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Claiming the Furthest Point

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ANd as everyone launched their final attacks, taking its attention away, Noah also finished charging up his attack and fired as the impacts struck.  Two massive beams of ionized lightning shot out and pierced through the creature, with Noah hoping he successfully hit some vital areas.  The combined force of the attacks finally felled the large creature, and as it did, a sense of security was also felt over the...


Noah looked over at the quadrant furthest away, and saw that they still had several enemies left.  Worse, their wagon had already taken a good beating, and some of the enemies still looked quite healthy.

Now that theirs had been attacked, and given the length of time, Noah was pretty sure this was it now...

"ALright, that was the enemy we had been anticipating, and everything looks clear but...that is going to be an issue".

One Wagon had already fell.  The wagons on their side had been protected and were safe now, but the one that still had enemies on it looked bad.  He already was not sure if they were able to afford the destruction of the first wagon, but two wagons...that was half, and there was no way that would be good.

SO he went full on lightning and rushed there in a bolt.  He had to use quite a bit of energy to move that quickly, but with that, he was able to appear right next to one of the crazy people (he still was unaware of exactly what was going on with them), and it would quickly see Noah's leg, and the sturdy lightning surrounded boot that accompanied it heading right into its face.


Flavor text to show his attack on the Magus and that he didn't just sit there and do nothing, as for the roles, I used the +5 to make it a 3 Action role, and moved two quadrants and delivered a point of damage.  (Unless it makes the dodge)


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// Bottom Right: @Dolor Aeternum @Moon Owl @Tyler//


While Vlad was distracted by newcomers, one of insects jumped ahead and latched onto his left leg. He instinctively swung it to shake the beast off and attempted to shoot it midair. But he had missed, and the creature had hit the ground mostly unharmed. The engineer took a moment to examine an injured leg. Along with his own blood, there was also an oily liquid oozing from a puncture. Vlad couldn't tell in the midst of chaos if it was just an insect's saliva or something... else.

Suddenly, on the other side of the convoy, a giant monster, assaulted by Terrenus' finest warriors, let out a massive roar before hitting the ground. But, unlike previous times (How many of them exactly? Two? Three?), that particular one rang in Vlad's ears with the highest amplitude. The engineer's vision had got engulfed in faint mist, followed by a fleeting dizziness.

"W-why do I f-fell funny?" - he though.

Then he took a glance at the remaining horde. Something was strange about it. They were making the same skittering noise as they did before, but...

That noise... It was more...refined.
More prominent. -chhitti-chhitti-chhit-
More -chhitti-chhit- dangerous -chhitti-chhit-  agressive -chhitti-chhitti-chhit-chhit!

"...W-why are they l-looking at me?!" - Vlad gulped as he felt - sensed - a gaze of dozen of unblinking eyes. He heard - could hear - as they skittered closer and closer... not to the wagon... not to Soryn or rangers... but to him! And him alone!

Vlad's heart was pumping like crazy, but it wasn't that ferocity from before that was pushing it to the limit. There was another sensation, the first sensation the mankind had ever experienced long before it gained sentience.


"S-STOP! J-JUST GO AWAY!!!" - Vlad shouted. His hand trembled as he tried to aim at beasts. Alas, having being affected by an uncontrollable fear, he only wasted his ammunition. The situation only got worse: the beasts were tightening their circle around the wagon, and it was apparent Soryn and Vlad couldn't repel their assault by alone. Those rangers were the only hope.

Vlad rushed toward their leader, struggling to keep his breath. "P-please!! J-Just... do something!" - He pleaded. - "There are... are going to destroy... they are going to... they are going to kill--- me???". The engineer's senses were disrupted and distorted due to affected psyche, but even then he managed to notice a vile, almost inhumane grin on the ranger's face...

And a submachine gun pointed at him.


Vlad's body fell down upon the barrage's impact, virtually separating Soryn from the insects. The blood spurted from multiple holes in the chest, like a water from an old bucket. The engineer gasped in pain, patting his hand for a pistol. Alas, he was too far away from him, and the insects were at eye-level with with... not to mention the "ranger" above.

"Why... *cough-cough* why you..." - Vlad hissed.

