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Claiming the Furthest Point

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Sera frowned. The woman has trouble understanding why they are just standing here twiddling their thumbs while the others are out there fighting against creatures of darkness. She could have helped them but Dan was rather insistent she drink his queer potion first. What a queer child.

With a scowl she accepted the boy's offer, drank the potion and faced Noah. The little rant seemed to to be asking for it. Who the fuck cares if he has a name? Sera will call him what she wants and she will still call him a fucking boy. The little runt won't be talking shit after Sera had her way with him. Fucker's gonna be pissed once she's gave her a good one right in the-

The kick came out of nowhere and it sent Sera stumbling forward till she fell on her face, her body sprawling on the dirt. Her assailant placed a boot on Sera's back, the heel digging deep into her skin. It was the Mistress, her face impassive, her eyes looking down on her subordinate.

"Sera, I know what you're thinking. Stop murdering Noah in your mind and prepare for battle."

Then power flowed from the Mistress' boot towards Sera's back filling her with strength for the upcoming battle. As her body filled to the brim with power, the weight of the boot on her back vanished as Sera stands up again. Yes, she's ready to fight now.

D12 Roll: 6
Actions: +2 to next attack roll for Sera

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Spotting the horde of chhittens, Sheryl descended upon them from her perch up in the skies. A storm gathered on her fingertips, and she was readying to tear into the first of the horde in pitched melee when a shield erupted about her. Tracing the faint signs of magic to Azytzeen, she gave the other knight an appreciative smile, allowing herself to take advantage of the shield to increase the intensity of the winds about her.



Bottom Left

Still Round 1: Post 2

Sheryl Wainwright Dice Roll

Health: 5

Roll: 3

1 Actions

+1 to future roll for Sheryl

-Defended by Azytzeen-


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Guest TheMinecrafter

Arashi stood around as she waited for the monsters to appear to fight. The armored draconian wearing a high tech suit with a gas mask was standing on guard with a bow on hand and a sword at her waist. As well as a quiver on her back. She suddenly heard some noise, however, and a pack of Monsters came heading her way. 

While she didn't have time to talk to her allies, she was ready to fight the monsters that had approached. Arashi was hit however, she stumbled back by the damage that she was struck with by the monsters in question. The draconian quickly healed her wounds she got inflicted by the monsters in question by using some sort of healing gel she had hidden in her belt over her armor and went to dispatch an arrow at the monsters that were front of her.

Character: Arashi

HP: 5

Actions - Heal, Attack (Pack A), Enhance Roll

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Round 3

The paladin's words were proven true when the booming sound of thunder reached their ears. "Brace yourselves!" The defenders had mere seconds to stand their ground before the massive stag-like Saevion barrelled into the group on the right-front side. The warning proved to be insufficient against the enemy's combined three-thousand pounds of pure muscle. A moment of chaos ensued as everyone in the group were knocked down, but they were quick to recover and launched their counter-attack. Even against such powerful foes, the numbers were on the defenders' side for the moment.

"Defend the wagons!" Fidelitas shouted. "If we lose two of them, our progress will be severely impacted." They were made out of sturdy materials that could take some battering, but still, they wouldn't last long under the Saevions' charge. From the rear, dozens of Chhitten swarmed out from hidden crevices in the Broken Plains, going for the left side. Fidelitas seethed. Yh'mi's creatures haven't been known to work together like that, unless someone or something was commanding them. If they were intercepting this early on, it meant that this whole endeavour was going to be a tough fight. However, the paladin was determined to make this mission a success.

Fidelitas could either join in the battle, or coordinate the people following him. He decided that there would be less casualties if he took command. "Those on the rear right, help those at your front. Heal those who are injured if you can. No one needs to die here." Then he turned to the young ones behind him. "All of you, help those behind. Be careful of the Chhitten, they may be small, but don’t let them bite you. They can inject neurotoxins into you and amplify your fears." He decided that it was better to thin down the enemies that were present now. If more creatures appeared, there would still be time to redirect the forces.

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For a minute Challara considers standing up, but then she sees the back knee of one of the giant creatures from her position.

Then the rowdy Norkotians came thundering in on their horses, not even bothering to see whether or not their path goes right over one of the defenders the two saeveon bowled over.

Challara has to curl into a ball and keep rolling out of the way of the horses' hooves. By the time she can recover her composure and a firing stance, the paladin that seems to be in charge belts out orders. Good thing none of them concern her, since the last three bursts still have her ears ringing. At least she still has a shot at one of the creatures' back knees. Is it the one she was aiming at before?

