tiles with his chair, then dammit, he would lean at the most extreme angles possible with it while fiddling with the amorphous nanobot construct named B.Nano that roiled in his palm somewhere between Silver Surfer and Flubber.

“Any questions?”

The plastic joints of Theodore’s chair smacked together in a disturbing razzle dazzlry that disrupted Tabitha’s note taking. His khakied legs lifted him to a standing position and the hand containing B.Nano opened palm up over the table.

“I have a question,” he said with degree of formality rivalling Isaac’s own. He flipped open a notebook and began reading listed items. “Can I conduct my studies anywhere? Can you provide me with equipment and regular samples of the earth and water in this area? Do you have a lab I can use? And lastly,” he said, removing a diagram of how the fauxton worked from Tabitha’s bag to the left of him. She looked a little disturbed by his digging into her belongings, but both Gregory and Tabitha were determined to be silent followers of Amantis in hopes of promotions and matching grandeur.

“Are you opposed to fauxtoning pollution into space?”

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Issac liked Theodore, as the other man seemed to be raring to get down to the business of science. He could relate, because he felt exactly the same way! 

"You can study wherever and whatever you like, just keep me apprised of what your doing once a week, like I said. We've pretty much got a blank check when it comes to equipment, just be sensible about it. Of course, you can task one of the techs with collecting any samples you deem necessary. As for labs we've got plenty, so you can pretty much take your pick."

The alchemist looked over the plans, "As for how I feel about shooting the pollution into space, my answer would be hell yes! Maybe we can even take it further, and start developing a space program!"

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