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Salvaging an outpost from brain worms

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I'm glad everyone is getting into it. I like the posts so far. I think we'll have a wonderful time.

After Lilja posts, I will post again and we will begin the order anew, punctually. I actually hadn't anticipated people posting so fast that it's on the same day. So I should amend the rules - I figure everyone probably knew this, but nothing lost in clarity.

You have one day from the previous person's post/skip declaration to post/skip - regardless of whether the previous person posted on their day, or a day early. Just keeping things moving quick.

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2 hours ago, supernal said:

Awesome. I didn't read it at the time, just saw you posted. I did read it now and ttly got that, and neat drama too! But this line gives me pause: "How or why a woman like her would be invited to a group like Justice was something the Madame had trouble understanding"

Because it's like, if it's that much of a stretch maybe Justice wouldn't reach out, and risk the operation by having a cartel member in the ranks

But if you're sure that it won't be an issue (i.e. the reason can't be that Justice is sloppy, dumb or blind to the obvious) then proceed! That was a great round of posts from everyone 

Now that you mentioned it. But I think the Mistress adressed it too, when she said,  "I remember Izral. And there was Tormo. That was the most help I could give to Jericho. That was before Dredge broke me." so the Mistress only did two tasks for Justice before Dredge came and destroyed the cartel forcing them to his side. 😁

Also, it is only 'cartel' in name, but in their org page, they are described as "a mercenary company who called their group a 'cartel' not knowing how inappropriate is because it sounded cool." 😂

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