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Claiming the Furthest Point

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Just as Dan thought he was going to die of boredom, a giant lamia looking thing of doom appeared. Dan started to move to attack, but found something preventing him from doing so. It was weird, he was fully capable of attacking, he knew he was. But for some reason, he got the feeling that if he attacked, he wouldn't be able to dodge an attack afterward. This was a completely alien feeling to him; normally he would be able to do both with casual ease, but this time he just... knew. Knew that if he attacked, he would undoubtedly get hit by the creatures next attack.

Aaah, Dice System Combat. When your rolls come up bad, you're forced into scenarios that make absolutely no logical sense for your characters abilities.

The hell are you talking about? We aren't playing Dungeons and Dragons here.

Oh if you only knew.

Dan ignored Genipperteinga's rambling on, and focused instead on the monster. If he couldn't attack, he would dodge. He may not be able to deal damage, but at least he wouldn't take any damage either.

D:12 roll- 3 or 4, I don't remember, makes no difference which anyway.

Action: Evade. Negate 1 incoming damage.

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"So..." Sera drawled after a series of alcohol-induced burps, "Should we do something about that scaly shit that appeared out of nowhere?"

"Wha-what?' Khaki replied, stammering. Her eyes are already blurry and the culprit for their current condition are sprawled all around these two idiots Yes, while the other warriors were risking their lives protecting their objectives, these two dumbasses are drinking themselves to death. So much for their so-called 'professionalism'.

Producing another flask from her coat, Khaki chugged the whole thing down before regarding the scaly newcomer with blurry eyes. "Eh..-hic- that scaly thingie is probably coming our -hic-way?"

"Well shit," Sera spat. If there's something that's disturbing with this situation is that there's not enough booze for the both of them. "Khaki, see if that thing would taste good, to pair with our drinks..."

"Oh -hic- no. No Sera, I think that's a -hic- monster?"

"A mo-monster?"

"Yeah -hic- probably. Aren't we paid to kill them -hic- beasts?"

"Eh fuck that! I'm going back for more booze." With that Sera tried to crawl away from the monster, supposedly in the opposite direction.

"Ca-careful Sera -hic-" Khaki hollered back, "There might -hic- be more creepy crawlies back there -hic-."

Sera rolls a 3.

Action: Evade damage

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// Bottom Left: @Fierach @Garion @EpicRome23 @sorainvoked @AthenasFire @Metty//

“Quick… Where’s that battery?”

Vlad shoved his hand inside the pocket in search for a spare pistol magazine. Meanwhile his eyes were fixed on the horde of tiny creatures roaming toward the nearly-abandoned wagon. A familiar sense of guilt, combined with embarrassment for being shown as a trigger-happy idiot, had overwhelmed him. Without unnecessary chit-chat he plunged a new magazine into the chamber and prepared morally to cross the convoy lane again – he contributed enough for neighbors’ safety; now it was time to help Soryn and c-


A sudden shockwave followed by earth-splitting crash had knocked down Vlad before he could make any steps away from the bottom left wagon. Keeping oneself in prone position and being an alluring snack for the insects was out of question. Vlad quickly stood up and instinctively turned toward the source of rumble…

Oh, if only the young Patian engineer resisted his instincts and ran away! Oh, if only he was short-sighted! But alas, he had witnessed - with all of gosh-darned clarity - a massive, writhing mass that rose above the convoy. It was two stories… no-no-no, three stories tall, it harnessed three pairs of massive claws and that vile massive jaw.

“Oh, sweet Mother Gaia’s --- YEAGGGGH!

One of the claws just jabbed Vlad’s body, cutting through his jacket with no problem. And yet, he managed to keep himself onto his feet. Vlad automatically covered the injured part with his left palm, while keeping the grip onto the gun in the right palm as tight as possible. He felt his blood seeping through his fingers – although not as intense as he might expect.

“It’s… just a scratch.” – he whispered through his teeth. – “Just… a scratch.”

Without a second thought, he rushed through the wall of terrified and confused defenders. He did not care where to – just to be as far from this abomination as possible…


=== Vlad Nassar ===

Bottom Left | Slighly Injured / Terrified (Non-combat)

HP: █ █ █ █  | 4/5
AP:  █ █     | 3/3 (Rolled 12, I S$%! YOU NOT!)


- Knocked Down               | Cannot attack/move         Removed


- Stand Up                   | Remove Knocked Down status | 1 AP
- Move To Adj. Quadrant      | Bottom Right               | 1 AP

// Bottom Right: @Dolor Aeternum @Moon Owl//

Vlad's escape route had led him to the wagon protected only by a group of well-armed men and a reporter. The female sorcerer was not seen around - perhaps she was dealing with the discord just ahead of them. As expected, the least protected part of the convoy was already swarmed by those otherworldly insect creatures. Yet, in Vlad's mind, there were a much lesser evil than the cyclopian monster just to the left of them.

The engineer swiftly crossed the field and got himself close to Soryn, who had to deal with the swarm with his sword alone. He shouted to him: "Hey, guess you could use some help there!" Then he attempted to kick away a few monsters who got too close to wagon. Much to Vlad's surprise, they were light enough to take quite a flight (and become provoked, obviously). Having got a full grasp onto his nerves, the engineer stood side by side with the reporter.

"Just off the record..." - Vlad spoke to him. - "I assume this isn't the first time you make reports in such hellish conditions, is it?"


