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Claiming the Furthest Point

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With the money Challara made from the Euphoria club job, she went straight back up to Norkotia to obtain more petrogel-propelled 7.52 x 51 mm rounds for her M60. During the time most other people were almost to the staging area by the wagon, the purple drow was arguing to get her six metal ammo boxes on the wagon as well. The main points she put forward are that her machine gun chews through ammo, but is necessary for the combat either on the trip or when they get to the outpost, and that everybody will benefit from the grenades. It took an hour, but she got them on.

Challara Arabett is an otherworlder, a purple drow an inch shy of six feet tall, currently wearing her old Copper Valley Militia Battle Dress Uniform. the Copper Valley flag and her unit insignia are still on the sleeves, not that anybody here would recognize them. Also, she's wearing a full modern armor system, including a Modular Tactical Vest with XSAPI plates, an Advanced Combat Helmet that her black hair is tucked up into, a yellow-tinted pair of combat glasses (non-perscription), and enough pouches to hold Norkotian custom-made ammunition for her M60 belt-fed machine gun, the Mossberg 590 holstered on her thigh, and the Jericho 941 holstered up higher.

The way Challara learned about this job isn't important, nor she believes is socializing with the other combatants. All that matters is completing the mission, whether or not she needs to use the whopping three spells she knows or not.

((Top Right, since I didn't think there yet))

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