A few drops of blood slipped from his mouth. He knew to well how screwed up he was. He was unarmed, he was outmatched... and, given the amount of bullet holes in his body, he was definitely not going to make it. However, there was one obsessive thought that prevented him to just go silently into the blissful oblivion...

"Spear... I still have... the spear..."

Vlad crawled backwards to a wagon's side and assumed a sitting position so he could reach the backpack and the parcel on his back. Despite of the constant chest pain and growing numbness in his fingers, he rapidly unwrapped the parcel and grasped the weapon as firmly as he was able to. Vlad grinned through his pain: he could take some of the creatures... and even that backstabbing son-of-a-b***h to hell with him after a--


And then a sharp pain had pierced Vlad's right arm before he could thrust the spear. He noticed several onyx threads sprouted from the pommel and instantly plunged under the skin. Then he watched those blackened veins crawling toward the shoulder and then toward the chest. Each inch traveled by these threads was resounding in Vlad's brain with the unbearable pain. 

The engineer withered and moaned in agony, as the spear's threads continued to traverse through his body. He was unable to react neither on threat remaining, nor on companions... And as well, he failed to noticed that the chest wounds that supposed to leave him dry and dead... had suddenly stopped bleeding and begun rapidly forming scars of unnatural color of onyx...


=== Vlad Nassar ===

Bottom Right | Heavily Injured (and Bleeding!) / Terrified

HP: █ █ █ █ █ | 2/5
AP:  █ █     | 1/1(T)


Bleed                       | Lose 1 HP next turn                     Removed
Terrified                   | Max. AP reduced to 1 for 1 turn
Regeneration In Progress... | Can only perform Heal action next turn     


- Heal w/ Spiral Spear        | Stop Bleeding | 1 AP + 1 charge
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


- Stopped Bleeding with Spiral Spear - 4/5 charges remaining

Edited by P.N.See

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Rolled 1 on d12; 1 action(s)

Health: 4/5 (+1 from being healed by ally)


Moved to Bottom Right

"Thank you for your assistance," Kristall nodded as Selena cast her healing spell upon her, the aqua-haired girl feeling some of her vigour returning as she propped herself up on her sword - things seemed to have gotten quiet over at this side; as it appears that the Twistlings had abandoned attacking those in her quadrant to seek new targets elsewhere. "No telling if more enemies may show up, but it looks like they could sure use our help over there," she remarked as she pointed in the direction of where the Twistlings are now - having joined up with the remaining Chhitten pack to fight against the defenders.


So she found herself being presented with two options - to stay put in her current position in case more enemies showed up to assault the wagon, or head over to where the fighting was currently at its fiercest to bolster her allies. "With the way the enemy seemed to be consolidating their forces, signs point that their numbers are thinning," Kristall added, hazarding a guess that for the enemy to consolidate their numbers in a singular attack force rather than spread themselves out, it was a sign that they were running out of reinforcements. "So one more push it shall be then," and with that she would sprint over to where the Twistlings and Chitten pack are to lend her assistance to her allies.


@jaistlyn @Dolor Aeternum @Tyler @zackrobbman @P.N.See

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Bottom Right: @P.N.See @Lawman @Tyler

The chitten blood spattered all over his face but Soryn did not gag or jerk away in horror. The sensation of the liquid sparked something within the reporter that had long been buried and it showed in his resolve. Even when he was shot by the sneaky twistling that travelled from the quadrant nearby in coordinated fashion, the pain that surged through his sword arm only motivated Soryn further. The steely reporter quickly analyzed his surroundings with the help of Celene only to come toward a grim conclusion that it was very unlikely they would manage to keep the crumbling wagon safe unless the combined might of the entire group somehow managed to crush the mounting offense of their enemies.


“Everyone, rally over here!”


A commanding presence exuded from the reporter which was a remnant of a storied past that would seemingly never fade no matter where he decided to place his efforts. The sight of Vlad getting attacked and suffering serious wounds caused further concern but he could not focus on one man in light of the many threats all around them. Trust that Vlad could hold his own made it easy for Soryn to leave the man be for now. Twirling the scimitar he held in his hands with growing dexterity, he set his sights on one of the twistling creatures, unfazed that they had once been allies given their malicious intent. As he moved his jeweled weapon, he initiated a diagonal slice toward Slicer and then attempted to slice clean through the impersonator’s abdomen.