Does it matter?

Challara takes aim and lets off another controlled burst from her M60.



Challara Arabett

Top Right


1 action

- enfeeble enemy (saeveon B)

Spells available:

-emergency medicine (only a heal action for a hero at 4 or 3 HP)

-hammerhead (allows unarmed melée attacks to deal damage)

-bind (no effect in combat)


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Top Right

Bullets still flew and just to point out the obvious, the saevion seemed obnoxiously resilient. That, or everyone was having extreme difficulty performing to thier usual ability. Ed noticed it. That odd feeling that had him thinking that if there was one more beast in the mix, he would have to settle for harming two of the three. As it stood in this moment, two seemed to be the limit and one that felt barely achieved.

There were Rules at play here. And the moment he found an exploit.... Yeah, that one's self explanatory.

The saevion were large, strong, heavy.... The list went on. Thier shadows were none of these things. This never got old.

When the two beasts had first charged in Ed had gotten a hold on one of them. Not as effective as it should have been, but effective. After tossing one into the other via it's shadow and a follow-up of what felt like a dose of luck, his grip had expanded to two.

An overhand swing. It wouldn't put the saevion outside of the Top Right quadrant, but it would change thier immediate positioning from between the gunners and the wagons. Seeing as the beasts could soak up gunfire thier abrupt smash into the soil outside the defenders formation was unlikely to take them out of the fight by it's lonesome.

That was what massed gunfire was for.





Top Right

4 HP

D12 roll of 7. Two actions.

1 damage to Saevion A

1 damage to Saevion B



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Enough... Continue.

These words were heard throughout the top-right quadrant, accompanied by a fell wind that would only have been familiar to a certain ebon knight and, perhaps, the men of House Uldwar. There was a sense of eeriness about these words, as they seemed to have no discernible source, yet were heard so clearly. Were they spoken? Telepathic? It seemed there were no answers forthcoming, and this was yet another of Yh'mi's mysteries. Whatever the case may have been, it was obvious that these words had an effect on the duo of Saevion attacking the quadrant. There were still no answers for why they had come to such a sudden halt previously and thus taken the onslaught of the quadrant's defenders, but they were galvanized into action now. Rising from the soil Ed's power had thrown them into, they gathered momentum and began to charge once again.

Lashing out with hooves and horns at the nearest defenders, and then barreling through any defenders between them and the wagons, it seemed they had finally reached their destination. The Saevion duo both slammed into the wagon nearest to their quadrant with all the momentum they had mustered. Wood splintered and cracked, but the wagons held for the moment, a testament to the quality of their construction. The Saevion who had been less wounded struck again, lashing out at the wagon with its horns and hooves to damage the wagon even further.


Name: Saevion A ("Charger")

Position: Top right

Remaining: 3 HP

Rolls: 1 and 6 (2 actions)

Die 1: 1 damage to 1 hero. (Charlie)

Die 2: 1. Moved 1 step toward wagon

2. Dealt 1 damage to wagon

Name: Saevion B ("Blitz")

Position: Top right

Remaining: 6 HP

Rolls: (-1 to each roll) 3 and 11 (3 actions)

Die 1: 1 damage to 3 heroes (Charlie, Ed, Sir Darius + men)

Die 2: 1. Moved 1 step toward wagon

2. Dealt 1 damage to wagon

3. Dealt 1 damage to wagon


With his demonstration of Chhitten-killing completed, Gormaric wiped Shadowfang along the ground below and looked to the rest of the Chhitten skittering towards the wagons. There were still quite a few left, and the ebon knight... didn't exactly feel like chasing them down at the moment. Keeping an eye on them nonetheless, Gormaric gathered the power of the Inanis around his right gauntlet, then pressed it against the wound Eri had taken. The dark energy flowed into the wound, covering all of it and expediting the healing process. Light magic would probably have done a better job, of course, but the ebon knight's magic seemed to deal with the wound just fine. With Eri back in full health, Gormaric turned his attention back to the Chhitten pack.

"... I'd like to see those skittering bastards come at me now. I'm actually ready this time."

