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Invasions of Privacy (IC)

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"The fate of the doom station of old remained a mystery as its construction had halted over a year ago."

"yet in light of new advancements and new ideas the secret service branch of the government of Lexdord came up with an idea

a GRAND idea.

"We are to believe that inorder to survive in an ever disordering world we need to have an ever strengthening security force both technologicaly and magically but mostly techology speaking" 

A speech from the king Himself just over a week ago to both respark the station and to provide a more powerful security system not just for lexdord but even its surrounding neighbors would be safe wether they know it or not They will always be under watch........


The idea was to convert the station into a security hub and replace its outdated tech with new and powerful computers which will when in operations begin its quest to survey the entire nation and more........

yet it wasnt exactly automatic as it still needed people to over look the comupters, manage security teams, hire spys, take down unwanted organizations, and eventully know every thing about everyone.....


except those secret projects of Lexdord's course, the computer would be preprogrammed to mark those as nothing, no markings....no problems due to the other hundreads of nothing tags that would be present diplaying that nothing special was going on there, this is to ensure that in the case of an invasion the new holder of this station never finds out about the projects.

Down below the heaven gate that would send the first crew to the station began to open......

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Clive stared at the gate with a weary, bored expression that seemed to denote that he was staring through it and at something else. Something in the back of his mind was yelling that this was a bad idea and that he was biting off more than he could chew, but these thoughts evaded his mind like an arrow gone astray by a heavy gust of wind. He was holding a small, metal canteen in his hand and it was nearly empty, only a few ounces of alcohol left sloshing around inside. Part of him wanted to drink it, but another part of him wanted to leave it for fear of not having the option to drink it later. It was the last of the Gold Bite he'd bought a few hours ago and he wanted to savor it before opening one of the other bottles of whiskey stored in the satchel slung across his right shoulder.

Besides the whiskey, the satchel held the basic essentials. A bed roll, some snacks, bottled water (that he never drank), an extra set of clothing, money, a lighter, a compass, and a few maps of terrenus. He wore a brown jacket over his blue, long-sleeve T-shirt, a few dried specks of blood on his collar from a fight he'd gotten in the day prior. Well, it wasn't really a fight. He ran up a bar-tab he couldn't pay and the 7-foot tall barkeep that ran the place punched him and threw him out. If you looked at his face, you could still see the split skin on his nose where it broke like a toothpick. Luckily he wore his stetson just low enough so that you couldn't see it from a distance.

"Gotta find cheaper bars." he mumbled to himself as he rested a hand on the handle of the revolver in the holster at his side. He rubbed his thumb across it nervously, not too happy about stepping into this weird thing they called the "Heaven Gate". Clive was orphaned in a simple town where everyone lived off the land. Folks that used magic or built crazy machines usually left before he got a chance to see what they were all about, so he never got used to things like this. He usually didn't need to since there weren't many problems he couldn't solve with a quick wit and some good aim. Witch? Mage? Demi-god? Mad scientist? Cyborg? War Android? They all seemed pretty complicated when trying to kill him, but never too complicated for a bullet. Especially one from his gun.

He kept thinking that as he went over the briefings he'd gotten in his head. If he could recall correctly, no one had been up into this space station for years. For all he knew, he could step through this gate and immediately suffocate due a breach in the hull of the ship. Or would his head explode from the sudden vacuum? He wasn't sure. He'd never been in space before. Most of the stuff he knew about it came from things he'd seen on TV, and most of that was centered around horror stories.

"Alright." he sighed gruffly before downing the last of the whiskey in his canteen, figuring this might be his last chance. "Might as well get this over with."

He looked side to side for anyone else that might've taken the job, wondering if he'd arrived early. Maybe he could get them to step through first.


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Tedimius Caedirii, commonly known as Black Teddy, stared at the wide open gate with the weird man swerving his head back and forth. She was a step behind. A few steps away from the gate. A few steps away from becoming a voyeur.

She was interested in the job. Imagine getting paid for sitting around and peeping at other people. Sounds like a stellar line of work. Well, one can argue it was for the sake of national security but that doesn't make it sound any better.

She had no idea why Middy wanted her to work in the station. Ana would be the better applicant. With all that low gravity, the fatty would be overflowed with joy that she would not be heavily burdened with her bulk.

Khaki and Sera too are good candidates. One has a supercomputer for a brain and the other has a talent for electronics.

All Teddy has is patience. The patient to sit in a corner and watch. Such a simple skill but one that suit her well.

Was it a breach of privacy? Teddy could not help but wonder. The idea that the governnent is watching everything you do scared her. Like a lot. There's no telling what they might see if one is not careful enough. Still she would need to try.