The ensuing attacks found their mark causing Soryn’s blade to slice clean through the former doctor Warren. The jewels cycled through a myriad of colors in that moment, Soryn shifting himself to see the remaining chitten pack and the twistlings though the crazed expression that was now present upon the reporter made it seem he couldn’t care less what threat they posed. The drone that remained in the center managed to record it all, but he’d be sure to edit it later.




HP: 4/5

Buffs: None

AP: 2

Actions: Two attacks at Slicer (both connected)



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As soon as Challara gets to the bottom left to help fight the Trygon Chhiten Magnus, it pulls of the mother of all ground-pounds, and manages to knock everybody down, including Challara. Of course, she was sprinting, even in all her heavy gear when the shockwave hit, and she landed hard...

...right onto her own heavy machine gun.

Challara landed on it right below her rib cage, forcing her diaphragm up, and pushing a lot more gas out of ehr lungs than normal breathing. Everybody knows this as getting the wind knocked out. Anybody that's experienced this knows how much of a damper it puts on somebody's activity.

so the drow mercenary has to spend at least half a minute reinflating her lungs before standing back up just in time to see the Magnus die.

"Well fuck, now what?"


Challara Arabett

Bottom left


1 action

-Stand up (remove "knockdown" condition)

Spells available:

-emergency medicine (only a heal action for a hero at 4 or 3 HP, OR removes "bleeding" condition)

-hammerhead (allows unarmed mêlée attacks to deal damage)

-bind (no effect in combat)


Edited by notmuch_23

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The point of a rifle is that it can hit targets from a distance right? Right? Such an irritating development. Ed would ponder it later when he wasn't being actively inconvenienced, but for now he hoofed it down to the bottom right quadrant. Too bad he wasn't quick enough to tag a twistling before they exited the top right, but they had scooted faster than anything seemed to have a right to.



One action

Traveled from top right to bottom right.


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Falling to the ground after the massive ground pound the Magnus executed, Aryssin barely saw the swipe of the massive Chhitten and rolled out of the way. She did not stay unharmed through that though, as the tip of the creature's blade grazed her thigh. The neurotoxins from the claw began its work, slowly causing Aryssin's vision to sway and blur. Knowing that she had little time before the toxins truly affected her cognitive functions, Aryssin summoned up the rest of her strength and slammed her palm onto the muddy floor, creating a runic circle of light. Chanting quickly, the light from the runic circle began enveloping her body, clearing any minor wounds that may have opened from scratches and scrapes. The added effect of the light burned away the toxins within her too, slowly clearing her head. The rib she had broken could not fully mend though, and that needed attention quickly. Another strike at that general area could be devastating to her, as the rib was well placed to puncture her lung. "Well, best I can do in such circumstances I guess," she shrugged to no one in particular. 

Slowly getting up, she winced as the light slowly faded and the pain from her rib shot through her body. "I can live with that," she chanted to herself, remembering a certain cambion who had previously punched her so hard it basically broke every rib in her body; she still stood up after that attack, but almost immediately doubled over in pain after. This pain was nowhere near those levels. Looking up, she noticed that the others had managed to finally take down the hulking monstrosity, which gave the fighters some bit of respite. "Good, will pull back for now to heal," she thought to herself. Finding an outcrop of stone that the Chhitten Magnus had flung her way but missed, she leaned on it, slowly slumping down and clinging to her wounded rib. "Urgh, nasty thing. I need more armor," she thought to herself. 


Name: Aryssin

Position: Bottom left

Remaining: 2/5 HP (broken rib, gashed face, neurotoxin)

Roll: 7 (2 actions)

Action 1 & 2: Heal and Get up

HP After healing: 3/5 (Broken rib)


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Round 7

Top left & Bottom left

The rocky terrain of the plains had been broken up even further by the Magnus' might, and most of the defenders had been knocked down. However, these were no amateurs who had set foot into Yh'mi. Sheryl's agility made her recovery quicker than the rest, and together with Dan and Noah, they dealt massive damage to the already weakened gargantuan creature.

