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Claiming the Furthest Point

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The liability had harbored not two, but three twistlings and given them the guns they needed to trash the wagon on top of that. While one of the had darted for the next wagon, the survivor of the pair that had broken cover earlier had over committed and WAS STILL RIGHT THERE! You'd think that if you saw one hare off toward the next wagon then you'd assume that the one in front of you would do the exact same thing at the first opportunity. You'd think it would be obvious to just delete the one in front of everyone so it didn't get another go at oh I don't know? Tearing into everything? Yeah, there was only one solution to this problem and Ed took a deep breath as he prepared to lower himself to their level.


No wait. He was already there. He'd sunk there when he'd realized the majority had decided that holding guns made them an elite fighting force. Maybe. Maybe. It was just a shame the twistlings took those guns off them and utterly showed them up.

He shot Slicer in the leg the downward angle of the shot smashing the creature into the ground by its shadow. Based on what every other creature did when he tried to control their movements, Ed expected it to ignore everything about the situation other that the damage done directly to its flesh. Hopefully, yelling and shooting at the creature was understandable. If not there was no helping these people.



Top Right

HP: 3

Roll: 1 action

D3 Roll of 1 to hit Slicer

1 Damage to Slicer

Called bitches out (Free action)


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Having evaded the strike, Dan felt something return to him. As if someone who wasn't paying attention suddenly knew what was going on, and he could attack now.

Not to be outdone in theatrics by Noah, Dan raised his right hand up, and wind started blowing in strong wisps, gathering just above it. Dan then lowered his pinky and ring finger, making a two fingered hand gun. The wind swirling just above his fingers became compressed more and more, until it was the size of a marble.
Dan lowered his finger gun and leveled it at the monster.

"Ima fingerbang the fuck outta you, ugly."

The compressed wind increased in power, swirling in random directions in its tiny confines so violently that it threatened to break out of them. Dan however, was much too powerful for that too happen.

"Finger Guns. Two Fingers."

Dan fired the air marble at the beast, and when it impacted, it exploded with the force of a category 2 hurricane, unleashed all at once. Dan would have liked for it to be stronger than that, but he didnt have the time to charge it further. So, while it damaged and knocked the monster back, Dan drew his sword 1/5 of the way out. And faster than one's eyes could keep up with, Dan appeared on the monster's other side, sword fully drawn, and posed as if he'd struck, which he did. In that single instant he had drawn his soul eating sword and slashed across the monster's body, stopping on the other side.

Dice roll: 7.
Actions, 2 attacks.

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Kristall's Turn

Rolled 7; 2 Actions
Health: 3/5

  • Attacked Twistling - Doc Warren Impersonator for 1 damage (Flash Freeze)
  • Enfeeble Twistling - Doc Warren Impersonator (Flash Freeze debuff effect - slow; -1 to next roll)

"Well, damn," Kristall muttered as the Twistling evaded the salvo of frozen daggers being slung its way, the maid raising Firebane as it charged at her, flailing away in a savage fury with its weapon-like limbs, slashing and stabbing away as Kristall parried, ducked and weaved to the best of her ability - but against the the creature's frenzied assaults her defense failed to hold up and she would find herself taking a stab to the gut, eliciting a scream of pain from Kristall.  No doubt, that was going to mess her up a good deal, however being trained as a professional bodyguard, she was drilled to protect her charge at all costs - even if it meant putting her own life on the line.


"Oh no you don't!" A blaze of defiance burned in her eyes as she stared back at the Twistling who'd stabbed her. "Is frigus ventus ictus..." Kristall chanted, the air around her beginning to chill, "Flash Freeze!" and with that an icy nova would explode outwards from Kristall, sweeping everything within a 3-metre radius of herself in a chilling wave of energy; and if the Twistling failed to defend itself against this freezing wave it found it itself not only exposed to a frostbite-inducing chill, but its limbs would also be frozen under a thick layer of ice, no doubt there was little hope of actually restraining the creature with mere shackles of ice, but at the very least it might buy those attacking it a couple of seconds, delaying its reactions to possibly leave it open for assaults!

