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Serphus Alumnus, The Old Hidden Ruins of Taboo Legends And Treasures

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Closed, Rp with brokeneyesdoll

Serphus Alumnus held many things a person could dream of. Weapons, armor, trinkets, gold, silver, rubies--emeralds, you name it. The ruins hid many of these items that were just being discovered.

Flying to the floating islands in an airship was a test should you be afraid of heights. But its the only way to get there. 

Placing her hands on the bar of the railing outside the outer deck of the airship, the elf stood there taking in the air. It had been a while since she had gone home, since she had gone exploring outside the islands.

Shaking her head, the air felt good. But she felt going home wasn't a good idea, as being away from a cursed island made her not as sick as she looked when she left.

But here she was. Flying home.

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The lands change, each one different from the last that she visited. Each having their own personalities and the treasures that called to her. Again the girl had boarded another ship and sailed off the the wild. Standing on the deck, the wind brushed itself across her face, pushing back long golden strands of hair from a pale face. Kaia was on her way to a new area, in search of some kind of treasure that was both risky and thrilling to steal. It wasn't her first time doing this and it definitely wouldn't be her last as the air ship sailed to the island. 

Excitement coursed in her blood, looking around at all there was to see. Sky blue eyes lighting up at the adventure that lay before her, this was it another spot on the map another trip. "Let the games begin" she whispered to no one before taking a deep inhale of the clean fresh air.

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The man sighed softly before turning to go inside one of the many spacious rooms of the airship. There were many dining rooms full of buffets, offerimg almost anything to the passengers. Shaking his head, he watched the elf girl go by before eyeing another woman standing there.

A foreigner coming to the land was always a big deal to the land. It brought in the possibility to feed the land a new and willing sacrifice. The eerie yellow golden eyes peered behind rimmed glasses as he pushed them up onto the bridge of his nose. Garnet stood out due to the long tied up blue hair and his eyes.

The first seed approached the young woman named Kaia. He bowed before her, before smiling a smile that would make anyone not of the land suspicious.

“First time here my dear?” Garnet asked then as his eerie golden yellow eyes peered at her. “We don't get many newcomers these days. It seems all the legends and happenings scare away the tourists.”

Garnet chuckled. While he was a ruthless businessman, he did have the stature of a nobleman at times. Pushing up those glasses he wore again, he took a glass of punch from one of the many sprawling tables.

“Seems they laid out the good stuff this time. I'm surprised they don't charge the passengers for any of this. Always giving foreigners a free ride. Which they say helps business. But I am not sure. Lately they been advertising treasure hunts in the newly discovered cities.”

He paused to take a sip of the punch. It was his first time drinking something humans did all the time. It wasn't bad but he preferred the exotic wines and alcohols more. His eyes peering at Kaia again.

“What brings you to our beloved cursed island my dear? Did you hear about the exploration teams or wanting to sight see a new island? Or did you get one of those flyers talking about treasure? I swear, how they tease people like that is such a disgrace. Oh, pardon me, my name is Garnet.”

The seed then went back to drinking the punch as he let the silence grow among the two standing in the dining area as the airship flew onward to the floating islands.

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The airship was spacious and soon the girl had found herself wandering back into the dinning area of it, her stomach refusing to even entertain the notion of food at this moment. Something about flying always had her stomach tied up in knots, but it was still a nice change of pace to travel this way and the promise of treasure was well worth it. What Kaia hadn't expected was the presence of a male or the fact that he was speaking with her. Sky blue eyes lifted to view him as a small smile chased its way on to her features as he struck up a conversation. 

"In fact it is." she supplied him and answer before turning slightly to face him more, had she not been exposed to more dangerous things his appearance would of set off warning bells in the mind. But thankfully she had been exposed to creatures much more dangerous looking thank him, but still her guard was up, sometime the good looking one's were more deadly than the others.

"Well what brings me to the island is in fact the treasure hunt" She chuckled softly at him, it was true! That was why she had loaded up and headed out to this place, her sky blue eyes looked up at the male and her smile never faltered. "What's not to love about a good old fashion treasure hunt?" she chuckled softly. It was easy to tell she wasn't from any of the lands. With her sky blue eye's and strawberry blonde hair she stood out like a sore thumb, almost innocent in nature and branded her as a target. 

"Kaia" she introduced herself to the male and bit the inside of her cheek when he introduced himself as Garnet, and yet, his hair color was more of a cobalt . A pretty blue indeed but it was the exact opposite of what his name meant. Keeping the laugh inside as to not insult someone she had just met the girl continued the conversation. "I take it you are from the island and think this whole treasure hunting is just, well, stupid and a tourist trap?"




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“Oh no. I do not think it is stupid. A tourist trap yes. And it is a good one if it brings more people to our little island. I am indeed. You're probably wondering how a blue haired man got the name Garnet.”

He smiled at Kaia. He did have charm to disguise his gruff tough exterior. However, he also could read a person. Garnet shook his head as he eyed her. So a treasure hunter she was? That was even better. There were lots of treasure hiding in the lands, even though it was cursed.

But he didn't disclose this. The first seed looked at the pretty girl named Kaia. Humes (humans) always produced some pretty creatures. But most travelers that came here, fed the dying lands to keep it afloat.

“Well, I gave myself the name. I know, it does not fit me as I have no red upon me. Silly it sounds. But however, names are not really important after a time. You forget them and get new ones. Well, there is lots of treasure here, I am sure it will make you happy.”

Garnet chuckled lightly. He rubbed the back of his head as those glasses of his slid down the bridge of his nose. Kaia was something special, he could tell. Not many humes were. He then looked at her, peering with those eerie golden yellow eyes of his.

“I do hope you enjoy your stay at our little island. And find lots of treasure.” Garnet replied as he pushed his glasses up his nose again. “Maybe I can help you around, find it as well?”

The airship would land in Athentha in just a few hours. Garnet smiled at Kaia again calmly, cooly and he didn't show any nervousiness.

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