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Medical Malpractice (IC)

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Just some blocks north of the Gypsey Market, is a well known and well established building in Blairville known as the Central Medical Hospital, the largest hospital in the city and a well known place for medical care.  Doctors and healers move throughout the halls in droves, planning and concocting all sorts of medicines and potions to help their patents.  Nurses, whether they be the kindly kind, the sweet kind, the...extremly attractive kind, or even the sassy "dont you dare get in the way of me treating my patients" kind, among others can all be found helping patients in need.

Among them was Public Room 42, the Physical Therapy Room.  There, a young boy stood naked as two nurses continued to examine him.  His body seemed weak and scrawny, but at the same time had sort of a scrappy feel to it.  However, what was only noticable thanks to him being naked were the countless scars, burn marks, and other marks that screamed all levels of abuse.  There was not a doubt in anyone's mind that this boy had been repeatedly beaten, used as an ashtray, neglected, and hurt both physically and psychologically.  In fact, for the first five days, he refused to let anyone touch him and they were forced to sedate him.  Repeatedly.  After he screamed something about dying.

From what the nurses, doctors, and psychologists could tell, his parents probably beat him so badly he had thought he died, and it left an impression on him.  But now, he just lacked communication.  However, as per Hospital Protocol, the wounds had to be repeatedly checked, see how they reacted to medication, see how they reacted to physical stress, and see what they could do to make them less noticable.  Although, it was true that his parents were apparently smart enough not to make it too noticeable, for the trained eyes of the medical staff his body was covered in evidence of abuse.  Some parts of his body, they thought he might have been hit by a baseball bat.  Others, cut by a knife.  Definently fist marks on some places, kick marks on others.  Broken bones that healed, bruises, and burn marks.

At the moment, they had just made him run on the treadmill, see how his legs were doing.  It seemed like he must have gotten hit on the head, because once he finally woke up after having been found naked in a field unconscious, he finally came to but could barely move his body.  It took him several days to be able to walk on his own, and while he can do fine now, they still make him go around in the wheelchair.  Or maybe that was just because of hospital policy?  He also claimed to have no memories, aside from his name being Noah Bell.  The nurses ended up giving him the nickname Nobel though, a good nickname to try and brighten the spirit of someone who had been through so much darkness.

The nurses were currently just waiting on a doctor to show up, and examine him further.  Noah himself found the whole situation rather embarrassing, but given the state he heard he had been found in, he didn't have much room for complaint right now.  Although to be honest, he did want to leave as soon as possible.  He hoped the doctor would show up soon, and just clear him to leave the hospital already.

While thinking that, he continued to chew some Tooroot, something the hospital gave him.  He was not a major fan of the taste, but it was apparently to help deal with the sicknesses he kept getting.

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(Yo, it chill if I hop on? Sorry if not.)


The girl stood on solid legs outside of the hospital. "Why am I here again?" she asked herself. "I don't think it's.. That serious.." her right, metallic hand held firmly onto a piece of cloth- a sort of handkerchief, to be exact. Opening her fist, she looked at the nearly white fabric, her gaze drifting down to a spot of red in the middle. She stayed silent for a second. "Yeah. Actually, coughing up blood could be preeeeetty  bad..." She took a deep breath, and started across the street towards the building.

When she reached the door, she looked at the cloth for a second, before stuffing it in the back pocket of her Jean-like pants.  A deep breath, and she reach out with her left, organic hand ... And pulled the door open.

The inside was a hive of activity, and she stood silent for a minute. After being bumped by someone or another rushing to someplace, she jolted back into reality. Nervously, she walked around until she found what could be best described as a front counter. The nurse behind it looked at her lazily. "What is it that you're here for?" she drawled. 

"uh, well.." she was stuttering. That was dumb. "I.. Checked in with another place, and they told me to come here? Said something about... Magic and memories.. And how this placed was better equipped for.. Something."

