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Territories of Veluriyam

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Territories of Veluriyam Empire

*These are the various smaller territories that do not have their own boards

*Players are free to post their own territories down below so long as it is part of Veluriyam Empire


In the ever changing landscape of Terrenus, Emperor Titus deployed a large group of Veluriyam citizens to Ponkapoag Lake. it was upon his command that several miles South-West from the lake these citizens built a solid stronghold. It is the job of this stronghold to be the first line of defense in any attack incurred from the rising factions of the west. However, after the destruction of the Terran mega-city Tia, hundreds of thousands of displaced beings rushed to the safety of nearby Stronghold. This has quickly led to Stronghold drastically increasing in numbers and edging toward being a full-fledged city in its own right. Although new people are arriving to Stronghold everyday, the city still maintains and holds pride of its position as the Veluriyam Empire's Eastern Stronghold.

Stronghold's center is extremely fortified, created to endure even the most dangerous of foes whether they be one or many. The defenses are made up of magic and technology, both being used in order to increase the city's protective efficiency. However due to the enormous influx of people from all over Terrenus, especially Tia, a city has been built up around this center. Although there are barriers and defenses around the growing city, they are by no means even close to the defensive prowess of Central Stronghold.


New Everrun - Coming Soon!

Once a religious city centered around the Servants and their Prophet, Everrun was torn to shreds by the appearance of necromancers Lilith Reiter and Ankou Lethe. They commandeered the Prophet's power to summon an ancient weapon at the cost of hundreds of lives, taken from those living in Everrun. By the time the two necromancers had finished their business in Everrun, the town was nothing but ruins. Despite having just been freed from a gang of bandits the people of Everrun still weren't ready to give up. This determination was not only seen by the forces of Veluriyam Empire who arrived on the scene after sensing the powerful magic, but also admired. And, thus, using the vast resources at the Empire's disposal, Emperor Titus recruited some of the best engineers, architects, and scholars to Everrun. Furthering the strong dislike of magic rampant in Everrun after their city was destroyed my strong magic twice in a row, magic dampeners are built into every building. Every road. It is technology in its most pure form that drives this city. 

That drives New Everrun.



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