With a haughty smile on her face, she would approach the man and speak, "Oh my, you look lost. Do you need an adult?'

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A soilder came up to give the current new security cadets who were basicly going to stare at a screen and keep track of people of various locations. On the other side of the gate they would be met with ether the rest of the crew who had already set up or with the scientific director before meeting up with the true director, who only went by the name 'Chow mung'

"well dont you two seem like a lovely couple, but ehh not really , at the same time though its nice to see new faces every now and then the air is nice and a bit cold but netherless...its fine" Rotwell had welcomed them with that.

The two new folk would walk in likely curious of the decor styles of fire shape wooden designs plastered within several of the offices.

"Oh and dont mind about the heavens gate its location will change soon to a more secure location we just had it out because its much more secure if new peope didnt see the inside of the security hq dont you think?" He said as the end of the hall came into view along with a small window pointing towards Valucre in a manner that everything from northern Oo'xora and beyond was visable clearly.


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Clive cocked an eyebrow at the comment, turning his head around slowly to see who had spoken. In front of him stood a slender woman with short, blue hair and eyes to match. Her facial features were sharp and strict, making Clive wonder if the carpet matched the drapes. She was covered in roman tattoos as well, giving her the appearance of some voodoo priestess or a woman that had spent way too many years in jail. Or she was an assassin and each tattoo marked a life she'd taken. Clive had met people like that. They were usually very self-absorbed and completely unaware that the world was bigger than them. Her being dressed in all black didn't help alleviate this notion. He turned to her, one hand on his holstered Peacemaker as he put his empty canteen in his pocket with the other. As he looked at the tattoo running from her eye and down her cheek, he couldn't help but think she looked familiar.

"No, ma'am." said Clive with an easy smile and a slow shake of his head. "Least, I don't believe I am. You don't uh....look like one of the office jockeys round' here. You here for the job too?"

The director came over to them and, after making a crude joke about them being a nice couple, welcomed them to the establishment. The more Clive looked around at the fiery decorations on the walls, the more he got the feeling that he was getting into some deep mud. Big places like this, while they often paid well, didn't usually take too kindly to deserters or generally undevoted people. He could remember several times he'd worked for a secluded corporation and wound up with bounties on his head after refusing to go through with the job. Thankfully he never stayed in one spot for too long, making pursuers lose track of him. Anyone that did find him wound up unable to report their findings due to mortal wounds through the head, but he was hesitant to piss off another corporation.

The director told him not to worry about the 'Heaven's Gate', but worrying was more than partly responsible for him not being dead, so he'd stop worrying when he was dead. As they made their way down the hallway, they eventually reached a small window that gave them a wonderful and revealing view of the lands before them. 

"Well, would'ya lookit' that." said Clive as he took in the view. "Be hard to get bored if we get to sit next to a window like this. In fact, I bet an angry old Emperor would kill for a view like this in his old age." said Clive as he looked over to Teddy. "Ain't that right, Ms. Teddy?"

Clive had been around the block in Terrenus quite a few times, so it wasn't long before he fingered the woman with him. She was rather famous in the mercenary underworld, the Black Spear Cartel being a well known group in just about any land he'd gone to. He didn't much care for them because they often took high paying jobs before he even knew they existed, but he tried his best to stay out of their way to avoid getting on their leader's bad side. Old man Suzy was mean as hell, and Clive didn't want to get on his bad side by jacking up his money flow. But, now that he was working with one of his underlings, he couldn't pass up the chance to speak with her. Or maybe it was the liquor talking since he well knew that it was dumb to reveal a card to another player, but he'd already gone and said what he wanted.

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"No, ma'am." said Clive with an easy smile and a slow shake of his head. "Least, I don't believe I am. You don't uh....look like one of the office jockeys round' here. You here for the job too?"

Teddy arched a brow at the man's question. Does she look like a simple office jockey? Well, she can't blame the man. Even Teddy looked better than the Mistress. Yes, the Mistress is too bland, too plain-faced that she has no remarkable features. Teddy was about to snark back some witty retort but the director has other plans. Jokes aside this director is too trusting. While Teddy was never blatant about her adventures but their company has built up quite the bad cred. She wouldn't be surprised if the director turned her application down right on the spot.

Seeing that she's still here, Teddy was relieved. The director was kind enough to let a mercenary like her inside the gate. But they should not worry as Teddy is only here to earn money and not for anything nasty. Contrary to popular belief, the cartel were never that big on the criminal scale. The Black Head simply made a lot of rash decisions and it sent the cartel into its grave. But the succeeding Black Head is doing her best to clear the cartel's name. Which might take a while since Teddy's boss was too busy sleeping with crime bosses and having slumber parties with cult leaders. The last gossip Teddy heard was the Mistress hooking up with a peacekeeper Michael's lover. How scandalous.