@jaistlyn @Akiris @SelenaNichole @zackrobbman @Tyler

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Aryssin was so focused at running toward the enemy that she failed to see its tail whipping straight toward her, smashing directly into her chest. The lithe girl let out a gasp, before tumbling into the dirt, the proverbial stuffing knocked out of her. She struggled for a short while to find her breath, and decided to try taking a deep one, only to immediately wince and double over once again. Tentatively feeling her ribs, she felt a short, sharp pain shoot up when she touched her third rib, which she recognized as broken. She now knew that she could not breath hard, as that could cause her to pierce her own lungs with the broken rib. This would not take her out of the fight though, and she struggled to her feet once again and began trodding slowly toward the Chhitten Magnus, which had, she noticed, now finally taken a defensive pose. 'Finally slowing down eh you," she muttered before letting out an expletive that only a mother would forgive.

Taking a few steps forward. Aryssin planted her bow into the ground. Notching the second black arrow, she planted her bow firmly into the ground before straining against it, pulling it back as far as she could. The bow was not of regular tensile strength, requiring a harder pull than normal, but it meant that she could shoot it farther than most others. This did not work in her favour this time though, groaning in pain as she pulled inch by excruciating inch backwards. Finally satisfied with the distance of the draw, she aimed toward the Chhitten Magnus, only to see it being squashed by an unseen force. She looked around a little, finally spotting the lady bringing down the Chhitten Magnus: a knight, calling down some unknown power on the creature. "Move or be shot, lady knight," she screamed in her general direction, before doing a quick spell chant. Lightning burst forth from the heavens, striking her black arrow; cracking with delight, the arrow glowed and buzzed with anticipation before finding itself flying through the air, striking the Chhitten Magnus on its tough carapace. With its lightning imbued powers the arrow cut through the armour quickly, entering the creature's insides. A small flash of light, and the smell of burning flesh wafted over to Aryssin; the arrow had done its work, frying a bit of the insides of the Chhitten Magnus, further weakening the monster. "Urgh, I really have to heal myself," she grunted, falling to her knees.



Name: Aryssin

Position: Bottom left

Remaining: 3/5 HP (broken rib, gashed face)

Roll: 8 (2 actions)

Action 1 & 2: Attack Chhitten Magnus for 1 dmg 


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The floating camera caught sight of the ensuing chaos all around them. Twistlings emerging out of the woodwork, the large chitten magnus steeling its defenses, and the reporter’s current problem of a chitten swarm aiming to consume them along with the wagons they were intending to protect. In all of his years of reporting, this was perhaps his most ambitious endeavor yet and the danger that Yh’mi posed began to unearth something deep within him that he had nearly forgotten. Even so, he knew he was rusty in combat no matter how much his muscle memory compensated for it here. He knew he could potentially supply so much more support than he had already but he could only muster up another attack at the swarm with dwindling numbers.


His scimitar let out yet another slice to deal damage to one of the chittens and end its existence. The odds were becoming stacked and his own fortune of evading attacks would inevitably end. Spotting the Chitten Magnus in the distance and fully aware of the sneaky twistlings nearby, the prospect of failure mounted yet he planted his feet on the ground and continued to report.


“Fellow Terrans, you are now all witness to the struggle of keeping this threat at bay. Action needs to be taken now. Think of future generations. Should we fall here, do not let yourselves falter. Let the pride we have in our nation persist atop the blood shed today”


Scimitar in hand he braced himself alongside Vlad executing a stance meant to prepare himself to prevent damage to the wagon behind him. 



Current Buffs:

Repulsion Barrier – Small thin barrier capable of repelling minor blasts or lessening their impact. (Negate 1 dmg)

Available AP: 1


Actions Taken:

1 dmg to Chitten Pack A


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Top Left:  

"What the hell is it doing now" Noah questioned as he saw the creature change formation, while avoiding its counter attack since he was moving as if he was lightning.  By changing into its defensive stance, the openings it had went way and it would become a lot more difficult to damage it.  Before, Noah was killing it with bugbites essentially, attacking at high speeds to unleash the highest damage per second he could, but with that shell that would not work anymore.

He looked at the others, and then himself.  This thing seemed dangerous...it was not like he knew these people.  Still...he wasn't a terrible person to just abandon this so easily.  He wasn't heartless.

"Fine then, I suppose there is no choice" he muttered, looking at the others.  "We have to break through that things shell and work as a team!"

At this point, he altered his swords into rifles again, and pointed them both at the large beast.  At the same time, the storm that had grown to appear over everyone's heads began to rain all of its lightning down on one point, the two weapons he held in his hands, which became supercharged with electrical energy.  A few of the bolts still struck the Chiten Magus, causing it some more damage still, but what Noah had planned was meant to be far more deadly and damaging.

