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Genesaris Material List

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Genesaris has many materials scattered across and underneath its surface, found in the wild and shops. Although such materials such as redwood, ebony, carbon steel, and other are common, there are materials that belong solely to the Genesaris region. These vary in usefulness and magical properties.

Below is a detailed list of the continent’s more unique materials and where to find them. If you would like a material specific to your region added to the list, please PM me.

Genesaris Material List (condensed)


  1. Government: Government regulated and inaccessible to regular player characters unless part of the military or completing a government-related thread.

    1. New - Player characters can steal Government items so long as each active character rolls for damage on the Narrative Damage System.

    2. New - Any transports or storage would be accompanied by military trained personnel and any heist, caper, bribe, etc. should reflect the difficulty appropriately.

  2. Black Market: Regulated, rare or illegal items. Come at a higher price, which is 1.5x the activity.

  3. Standard: Can be bought, stolen, mined or otherwise acquired through roleplay.

Pricing Table

Rather than trying to fix a price on a per ounce basis, I've suggested a price range to myself and give the player a price depending on what they want to do. So, tell me what it is you want and what you want it made of, and I'll try and give you a fair price. Someone that wants to use a material for decoration and another that wants to use it for defense would pay for a different grade, or weight, or type of material and this is the easiest way for me to account for all those things on a case-by-case basis.

Materials can also be acquired through roleplay. There is a required amount of posts to be able to obtain a certain amount of raw material or comparable item made of a certain material. The amount rises with each rise in classification. The count is for the thread and not for individual players.


***Can be part of an unrelated thread

Trinket: D-class (1 post). Consumable items, such as potions and scrolls that can rear a temporary magical effect and is not reusable.

Object: C-class (5 posts). Items such as amulets, rings, and necklaces with larger or more heavily enchanted pendants. Reusable but limited in frequency.

***Requires separate thread

Weapon: B-class (15 posts). Anything that can be used offensively from a sword to a spear to a club or metal knuckles or a grenade.

Armor: A-class (30 posts). Anything that constitutes a physical defense, from a shield to partial to full plating or headgear.

Oversized: S-class (60+ posts). Threads which meet this criterion can exceed customary limits of materials to create large items which are a mix of multiple materials. Canonization should be done in-thread for the materials as they are acquired and the final objective should be cleared with King before starting the thread.


Methods of Acquisition

Through roleplay. Materials can be bought, stolen or mined depending on their category. This roleplay can involve other people, as long as you're willing to split the loot or they're willing to give up their share, and can also be part of the reward for completing a Genesaris based quest. Any standard metal with the exception of those used for money (gold, silver, and platinum) is free to access. Metals and materials like lead, steel, copper, iron, titanium, etc, are freely accessible. Those listed below are special materials and metals. Canonization required for tracking purposes.

Bloodstone: A stone that varies in red shades, from a deep blood-red to an almost neon crimson. Almost never found in any natural environments, it is actually summoned like a creature. Used to carve prophecies and as components of hexes, curses, and magical torture devices.

Status: Standard

Location: Summoned

Elemental Stones: The five types of elemental stones are earth, fire, water, air, and lightning. These stones are usually cut and set into the handles or even the blades of weapons, granting them the elemental power(s) of the chosen stones. These stones are often found across the land after magestorms have swept over Genesaris.

Status: Standard

Location: Anywhere in Genesaris.

Celuro: Extremely fine silk, often a clear, translucent color. Merchants are fond of weaving fanciful tales of mythical beasts forming such a rare material; in reality, celuro is created by specially-bred silkworms in the East.

Status: Standard

Location: Arcane East.

Exalta Crystal: High-energy crystals mined from the earth. Usually used to power airships or transformed into airship projectiles, they are occasionally used to form handheld weapons, though their unstable nature presents a danger.

Status: Government

Location: Anywhere in Genesaris.

Exaltis Crysalis: An artificially-created variation of the Exalta crystal, in which it is compressed and concentrated to unnaturally high degrees. Most often used for boosters in airship engines or powerful explosives.

Status: Standard

Location: Anywhere in Genesaris

Blackstone Carbon: Another natural metal found in the hearts of inhospitable forests. This steel is black with the texture of granite. Although even more powerful than Salerian, the Blackstone is said to curse its owner, granting positions of power and authority along with paranoia and insanity.