The final blow came, fittingly, from the dark knight who had dedicated prior months to the defence of Inns'th. Gormaric's sword struck true at the Magnus' exposed weakness, the dark blade sinking into the creature's underside, splitting its skin and spilling its guts onto the desolate earth. Blood and gore splashed onto the nearby defenders. All was silent for a while. Suddenly, the serpentine monster snapped forward towards Aryssin and Challara, its mandibles opening and closing, as if it was trying to use the last of its energy to devour the two of them. It fell short of its target. The massive creature quivered, then finally went still.

Observant eyes would see the glint of metal nearby where Gormaric had cut the Magnus open - light reflecting off weapons and armour, grim remainders of the adventurers that it had swallowed up in the past. However, now was not the time to sift through the spoils. One of the wagons was now reduced useless splinters, and another was under tremendous pressure.


Chhitten Magnus | Killed
Spoils: 1 steel weapon -or- armour of your choosing per player, of average durability and strength (can be upgraded later during subsequent threads in this event!)


Bottom right

The Chhittens swarmed over the lightly-defended bottom right section. While their brethren were keeping the rest of the defenders busy, the creatures advanced towards the wagon, and were now focusing their attacks on the transport. They sliced the ropes and gnawed the wood, determined to destroy the wagon and force the group to turn back for more supplies. The shaking of the earth when the Magnus fell signified that they were running out of time. The rest of the defenders would be rushing for them. With the wagon almost destroyed, some of the Chhittens broke off to attack the incoming forces, in an attempt to buy time. As Kristall sprinted over to help her allies, one of the creatures slashed at her with its sharp legs.

What Charlie thought was an unoccupied spot was right on top of one of the hidden crevices of the Broken Plains, and it was from here that a Chhitten sprang out on top of the man, sinking its teeth into his forearm. The Twistling who had been impersonating Warren fell to Soryn's scimitar, but while he had been distracted, a Chhitten jumped onto the reporter's back, biting into his neck. The neurotoxins were injected into his bloodstream and carried to his brain immediately, causing a wave of nauseating fear to wash over him.


Chhitten Pack B | HP 7 | Reached wagon


•    Terror - An irrational fear overcomes you, and you can only take 1 action the next turn. 

Attack bottom right (d6 = 3, -1 HP to 3 characters. If hit, rolled d2 to determine terror effect.)

1. Soryn @Dolor Aeternum -1 HP Terrified
2. Kristall @Lawman -1 HP (not terrified)
3. Charlie @zackrobbman -1 HP (not terrified)

Action (d12 = 7, 2 actions)

1. Attack wagon for 2 damage (Wagon has 2 HP left)


Edited by jaistlyn

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His submachingun out of rounds, the last twistling, the one still wearing the skin of the man known as Hunter, switched to his host's original weapons. A lever-action rifle was drawn out, and he resumed firing on the wagon. Though not as skilled as the actual man had been, he was able to successfully target several weak spots on the wagon, the bullets tearing aside wood and bending metal, all while the chhittens were gnawing away at it in fusion.

Murray didn't intend to leave the traitor alive, charging in from the rear guns a blazing. One of the bullets impacted Hunter before he could finish unloading his rifle, and the lead round knocked the twistling from his horse. Unfortunately, this had just made him angry. As the human guise was dropped, the beast whirled around and charged toward Murray at a ferocious speed, faster even than the earlier twistlings had moved.


Murray's horse was cut down from under him, then he was given deep gash across the chest as he tried to get back up. Not staying to finish the kill, as Murray was already slumping to the ground, the last of he turncoats looked up to see defenders from the other quadrants approaching quickly. As they raised their weapons, the last beast bull-rushed them, attempting to cut out Kristall's legs from under her, then slashing at Ed's arms to prevent him from shooting at him from behind.

Meanwhile, further back, the cap-wearing Ranger stirred back to life. For a moment he was rather confused at this development...

"Eh, wuh...?"

But then he decided it must be because he was just that awesome. Or something.

"Hey hey, it'll take more den dat to keep me down!" he cackled, "Hey, boss where--?"

He searched around for Murray, finding him just in time to watch him get taken down.

"Oh, oh no you don't!" he growled, searching for his sawed-off shotgun, but not finding it amidst the chhitten bodies, though he did find his club, "Okay, time to batt'r up."

Without his horse nearby to remount, he scampered toward the enemy on foot, though he was admittedly pretty light on his feet. Even so, by the time he reached the last twistling, it had already wounded both Kristall and Ed, and was about to charge someone else.