Provided, of course, he hit something vital.  He was not familiar with the anatomy of the creature after all, so he could only hope that while the others kept it busy, his attack would end up being effective once he released it.


Rolled a 7, did two attacks on Chiten Magus.  The charge up is to help explain him still having the boost he got earlier that I will probably end up using next round.


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// Bottom Right: @Dolor Aeternum @Moon Owl @Tyler//

It was still difficult to comprehend how Soryn was able to handle the critters with his scimitar alone... and to lead the report at the same time. Hard to tell if it was broadcasted live or just recorded. The latter option was more or less solid - after all, they were in the midst of uncharted, lifeless plains where each living being crawling and running tries to kill the colonist. But still, the reporter's prowess was undeniable. Vlad though about talking with him about his career, his combat experience, and perhaps some technical things... yet he stood silent. It was definitely not the time for a chit-chat or a smile for the camera, not when insects are crawling beneath your feet.

Vlad unloaded a few pistol charges into a couple of beasts, which were visibly separated from the rest. Like many others before them, they exploded into pieces, leaving nothing but puddles of putrid liquid. The engineer exhaled and moved the weapon toward the larger pack...

Suddenly Vlad heard a loud crash just behind him, followed by sounds of gunshots, splintering wood and someone's screams  The wagon was obscuring his vision, but Vlad knew that the noise had something to do with the wagon just ahead of their position. And that was a bad sign. Their expedition would be a bust, should they lose another wagon...

Then Vlad heard a thud of hooves and a gun racket. Several bullets flew across the wagon; most of them crashed into wood. Vlad was glad someone decided to help defending their wagon, now that there was nothing to defend up there. But the arrival of whoever it was made Vlad concern for one's adequacy. What kind of idiot would waste ammo in such a wild manner? He picked out from the wagon and noticed a man with a submachinegun approaching their position on a horseback. Following him were several men, also armed and also rushing with haste.

"Cavalry." - Vlad smirked to himself. - "A bit excessive if you ask me."

He called the armed man that was was ahead of his group - presumably their leader or the most impatient member: "Hey! You came to help cleaning this mess? We could use a gun or two here! Also, what in Mother Gaia's name happened up there?!"


=== Vlad Nassar ===

Bottom Right | Slightly Injured / Calm

HP: █ █ █ █  | 4/5
AP:        | 2/3 (Rolled 7)


- Shoot w/ Mana Gun x2   | Chhitten Pack A, 2 dmg | 2 AP
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


- Dealt 2 dmg to Chhitten Pack A - kill confirmed, target eliminated

Edited by P.N.See

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The shards of rock that the Chhitten Magnus' blows sent flying into the air, as if guided, struck through the minute gaps in Gormaric's armor to dig into the flesh beneath. Closing his eyes in concentration (and as a reaction to the sudden wave of pain), the ebon knight would focus his power and pull the rock shards out of his flesh, though leaving the wounds they inflicted untouched for the moment. He didn't let the bloodied rock shards fall to the ground below, however, but left them floating into the air around him as he led Eri down in a dive toward the Magnus. The beast had, perhaps smartly, moved into a defensive position, making its exposed underside... much less so. With enough power, Gormaric supposed he could punch through the plates on its back, just as he had done with his last blow. But... this time, he decided to take a somewhat more tactical approach. Bringing Eri circling around above the Magnus, the ebon knight coalesced the rock shards into one large, jagged, and sharp piece of rock. He held it in position, ready to send it shooting into the Magnus' flesh as soon as he saw the right opening.

"Hmph. Even the mightiest of insects is no match for my boot, as you'll soon come to learn."


Name: Gormaric (& Eri)

Position: Bottom left

Remaining: 4 HP

Roll: 7 (2 actions)

1-2: Enhance next roll (+3 for two actions)


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Round 6

Top left & Bottom left

Crack! The ground groaned audibly when Sheryl maneuvered the forces of nature and pinned the Magnus to the ground, amidst the lightning strikes that were still battering its body.. Roaring, the gargantuan creature writhed and struggled to raise its claws against the pressure. It knew that the puny human could not hold against its strength for long. It felt Sheryl's will starting to falter, and knew it was winning out. However, a powerful blast of wind hit it on its side at full force, knocking the whole mass of its body backwards, reversing the progress it had made. This was followed immediately by a sword slash that was too rapid to detect. Dan's ferocious slash cut open the chitinous shell and into the creature's flesh, causing a spray of black ichor to shoot into the air. The thick shell had minimized the damage to it however, and the spirited creature continued its thrashing.

