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419.88 VPS and extra disk 10/18/2017
5 Dice roller mod 10/25/2017
40 IPS renew 12/1/2017
18 5 weeks TRP 4/30/2018
40 IPS renew 5/19/2018
10 Theme renewal - light 6/11/2018
10 Theme renewal - dark 6/11/2018
16 Custom notifications mod 8/16/2018
38.88 Domain renewal - 3yr 8/21/2018

Cost Total: $597.76
Donation Total: 513.40

Since we recently moved and expect cost savings I want to clarify that the above does not reflect those savings, as it is for the year of 2018 and the new VPS costs are going against the 2019 year. So in 2019 expect the costs to be even lower. 

Most costs are self-explanatory, so if there are questions on any of them feel free to PM me and desolate. I used to round up donations but as of 2017 have been accounting for the actual dollar and cent value after PayPal's cut for the sake of clarity. 

Last year we came under our total costs by approximately 139 USD. This is approximately the amount of money we're now saving by having moved to a new VPS which offers more storage and open-source SSL; I'm hoping to use that cost savings to further improve security and expand the forum software but we'll see how it goes. 

If you have it in your heart and wallet to help Valucre keep running, we'd appreciate whatever you can spare. 

Post your confirmation number here for tracking and reference purposes and PM for your custom user title. If you prefer it be anonymous contact me in PM or email and I’ll post it 


To give people an idea of how much value Valucre may be bringing them in terms of dollar amount I've included some common consumer costs below

  • Cup of coffee = 2-3 USD
  • Paperback book = 7-12 USD
  • Movie ticket = 9-14 USD
  • Video game = 20-50 USD


  1. Custom user title changes (PM supernal and desolate)
    1. 2.50 = 1x
    2. 5.00 = 2x
    3. 10.00 = 4x
    4. 20.00 = 8x


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Guest TheMinecrafter


Cause I haven't done so since 2017.

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We got two awesome donations today. Those members feel free to post here with the IDs so that this thread can be used as a sort of public ledger (my preference) but assuming <your preference> is anonymity (nothing wrong with that!) here are the IDs



Thank you both, thank you to every member before, and thanks for any future members who help keep the site going and growing!

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