"Hey! You! Ugly!" the cap guy beckoned, putting his arms up in the air and puffing out his chest, "Want somma dis'? Yeah, come on!"

The twistling took a look at him, cocking its head slightly as though in curiosity. Then all at once, it turned to its left, and sprinted away, right toward the wagon.

"Ha! That's it! Run awa--- oh NO NO NO NO NO!" the cap guy didn't realize what the twistling was doing until too late, and though he tried to make chase, even he was not fast enough to catch the monster on foot.

The twistling arrived at the wagon, first severing its connection to the animals pulling it, then systematically cutting away key supports that held the thing together. At last, combined with the efforts of the chhittens, it dealt the final blow to the wagon. The wooden transport collapsed into a heap of shredded lumber. It seemed the tainted land had resisted the forces of civilization once again.

"Oh, come on!" cap guy moaned as he arrived in time to watch the enemies scurry away.



Name: Twistling 3 (Deceiver) -- formerly disguised as Hunter

Position: Bottom Right

Remaining: 5HP

Roll 1: 1 damage to 3 heroes (Murray, Kristall, Ed) - Inflicted Murray with bleed

Roll 2: 10 (2 action)

1. Attacked wagon for 1 Damage (wagon at 1 HP)

2. Attacked wagon for 1 Damage (wagon destroyed)




Name: Jack Murray and Squad

Position: Bottom Right

Remaining: 1HP

Roll: 3 (1 Actions)

1. Attacked Twistling 3 for 1 Damage (Twistling 3 at 4 HP)



Edited by Tyler

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Soryn’s feverish rally call fell short and in the ensuing chaos he was bitten by a chitten. The terror inducing neurotoxins rushed through his system quickly thanks to the adrenaline and his own high blood pressure. The reporter’s eyes became a bit glassy just then as he felt himself transported to a sliver of his past that he thought he had long forgotten. The wounded companions around him coupled with the staccato of shots and chitten sounds caused his muscles to tense as he began talking, completely forgetting that everything would be recorded.


“No…not again…so much pain….”


Soryn’s eyes became watery as he stood there, seemingly frozen from the recent attack and obviously worse off than how he had been moments ago. He watched another wagon fall to the coordinate assault as the other Twistling managed to avoid certain death yet again, the stroke of luck combined with the machinations of some other highly intelligent being winning this bout despite what had been a formidable group of warriors and adventurers. The realization that even with this preparation and even with experienced travelers of Yh’mi they had all managed to fail made Soryn’s terror spike even more.


“I fear Terrenus is likely doomed unless this hell we know as Yh’mi is no more. Where are you now Odin? Where are you now Peacekeepers? All of these stories you have heard about Yh’mi are just slivers of an uncomfortable truth you will all be forced to confront if you continue your complacency fellow Terrans.”


Fear amplified Soryn’s emphasis through these words and caused the former mercenary to seethe with anger that betrayed his previously calm and affable demeanor.


“Just look at the horror, pain, and utter grotesqueries that surround me now. This is our permanent future unless we give this threat the focus it deserves!”


Terror caused him to swipe at a nearby chitten and cleave it clearly in half but he did little more after that. The reporter seemed resigned, ready to eat this loss and drained of the optimism he had held when he arrived here. There was no quick remedy to the stain that was Yh’mi on Terrenus. This issue could not be swept under a rug. Whether he died during this endeavor or managed to survive, he’d make sure the truth would make it into the ears of every true Terran who wished to see their future generations thrive.

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// Bottom Right: @Dolor Aeternum @Tyler @ChaosLord @Lawman @Akiris @zackrobbman//

...Vlad could sense nothing from without. No numbness of his own body. No coldness of the spear in his palm. No sounds of a wagon destroyed. No words of the reporter who had finally given in to the despair... But from within his senses were at the edge - despite of an excruciating pain. Every single nerve in his body isolated itself from the outer world and focused on the mass of onyx threads writhing within. Soon the chaotic movement of an alien substance had turned into precisely orchestrated swirl around fresh wounds.