=== Vlad Nassar ===

Bottom Right | Slightly Injured / Shaken (Non-combat)

HP: █ █ █ █  | 4/5
AP:        | 1/3 (Rolled 12, 2 AP spent)


- Push Back   | Chhitten Pack A, 1 step away | 1 AP
 └───── Rolling D3 for success check...
                     Rolled 3               

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


- Recovered from Knock Down
Moved from Bottom Left quadrant to Bottom Right
- Successfully pushed back Chhitten Pack A 1 step away from wagon

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Top Left:  

Naoh watched as the creature he had fired at fell from his help, only for things to go off the rails as people started betraying others, or rather, imposter like creatures began to rain their terror and confusion upon the others of that side.  TO see those creatures fall, only to see this happen, Noah couldn't help but sigh with disbelief.  "Seriously?  All that effort, and that just....what?!"

Of course, before he was finished, a massive creature appeared to also bring forth its attacks, and Noah made no effort to conceal the fact he was smug about how he was right.  Of course, it was mostly just a look on his eyes and face, but still.  It was a good thing they did not move.  ALso, this thing was clearly dangerous, so it was time to focus.  Of course, its appearance sent out a shockwave that ended up knocking him down.  He quickly got back up, and had his rifles return to sword mode.  At the same time, he raised them up...and a storm began to appear overhead.  Lightning came and struck the blades, and then Noah slashed at the monster.  The bolts of lightning that were heading towards the swords arced with the slash, and flew right into the creature.

And then, Noah turned into lightning itself, striking the creature with that lightning and passing along the body, appearing on the other side.  And then, he landed, sliding on the ground with his feet until he stopped, and bolted back under the creature, unleashing a variety of lighting infused slashes on the under side and inflicting all sorts of damage.  And as this happen, the lightning formed from above struck down and hit it, causing a variety of damage.

Of course, it was a large creature, so it wasn't quite enough yet to take it down, but it did the job well enough.  Noah had moved like a furious storm though.  Of course, some of it was just simple flashiness, and Noah was not sure what was a vital point on this creature, so he could only hope he hit some vital things.


3 Actions:  Used 1 to get up, Used 2 to attack Chitten Magus for 2 Damage.  


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The Saevion were felled, and for the briefest moment, it seemed that the fight was dwindling, that all was left was to squash some Chhitten and earn a bit of respite. Of course, as if in response to that thought, there was some commotion in the upper-right quadrant, where Murray's squad had rode off to. Gormaric shook his head slightly. Whatever it was, they deserved it for riding off to fight a battle that had already been won, instead of holding the line here. Now, in the lower-left quadrant, there was two people left that he knew to be competent: Himself, and Azytzeen. Well, and Aryssin hadn't been useless in the fight against Remissio, so she counted for something as well. So if anything attacked here, well, it would be up to three or so people to deal with it. The ebon knight didn't even want to think about the upper-left quadrant, he had seen the people gathered there and simply looking in that direction made him despair for his continued sanity. The lower-right quadrant had been all but abandoned... and the Chhitten had gone there, as if controlled by something. Gormaric considered pursuing them for a moment, then decided that the clusterfuck that was the upper-right quadrant damn well had people to spare, and could send a sizeable force down to deal with the Chhitten. For his part, he would stay here, because if an attack came here, it would come soon, from the entity that had guided those Chhitten to the least-guarded sectio-

The ebon knight's prediction proved to be right on the money, as the ground shook all around him and a Chhitten Magnus rose to the left of the caravan. Several of the defenders there were thrown onto their backs by the earth's movement, but Gormaric's reflexes kept him steady and standing. The Magnus didn't hesitate to capitalize on its initiative, striking out at the defenders with its big, meaty claws. Gormaric knew from experience the power behind this beast's blows, and, being on-guard, was able to rotate his shield between him and the Magnus and throw more power into it. The creature's blows shattered the dark shield, but behind it, Gormaric was unharmed. Grinning beneath his helm, the ebon knight let out a whistle, the sound of which brought Eri bounding over to him. He climbed onto his wyvern's back, unsheathing Shadowfang and pointing the blade at the Chhitten Magnus. The sword seemed to vibrate in anticipation. It had tasted Chhitten Magnus flesh during the battle with Remissio, and had developed a taste of sorts for the creature.

"Eri, fly."

At the simple command, Eri took off into the air, bringing Gormaric above the Chhitten Magnus, tantalizingly out of reach of the creature's claws. Judging the situation for a few moments, the ebon knight looked around before nodding and signalling Eri into the attack. He would have liked to repeat his feat of killing a Chhitten Magnus as had during the conflict with Remissio, but the circumstances didn't allow for that. And besides, it seemed that he would be the attack from above this time. For a moment, however, his attention was diverted by the lightning storm around him. Eri let out a growl, and Gormaric muttered something under his breath before resolving to have words with the moron who had summoned it, after the Magnus was felled. The best spells against Chhitten and their larger brethren were holy spells, along with ice and cold. Lightning wasn't ineffective, sure, but it was far more likely to strike at the metallic weapons and armor of the defenders then at the Magnus itself. Accentuating his point, a lightning bolt struck Shadowfang... but the sword gathered the energy into itself before it could do anything else. Shaking his head slightly, the ebon knight returned his attention to his attack. He spun Shadowfang in his hand, releasing the electrical energy in a darkened lightning bolt that struck the creature below. Then, Eri broke into a dive toward the Magnus. At the point of impact, Gormaric thrust Shadowfang into the Chhitten Magnus, the momentum of the dive behind the blow.