As he spoke, the dark energy of the Inanis formed a shield in his free hand. It would provide protection against any given Chhitten that decided he was a good target... but, there was little he could do against any Chhitten that had the merest semblance of tactics and decided to flank him while another struck from the front. If whatever the hell that fell wind was still lurked around, he was certain that entity was capable of such tactics, far unlike what Yh'mi's creatures alone had so far demonstrated.


Name: Gormaric (& Eri)

Position: Bottom left

Remaining: 5 HP

Roll: 6 (2 actions)

1. Heal Eri (+1 HP restored)

2. Defend against next attack


Edited by EpicRome23

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Selena could feel the earth shaking and she wasn’t even in the action. Her mind was conflicted on whether she should abandon her post and go help. She had decided to stay and support her comrade, however she could feel the pain those creatures were causing in the north. It was literally torture. It was like the land itself was moving against them, but was that correct? If their mission was to make this land better, was it correct for the will of Yh’Mi to interfere? Still Selena’s resolve meant that she would not abandon her post. Well that was until she heard the call from the Commander.

His instructions were to support the north. He basically gave her permission to leave her quadrant, which was all she needed.

“We need to help the north!” Selena’s voice held range as her magic began to erupt with in her. She had been observing the battle for some time, and though the instructions were to provide support, Selena could sense that one of the stag like creatures was far weaker than the other. To not take advantage of this would have been foolish.

“I would say follow me….but it seems that wouldn’t be possible.” Selena said softly as her magical shield held in place. Her body vanished from her spot, leaving no trace behind except for a small imprint of her boots in the sand. Selena appeared one foot from the front of the Saevion A’s face, known as Charger. Her eyes were darkened as her fingertips barely touched each other. Inside the palms of her hand was a mass of swirling magic that was begging to be released. Selena released her stored energy she gained while waiting in the south and heightened the very fabric of her magic. Her swirling mass of magic erupted slightly and then took form into a fiery ball of flame. Selena moved her face closer to her concentrated flame magic and blew outwards. Flames erupted from the ball much like a flamethrower and would strike the Saevion A (Charger) right in the chest, attempting to drill a hole through the animal’s torso. This was not a simple spell that the animal could deflect, for Selena poured an ample amount of magic into her flamethrower, dealing more damage than normal. Everyone would see a giant wave of flame overtake the creature, and if it was enough to kill it, Selena was positive it would be would charred to the bone.  If Selena was wrong, she knew pain would be coming soon.

Selena was not a fan of possibly making herself a target as a caster, however she had her defensive barrier already up. She knew that leaving her quadrant would have forced her to give up an additional barrier of defense that her comrade provided her, but those were the instructions. However, it pained Selena to not heal those who were hurt. Selena concluded that this advantage was not something she should pass on, and so she didn’t. They had to protect the wagon, so this was the only advantage Selena felt she could give her comrades.

Eilistraee and Mystra forgive her.



Selena Nichole Health: 5/5

Round 2:

Current Buffs

+1 Avoid or Defend against the next Attack – Magical Shield.

+1 Avoid or Defend against the next attack – Protection provided by Moon Owl.

+1 enhanced self for future roll. – Gathering Magic

Round 3:

Rolled a 10 – Two Options

- Utilize Enhanced roll by 1 (From last turn) -

Roll 10 + 1 = 11 – Three Options

Option 1/Decided – Move from Bottom Right to Top Right – Teleported

Option 2/Decided – Attack Saevion A (Charger) – Flame magic

Option 3/Decided – Attack Saevion A (Charger) – Continuous Flame Magic

- Gave up an additional Avoid or Defend against next attack due to her leaving Moon Owl’s protection.



Edited by SelenaNichole

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The thunder of horses moved through the allied lines in the forward-right quadrant. Bullets flew in every direction as the Rangers targeted the two huge beasts, but their fire was not particularly accurate. Still, the sheer amount of attacks being leveled on the two Saevions was starting to wear them down. While the initial group, lead by the big game hunter, was still separated and attacking Blitz, Murray had been able to keep the bulk of his unit together, and they were now trying to intercept Charger, the closer of the two attacking monsters.

"What the-- ACCK!" one of the men went down as his horse stumped into unstable terrain and sent him to the dirt.

"Watch ya movements, boys!" Murray barked.

"What da hey? Boss, dat dame just appeared outta nowheres!" the baseball cap Ranger exclaimed, as Selena appeared right in the path of the charging mutant deer.

"Get outta the way, broad! Ya gonna get killed!" Murray spotted her as well.