As the director lead them into the office and ultimately stopping in the rather small window, Teddy gasped at the scene. All these is so visible to her that if the Mistress was her, the woman would have exploded in sheer ecstasy. The things her boss can do with all this information. Thankfully, Teddy was not on cartel duty, nor will she ever take a job that will endanger her easy life here. It was always her dream to sit down and stare blankly into space for hours and get paid for it.

"Well, would'ya lookit' that." said Clive as he took in the view. "Be hard to get bored if we get to sit next to a window like this. In fact, I bet an angry old Emperor would kill for a view like this in his old age." said Clive as he looked over to Teddy. "Ain't that right, Ms. Teddy?"

Clive's words brought Teddy back to reality. Teddy simply shrug at the man in response. "It seems my reputation precedes me. But don't be alarmed. There is more to us than what the public knows. Plus I'm on extended vacation from the cartel. So, well met...um," she paused as she realized she had no idea who this man is, "Sorry, I fear I may have missed your name. if you don't mind telling me?"

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Clive chuckled and smiled at Teddy.

"It seems my reputation doesn't precede me." he said as he held out a his right hand, his left still resting on his peacekeeper. "I reckon that's a good thing though. Name's Clive. Clive Mcteague."

Clive always tried his best to be low-profile since there were so many people that wanted to end his life and no one in his corner, but he figured the least he could do for calling her out by name was to give her his. It wasn't a well known name to the masses since he barely gave his name out to anyone. You might think it was because he was trying to be smart, but chances are it was just because he was too drunk most of the time to remember it. The only people that knew his name were either dead, out for his blood, or old acquaintances that now wished he was dead or rotting in a cell. 

The criminal underworld knew him very well though, and Clive was only a little relieved to hear from Teddy that most of the publicity surrounding her gang was false. She could have just been lying. In fact, she could've just been there as the result of a dirty deal her gang made with a criminal. Maybe that deal involved his head being brought to said criminal for a large sum of money. It wouldn't be the first time it had happened. But alas, the buzz from the liquor he'd drank numbed down the concern until it wasn't one. Worst case scenario was that he'd die or another article would turn up in the weekly news about more random genocide and even more people would want him gone.

He didn't particularly care which one happened. He didn't like bloodshed and constantly fought the urge to take pride or pleasure in taking lives. Some nights he thought about adding his own life to the mass grave he'd created, but he could never get up the guts. If he died defending himself, it'd save him the trouble and do him the final favor. And if he didn't die and wound up killing some more, oh well. He'd live to pay for it another day. It was a wheel of anguish that he'd taken to 'lubricating' as often as he could, and it'd be easy to smell it on his breath.


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---Administration, Directors private offices.

Rotwell had questions burning in his mind even though he was asked specificly not to ask questions by the king himself. Even though he wondered why he decided to bring in these types of people, sure we may strike gold and get someone extremely special but still, pretty risky as those basic profiles dont usally tell much and yet he wanted to know less yet wondered if it was possible to fuck a dragon.  Certainly it seemed the man did belive it was possible, more so about him mysterious disappearances happened around him as dead bodies took their place. Rotwell gleamed a smile, but there seemed to be a bit of 'opportunity' in it. He called the king to report

"I think we found our Espionage unit, it may be soon that he is deployed, but you knew that didn't you? Tell me....have you got spies already in place m'lord or are you just phycic?.

"Rotwell Obvious I have spies how else would I have ended up with the perfect genocide unit, and from what I hear hes got lots of enemies so theres less of a reason of him dilling dalling"


I also read up on the woman is she part of some sort of Syndate?

"Yes, but theres reason to belive that she may be on break from the Cartel as its called and didn't  I say ask no questions?"

"You are phycic aren't you?" A bit trying to make fun of him

"You just haven't been paying attention like I have, theres alot you can get out of a conversation"

feeling a bit accomplished with himself.

"Rotwell I have to ask of you something of grave importaince"

"Yes m'lord" as he payed attention with all his might.

"You need to put up those new sattlights we need to know where our potential enemies may soon lay, and we'll surely be sending that new unit off to assasinate certain importaint people. But those are a top priority especially the O.Detector"

"We still need about a week, things are still being set up here and the launch pad wont be ready for a few." Then the transmission ended as the stress began to seep into his mind "how do I speed up this proccess?" 



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