Aryssin's second arrow met its mark again, digging deeply into the monster's flesh. It seized up momentarily when the electricity coursed through it. But it wasn't going to go down that easily. With its sharp appendages, it clawed at the ground, having an advantage over its natural habitat. It burrowed deeply at a rapid speed, escaping from the wind and lightning that its enemies had conjured. Soon, the monster was out of sight, but the great vibrations in the ground didn't still. The tiny bipeds could try to run, but there was no way they could pinpoint exactly where it would be emerging from next.

The rocky plains exploded outwards in between both wagons, rocking the defenders on their heels. The Magnus burst out, looming tall and intimidating over the defenders. The monster was close enough to the wagons that it could wrap one up with its powerful tail and crush it, but it had other targets to take care of first. All five of its remaining claws swept down towards the defenders on the left side, aiming to mutilate and maim.


Chhitten Magnus | HP 4.5 | Reached wagon


•    Knock down - Not able to attack or perform a push back, and not able to move to another quadrant. You can perform heal or avoid/defend and enhance, but it can only apply to yourself and not others. Effect ends when you use 1 action to stand.

Attack top left (d6 = 4, -1 HP to up to 4 characters. If hit, rolled d2 to determine knockdown effect.)

1. Dan @HollowCipher Avoided/Blocked! 
2. Sera @Thotification Avoided/Blocked! 
3. Noah @ChaosLord -1 HP 

Attack bottom left (d6 = 6, -1 HP to 6 characters. If hit, rolled d2 to determine knockdown effect.)

1. Sheryl @Fierach -1 HP Knocked down
2. Azytzeen @Garion -1 HP Knocked down
3. Gormaric @EpicRome23 -1 HP
4. Arashi @Flame Hero: Endeavor -1HP Knocked down
5. Aryssin @sorainvoked -1 HP Knocked down
6. Challara @notmuch_23 -1 HP Knocked down

Action (d12 = 11, 3 actions)

1. Moved 3 steps towards both top left and bottom left wagons; it has now reached the wagons.


Changed from defence stance to attack stance - Attacks on it hit for 1 dmg, but roll d3 to determine if you get countered (d3 = 3 means you get hit back for -1 HP)


Bottom right

Gore from the slayed Chhitten splattered onto Soryn's cheek when his scimitar tore into it. He would be able to feel the neurotoxins in it as a tingling, slightly numb sensation on his skin. His bloodied face would be recorded and stored in the drone, though it was questionable how many of his targeted audience would have the stomach to watch his message in the end. A majority of the people preferred to bury uncomfortable truths, and in the first place, that was the reason why the defence of Inns'th had been left to the small band of paladins. People preferred to forget about its existence entirely.

Vlad's aim was true, and his targets crumpled under his shots. One pack down, one more pack to go. And while Soryn and Vlad were kept busy, the other pack had skittered past them towards the wagon. Some of them jumped onto it and started chewing at the ropes, and the rest leapt onto the defenders like persistent bugs, sinking their mandibles into any area of exposed skin. Murray and his two men had not been spared, the creatures launching themselves at them, hissing and biting as they galloped in.


Chhitten Pack B | HP 8 | Reached wagon


•    Terror - An irrational fear overcomes you, and you can only take 1 action the next turn. 

Attack bottom right (d6 = 4, -1 HP to 4 characters. If hit, rolled d2 to determine terror effect.)

1. Soryn @Dolor Aeternum Avoided/Blocked! 
2. Cedric  @Moon Owl -1 HP Terrified
3. Vlad @P.N.See  -1 HP Terrified
4. Murray and squad @Tyler -1 HP

Action (d12 = 2, 1 action)

1. Attack wagon for 1 damage (Wagon has 6 HP left)

Edited by jaistlyn

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As the one disguised as Hunter came galloping into the lower right sector, one of the defenders began crying out to him. The man seemed confused about what happened in the forward column, while also was asking for help cleaning up the mess here. But rather than grace him with a verbal response, Hunter allowed his actions to speak louder than words. A burst of automatic fire resulted a dozen or so bullets being hurled in the direction of the unsuspecting attacks, striking both Vlad and Soryn. He then turned his weapon on the wagon, though he had mistakenly wasted too many shots on the defenders, and he ran out of shells before too much damage could be dealt.