The lady looked at her curiously, sitting up a little straighter. "Magic? Well, all right then. I'll go get Doctor Johassen." she pushed up from her chair and walked away, leaving Keira standing.

"Uh.. What am I supposed to do now?" she thought, confusion racking her mind. "U-uh.. I'll stay right here!" she called out to the retreating nurse.

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Such an exciting evening for Cail this was a third time he got to enjoy the outside far from home and yet he missed it partialy not because it was his at all in the first place but ever since the crash it had been his home ever since, having no where else to go. The crash must have had messed with his mind a little as recently hes been geeting flashes of memories which never had happened or could happen on this world. He decided it might be best to get a quick physiological check up as he didn't feel that Lexdords medical system was telling him the truth (" Your fine everyone goes through it once.  It'll be fine in a couple of weeks") yet cosidering it had been over a month he begun to belive that they were ether wrong or lying so he came here to seek medical advice from another source.

he walked over to the receptionist counter "Hi Im here for Phycological treatment, where do I go for that?" 

The receptionist mearly said that the doctor was coming soon

"Is soon going to be weeks" 

an overexaggeration at best considering the repitation of the Hospital.


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She stood awkwardly as the lady ran away. Standing still for several seconds, she jumped a bit as she realized there was another person at the counter, talking to another clerk. "Uh... Hi..?" She looked over at him awkwardly, giving a little wave with her metal arm. "What.. Are you here for?... Oh! You.. Don't have to answer if you don't want to!"

"Um... Well, I'm here because.." She stopped talking as vicious coughs racked her body. Frowning, she said: "Hold on a sec, I gotta remember-" she pulled her bag from her back and shuffles around inside for a second, drawing out a thin, red, leather-bound book. Snapping it open, she flips through the many pages- many more than are visible on the outside. Exclaiming in triumph, she stabs her finger down on a sentence. "Ha! Yeah! I'm here because-" she pauses, realizing the irony. She grins as she continues. "I've got some pretty jacked-up amnesia..." she laughs a bit, and then stands awkwardly for a second.

The nurse from before comes back with a smartly dressed woman walking at a brisk pace behind her. "Miss!" they call out. "The doctor will talk with you now." she then takes her place behind the counter, shuffling some papers around and waiting for the next person to come up. 

The girl with prosthetics hurriedly stuffs the book back into her back, closes it, and swings it roughly onto her back. Hesitantly, she starts to walk after the "Doctor", who is now turned away and moving fast. She turns around and looks at Cail, yelling a bit to be heard over the noise of the activity. "U..uh.... Nice to talk! See you later!... Maybe!... Hope you aren't too sick!" As she spins 160 and sprints after the Doctor, soft metallic clanging noises can be heard.

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It was quite the wonderful afteenoon when a bunch of women sauntered into the hospital. Dressed in matching long coats paired with slim pants and a shirt that says "I am a terrorist!" And all of these are in matching black of course. Whether they are really going for that edgy look or are just wannabes, one thing is for sure. The one leading them was a woman. Her white-hair and skin are a stark contrast to the clothes that adorn her body. On her lips was a lighted stick of cigar, its smoke trailing in her wake. 

Behind were her three of her female goons in various shapes and sizes but all reeking with confidence and arrogance. Other than the tall, heavily scarred woman, the other two were much less impressive. One was clearly a short petite woman carrying a rather large rectangular case behind her, and the last one is a child barely twelve but with the eyes of one who has killed and probably relished in it.

The group sauntered through the entrance making a beeline for the poor receptionist. The tall heavily scarred woman was the first to speak, "Bitch, tell me what room this Nathan Bell fucker is in."

Stunned the woman's eyes tried to shif towards the guard but the heavily scarred woman's backhand slap was quicker-

"Sera, stop."

The receptionist was so close to getting her teeth knocked out but was thankfully save with two words from the smoking woman. Annoyed, the woman named Sera whose hands were quarter of an inch close to the receptionist, pulled her arm back. Blowing a lungful of smoke to the side, the so called leader continued.