Vlad watched as bits of lead and blood popped out of holes left by the ranger's gun. The threads jumped across each hole, leaving a thin black trail behind that intersected itself and formed a mass above. In a matter of seconds, each hole had been replaced by a circular scar - a rough and darkened piece of... flesh? Vlad raised his left hand and touched it. The scar was hard and painstakingly cold. The texture of it was completely identical to the material of the spear. The stone of The Spire...

When the last wound had been covered in onyx, the spear's threads suddenly rushed downward, along the left side of Vlad's body - toward the bitten leg. The poisonous oily residues had been pushed out from the veins and then from the wound. After that it dried up completely and there was nothing but a stone imprint of the insect's teeth.

Finally, the threads had reached Vlad's abdomen where the giant beast had left the first mark. The old scar cracked under pressure, causing additional pain. Yet not a drop of new blood had hit the ground, as the familiar black material was forming a seam on the wound's place.

The deed was done. Vlad felt a strange force radiating from the spear; the threads started to retract from his body, still leaving out painful sensations. Only when the last of onyx veins slurped out of his arm and back inside the spear, the pain had gone and he finally regained consciousness...

= = = = =

The engineer suddenly stood up in confusion as if he was awaken from a lovecraftian nightmare. The battle was still raging on, he was still holding the spear in his hand. He noticed a few cracks on its surface - something he couldn't recall before since he had obtained in back in Tia. He also felt a sudden shift in his state of mind and body. Minutes... no, seconds ago he was bitten, shot and left to bleed out... and yet he stood, more than alive. Vlad could not recall the moment of miraculous healing or the pain it was followed by, yet the black stone marks in place of his wounds were indicating on some powerful magic intrusion...

But there was no time to think over the reasons. There was something that affected Vlad's mind, whether it was poison's aftermath or spear's magic. While staying speechless and void of emotions, the engineer still kept the spear in his hand, not showing an intent to back down or regroup. The insects were still skittering menacingly under his feet, yet his thoughts were at the moment fixed on one person. No, not the person anymore. The guy that shot him had grown a couple of limbs, shaping itself into a monstrosity that still held a grotesque human resemblance. A normal Terran would lose his sanity just by looking at this spectacle...

Not this one. Not the one that had just risen from the grave that is Yh'mi. 


=== Vlad Nassar ===

Bottom Right | Alive (and Kicking!) / Suspiciously Calm (non-combat)

HP: █ █ █ █ █ | 5/5
AP:        | 3/3 (Rolled 11)


Painful Regeneration | Can only perform Heal action this turn     


- Maximum Heal w/ Spiral Spear        | +3 HP | 3 AP + 1 charge
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


- Restored 3 HP with Spiral Spear - 3/5 charges remaining

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The mighty Magnus was slain, and Sheryl turned to see how the rest of the expedition fared, to venture forth and come to their aid if needed. Unfortunately, the battle seemed to be already over, with most of the wagons in ruins, and the Knightess tossed her head in frustration, cutting loose with a most unladylike snarl. The majority of the creatures left looked to begin fleeing in earnest. A more bloodthirsty warrior might vent their anger upon them, but Sheryl's intentions were to help restore what semblance of order was possible.

And, well, she might vent a bit of her anger that way too.

Taking flight to the remnants of the expedition by the ruins of the wagons to ascertain the details, she would come across a ranting and raving man, whom she recognized as the reporter assigned to cover the group.

Landing lightly a short distance away, the blonde woman strode up to him as he finally fell silent. There was a regality in her step, beauty and presence that was evident despite her injuries and torn clothing, or perhaps because of it. With much more strength then her frame might have suggested, she gripped Soryn firmly by the shoulder with one hand... and slapped him across the face with the other, hard. "Get a hold of yourself, sirrah" she spoke low and sternly. "We are bloodied, but not lost. We still have our lives, those of us who stand still. Whilst we still stand, we still fight. I'll not suffer you to surrender the blood we've spent to despair. So get a hold of yourself, and stand tall sir, or so help me I'll slap you again and this time it'd really hurt" she added the last bit mentally.

Knights of the Order of Force Majeure did not give up. Sheryl Wainwright was no exception.