Name: Twistling 3 (Deceiver) -- still disguised as Hunter

Position: Bottom Right

Remaining: 5HP

Roll 1: 1 damage to 2 heroes (Vlad, Soryn)

Roll 2: 5 (1 action)

1. Attacked wagon for 1 Damage (wagon at 5 HP)


Meanwhile, the Twistling formerly disguised as Doc Warren had taken significant damage, but with its goal accomplished here, it no longer saw the need to linger and take more beating. Fighting through the attempt to freeze it, the creature bull-rushed Kristall, hacking and slashing at her as it did, before speeding off to the south, following its still disguised brother toward the next most vulnerable wagon. Along the way, it would have to pass its former squadmates, who were in hot pursuit of Hunter. Taking advantage of the intervention of a group of chhittens, it came up from behind, taking off the head of the sniper before the man even knew what was coming. Before Murray could do a thing against it, the demon sprinting away again, now bound for the weakened wagon...



Name: Twistling 1 (Slicer) -- formerly disguised as Warren

Position: Top Right

Remaining: 2HP

Roll 1: 1 damage to 2 heroes (Kristall, Jack Murray's Squad)

Roll 2: 11-1=10 (2 action) a curse be upon you, Kristall!

1. Moved to Bottom Right quadrant

2. Attacked wagon for 1 Damage (wagon at 4 HP)

Murray and his two surviving men were seemingly about to catch and shoot down the fleeing traitor, when suddenly the horses skidded to a halt and reared up in terror, nearly throwing Murray and the sniper to the ground, but successfully throwing the cap-wearing Ranger down. When they finally figured out what it was, they realized there was a small group of chhittens coming at them, or more specifically now, the man who'd been put on the ground.

"AH! GET 'EM OFFA ME! GET 'EM OFF! WEEAYAAAAAHHHH!!!" the Ranger screamed, as the creatures swarmed him under, tearing at his flesh and biting into his eyes.

"SHIT! FIRE FIRE!" Murray barked.

The sniper pivoted to take a shot, but that shot never came. Murray felt a spray of warm liquid strike his cheek, causing him to turn back to the sniper, only to find the man's body still perched atop the horse, but minus a head.

"NO!" the squad sergeant realized he was all alone now, "You fuckin' bastards!"

He wanted to fire at the creature that killed the sniper, but the chhitten were now finished with the cap Ranger, and were now about to attack him instead. Urging his horse back, began firing at the little buggers with his revolver, eventually resorting to firing both of them madly at the ground in an effort to kill them. When his weapons finally ran dry, he found that all the chhitten were either dead or had withdrawn, leaving him momentarily alone with nothing but corpses and a pair of riderless horses.

"I'll get 'em for this... I'll kill 'em all..." he muttered to himself, shakily plucking bullets out of his pouches to reload his revolvers.

Murray would need all his weapons loaded before he made his final charge...



Name: Jack Murray and Squad

Position: Bottom Right

Remaining: 1HP

Roll: 6 (2 Actions)

1. Attacked Chhitten B for 1 Damage (Chhitten B at 7 HP)

2. Reload (Enhance Self, +1 to next roll)



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"You've got to be F***ING kidding me!!!" Shouted Charlie after he saw "Hunter" land the final blow on the wagon. He watched as his objective cracked, splintered, and fell apart, no longer mobile or of any use to whoever had hired him to protect it. He whipped his angry gaze towards Jack Murray and his men as "Hunter" sped off to attack the defenders in the bottom right area. The look of anger on his face contorted into one of confusion when he witnessed Jack Murray fire upon his remaining two men. He'd expected them to collapse in a dead heap, but the shots only appeared to graze them and inflict superficial wounds. Then, just to make things even weirder, Jack shot himself in the foot.

Charlie was at a loss for words as he watched their leader hopping up and down, his men giving him medical attention soon afterwards. Charlie was by no means a seasoned mercenary, but even he had to shake his head in disapproval. 