"We do not condone violence Sera," she chided, "but she it would be in her best interests to call off security, tell them everything is okay. If she does well she could still go home to her fanily tonight. If not, get her name and track everyone else related to her. Make sure she's the only left."

With a malicious snicker, Sera glared at the receptionist. There was no more need for words. Soon the receptionist gave them the room number. The poor woman could finally take a relieved breath as Sera and her group disappeared into the elevator.

While the copies are busy entertaining those below, there was a woman- no a nurse that managed to enter Noah's room staying in the sidelines. She looked like one of those newer trainees. One of those promising lasses but lacking experience. But little did she know that she would experience a whole lot more than medicinal practice.

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Noah was still in the middle of his examination by the nurses as apparently some commotion had been started.  A few of the people that had been standing guard outside went off to handle the situation, and there were some people going around and locking doors for security reasons.  However, otherwise the nurses did not stop.  Once they measured several things about him, and did some tests, they had Noah do some pull ups as well.

So far, the tests indicated his body was working properly and healthily, like they had the last one hundred times or so, yet for some reason lacked simple and normal things, including the ability to fight off low grade colds and such.  He seemed to be able to fight off the more dangerous bugs usually, but common ones not so much.  They also were still unable to identify him, and caused him some tension.

However, outside something about the situation seemed more stressful.  The nurses ended up bringing a few more people into the room all of a sudden, even though Noah was still in the room and undressed.

"What the hell!  No way, I am getting dressed now!"

"HOld it!  We still need to run more tests!  Nurses, we just got a lot of injured in the reception area, so we need your help there.  I will take over the patient's condition and lock the door down" he told them, ushering them out and locking the door afterwards.  He then went over to Noah, whose face went red with embarrassment at the situation in front of him.

"Surely, I can do these tests wearing my clothes".

"No can do, hospital rules are the gowns or nothing, you cant wear outside clothes while you are a patient..."

"Really?  What a stupid rule".

Suddenly, that was when Noah noticed something, there was something about this Doctor that did not quite feel right and...

Out of nowhere, he felt something be pressed against his back by the doctor and water flow onto it.  After this, a strange plant seemed to sproud behind him as well, and grew quickly.  In less then seconds, the vines had wrapped and tightened around Noah's wrists, ankles, and body, causing him to helplessly fall to the floor.  But to make matters worse, it also began to wrap around his neck and began to choke him out.


"Sorry brat, but I am getting paid a hefty sum to take you out by some Gaia Extremists.  You can blame them for your misfortune, or yourself for coming to a world that is not yours".

It seemed that the threat against Noah had suddenly turned quite serious, given his doctor was trying to kill him....

...so serious that perhaps, no one noticed there were more nurses working at this hospital then registered also.  Some of which that have some rather strange chello cases and other large cases weapons could hide in.

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He had sat for the moment but suddenly he began to have more of those memories this time they were violent, instead of the usual see sights he instead saw the memory of some sort of battle


came the voice of a soilder before him right when a bullet narrowly misses him causing him to duck.


While attempting to yell over the gun fire

"But but Devin...." he heard himself say


he sat for a moment before perking up his gun pointing it like a sniper would exept this was with a rifle. His first shot was pure luck, hitting someone dead in the head just under the enemy's steel helmets 

he felt something...as if he wanted more..


"yes.....ive..never felt this before and yet it seems ive always longed for it sought for it hunger for it" 

Soon Back in reality that memory begun to seep into him, corrupt him and slowly he got up with a gun at hand.

"Lets get them david, I no longer vare if they are everywhere" how ever he compleatly ignored what was going on in the background

"I sense something someones death is near ""an easy kill"

Horrificly it seemed he was mentally breaking down as his growing blood lust lead him in the direction of Noah Bell as he sensed weak prey.

(OOC oh dear it seems he has become insane)

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Suddenly, she started seizing.

 Oh, crap.