(Rather like this:


Not wanting to leave himself too exposed to attack, Gormaric pulled back on Shadowfang, bringing the blade out of the creature's flesh before Eri looped around back to the initial point where she had started to dive, and began to strafe the Magnus as Gormaric watched for openings in which to strike once more. For all it had, Yh'mi didn't have too much it could do against an aerial opponent, except for the mess the skies became when one flew too high. But at the altitudes at which he flew with Eri, he would be alright, as far as he was aware. Well, there was the damned lightning storm, but Shadowfang would keep the errant bolts from striking the ebon knight from the sky. Now, all he could do was watch for the next opportunity to strike, and to amuse himself somewhat by watching how the others would react to the Magnus, and the lightning bolts flying all around.


Name: Gormaric (& Eri)

Position: Bottom left

Remaining: 5 HP

Roll: 12! (3 actions)

1-3: Death from above (Attack Chhitten Magnus x3)


Edited by EpicRome23

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While the bold reporter evaded attacks and had managed to kill a small amount of the insect like chitten that threatened his life and the future of their goals, Soryn noticed several small notifications on the display provided by Celene that only served to augment the urgency of his own defense. He began speaking even in the midst of his movement, his breathing calm and his voice firm despite the mounting odds. “Viewers, this is the threat that Yh’mi poses. The volatility and uncertainty that permeate through these lands cannot be allowed to spread any further.” The hovering cameras that had taken their place over the center of the four wagons quickly shifted to view the emergence of the Chitten Magnus, Soryn too focused on defending the wagons to truly comment but that did not prevent the viewers from getting a good view of the monstrosity protrude through the ground and elevate itself as a threat to those within that section of this group.


“A Magnus! It must be the one controlling the Chitten! Strike at its lower body! Its skin is thick, but you can get through it.”


The P.U.D. zoomed in on Fidelitas as the paladin gave instruction, storing the crucial data both for future editing and for the benefit of Soryn’s information database. “I knew it….” Chaos abounded and though the reporter was distracted with ensuring his own survival, the P.U.D. was thankfully capable of capturing most of what was occurring around its owner. The appearance of the twistlings, the revelation of the Magnus, and the relentless Chitten pack reinforced the need the Order of the White Hand had for experienced individuals to ensure their mission. It also fueled the belief Soryn had that there was a deficiency that the Order of the White Hand that could only be bolstered by outside involvement. Neither were things Soryn had the time to delve into any further at this time, the versatile reporter decidedly moving in a way that suggested he knew how to handle himself in chaotic situations as he weaved around the those still within this quadrant, checking for any threats to the wagons.


Vlad’s arrival to assist Soryn caused the man to acknowledge the engineer with a silent nod and a shift to place himself right beside the man who just assisted him by pushing several Chitten away from their position. Gripping his scimitar with a single hand, he entered a defensive stance that saw the scimitar begin glowing with a light green aura while he responded to Vlad…off the record of course. “You could say I am particularly adept at wading through danger for a good story.” The attempt at humor was evident as was the calmness he exhibited as he prepared his next actions.


Positioning himself between the chittens and the wagons as much as he could against a swarm of many creatures, he swung his scimitar horizontally in the air. The energy that had been placed on his scimitar lingered in a line in the air before compressing itself and slicing through the air toward a chitten. The energy sliced clean through the creature but it was clear Soryn was disappointed that it did not hit any more. Things were becoming increasingly dire as the true test of this group’s resolve was only beginning.


Current Buffs:

Repulsion Barrier – Small thin barrier capable of repelling minor blasts or lessening their impact. (Negate 1 dmg)

Perimeter Protection provided by Moon Owl (Negate 1 dmg) – Conditional: (will persist should any of Moon Owl’s characters decide to follow him)

Available AP: 1


Actions Taken:

1 dmg to Chitten Pack A


Edited by Dolor Aeternum

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Apparently hiding in a wagon provided no cover whatsoever, as the huge rocks that were pushed out of the way of the rising Chhitten Magnus flew past the spokes of the wheels and cut a deep gash into Aryssin's cheek. "Nut," she thought to herself, afraid that the creature had now left a scar on her. The lightning barrier that she had cast on both her and the handsome guy had now gone, having been dissipated by another onrushing chhitten. At least there was now one less to take care of, though the wagon was still in big danger of being overrun by the big daddy of a chhitten. The shockwave had threatened to knock her off her feet, but she managed to duck at the last second, allowing the wood boards of the wagon to take the brunt of the compressed air . Peeking back above the wagon side, Aryssin saw that the Chhitten Magnus was now distracted by a flying dark knight, who sent a huge crushing blow down on to the creature, his blade biting deep and tearing asunder the flesh of the enormous creature.

Deciding that it was now time for the black arrow to come into play, Aryssin plucked it out of her quiver. The black arrow shone in the light, as though eager for its owner to infuse any sort of magic into it. Kissing the tip of the arrow, Aryssin closed her eyes and recited a spell she had by now etched into her mind. The black arrow began to glow, absorbing the magic that was being poured into it, up to bursting point. She then notched it to her bow, pulled as far as she could, and looking one more time, let it fly. The arrow spirited high and far, before landing on one of the Chhitten Magnus' scythe-like arms, causing it to swell. "Bullseye", she whispered to herself, staring at the arm swell to immense proportions before exploding, spreading ichor and blood everywhere on the battlefield. Cowering back behind the wagon board, Aryssin heard a huge thud just outside, so out of curiosity she took a peek. Standing in the ground was the scythe of the arm, wedged into the ground like a thorn in Mother Gaia. Just one foot more and she would probably have been cleaved in half. Slumping back behind the wagon, Aryssin felt sick, and heaved into the wagon; this was the closest she ever was to dying and she knew she barely just escaped. "Sorry to the people who have to clean up later," she thought before steeling herself, clambering out of the wagon and rushing toward the Chhitten Magnus to press the attack.