"What the hell are you dumb***es doing!?" Charlie shouted again, his angry outburst unheard as Jack Murray and his two remaining men sped off to the bottom right in pursuit of their former comrade. They didn't get very far before their other former comrade, the creature that had been impersonating the doctor, gave chase. With a quick swipe of the blade it was holding, the sniper atop one of the horses became a literal headless horseman. Even worse, the small creatures that had been swarming the ground caused the other horse to rear up in fear. The guy with the cap who'd been riding atop was promptly thrown off and fell to the ground. The chitterlings wasted no time in assaulting him, dozens of the little things crawling all over him and biting at any bit of flesh they could. Cap-Guy screamed as they ate out his eyeballs, his yells becoming gurgled as his throat was bitten into in several places. Charlie grimaced slightly in disgust.

"Damn." he cursed under his breath as he watched the Chitterlings move on from the Cap-Guy's remains and go for his leader. Thankfully, Jack Murray was able fend them off, although appearing distraught by the sudden loss of his men. It hadn't even been a day yet, and he was already the last surviving member of his squad. Charlie merely shrugged at the man's inner turmoil, having the trademark lack of empathy that most mercenary's of his caliber shared. He figured the man's bereavement was his own fault for being so careless. Surely there had to be some way for him to keep tabs on his men, but Charlie neglected to think that he could've helped keep an eye out instead of ogling the backsides and breasts of the women. It was one of the things Zack hated the most about him. He was always blaming other people and the world for the tragedies that surrounded him, refusing to accept that he shared any responsibility.

Realizing that there was nothing left to do in his quadrant, he heaved an irritated sigh and sprinted off towards the bottom right area. He thought up ways to pin the blame on the others as he ran, figuring it'd be the only way to save face and get his full pay at the end of all this. Yes, like a moron, he actually thought he was going to get paid. 

His foot caught on something and he had to hop on one foot to avoid falling. Turning around to see what had tripped him up, he spotted something familiar on the ground.

"...Hey." he said, squinting at the Nano-Med lying in the grass. He jogged over and picked it up, examining it to make sure it was in fact what he thought it was. Due to his ability to heal from the heat in the air, he usually forgot he had a Nano-Med. The only times he actually laid eyes on it were when he saw Zack use his after taking a lethal beating. 

"Hm." he shrugged, starting to pocket it as he turned to run. Then he got tripped up again as he turned around, this time by the Cap-Guy's remains. In an accident that almost seemed to be fated by some greater power, Charlie held out his hands to catch himself and plunged the needle of the injector right into the Cap-Guy's mangled and torn chest. The device activated, sending millions of tiny nanites into the corpse. Charlie quickly got to his feet, turning to look at the body as he wiped his hands of the blood from it. He saw his injector sticking out of the corpses chest and saw the green light on its side indicating that it's contents had been expended. 

"Whoops." he shrugged simply before turning away and sprinting off to an unoccupied and secluded spot to get a better view of the quadrants situation. His accident had occurred just in time for the ball-cap wearing corpse though, the nanites inside able to assess that his brain still harbored neural activity, although very faint. This was all they needed to start reversing the damage. Cap-Guy's body began to glow a radiant green as the strange forces at work within the nanites began to heal his body. What forces are these? I'm not smart enough to explain. You'd have to consult Mikey, Charlie and Zack's boss. He'd designed them using very special and rare materials fabled to defy the laws of science and manipulate time itself. Where are these materials? You'd have to ask him that too, although I doubt he'd answer. In fact, if you didn't work for him, you'd probably turn up missing. Like the countless other folks that asked him that question

 Flesh and limbs the chitterlings had chewed off began to reform. Bodily functions were restored. His eyes phased back into existence as if piecing themselves back together in reverse. Once all was well with him, the glow dissipated in a flurry of fluorescent, green particles. His body was whole now, his heart beginning to beat again. A strange, new energy coursed through his veins now. Yes...a very strange, ethereal force of nature . One Mikey had absolutely no control over when designing the medical marvel. One that wasn't really meant for most of the people native to Valucre. What effect it would have on this cap-tooting man who'd gotten a chance to experience death is...Ư̷̧̘͎̙̏͒̈́̇Ñ̵̛̝̥͛́̕K̷̡̧̢͖̪̠̑̔̋̏͗N̵̢͉͙̞͒̀͑ͅO̵̡̜͆̄̓Ẅ̵̛͚́̚Ņ̷͌̑̃.