But Selena stood her ground and began attacking the charging creature with concentrated flame attacks, which were rapidly draining the monster's vitality, but not slowing it down enough.

"Blasted women!" Murray snapped, spurring his horse all the harder and bringing it almost parallel to the Saevion.

Licks of flame from Selena's attack were landing on his clothing and face, but he knew he had to do this if he was going to save the woman from getting impaled or trampled. Taking aim with one of his revolvers, he sighted the creature's eye, knowing it was a one in a million shot to hit but also figuring it had to be one of the weakest points available. The monster's hide had proven too resilient to this point. Thus, he clicked the hammer back and let it rip. The first shot drew blood, but seemingly didn't penetrate the skull, so Murray fired again. Same result. He was running out of time now.

"Com'n baby, don't let me down now." he said to his trusty six-shooter, as he lined it up one more time.


The Saevion suddenly stumbled, its front legs buckling under it as the creature's charge degenerated into a skidding roll, its brain no longer accurately sending signals down its spine. The entire three-thousand-pound behemoth finally came to a halt just inches from Selena, kicking up a significant amount of dust into her face, but ultimately causing not single scratch to the woman. From out of the dust, the Outlaw Jack Murray trotted forth, tipping his hat to Selena with a cocky smile.

"Ya alright thar, little lady?" he inquired.



Name: Sergeant Jack Murray + squad

Position: Top Right

Remaining: 5HP

Roll: 12 (3 actions)

1. (Murray) Attacked Saevion A (Charger) for 1 Damage (kill)

2. (Hunter) Attacked Saevion B (Blitz) for 1 Damage

3. (Hunter) Attacked Saevion B (Blitz) for 1 Damage

Edited by Tyler

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Charlie had figured his fireball would immediately disintegrate the Saveion upon impact, but all it did when it came into contact was blow off a few chunks of it's hide and set fire to it's fur. Normally even a beast of its size would have been blown to pieces, it's singed and burning remains flying in every direction. Even stranger, despite all the incoming gunfire and his initial attack, the Saveion turned to him with an angry rear and charged with alarming speed. Too fast for him to simply move out of the way. He wanted to stop and think about why it wasn't dead yet, but literally had no time to do so. Remembering the steps Mikey had taught him, he focused the heat within him and transmogrified his body into flames, zooming far to his right with great speed as his body briefly became intangible. The Saveion charged through a flaming visage of Charlie, hitting nothing but air as Charlie's real body reformed a ways away.

He watched with angry confusion as the massive creature kept running until it slammed it's horned head into one of the wagons he was being paid to escort. He watched as the wagon rocked and splintered with the powerful hit.

"Whoops." he said with a bland tone. He started to conjure up another fire-ball, but in that moment he grew unusually unlucky. 


Charlie yelped when he felt something slam into him again, this time hearing a sick and wet crunch coming from the right side of his rib-cage. His body sprawled across the ground as the Saveion that had hit him continued charging towards theri wagon, slamming against it and adding to it's damages. 

Charlie's world was a little hazy now, his sides now in immense pain that he hadn't felt since his last training session back home. He wasn't sure if he'd lost just a few ribs or all of them, but something was definitely broken. He reached over and felt his side, touching something warm and wet as he winced in pain. He rose his hand in front of him to see that it was covered in fresh blood. He never liked to see his own blood.

He looked up towards the wagons, glaring at the Saveion as his eyes grew white hot with rage, the air around his body shimmering. That was twice now that he'd been blindsided by these creatures, and they'd managed to injure him pretty badly. His pride felt a little hurt, knowing that others with him had surely seen him take the hits. He envisioned them shaking their heads in disapproval and laughing at him, doing nothing to help his growing rage as he eyed the beasts before him. At that moment, he wanted more than anything for them die. He'd make them pay for embarrassing him with their lives. Whether or not they were just mindless creatures didn't matter to him.

His hand grew orange with heat as he conjured up another fireball, but before he could throw it towards the creatures, he watched with piqued interest as one of them fell dead from a gunshot to the eye. The man that had done this was someone he'd seen from earlier. He reminded Charlie of one the outlaws he'd often been paid to capture or kill, having the appearance of a cowboy and even owning a six-shooter. The man tipped his hat at some woman who had been previously barraging the creatures with flames. Charlie's anger shifted to the man, not happy that he'd stolen his kill and tried to get the attention of one of the women.