Name: Aryssin

Position: Bottom left

Remaining: 4 HP (took a gash to the cheek)

Roll: 7 (2 actions)

Action 1 & 2: Attack Chhitten Magnus for 2 dmg 

Counterattack roll: 1 (suffers no counter)


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@Dolor Aeternum @P.N.See @Moon Owl @jaistlyn

Chhitten's segment


Chhitten Pack A

Remaining Health: 4/10

Rolled 2; (1 Action)

  • Attacked Soryn Savedo (No damage due to defense)


Chhitten Pack B

Remaining Health: 8/10

Rolled 7; (2 Actions)

  • Moved 2 steps towards Wagon D (Reached - Used 2 actions to move 2 steps)

Things changed with the arrival of the Chhitten Magnus as the monstrous arthropods now seemed to have become more coordinated - the first pack of Chhitten, their numbers already decimated would instead shift its efforts to try and take down the defenders, as the multi-limbed horrors threw themselves at Soryn, albeit to no avail as their assaults were decisively guarded against - but no matter; that was but one person, and the beasts knew that a single defender could only fend off a group of attackers from multiple directions for so long!


Meanwhile, while the first pack of Chhitten opted to go down in a blaze of glory, the remaining Chhitten pack - their numbers still largely intact - would make a race for the wagon with their spider-legged strides, closing the gap and soon putting the wagon with the reach of their claws and jaws.

Edited by Lawman

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Round 5

Top left & Bottom left

Sheryl's initial wind attack knocked the Magnus' head to the side. The attack by itself didn't serve much more than to anger the gigantic creature, but it did stun it enough for Noah to get in close to the soft underside that Fidelitas had pointed out. The Magnus roared as Noah's electrically-charged sword cut into its flesh, slicing as well as burning. The lightning that struck from above would not have caused much damage to its protective non-conductive carapace, except that Noah wasn't alone. 

Gormaric's sword acted as a lightning rod, drawing the electricity to it. The concentrated blast released from the sword was strong enough to burn a hole through the Magnus' carapace, burning the sensitive flesh beneath it. The relentless knight pressed a second attack, and the combination of Eri's speed and Gormaric's strength enabled his sword to cut deeply into a notch behind its head, spraying dark blood into the air. The Magnus reared its ugly head to snap at the wyvern and its rider as he pulled his sword out, but it missed them by an inch.

The reason was Aryssin's arrow, finding its target in one of its arms closest to the ground. There was a tremendous pressure on the joint as it swelled, and finally burst. Agonized, the Magnus let out a mighty screech that could be felt vibrating through each of the defenders' bodies, even those in the right side. The creature turned to face the lower left quadrant where the arrow was shot from. With mighty strength and speed, it whipped its tail around, smacking the offenders in the bottom right quadrant. Noah, standing right beneath the Magnus, was also knocked away by it. The force blew apart a large piece of rock, and several pieces flew towards Gormaric atop his wyvern.

 While the defenders picked themselves up after the attack, the Magnus lowered its body towards the ground, protecting its soft underside. This position strengthened its defence and reduced damage, but sacrificed speed. Like a slithering snake, the deadly serpentine creature moved closer towards the wagons.



Attack top left (d6 = 1, -1 HP to 1 character)

1. Noah @ChaosLord


Attack bottom left (d6 = 5, -1 HP to 5 characters)

1. Sheryl @Fierach

2. Azytzeen @Garion

3. Gormaric @EpicRome23

4. Arashi @Flame Hero: Endeavor

5. Aryssin @sorainvoked


Action (d12 = 3, 1 action)

1. Moved 1 step towards both top left and bottom left wagons; it is now 2 steps away from the wagons.


Changed from attack stance to defence stance - Reduces all damage by half, but no counterattacking.


Edited by jaistlyn

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Charlie would've normally rejected any and all sources of assistance outside himself due to his humongous ego, but he wanted to conserve heat. He'd need as much of it as possible if he was going to get another kill. So when Jack Murray ordered one of his men to give him medical attention, he grudgingly accepted and led the "medic" to a secluded spot by a tree where none of the women would be able to see him. The last thing he wanted was to appear weak in front of them, and although they seemed to be completely ignoring him, he didn't want to chance them glancing his way. 

He winced when he felt the medic begin his work, turning his head so as not to gross himself out. Despite the ridiculous amounts of blood and gore he'd seen in his life, he was still didn't like seeing his own. It would also send shivers down his spine to watch someone make incisions in his skin, making it appear far more painful than it actually was. As much as he hated it, he wished he could be more like Zack. Zack wasn't fazed by the sight of his own blood in the slightest. In fact, he could recall watching him chew at his own arm to slip out of some cuffs a few years back. He wasn't sure what unnerved him more. Watching him bite off chunks of his skin, or the manic, wild expression he had as he did so. He chewed at his arm as if it wasn't even his. What he did to their captor's arm once they'd escaped was even worse.