Charlie Smith

Top Right

HP: -----    3/5


2 Actions:  (Rolled a 7)

+ 1 HP to Jack Murrays....SQUAAAAD!🤪 (Gave Cap-Guy a second chance. Maybe something more.🙃)

Traversed to Bottom Right



-Heat Absorbtion (Heals Charlie for +1HP)

-Nano-Med Injector (Heal someone else)  Used on Cap-Guy

-Flame Shift (Can be used to avoid one attack or save another from harm)

-Flashbang (Create a flaming flashbang that disorients enemies, inflicting -1 penalty for a future roll)

-Conflagration (Absorb heat to give Charlie a +1 bonus for a future roll)


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As the massive Magnus broke free of her wind constraints and lunged forth, relocating under the earth, Sheryl was ready for it, evading what might have been a fatal blow with her aerial acrobatics. The backwash that came with the beast’s swings threw her off course again, but the Knightess recovered herself, landing only briefly on the ground with her feet before taking off back up into the air again. She deftly dodged out of the way of another attack as she flicked her hand, creating a high-impact cyclone to slam into the face of the Magnus from almost point-blank. As the creature attempted to counter-attack one again, its claws seemed to just phase through Sheryl this time, as if she had become nothing but empty air, just an illusion floating in space.

Her response was decidedly real though, putting her hands together and then slamming them into the beast’s head as if it had the force of a twister behind them. Her interlocking knuckles formed the core of a solid, turbulent buffer of air, the more destructive of her two Wind Fist techniques, the Tempest Fist.

Sheryl’s earlier healed injuries opened up with the intensity of the vicious melee, but she was still more then capable of fighting and she could sense that the Magnus was on its last legs as well. She shouted a command to all fellows in the nearby area to finish the beast, and then focus on guarding the rest of the wagons. The monsters of Yh’mi could not be allowed to claim another.


Roll for Sheryl Wainwright in Claiming the Furthest Point, D12. For round 6

Roll for Magnus Counterattack Stance D3

Roll for Magnus Counterattack Stance D3, (Attack 2)

Bottom Left

Round 6: Post 1

Health: 3

Roll: 11

3 Actions

1. Stand up

2. Attacked Magnus Chitten

Counterattack dodged

3. Attached Magnus Chitten 

Counterattack dodged


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Selena eyes darkened as she watched that twisty impersonator evade one of her attacks. She couldn’t have rolled her eyes enough, as she just wanted to destroy all of them in one hit. However this land seemed to sap the very energy out of the body and seemed to limit how much magic you could expend. Selena was not used to boundaries like this. Watching the creature run to the south, Selena went in pursuit to follow before she paused for a moment. The wagon in this sector was hurt badly as was her allies. Grumbling Selena used the magic she imbued into the sand to her benefit. The sand rumbled as it began to encircle the form of Kristall in a very non-threatening manner. At any point could Kristall actually reach out and touch the sand and it would do nothing. Selena snapped her right finger and the swirling sand merely stopped in dead spin almost like time was stopped in her area. It was like Selena encased her body with sand, but that wasn’t what Selena was doing. A white light appeared above Kristall’s body and would fall upon her body like the refreshment of water dripping upon your head on a hot day. Her voice was soft and confident as she summoned her healing magic.

“Be rejuvenated my friend.” As the white light would fall upon Kristall a part of her wounds would instantly begin to heal, raising her constitution a bit higher than it was before.

As her healing spell ended, Selena looked towards the south and slowly bent down to touch the sand again. She did not have the energy to rush towards the south yet, but she made a solemnly vow. When she would eventually get there, she would make that twister pay. She vowed to toss every ounce of power she had into destroying that creature in totality. However, until the time came, Selena watched and kept quiet.





Selena Nichole Health: 5/5

Round 5: 

Current Buffs: 

+1 Avoid or Defend against the next attack - Magical Shield

Round 6:

Rolled a 1 - 1 Option (DAMN TRAVESTY!)

1 Option: Healed Kristall for 1 HP



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Gormaric swore under his breath as the Magnus burrowed beneath the ground, right after he had spotted what had seemed to be a good opportunity to strike. Guessing that it was heading toward the wagons, he led Eri over in front of the wagons in order to cut it off, or at least be set up for a good angle of attack once it emerged from the ground. As he predicted, it emerged from the ground in front of the wagons. As he didn't predict, it came out swinging, and one of its claws caught him and Eri, sending them reeling backwards in the air before his wyvern managed to right itself and regain control.

