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I will note that if nobody does help Charlie, I will have one of my characters move to help him in a narrative sense, but since I used my turn I cannot heal him. But I don't think you have to use a heal point to stop bleeding in a narrative sense.

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Bold of any of you to assume to there will be anything but the Chhitten left after this round. :neutral:

A bit of simple math tells me that, with two people (I believe) who have yet to act in the top right (barring the possibility of anyone moving in from the other quadrants), Blitz is all but guaranteed to die. The only way in which Blitz lives to the next round is if nobody moves quadrants and the remaining two each roll one action/don't use three of their rolled actions to kill Blitz. And even in that case, all it will take is one or two fast posters in the next round to finish her off before I can even act again.

Don't think I'm salty or anything here, lol, I'm just examining the numbers. Which leads me to my next point: I have issues with the system as it currently stands, because it is heavily skewed in the favor of the defenders. Now, part of the issue here is that we just have a lot of people lol. And there's not much that can be done about that unless people lose interest... or Jaist decides she wants to throw people out, lmao. So the most effective solution in that regard must be ignored. The monster side has a grand total of 4 rolls in a round (discluding d6 damage roll), and 12 actions at maximum... which, well, the monster rolls haven't been that great... In comparison, the defender side has 19 rolls to use, for a maximum of 57 actions in a round. Yes, these are divided between the quadrants, and the defenders will likely never have all of them... but still, let's examine the top-right quadrant for a moment. 7 defenders for a maximum of 21 actions. With a perfect roll from all defenders and all actions dedicated to attacking, both Saevions could have been killed in a single round with an action to spare for the last defender to do as they pleased. Of course, this is purely hypothetical and rather unrealistic, but it's meant to illustrate the imbalance here.

To further illustrate, I don't think it's a secret at this point to state that the monsters have no defend/avoid or heal actions. The defenders most definitely do. So even if the monsters are able to survive long enough to stack enough damage on someone to have them dying, that doesn't matter when that limited damage is so easily avoided or reversed. Yes, the Saevions were nearing that state with Charlie and Grubb's squad, but as I stated in the first paragraph, I sincerely doubt Blitz will live to do anything more. So what can the monsters do? Well, everything else the defenders can do, except they can attack the wagons, of course. And there's no incentive to do anything but move towards the wagons and attack, because... enhance and enfeeble are hard to justify with the limited actions the monsters have, and damage against heroes is covered in a separate, unique roll. Optimally, enhance/enfeeble actions could push a defender down to less actions and a monster up to more... but defender rolls have been consistently good, it seems, with few rolls falling in the ranges where they could have been pushed down to lose an action.

Now, after that pseudo-essay I've written, let me actually get to the feedback/suggestions ?

(Feel free to comment on any or all of these, btw!)

1. Monsters have permanent initiative- Starting out with the boldest change, I suppose. Giving monsters double the HP of any given defender is a nice start toward balance, but we can go deeper. As things currently stand, the monsters will always be at a permanent disadvantage in numbers, and will always have more actions arrayed against them then they can possibly muster. So, how about we make it so that the monsters will always get to act first, and any actions/rolls brought against them before the monster player(s) post will be nulled/ignored or hit with a penalty of -3 to the roll or so... whichever path seems more reasonable. And yes, that penalty would also interact with any previous enhances or enfeebles. (I don't know how much sense this one makes narratively or otherwise, tbh, I'm kind of just throwing this out at the moment.)

2. Buff enhance/enfeeble roll for monsters- Some synergy with the above, and addressing my point in the third paragraph:  -1/+1 is hard to justify for the monsters when they have so few rolls to work with. Make these a more feasible option by buffing them to +3/-3, or +2/-2 if you think 3 is a little strong. With this, these rolls might have some value in being done in lieu of pressing the attack, and might actually be able to push defender rolls down an action bracket, and push monster rolls up an action bracket.

3. Some other third thing.  (lol I've spent enough time thinking of the above two, I don't particularly have a third thing in mind ?)

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