"What a grade A ***hole." mumbled Charlie with a shake of his head as he reabsorbed the fireball into his hand. With all the gunfire going on, none of the women would notice him if he kept firing from afar. Both his hands lit up with heat as stored copious amounts of energy into them. Then, channeling a small explosion at his feet, zoomed towards the remaining Saveion as he wound up his arm for an uppercut. 

A sound much like that of a shotgun resounded through the chaos as his fist made contact with the side of the creatures belly and exploded. He smiled as he expected to be assaulted with it's blood and shreds of it's innards, but this smile faded quickly. The Saveion had merely been sent a little ways into the air before landing on the ground a few yards away. It had felt like he'd hit an elephant so he shouldn't have been surprised, but he was regardless. There was charred, smoking, hole in it's underside where he'd hit it, but aside from that, the creature did not appear to be dead.

"What the hell?!" he shouted angrily. He then winced and held his blood soaked side as the pain of his actions caught up with him like a train going full-speed. He wanted to double over and groan, wondering how Zack was able to put up with pain like this and dish it out tenfold as if his injuries weren't even there. Was Zack just that tough, or was he just that weak? He righted himself in defiance of this notion and took his blood-stained hand away. While his efforts didn't result in a kill, his up close and personal assault unwittingly prevented him from blowing up the wagons or setting them ablaze. 

He turned on a heel with a triumphant smile and placed his still burning fists on his side as he regarded the man and the woman confidently. 

"Boy this sure is fun, ain't it?" he said loudly, the pain in his eyes completely hidden by his hat as blood continued to pool from the hole in his side. "All this danger and death....makes a guy feel alive!"

...How ironic.

Had Zack been there he would've been fervently chastising him for turning his back on an enemy, but Zack wasn't there. In fact, Zack would've done a lot of things differently to help out the others. But again, Zack wasn't there. They'd have to settle for Charlie, a trying task in itself. Perhaps one them would tell him to shut up and turn back around as the creature rose to its feet.



Charlie Smith

Top Right

HP: -----    2/5

Avoid X1 Damage (Saveion A "Charger")

Take X1 Damage (Saveion B "Blitz")

1 Actions:  (Rolled a 1?)

x1 Attack Enemy (Saveion Blitz) Current HP: 3/10 (Just to help ya'll keep track)


-Heat Absorbtion (Heals Charlie for +1HP)

-Flame Shift (Can be used to avoid one attack or save another from harm)

-Flashbang (Create a flaming flashbang that disorients enemies, inflicting -1 penalty for a future roll)

-Conflagration (Absorb heat to give Charlie a +1 bonus for a future roll)


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"So, the ebon knight has healing powers too, that's a surprise," Aryssin thought to herself, notching an arrow into her bow. Sprinting towrads the caravans, the svelte lady jumped onto the wagon, providing herself some cover from the snapping fangs of the chhitten. The ebon knight had also made some cover for himself, so he was not much of a worry. However, there were others in the fight who were not as well protected as he was, and if left unchecked, the venom emitted by the chhitten would cause untold havoc on the defenders of the caravan. 

Focusing her lightning magic into one of her armguards and healing magic into another, Aryssin recited the verses, pouring as much magic she could into her enchanted items before aiming one at the handsome man and the other at herself. Immediately a bolt of lightning tore through the sky and hitting them both, casting a lightning bubble of light around the man. This bubble was a technique taught to her by her masters in Lefel, and even the biggest giants in the vicinity of her homeland were not able to break through the barrier. With that done, the magic in the gauntlets subsided, and the healer got her bow and arrows ready. Spotting a chhitten about to take a bite out of someone, Aryssin let an arrow fly, hitting the creature right in its gaping jaw. The creature was dead even before it hit the ground. 


Name: Aryssin

Position: Bottom Left

Remaining: 5HP

Roll: 12 (3 actions)

1. Defended against next attack (-1 to dmg self)

2. Defended Vlad against next attack (-1 dmg to Vlad)

3. Attacked 1 Chhitten in Pack B (1 dmg to Pack B)


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Maria had kinda just blanked for a bit a bit and missed a lot of what had happened but she soon came back to her senses as she noticed things were getting a bit lively around her! Unfortunately it had seemed fighting had already started as those bug things she hates started to swarm up on her side of the battlefield... What were they called again? Chhitten? She just remembered she really didn't like them and apperantly they were poisonous so best to avoid them! Whirling her fire to life she coats herself in it to protect her a bit. It wasn't much but if she used her magic right she could avoid damage. 

