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Sokui no Rei (Jigoku no Toshi)

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After respect had been paid to the arisen Empress, and a bit of unintended excitement had come and gone, the Inferno nation and it's people continued to celebrate through the late night and into the early morning. Without further hindrance to the festivities, the heir and his sister were placed to bed and the investigation of a new appearance was beginning its course. Who was this strange woman with her eyes bound, from the looks of it her feet as well. Was she mute, or was she simply silent? Had she taken a vow of silence? Why was she here? Perhaps Shuyi would have the answers he sought, perhaps Gwen might have seen something as well. Either way, the Emperor was going to find his answers, and when he did he'd deliver his verdict upon this woman whom was mysteriously marked by the number seven. Shichi. Nana.


Corresponding Quest:

Public Service Announcement - Class C (Repeatable)

With the rise of the new Empress, it's only proper that her presence is further announced for those that were unable to attend or even unaware of the Empress Katiya's coronation. The Emperor has made an offer to reward those willing to venture to his neighboring regions outside of his grasp to play town crier. Their objective is simply to find a towns largest, most populated area, and to announce the presence of the Emperor having selected a new Empress. With his influence spread into Union City and throughout the majority of the Midlands, Koji was eager to see how a general update on his Dynasty and its leadership would effect his neighbors if at all. Once the job is complete, the criers will report back to Koji to report their completion and reception. Approximate rewards will be agreed upon prior to beginning the quest. 


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