Author’s Note: Blackstone Carbon items are all cursed. Speak with me for details.

Status: Black Market

Location: Abyssal Enclave

Dragonscale: Due to the nature of more amicable dragons in Genesaris, dragonscale is taboo. However, it is still valuable, especially if taken “legally” (from dragons already dead). It is lighter than leather, diamond-hard, and often a multitude of colors.

Status: Government

Location: Unknown

Godsprings: Water taken from the sacred godsprings, usually found in sacred woods or deep underground wells, hold powerful healing properties. Dirt and infections never taint these waters; they remain as clear and fresh as the day they were created. Can be drunk for internal wounds or poured over external injuries. Godsprings vary in power; some are strong enough to heal only minor wounds, while others can return a person near death.

Status: Government

Location: Unknown

Korenia Root: A plant grown exclusively in the west, it is a popular sleep aid, putting just about anyone and anything into a deep, dreamless sleep. It however highly addictive, even after just one dose. Withdrawals include a string of sleepless nights, dizziness, shaking, nausea, and in some cases seizures.

Status: Standard

Location: Dense forests.

Mokume-gane: A steel similar to Damascus but with a more golden sheen, mokume is often used for the hilts of high-quality weapons. It is softer than Damascus but tough enough to endure hard impacts and rough treatment.

Status: Standard

Location: The Rising Rest

Salerian Steel: The rarest natural metal in Genesaris is often found deep in the earth, and most commonly in the Cold Mountains. This glassy, chrome-colored steel is not only hard to come by but hard to forge; however, weapons made from Salerian steel sells high. It is ideal for weapons made to withstand or even channel magic.

Status: Government (Carmine Dominion)

Location: The Arcane East

Silver Amber: Comes from the sap of the rare Silvine Trees in the Midlands. When light shines on it, its looks like regular amber; when light shines behind it, it appears a striking silver color. Said to grant lifelong fortune, beauty, and health.

Status: Standard

Location: The Midlands

Stryderian Scale: A special kind of hide can be skinned from dead Stryders, shadowy creatures encountered in forests throughout Genesaris. Flexible and thin, these hides blend perfectly into darkness, making it an ideal accessory for assassins.

Status: Standard

Location: Dense forests

Triastine: The metal that airships are usually made of. Capable of withstanding high speeds and hard impacts, triastine is easy to mold but incredibly hard to break. It is identified by the unusual green tint it has to its otherwise dismal gray color and typically found in the Cold Mountains and Mt. Fulgur. It is said the greener it is, the higher-quality it must be.

Status: Government (Carmine Dominion & Imperial South)

Location: The Arcane East, The Southern Swell

Valsse Wood: The best possible wood to make staffs and bows out of. Hard as ebony and not nearly so fragile as regular wood, valsse is remarkably beautiful to look upon with its deep red color and curving patterns. Usually complimented with mokume-gane and chased with gold to enhance its natural elegance.

Status: Standard

Location: Dense forests

Runestone: Magically-rich ore mined exclusively from the Cold Mountains. Their sheer level of magical saturation makes them perfect for rune-based magic and weaponry. The Carmine Dominion is currently the largest purveyor or runestone.

Status: Standard

Location: The Cold Mountains

Godsblood: A rare material formed from the blood of Genesar deities. When a member of the pantheon’s blood is spilled in the prime material plane, it begins to harden and crystallize. This material can be used to create some of the most powerful sets fo armor or weapons in all of Genesaris.

Status: --

Location: Unknown

Litianium: A luminescent alloy that has both properties of a crystalline and metallic atom structure, it is a lightweight and sturdy material from the far reaches of space. It is created by obtaining its crystalline base ore and smelting the liquefied into a titanium mixture. This unique material is far superior to standard titanium, being able to retain large quantities of energy with low natural energy decay. Material  created by the resulting metal may only be shaped during this state as the metal itself is nigh impossible to melt again. Litanium may be recharged endlessly, making it a very eco-friendly energy source. While it is a sturdy metal sound based attacks could in theory shatter the crystalline structure rendering the item useless.

Status: Standard

Location: Genesaris


Credit: Supernal for the formation and acquisition information.
Credit: The North Wind for Litianium.

Edited by King

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