Charlie put the frightening memory out of his mind and relaxed as the sedative he'd been injected with began to set in. He could see the medics arms moving out of his peripheral, but he couldn't feel a thing. His side, no, his entire body felt numb. Was it supposed to do that? He didn't know. His head was too slushy to give it any serious thought. The world began to sway and a relaxed feeling overcame him. He didn't feel angry anymore. The pain he'd felt earlier became a distant memory, no longer plaguing his pride and making him feel like less of a man. As the medic began making deeper cuts that only added to his injuries, he wondered why he'd been so angry earlier. Was he really that sensitive to pain to the point of becoming enraged and losing all sense of self? Especially because of some mindless beast? Which he murdered gruesomely?

Why had he done that? Did that creature really deserve such a horrible and painful death? Did it deserve to die at all? What kind of life had it lived up until then? Did it have friends? Family? Ambitions? Dreams? Had he put an end to all of that? He felt his spirits drop dramatically as he considered the repercussions of what he'd done. He hated that he was feeling this way. Was this what Zack kept yelling at him about? Was this...remorse?

He barely noticed when the "medic" suddenly went nuts and started killing his own comrades. He barely noticed that the medic had done more damage to his side, making even deeper cuts than were already there. He was beginning to feel faint from the blood loss, adding to his drug induced daze. He started to feel nauseous and nearly keeled over when he stood up, his body feeling noticeably weaker. Or was he lighter? He chose to believe that he felt lighter because he now harbored less hate in his heart. He reasoned that the reason he was feeling nauseous  was because his body wasn't used to being filled with calm vibes.

Or something like that. Hippies are always talking about 'vibes' when they're high right?

He looked around him at the growing chaos and barely reacted at all, like a guy experiencing shellshock. As he watched the 'medic' straight up attack the wagon, blood seeped from his side like a fountain, eventually causing his shoes to make squishing noises whenever he took a step. The sounds of gunfire, shouts, clashing metal, raging fires, and otherworldly screeches filled the air as Charlie casually walked towards the cacophony of death, nearly tripping over a body on the way there. He looked left and right, his world getting more and more hazy the longer he tried to make sense of anything. What was once a tree now just looked like a brown, slithery, snake with a green afro. The creatures just looked like smokey machinations of evil. His comrades appeared to be warping, super thin skeletons. He could only vaguely recognize one thing.

The women.

His mouth hung agape as his legendary perversion caused his waning mind to perceive every girl within his vicinity as a glorious vixen. They were all staring at him now, smiling and waving. Charlie slowly smiled and waved back.

"HeeeEEEeeeEEeeeeyyYYyyy guuRRRrrrRRrllll." he said, his voice low and drawn out as he began to sway back and forth. As if in response, one of the women blew him a kiss that materialized into a pink, cloudy heart. Charlie waited for it to waft passed him, noting the odd feeling of relief when it did. He didn't feel like he was getting lighter anymore, as if some gaping hole in his soul had been sealed. Charlie's smile grew as he began to step towards the angelic vixen, eager to be basked in more of her vibrant kisses. He had no idea what was going on right now, and he didn't even care. 

He wanted to go over to the beautiful woman and embrace her, but when he looked down at himself to see if he was presentable, he decided he’d need to freshen up first. Although his flirting methods were horrible, he still held women on high regard. He wasn’t about to dirty this woman’s radiant skin with his blood. He wasn’t into that kind of thing despite his desire to end the lives of others.

Reaching behind him and reaching into a pouch on his back-pack, he pulled out a grenade and deftly bit off the pin. He then spat it out, closed his eyes, exhaled and focused on hand holding the explosive, remembering what he’d learned during his training sessions. It'd taken years for him to learn this, but it was worth it. He just had to be careful or he'd risk losing his arm and maybe the top portion of his body.

The grenade exploded, but there was barely any proof of it. There had only been a brief, blinding flash coming from within his hand and a brief gush of wind before he absorbed the blast into his body. He felt the intense heat rush through him like a violent tidal wave, giving him goosebumps as his blood-count increased and his wounds healed. He smiled as the relief washed over him, bringing his pain back to manageable levels.

It also burned up any foreign contaminants in his bloodstream, effectively expelling the poison from his body.

The world began to take proper shape again as his mind came down from the high. His thoughts became coherent once more, his bloodlust and anger returning. He thought about the way he’d been feeling before and started to feel sick again. His cheeks bulged with bile as he recalled feeling remorse over his most recent kill. Leaning to the side, he deposited the contents of his most recent meal onto the ground.

“W-what the hell just happened?” he asked, holding his head and wiping his mouth as he took a look around. His group seemed to be in total chaos at the moment, members of Jack Murray’s squad actually turning on each other. While he usually would’ve laughed hysterically in that situation, his mind was too preoccupied with filling the holes in his memory. He’d been letting one of Jack Murray’s medics tend to him when the world suddenly became floaty and shifty. Had he given him too much of the anesthesia? Had he done it by accident?

He received his answer when he saw the “medic” that had been helping him attacking members of his own crew. This compounded with the sight of one of Jack Murray’s squad turning into some kind of horrible creature made him realize that the group had been set upon by another enemy. Unsure of what to expect, he steeled himself and focused his gaze on the "medic".  He was firing upon the wagon with a pistol, something about his appearance feeling wrong the more he stared at him. Feeling the residual heat from the grenade, he channeled a bit of energy into his hand and slung it forward, heaving a small fireball. It was fast, but due to his haste, it didn’t hit it’s mark directly. It wouldn't have hit its mark at all had challara not hit it upside the head with the butt of her gun and dazed it. 