With what little time she did have left before the creatures got closer she moves over to a better position  behind the left side of the wwagon.she wouldn't be much help if she couldn't  hit anything. Her cat jumps down off her shoulder for now. "Nyx just stay safe for now okay?!" A meow is quickly ushered in response as the cat runs off to the wagon.



Top left

Roll: 10

Actions 2

-Action 1 guard against attack (-1 damage next turn)

-Action 2 Move to Bottom left


HP 5/5


Edited by AthenasFire

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Bottom left & bottom right


Swords slashed and arrows flew at the swarming Chhitten, cutting their numbers down to size. When Arashi was dispatching of one of them, another of the insectile creature jumped for her, sharp claws extended to pierce through her protective suit. However, right as it landed, an arrow shot right through its open mouth, killing it and spilling its neurotoxic fluids on the ground. The attacks were effective - stomping of heavy boots and sword thrusts that penetrated the hard shell of the Chhitten. However, their advantage lay in their numbers.

The group was wise in putting defence as a priority. Two Chhitten threw themselves at Vlad and Aryssin, but they hit the lightning barrier and were pushed back. The barriers pulsed once and dissipated. Another one jumped at Azytzeen on his horse when he dealt his smashing blow, but the kine shield repelled the creature. The same shield protected Sheryl, but seeing an opening, another one took the place of its broodmate, sinking its fangs into the female’s thigh. The bite by themselves were small, but it was the pain spread through the toxins carried in its saliva that would cause trouble for the knightess.

The Chhittens’ attacks were largely unsuccessful, and suddenly, at once, as if all their minds were linked, they skittered away from the group, towards the bottom right where only a small handful of defenders stood nearby a wagon.


Chhitten A (5 HP) -

d6 = 1 
Attack Sheryl (blocked)

d12 = 8 (2 actions)
Moved to bottom right
Moved 1 step towards wagon (creature is now 1 step away from wagon)

Chhitten B (8 HP) -

d6 = 4
Attack Vlad (blocked)
Attack Aryssin (blocked)
Attack Azytzeen (blocked)
Attack Sheryl (hit, -1HP)

d12 = 3 (1 action)
Moved to bottom right (creature is now 2 steps away from wagon)


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(No action move.)

It surprised Selena that her flames did not rid the world of the creature. She had sensed its weakness but perhaps she was mistaken on how much life was left. Selena, however, did not care, for her goddesses were on her side. Also she still had her powerful shield that the creature had to contend with. However it did not stop others from assuming that she was going to be harmed. She looked gently upon the man who rode before her and placed his life in danger. She watched as he began shooting, and it seemed to Selena that it was a hefty gamble. Selena knew if he fired enough shoots it would have eventually destroy the creature. Selena merely sighed as she could feel the spirit of the beast break in front of her. Her deep emerald eyes locked onto the beast and watched the life fade from them. As it fell to the ground and skipped, Selena could feel the deep tremors in the earth. The dust did blast forward up towards Selena, but the force was not powerful enough to even lay a single spec of direct upon her fair caramel skin. Her shield revealed itself, being peppered lightly with sand, blocking everything that may have inconvenience Selena. This creature had wasted his life. Selena then gazed upwards towards the Outlaw and nodded.

“I am well. I am sure your focus should be on killing this second beast versus looking upon my safety. We need to hurry good man. For my eyes see the enemy shifting in the battlefield!”

Selena’s body rose up from the sand as a magical horse appeared from the ground, lifting Selena up so her eyes would meet that of the outlaw.

Selena could see the little creatures running across the south towards where she used to be.

“Kill this creature! And make it quick! WE have to help our flank!”

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// Bottom Left: @Fierach @Garion @EpicRome23 @sorainvoked @AthenasFire @Metty//

The defenders were aware there was an another person attempting to hide from the horde's sight. And yet, those insect creatures seemed to be too occupied to notice a poorly protected snack. Vlad had not missed the opportunity to witness how masterly the man in black armor was smacking critters one by another. Others kept this murdering pace as well, slowly yet surely reducing the horde's numbers.