Flashes of light and bright colors, and when it stopped, she lay on the ground, panting. She'd been silent throughout the whole ordeal, so the doctor leading her didn't realize what was happening, and it seemed nobody else around did, either. She hurriedly opened her book- she knew that, when she did, there would be a new, filled-out page in it. She read the contents as fast as she could, and then got up slowly on wobbly legs.

There was an assassination taking place, and she had to stop it.

As fast as she could (which wasn't very fast, to be totally honest) she limped across the hospital, scanning locked doors.

And there is was. PT42. She tried the door, but it was locked. She kinda had been hoping that it would be, because... Truth be told, she was terrified.

She didn't want to risk her life, but she knew that she should. And that was what pushed her forward.

She kicked the door as heavily as possible.

It shattered inwards, splinters flying. In the middle of the chaotic room, there was a boy, (naked- eugh...) a doctor, and a nurse with hair so white it was probably actually silver.

Well, if she was honest, she would guess it wasn't really a nurse, based on the fact that she had attacked the doctor and then restricted the boy with ropes as though to-


Ah. Yeah. That.

And she'd also brought a lot of attention to herself.


You don't become a nurse to take people hostage.

They usually end up dead.

Kinda counter-entuitive.

She started to stumble towards them.

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Related image"Sorry brat, but I am getting paid a hefty sum to take you out by some Gaia Extremists.  You can blame them for your misfortune, or yourself for coming to a world that is not yours".

The man's boldness was something the silver-haired nurse admired. It was one thing to gloat and another thing to accidentally spill the beans. The man should have been careful of what he's saying. That and the silver-haired nurse never like doctors. They keep prodding and poking her body every single time she needs a check-up.  While the supposed 'doctor' was busy prodding the little boy from behind, this questionable nurse also made her way toward the doctor. With a sneer, she kicked the doctor out of the way.

"GAIA EXTREMISTS, MY ASS! THAT BOY-O IS MINE!" she jeered at the doctor. With that done, the nurse would Sashay to the boy and hoist her up only for the door to suddenly burst open. Anyone entering would see this white-haired nurse assault the doctor then tied up the patient as if trying to take him away. The nurse cursed at fate's cruel ploy. She scowled at newcomer."BACK OFF BITCHES! I'M TAKING THIS KID WITH ME AS HOSTAGE!"

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She staggered towards the nurse.


She gave her a crazy grin.


Giggling, she took another step towards the nurse.

"Thats pretty dumb, pretty lady."


"Y-you think I--"

She stuttered, and somebody hit her- Proboably scared and confused, but nonetheless, she blocked them with her right arm, grabbed onto them with an iron grip, and flung them onto the floor away from her.

"I care about some goddamned"

Her crazed grin is wider now, and she takes another step. The attacker didn't even make her blink an eye.


Her eyes were wild, and her lips were stretched to a point that it wouldn't be suprising if the skin broke.



She laughed crazily, and then suddenly went into a fit of coughing, covering her mouth with her arm. When it subsided, she lowered her arm and looked up at the nurse once more. The "crazy" look had ebbed-


She spat onto the floor, and a glob of blood hit the ground.


Damn it!"

She raised her arm again and rubbed her cheek, looking pissed.

"You got me worked up, and now I have another thing to remember!"

Obviously, her complaints were unsympathized. The deranged look reentered her eyes. She took another, big, lurching step towards the nurse.

"You think you can stop me?"

Yeah. She's really fucking pissed now.

"Bitch, have you got another thing coming for you.."