@Dolor Aeternum

Edited by Fierach

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Challara doesn't know what the "victory" or "defeat" conditions are, nor does she care; there are still enemies that need to be ventilated and Challara is not one to give up or retreat. Now that she's standing, she sprints over to the right side, to see a swarm of smaller creatures, and another one of those fucking traitors. The chhiten swarm is best dealt with grenades or rockets, but right now they're too close to the other defenders to use those, so instead Challara fires a burst right into the fucking traitor monster thing. Plus, another one completely pissed her the fuck off so...

...only question is if the twistling could notice Challara's intent before she fired.

It did...

...far too late as the burst of four 7.62 mm bullets slammed into its flesh. Maybe she should try to get expanding rounds.


Challara Arabett

Bottom right


2 actions

-Move to Bottom Right

-1 attack Twistling "Hunter Impersonator" (dodge possible)

Spells available:

-emergency medicine (only a heal action for a hero at 4 or 3 HP, OR removes "bleeding" condition)

-hammerhead (allows unarmed mêlée attacks to deal damage)

-bind (no effect in combat)


Edited by notmuch_23

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“Well s***.” mumbled Charlie as he peeked at the dismantled wagon from behind a rock. He shook his head as he watched the twistling that had done it, his bloodlust culminating to a point. It had just costed him a good amount of pay, if he were going to be getting paid at all now. He felt robbed, which is rather ironic if you think about it. He was beginning to focus a bit of heat into his hand when he noticed something glinting in the distance. His greed being one of the few things that could hold a candle to his desire to violently take another’s life, he turned his gaze to the source of the glint. His eyes fell onto the mass of digested body parts and gear that had spilled out of the Magnus’s stomach when Gormaric had split it open.


Well s***!” he said again with an excited smile. Some of the armor and weapons were pitted where the acid seemed to be wearing down on it, but he could still make out each pieces glamorous sheen even from where he was. He knew a few fanatics and one gullible moron that would give him a fortune if he just brought back half of what he was seeing. One breastplate in particular appeared to be embezzled with various shiny and luxuriant stones that almost seemed to glow slightly brighter than everything else around it. He looked left and right to see if anyone else had really noticed, but he seemed to be in luck. Everyone was too busy literally going nuts or fighting for their lives. Charlie rubbed his hands together as he chuckled nefariously and gazed upon the fallen monsters spoil once more.




Oh yeah, baby!” he said as he stepped from behind the rock, his hand dimming as he did a little dance and started to sing. “Money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, mutha’f***a’! MONEY on my mutha’f***I’n miAAAAAAOOOW, DAMN!”


His body convulsed in pain when the Chitten bit into his arm, it’s fangs piercing deep into his pain-stakingly crafted muscles and pressing against the bone within. He began shaking his arm around in an attempt to get the creature off, his face contorted in agony as it responded by biting down harder to avoid being flung off. Then, his brain now receding from its initial shock and resuming normal functions, he fervently focused a wave of heat through his arm. The appendage glowed brightly, the intense heat immediately beginning to cook the vile creature’s head. The quick reaction was the only thing that saved him from the venom it had injected into his arm, burning it away completely before it could take a large toll on his mind. The Chitten screeched in pain as its body was superheated until it began to swell. It exploded soon after, plastering Charlie’s face and clothes with ash and quickly evaporating blood.


Charlie winced as he examined his arm, the heat within healing the wound until it was no longer visible. Angered, he turned around to see where it had come from. He spotted a hole on the ground a few feet away. He stared at it for a bit before flicking a small fire-ball into it in hopes that it would incinerate anything else crawling around beneath him. He felt the ground shake a bit when it exploded, but what happened next confirmed that this was a mistake. Over a dozen holes opened up in the earth, mass amounts of Chitten burrowing up and out onto the playing field like ants. The explosion had done nothing more than anger the small hive they’d all been standing atop, having the same effect a bat would on a bee-hive. Charlie backed up as the holes started to open up closer to him, focusing a substantial amount of energy into his hands. The Chitten rushed towards him in an angry frenzy as he held his hands out to his sides. Then, right when they were almost at his feet and spring up to burrow into his stomach, he brought his hands together In a blaze of fire. The clap sounded like a giant-cracker, sending out a searing wave of heat that immediately rendered any Chitten before him as nothing more than ash in the wind. The flames arched outwards for about thirty feet before dissipating, leaving nothing but singed earth and flickering flames in front of him.