But Vlad was still hesitant to join the slaughter. He felt guilty for leaving his designated post - the move that probably convinced the others to do the same. At least, the blond-haired girl, which used to follow Bottom Right group, was among those fighting against the insects. The whereabouts of that noble lady and that reporter guy was unknown, much to Vlad's dismay. But suddenly, in the midst of the rampage across the convoy, a loud cry had been emerged. The paladin captain's cry. Their leader had just ordered every adjacent defender to go help those who struggle against the correspondent assailant. In Vlad's case, that would be the horde. After those words Vlad felt at ease, knowing that in the end he did the ri--


Suddenly a bright bolt had fell upon Vlad from nowhere and engulfed his body into some sort of radiant energy. Within seconds, Vlad found himself encased into a semitransparent bubble, which was making a strange humming noise. A couple of critters that were struggling to breach through defenses had turned around and skittered rapidly toward Vlad. The engineer, unable to cover his confusion and frustration, glanced at the girl who was also surrounded by a glowing and a humming.

"Way to ruin my cover, young lady!" - he grouched to himself. He might've said that out loud, if he was in fact in cover and not making circles around the wagon.

Mere seconds later Vlad had already been surrounded by a couple of ravenous insects. One of them was eager to latch at Vlad's flesh, hissing and stretching its limbs as if it was preparing for the jump. Vlad carefully stepped back toward the wagon's other corner, but the beast had rapidly rushed at him. Then something bizarre happened...

As critter's jaw had touched the bubble Vlad was surrounded with, an unknown force hit the monster with a loud buzz, propelling it back away. The other insects attempted to crawl at Vlad from below, yet they were repelled by the same force. It didn't took long for Vlad to realize he was granted a protective barrier. He silently nodded at the blond-haired girl as a token of appreciation. It was definitely a good thing he didn't swear at her earlier...

Then a slight thought appeared. Some sort of an inspiration, an urge to test something out. As a man that barely faced true magic in action, Vlad wanted to see whether the modern technology would contradict the precepts of arcane arts. Or, put simply, what would happen if he try and shoot the energy pistol through the barrier. Something in Vlad's mind, however, was telling him not to rush, think about possible reaction between the energy bolt and the barrier, calculate all the risks...

But since when math was winning the battles?

Vlad pointed his mana gun at one of the insects and pulled the trigger without any second thought. Surprisingly enough, the bolt flew freely through the bubble and smashed the target with enough force to make it explode. A sense of thrill had spread over Vlad's body. A sense of dominance and omnipotence was slowly overcoming him. He let out a faint chuckle, which soon grew to a full-blown cackle.

"Not so creepy, aren't ya?! AREN'T YA?!" - Vlad shouted. He fired again and again, not being able to aim properly due to being overexcited. The insects weren't standing still either, dodging every loose shot. Nevertheless, two of them were not fast enough.

And Vlad kept shooting. In the heat he barely noticed a group of these monsters slowly crawling away from the wagon, seemingly ignoring the conflict. The engineer was eager to see them splat again - a feeling that surpassed that murderous urge back in Tia. He aimed at the group and shouted: "HEY! OVER HERE, YOU SKITTERING PIECES OF S^*T! COME AND GET ME!" Either those particular ones were dear or they were preoccupied with whatever they were doing, but they did not reacted to Vlad's outbursts. Then he decided to combine words with bullets.

"YEAH! THAT'S RIGHT! RUN AWAY!" - He continued to swear at the insects, wasting the magazine on loose shots that only make them scatter a bit. - "YOU JUST A BUNCH OF UGLY CHICKENS! GO CRAWL BACK TO--- to- y-your..."

As the rage had worn off, Vlad, his eyes blurred, had noticed that the group wasn't in fact going back... It was heading straight toward the adjacent wagon. The one he was assigned to. The one he supposed to protect. The one with the least number of defenders.

"Oh crap... Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!" - Vlad exclaimed in terror. He tried to slow down the group and take out at least some of the insects. But as he had pulled the trigger, he heard nothing but a fizzle and a click. Empty.  And as a payback for overconfidence, a protective bubble popped out into non-existence just like a... like a bubble.

Indeed, karma in Yh'mi doesn't go easy on anyone.


=== Vlad Nassar ===

Bottom Left | Alive / Sane(?)

HP: █ █ █ █ █ | 5/5
AP:  █ █     | 3/3 (Rolled 12, I kid you not!)


- All-out Shoot /w Mana Gun  | 3 dmg        to Chhitten Pack A | 3 AP


- Take Cover                 | Avoid +1 dmg on next attack     Voided

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Dealt 3 dmg to Chhitten Pack A
- Discarded Avoid +1 dmg due to attacking


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