She sneered, and then ran at the silver-hair, ripping a knife out of her pocket, roaring:


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"Must defend.....theborders.....Borderwalks...... Ariga Scum We trusted you this is how you return our favor!"

he said as he got closer to the source of weakness he heard some of some sort of brawl going on within the room but to his deranged eyes he was walking into a boarded up house where three soilder of diffrent flag allegiances were present about to kill a child yet one was wearinga shiny metal outer coating 

"What manner of honour is this is it now honorous to kill a mere child of the Eip Tribes Leave now or Die Ariga Scum"

in the background you could hear cheering as people started to surround the house, more Eip soilders were circling around somehow knowing that it was the last place in the town were enemies lay


he shot the one with the shiny armour but in an odd way it flimsy bounced off, and smacked another soilder knocking out only that one soilder then everything went black....

when he came to be all he saw was a weird looking vine growing on a child and relized that he had wanted to collect one of those

"TF wher-

the vine

"Gimme that vine kid I think Ill put it to more use!

but then he took a look at the situation

"why are you all so interested in this kid?" As he was growing suspisous that this was no ordinary child.

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Hey, I screwed up and don't know how to delete posts!

Sorry about that, there was some confusing stuff, and I need to let others post before me so I can decide what to do.

Thanks for understanding, I'm sorry this is such an eyesore, have fun reading and roleplaying!

-A Very Apologetic Higuu

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Noah....Noah was currently a mix of emotions.  It was a mix of utter embarrassment, because he was currently tied up and naked in front of this large group of people.  Well, it was all innocent, and he was far too young, but still...it was extremely embarrassing.  Not only that, but he was picked up....all while the vine was still strangling him!

Just what the hell did he do?!  He only just entered this world!  Why is everyone trying to kill him?!

"Confirmed.  Threat Level Increasing.  Astral Mind Activated".


And then, right as he was tossed into the air in all the confusion, part of his wind magic activated and manipulated his wind resistance while creating bursts and cushions of wind, which ended up with him landing on his feet, still naked and tied up, in the center of them...and then, that was when it happened.

Two men kicked their way into the room with guns drawn, and then immediately pointed at Noah and fired....or well, would have fired, if two swords had not flew into them from behind, before they removed themselves and flew right alongside Noah, cutting the vines off of him without cutting him themselves before moving their handles into his hands.

After that, three more mercenaries charged into the room while shouting...

"What the hell are you three doing, get the kid and....what the..."

And at this point, Noah had reached his limits.

"What the hell is going on here?!  Why does everyone keep charging into this room!  And..."

He then noticed his situation, and used his hands while still holding the swords to cover his lower part up.

"Cant you all wait until after I get dressed?!"

But of course, it seemed like no one did because the armed people open fired on the entire crowd.  Noah was forced to move his hands, and by instinct somehow deflected some bullets with his swords while he also instinctively created a wind barrier to protect himself.  And, if the list of odd things could not get any stranger, what appeared to be a weird stream of cloth flew in through the open door afterwards...and covered Noah completely, turning into clothing.  Shorts, a jacket, T shirt, and even shoes, and it even made parts that were not made of cloth.

And a field of lightning seemed to appear around him as they finished.

"Well, I suppose I am no longer butt naked...but, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON STILL?!"


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22799d141edf5dfb2680eb1262675057.pngThe white-haired woman frowned at the boy. Her nurse costume is now in tatters because some fuckers suddenly opened fire at her. Then there was this large gash on her forearm after some bitch suddenly jumped on her with a fucking knife. It was such a clusterfuck that a bitter chuckle escaped the nurse's lips.

Blood was already dripping off her flesh, as the firearms were not precise enough to just shoot at Noah, hitting the nurse. It did not help that Noah created a shield protected only himself. What a rude boy. She could have at least spared some energy to protect such a delicate and dainty woman as this white-haired nurse.

Still, all was not lost as she can already sense her allies approaching, those that went through the elevator. They must have done a piss poor job at sweeping the other assailants on the corridors or maybe they are simply taking their fucking time walking. Such shitty subordinates.

With Noah freed, the nurse can now relax. At least the boy can fight back. All she needed now is try to reason with the boy. Well, that is if he still has enough brain cells left to understand her words. 

"Now see here boy," the fake nurse spoke as she bore down on Noah, "Someone paid a lot to get you off this hospital so why don't you be a good boy and come with me."

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