It exploded at the creatures feet, only scorching it’s lower leg and maybe blowing off a few chunks of skin and muscle. Painful, maybe. But not enough to severely wound it or kill it. He cursed under his breath when he realized he might have been able to land a killing blow had he taken his time and aimed a little further to the left. Although small, it still would have been strong enough to easily blow the things legs off and give him a chance to finish it off up close. Now it would be able to topple the wagon had it so chose to do so.

“S***!” he cursed, realizing this would mean less money for his troubles. He’d come into all this expecting a huge payout and had come close to dying at least twice. Just as things were looking impossible, he spotted Ed run up to the creature that had attacked challara and sling it skyward. The mercenary then followed up by shooting it in the air with a large rifle that appeared to be loaded with incendiary rounds. Or maybe not. Charlie had a lot of experience with explosions, and he couldn't understand why the creature hadn't blown to bits with the first shot. Even after three shots, the creature was still whole enough to be blown into the side of a mountain. Charlie egotistically scoffed at the man's gun, confident that he could've taken the creature out much sooner with a single, well placed fireball. What he didn't understand though, was that Yh'mi was a strange, magical place governed by its own set of laws. Or lack thereof. I don't know. I'm no expert on this place! I'm also not dead. Coincidence? I think not!

During Charlie's drug-induced episode, he'd lost his Nano-Med whilst pulling the grenade out of his backpack, accidentally flinging it out towards Challara. Had Challara taken a moment to look down by her feet, she would've noticed a silver auto-injector lying by her feet with a medical symbol on the front. Designed by Charlie's landlord/boss, within it were thousands of nano-machines programmed to repair any damage inflicted upon an organism once injected inside. The range of the injuries they could fix was phenomenal, the little machines being able to adapt in order to address any type of injury once assessed. And I do mean any. Being melted by acid? Nanomeds can create an anti-agent to combat the acid and change its composition to sooth your flesh rather than burn it. Someone gone back in time and shot you in the head as a baby? Nanomeds can distort your temporal frame and stabilize the damage done to it if injected in time, effectively ripping your deadly precursor out of your time frame, likely killing them in the process. Salty because you didn't get any kills during a match in Overwatch? Nanomeds can...well...actually no. They can't fix that. Nothing can fix that. You just suck.

All that was left now was for Challara to pick it up. She'd certainly be able to use it more efficiently than Charlie in the long run.



Charlie Smith

Top Right

HP: -----    3/5


2 Actions:  (Rolled a 10. Finally.)

+ 1 HP Heal Self 

+1 Damage to Twistling "Slasher" ( HP 4/5)



-Heat Absorbtion (Heals Charlie for +1HP)

-Nano-Med Injector (Heal someone else)  Currently up for grabs

-Flame Shift (Can be used to avoid one attack or save another from harm)

-Flashbang (Create a flaming flashbang that disorients enemies, inflicting -1 penalty for a future roll)

-Conflagration (Absorb heat to give Charlie a +1 bonus for a future roll)


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The thing that had Warren's appearance continued to fire upon the wagon until the drum on the submachinegun had run dry. One of the women in the section attempted to attack it, but it nimbly dodged away as it ditched the empty weapon and prepared to switch to other methods of attacking the wagon. But just then, a grenade landed at its feet. It attempted to dodge out of the way, but this time it was not quick enough, and the explosive went off before it could get out of range. The blast caused only minor damage, but it did succeed in blowing away the disguise. Now revealed in its true form, the creature's primitive mind became focused on one thing, and that was killing.

And the closest thing was the woman.

Shrieking and growling, the beast charged Kristall and began slashing and stabbing at her with its nasty natural weapons. All semblances of the Norkotian doctor were long gone now, replaced by only this savage beast that was out for blood. And it would have it if not stopped.


Name: Twistling 1 (Slicer) -- formerly the thing impersonating Warren

Position: Top Right

Remaining: 4HP

Roll 1: 1 damage to 1 hero (Kristall)

Roll 2: 1 (1 action)

1. Attacked wagon for 1 Damage (wagon at 1 HP)

Hunter and his cohort were riding up upon the scene, intending to try and put down their treacherous squadmate. But by the time they were nearly in range to attack, the creature had already been revealed, and was now attacking the nearby woman.

"Hold your fire, we don't want to hit a friendly!" the hunter urged.

"Right, but wha' can we do then?" his comrade inquired.

Hunter noticed the submachinegun discarded on the ground, which prompted him to dismount and snatch it up. A quick check of the chamber revealed it to be empty. However, there were blood stains on the weapon, indicating death had been near it, regardless.

"Ain't that Randall's gun?" the second Ranger asked.

"Yes. He wouldn't just live it lying around like this either. He must be dead." Hunter observed.

"Damn it!"

Hunter looked back at where Kristall was being attacked and made a determination.

"Find Randall and fetch is tags. If you can, grab his ammunition drums too, we'll need the firepower." he instructed.

"What 'bout you?"

"I'll be right here." Hunter grinned, shouldering his rifle and staring down the barrel at the skirmish a ways ahead, "Waiting for a clean shot."

His comrade nodded and rode off, quickly finding Randall's body near the tree. Grimacing at all the blood covering the dead man, he recovered the soldiers tags and ammunition, as well as his other weapons and supplies, then rode back to Hunter.