Charlie itched his butt as he surveyed the area, trying to see if anymore would appear. Despite his lack of experience and gung-ho demeanor, he was exceedingly good at crowd control due to his unique abilities. Especially when the opposing forces were smaller than him. It was because of this that most of the jobs he got revolved around exterminating dangerous insect infestations in shady apartment complexes or poorly contained bio-labs. Most of the insects and rodents he killed ate people and spat acid, so the Chitten weren’t exactly a new threat to him. Unless of course he got injected with the venom they harbored. Charlie always told people that he feared nothing, so having that lie be put to the test would be an interesting development.


Charlie was beginning to turn away when he heard noise coming from deep within the burrows.


“...Really?” said Charlie as he watched even more Chitten pour out from the holes. Deciding he didn’t have time to waste killing a seemingly infinite number of the small abominations, he turned tail and sprinted off in the direction of the felled Magnus. His smile returned as he focused his gaze on the glinting loot ahead. He passed Cap-Guy, expertly and seamlessly looting his left pocket before warning him of the approaching swarm.


Hopefully he wouldn’t get killed again.


He skidded to a halt when he spotted Jack Murray on the ground, jogging over to the injured leader and stepping over the leg-less horse lying on the ground near him.


“You okay man?” asked Charlie with feigned concern as he helped the rag-tag mercenary up. “Come on, old dude! Up’in at’em!”


Once Jack was on his feet, Charlie pointed towards the swarm of Chitten erupting from the ground and resumed his sprint towards the Magnus. He snickered as he pocketed the valuables he’d stolen from Murray’s cloak, proud of his thieving prowess. Nothing he’d stolen off either of them was usable in combat or of great value to a trader, but he didn’t really care. He just liked stealing from people to piss them off and laugh at their reaction later. It was one of his favorite past times and the main reason there were a few dozen bounties on his head. That might seem like a lot, but it pales in comparison to the number bounties his partner had accumulated from being a goody-two-shoes over the years. At least Charlie was able to use the bathroom in a public place without someone throwing a live explosive into the stall. Zack, on the other hand, had to hold himself until he got home or pissed his pants from a near death experience.



Charlie Smith

Bottom Right

HP: -----    3/5


2 Actions:  (Rolled a 9)

+ 1 HP to Charlie

+ 1 Damage to Chitten Pack B ( Now HP - 5/10 )

(Guys, please remember to post these battle specs so everyone else will be able to easier discern what's going on and who has how much health.🙂


-Heat Absorbtion (Heals Charlie for +1HP)

-Nano-Med Injector (Heal someone else)  Used on Cap-Guy

-Flame Shift (Can be used to avoid one attack or save another from harm)

-Flashbang (Create a flaming flashbang that disorients enemies, inflicting -1 penalty for a future roll)

-Conflagration (Absorb heat to give Charlie a +1 bonus for a future roll)


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Selena watched intently as the battle unfolded. The wagon laid broken on the ground. They had failed to defend this section, but they managed to drive off the monsters from this section. The battle was immense and even though Selena did not want to admit it; the battle took a lot out of her. She was left on the northern right of the group, with only enough power to watch from afar. She needed to rest. More importantly however she needed to make sure she positioned herself in a way where her allies could not get flanked from the north. It pained Selena to not move but she needed to make a decision. Breathing softly and slowly, Selena felt her magic began to spread throughout her body. Her magical shield began to flare to life as the very sand around her began to spin. Taking a deep breath again, her magic dissipated, releasing her hold on the sand. However as her magic faded, some of it seemed to solidify around her body, enhancing her magical shield that she had already cast. The shield was made stronger and slowly faded. However it never left her body, but rather laid a thin sheet of protective magic against her skin. Her emerald forestry eyes narrowed as she leaned against the broken pieces of the wagon and stared off to the south. Though her allies were far away, her eyes watched everything carefully. Perhaps with her magic recovering she may have the strength to travel down south and then return north.

Only time will tell.



Selena Nichole Health: 5/5

Round 6:

Current Buffs:

+1 Avoid and Defend against the next attack – Magical Shield

Round 7:

Rolled a 4 – 1 Option.

1 Option: Enhanced magical shield by 1.

New Buff:

+2 Avoid and Defend against the next attack – Enhanced Magical Shield



Edited by SelenaNichole

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