Sheryl called for the others in the quadrant to finish off the Magnus. Looking around, the ebon knight saw that everyone else in the quadrant had been knocked over by the Magnus' emergence, and would have to take the time to get back up and recover their bearings before attacking. It seemed that was his time to shine once more, then. The large, jagged rock still floated around Gormaric, and he focused his will on it. It shot forward and, driven by the dark power of the Inanis, dug into the Magnus' exposed flesh before exploding violently, the shards causing even more damage to the Magnus. The ebon knight brought Eri into a dive, toward the underside of the Magnus, so as to allow Gormaric to finish the job. The pain of his last attack sent the Magnus into a frenzy, and it sliced at him with two claws. The first caught him fully, almost unseating him from Eri's back entirely and sending him falling to the ground below. The wyvern adjusted course slightly to bring him safely past the second claw, and the knight found himself in the perfect position beneath the Magnus. He grinned and unsheathed Shadowfang, his gaze focused on the dark blade.

"Shadowfang... let us finish this. Feast."

As if under its own power, the sword shot upwards into the Magnus' underside, slicing anything and everything it could reach. Finally, the sustained wounds took their toll on the Magnus, and giving out one last, keening cry, it began to collapse forwards as its strength drained. Shadowfang returned to Gormaric's hand, and he pointed it forward as he urged Eri off to the side and away from the underside of the falling Magnus. However, for whatever reason... whether it was by the Magnus falling faster than anticipated, Eri being too slowed by her wounds, or perhaps both... the duo didn't quite make it out safely. Just at the edge of impact, the weight of the Magnus came down on top of them, sending them crashing to the ground below. Luckily, they landed just outside of the Magnus' bulk, and were thus spared its corpse falling atop them. However, still, they laid there unmoving... yet, they still held onto life, as one could see if one stepped closer to examine them. The ebon knight even managed to let loose a chuckle as he held onto the last shreds of consciousness.


Name: Gormaric (& Eri)

Position: Bottom left

Remaining: 1(!) HP

Roll: 11 (3 actions)

1: Attacked Chhitten Magnus (Countered)

2: Attacked Chhitten Magnus (Counter dodged)

3: Attacked & killed Chhitten Magnus (Countered)


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After Dan and the others struck it, the big nasty bullshit monster decided to just dig and appear right at the wagons. Something of that size would destroy them likely in one shot. Therefore, now would be the time to take it down with extreme force.

Dan sheathed his black sword, and gripped the hilt of a second sword he had on him. As he unsheathed it, those around him would likely be able to feel the immense power in it, growing stronger as he infused it with his own yet again.
Dan breathed slowly. It wasn't often he was pushed far enough to use it. The sword he had obtained when he defeated Havoc. The magic drainer that contained the power of a god. One Dan had christened 'God Shard'.
In a flash, he drew it fully, the blade humming slightly with power.



Dan sped toward the beast at ludicrous speed, one of his hands to his side, high speed winds gathering in it's palm into an orb. With his other, he stabbed the sword into the spot he had opened up before by destroying the chitin armor on it. The monster roared, in either pain or rage, maybe both? Whatever it was, it swiped at Dan with its massive scythe arm of doom. Dan however, was far too fast to be hit by such an obvious move. He went into wraith mode for but a moment, and passed through the bladed appendage like it was nothing.

After which, he rematerialized, and ran in little more than a blur up the creatures arm, aiming for its face. When he was in range, which did not take very long at all, a full second maybe, he jammed the wind orb in the monster's face. The orb immediately exploded with enough wind force to splinter a house.
A wooden house, but still.
Once again, the Magnus tried to attack him by trying to bite him in half. Using his speed, and flying ability, Dan brought his feet up, and pushed off of one of the Magnus' huge mandibles, launching himself back down where he'd come from.
He gripped the hilt of the sword, swung around it once, and set off a second explosion inside the monster, using the sword as a catalyst to double its power. This explosion was mostly contained by the Magnus' body, though the explosion was rather messy and gross.
Finally, the Magnus tried to bash Dan with its tail. However, once again, Dan was too fast and too cool to be hit by something like this. He gripped the sword hilt harder, and caused two small scale wind explosions at his feet, blasting him upward in a lazy backwards arc over the tail.

Dan landed on his feet, making sure to do so in a really cool and badass way, and sheathed God Shard. After that, and everyone else attacking it, Dan figured there was no way it was living much longer.

Attack roll +1. =11. 3 attacks.

Counter attack roll 1. Miss.

Counter attack roll 2. Dodged.

Counter attack roll 3. Bitch you got NUTHIIIIIIN!

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