In the meantime, Hunter had remained where he was, watching over the battle, waiting for a perfect opportunity to strike. He thought he had it, and loosed a bullet at the combatants, but instead of hitting the monster, he instead hit to the woman! Lowering his rifle in frustration, Hunter turned to face his returning ally, who tossed him the two remaining drums for Randall's SMG.

"Fuckin' monster slashed his throat." the other Ranger sighed, "I got his gear though."

"Good man." Hunter nodded, putting his rifle away and locking the fresh drum into place on the SMG, albeit a bit ungracefully.

"Ya don't reckon I could have the machinegun, do ya? I mean, you're more of a rifle feller, right?" his comrade asked.

"Naw, I'm afraid I'll have to keep the gun, my friend." Hunter replied as he cocked the weapon, "But you can have a few bullets."

Suddenly he whipped the barrel of the gun to face his companion, firing a burst of shots that sent the unsuspecting man reeling off his horse. Whether he was dead or just severely wounded, it didn't matter to Hunter. He didn't need to worry about finishing off a man who was sure to bleed out anyway, no...

He needed to worry about finishing what his brothers had started.

Mounting his horse again, Hunter rode toward the wagon, opening fire with the full fury of a Jorgerson model submachinegun. All of whatever remained of the 50-round drum was poured into the wounded transport, tearing apart the axles and causing its wheels to finally give way. Sturdy though the construct had been, it had finally reached the end of its journey, and the entire vehicle collapsed into a heap of shattered lumber. Grinning now that his task was complete, Hunter, or what everyone had thought was Hunter, now turned his horse toward right rear quadrant, where the Chitten swarm had the local defenders well-distracted. Fixing the last loaded drum into the SMG, he viciously kicked his horse to drive it onward. The poor beast was pushed to the limit as Hunter raced across the distance between the two sections, opening fire once more with the machinegun as he moved into the adjacent area. With everyone's backs turned toward him as they dealt with the bug-like attackers, his approach likely went unnoticed... at least until the roar of a fully automatic firearm reached their ears.


Name: Twistling 3 (Deceiver) -- still disguised as Hunter

Position: Top Right

Remaining: 5HP

Roll 1: 1 damage to 2 heroes (Kristall, Jack Murray's Squad)

Roll 2: 11 (3 action)

1. Attacked wagon for 1 Damage (wagon destroyed)

2. Moved to Bottom Right quadrant

3. Attacked wagon for 1 Damage (wagon at 7 HP)


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Sheryl's aerial maneuvers came to an abrupt halt as the Magnus lashed out, its long serpentine tail clipping her and sending her cartwheeling through the air. With a burst of effort, the wind Knight righted herself, and halted her motion before focusing her scowl on the earthbound creature.

"Where do you think you're going?" she snapped viciously. The beautiful knightess looked positively wild now, her lengthy golden hair fluttering about her in the wind, her hood having come off with the exertions of battle. Throwing her hands out Sheryl exercised her absolute might over wind and air and brought the sky down.


All in the immediate area would feel the air around them shift, the feeling that something unnatural was about to occur. Beyond the means of most magic-wielders, through deadly power and force of will, Sheryl crushed the Magnus Chhitten. The beast would find itself suddenly slammed into the ground under an increasing weight of atmospheric pressure, squeezing it, pinning it, keeping it from closing in any further on the wagons. The attack would not kill the resilient creature by any means, but it would help give her allies enough time to lay into it and finish it off. Sweat beaded on Sheryl's noble features as she struggled to maintain the powerful spell against the strength of the monstrous creature. 


Roll for Sheryl Wainwright in Claiming the Furthest Point, D12. For round 5

Roll for Sheryl Wainwright in Claiming the Furthest Point, D3. Pushback attempt on Magnus. For round 5

Roll for Sheryl Wainwright in Claiming the Furthest Point, D3. Pushback attempt 2 on Magnus. For round 5

Bottom Left

Round 5: Post 1

Health: 4

Roll: 10 + 3 (Used +3 to future roll for Sheryl (Saved from previous rolls) to succeed) 

3 Actions

Attack Magnus

Pushback Magnus

Pushback Magnus 2

D3 Result: 1 Failed. 

D3 Result 2: 3 Succeed.


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Murray and his two remaining men had arrived just in time to watch Ed send the twistling into the mountainside, rendering their arrival completely irrelevant. 

"Well, he ain't gettin' up from that."

Just then, the sound of automatic weapons, not the heavy machinegun that Challara had been using, but rather the familiar spray of a Norkotian SMG, reached their ears. They all turned in time to watch as the wagon they were defended crumbled into matchwood, the hunter having riddled it with bullets using Randall's weapon.

"Da heck? He's one too!" the baseball cap Ranger exclaimed.

"That sonnuva bitch! He split up just so he could destroy the wagon without anyun' stopping him!" Murray spat.

The third ranger, who had a bolt-action sniper rifle, attempted to line-up a shot on the fleeing traitor, but trying to hit anything at this range from horseback was a fool's errand, and his shot did not phase the hunter. 


"Man, this sucks, we're all that's left! And we don't even know if any one of us... could... be... one...." baseball cap Ranger trailed-off.

Murray and the sniper had the same thought at that same moment as well, easing their horses away from one-another and each edging a hand toward their holstered sidearms. The baseball cap Ranger did the same, and for several minutes, they all just sat there, staring at one another, not knowing if the other two could be trusted. 



