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The Cothic Church and the Course of Honors

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The Cothic Church

The Cothic Church, also called The New Religion or sometimes the Church of the Green Fire God, is a Terran breakaway sect of Gaianism focused on the worship of a new deity who manifests in sacred green fire. 

This deity, as of yet unnamed, vaulted itself into public prominence during the catastrophic Terran Civil War by containing a Gaian priest, Constans, in a miraculous, towering vortex of green fire and subjecting him to hours of prophetic revelations (while nearly obliterating the Gaian Church he resided in).

This miracle, symbolic of the new god’s awesome power, immediately attracted the attention of curious onlookers near and far. Upon investigation, these scared folk found a serene Constans waiting to accept them. He preached of his visions to any who would hear them, telling of a new god and a new world, one where the profligate and inconstant governments of men would be replaced by an eternal kingdom of god— and not in some illusory afterlife but here, now.

The new god, he explained, entreated all men to be equals united by a common understanding that mankind’s weaknesses could only be tempered by piety to a truly divine overlord, an unlimited god whose steady hand could guarentee an end to the perils inherent in mortal rulers. Bowing to this god, and seeing his power again and again through his chosen conduit Constans, the people who had gathered around the ruined church, the site of Constans’ holy revelation, began to feverishly construct their promised kingdom. 

Church on the Hill, which was colloquially called Coth, grew from a collection of tents into a proper village with alarming speed. Under Constans’ inspired guidance the village grew into a town and, because the citizenry of this town was made almost exclusively of crafters and farmers and laborers, it became relatively self sustaining within a season. 

And so the Cothic Church was born. Where it will go is not difficult to imagine. The dogma of the new god demands restitution from the great cities of Terrenus, bulging as they are with the stolen prosperity of the common folk. The god demands the crowns of their kings and nobles submitted to him, and has decreed that no mortal authority is legitimate unless it bends its knee before his altar. 

There can be only one course for this new religion. Like the fire that immolates and renews the fields of grain, the faith must rid Terrenus of its decaying institutions before the kingdom of god can be made real. Claiming a great swathe of Terrenus’s heartland, Constans and his church are poised to expand rapidly with a message that appeals to the vast hordes of under-served common folk. It is a message of liberation from a world that is so willing to take from them, but is never willing to give.

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The Course of Honorable Offices


At the core of the church is a covenant with the new god, to obey his will as expressed by his chosen representatives. Regardless of birth or circumstance, those who are favored by god and heed his call for justice can progress through a classical and civilized series of moral positions. At each honorific office, a Cothite is empowered by god to carry out certain responsibilities. Officers traveling along this Honorable Course stand above lesser men, and are considered citizens. Between those traveling the Course, certain rules of decorum apply:

I. An officer swears his life, liberty, property, and destiny to god 

II. No officer may kill their fellow officer.

To apply for any rank, you need only message @Vansin and link to your qualifications for any office.

"The Course of Honors"

I. Cothite Citizen
[Requirement: 10 posts in any faith-related thread]
[Your character may claim the protection of the Patriarch*]
[Your character's eyes may change color, to green]

@Opaquely Translucent


II. Questor
[Requirement: 30 posts in any faith-related thread]
[Your character may be called to govern a village or town]
[Your character may autonomously hold official religious feasts, celebrations, and contests]
[Your character's signature on written agreements is divinely bound, contact @Vansin 
if a party breaks such a signed written agreement]

@Better Than Gore
@Spooky Mittens


III. Praetor
[Requirement: Establish a canon village or town on Cothic Land** 
OR Hold 3 successful*** feasts, celebrations, or contests]
[Your character may dispense divinely bound justice on behalf of/against any Cothite Citizen or Questor
if a party violates any such ruling, contact @Vansin]

IV. Consul
[Requirement: Chosen from Praetors, 2 per year, by the Patriarch]
[Your character must submit a plan for the direction of Cothic civil and military society to the Patriarch by February 1st of the year]
[Your character may petition for divine intervention from god, contact @Vansin with the details of any such petition]


V. Fidei Lena

[Requirement: Must be inducted by current Fidei Lena in good standing]
[Your character's signature on written agreements is divinely bound, contact @Vansin if a party breaks such a signed written agreement]
[Your character may petition for divine intervention from god, contact 
@Vansin with the details of any such petition]

@Witches Brew



*a citizen can choose to be judged by a local questor for any crime committed within Cothite territory, and can appeal any decision to a praetor, consul and then the Patriarch himself 
**it is not enough to merely write up a village, you must also prove your location's activity
*** a successful event must contain at least 2 other player participants



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