Finally, Murray realized they were getting absolutely nowhere with this, and decided action needed to be taken. Suddenly both his revolvers were out and firing, nicking each of the two men in his squad in the arm, enough to draw blood but not enough to cause any damage. 

"Don't pull those pieces!" Murray snapped quickly, "I have it figured! When they shot that thang that was pretendin' to be Blake, it dropped its disguise. Figured maybe there was somethin' to it."

"Ow! Ow! Ow! It burns!" the cap ranger moaned.

"How do we know about you, though?" the sniper asked in his low, gravely voice.

"Here, I'll shoot myself, just to prove it to ya." Murray suggested.

Lifting one of his revolvers, he fired at his foot, immediately regretting the action as he blasted off one of his innocent toes. 


The other two exchanged glances.

"Okay, I'm convinced!" cap Ranger said.

"Good enough for me." the sniper growled.

"OOOOOWWWW! MAH TOOOEEEE!!! Why'd ya do that, Jack Murray!? WHY!?" the sergeant wailed.

"Uh, boss...?"

"Hope you were paying attention when they gave us the field dressing training." the sniper said.

"Wut's that?"

"Treating wounds on the battlefield?"

"Duuuh... they trained us in that?"

The sniper just facepalmed.

So, after a considerable number of wasted minutes, for which the only benefit was proving that the remaining Norkotians were all themselves and not twistlings in disguise, Jack Murray and his squad finally were ready to rejoin the fight.

"Alright boys, let's track us down a traitor!" Murray cried.

Somehow regaining the fervor they started the battle with, the remaining rangers charged off to chase down hunter, who by now was already well into the lower quadrant, causing chaos, havoc and all those lovely things. Help was coming to the besieged defenders in the lower right quadrant... just, probably not the help they needed or deserved.



Name: Jack Murray's Squad

Position: Top Right

Remaining: 3HP

Roll: 7 (2 Actions)

1. Stopped bleeding

2. Moved to Bottom Right quadrant


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The battle got really chaotic really quickly. More allies started attacking the party, and the wagon, too quickly for Challara to react, or even process what is happening. During all her other operations, there was a ranking leader she could turn to, no traitors among the squad (this was rigerously assured), and her mission is crystal clear Even in her mercenary work, her jobs have been straightforward and uncomplicated.

This one started that way: defend these wagons from whatever attacks them, but things quickly became complicated. Multiple creatures attack from multiple directions not randomly, but very well coordinated. There were even assailants that disguised themselves. Challara is far from the thinking or strategic type, but she's starting to think that these creatures are just a small part of a vast, highly organized force that have long-range communications and reconnisance resources that vastly outclass the invading forces.

If that is true, then trying to drive a convoy through here is absolute suicide, and has no chance of succeeding while the enemy is at full strength and operation capability, puntuated by the wagon getting torn apart behind her.

But a mission is a mission, and as long as Challara can, she will fight in this suicide mission. So she starts sprinting towards the quadrant that needs help the most.


Challara Arabett

Top right to bottom left


2 actions

-2x move to bottom left

Spells available:

-emergency medicine (only a heal action for a hero at 4 or 3 HP, OR removes "bleeding" condition)

-hammerhead (allows unarmed melée attacks to deal damage)

-bind (no effect in combat)



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Selena continued to stay low to the ground as her hand gently laid upon the soft sand. Her own magical shield continued to swirl around her form. She had managed to stop her comrade’s bleeding and she managed to deduce that he was not in damage of dying. Her face lifted slightly as her emerald eyes pierced through the heat and sand and set deeply upon the creature in disguise “Twister.” She was far enough away from him that if he wanted to engage her, it made sense he would have to leave the wagon. Since he was trying to destroy it, she figured she would have to do something extremely flashy in order to get his attention. Selena could feel her magic swelling inside of her body. She had been reserving her magic the whole time that everything went into chaos. Her magic came back and with a powerful spark of energy. Magic pulsed from her hand as the very sand beneath her hand began to shake.

“Rise…Sands of Annihilation!” Selena’s voice boomed outwards as she stayed low to the ground. The sands before her began to shift in a massive way as if it was being controlled by Selena’s mind. The very wind around Selena spun in a devilish way. Suddenly the energy was soaked into the very sand. A wave of sand raised upwards like a tidal wave which could be seen from over 200 feet. It raced forward with a monstrous sound. It was appearing to crash into the Twister creature. Just as the wave looked like it was going to overwhelm the creature, the tidal wave was sucked into the ground almost like something sucked it through the sand with a straw. Selena’s eyes flashed with power as the very ground beneath the creature began to shake tremendously. Her hand touching the sand forcefully closed as her magic radiated powerfully from her body. Out of nowhere did harden spikes of sand rise up in an attempt to pierce Twister in the chest and in the right leg. The attack if it hit wouldn’t be enough to kill him, but Selena was confident that if in danger she would be able to overwhelm the creature with her magic. If both of her attacks failed, then she was hopeful that he would finally be able to focus on her instead. For if not, the creature would regret its life’s choices in the end.



Selena Nichole Health: 5/5

Round 4:

Current Buffs

+1 Avoid or Defend against the next attack – Magical Shield

Round 5:

Rolled a 6 – 2 Options

Option 1: Attack Twister for 1 damage (If he doesn’t dodge.)

Option 2: Attack Twister for 1 Damage (If he doesn’t dodge.)



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