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The Plague: Weland

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"Uhg....what a day" said a certain cat boy.....or rather, a cat man who appeared as a boy, said as he entered the doors of the changing room at the current place he was staying at, the Saezaeshita Hot Spring and Onsen, which was equipped with a fully developed and wonderfully made facility for him to rest and relax after a hard day's work.  He had recieved an urgent request from a local hospital that had been overburdened to help deal with the recent influx or patients.  And somehow, he ended up assisting with surgery to repair a man's heart.

Lyrian quickly took off all his clothes and then grabbed a towel, slinging it across his shoulder instead of wrapping it around his waist.  He was a doctor after all, he changed with everyone else in the locker room every day, took cleansing showers with the rest of the staff after surgery or dealing with infectious patients, and had to change the clothes of his patients even and see them naked just like how most of the staff had seen him naked today.  Sure, he looked young, but that was because he was a rare strain of cat people.  He looked 12, maybe 13, but he was actually 22 years old.  And it did not stop him from getting married, though it did not stop the divorce either.

He did think it was odd though, he thought a number of the patients had the same symptoms.  The hospital took measures of course to prevent diseases from spreading, including having some of their lighting fixtures radiate light that helps deal with diseases at a level harmless to people, and had other methods as well.  He started to think through all of his notes that he had taken today, but quickly shook it out of his head.  He had just worked 26 hours non stop, he needed to spend some time soaking in a hot springs.

He soon entered the bathing area, and went over and sat on a stool while he placed his towel in a safe spot, washing his body off before he would get into the water.  He wondered if anyone was going to offer to wash his back like what sometimes happened at places like this, but for now he just started on his own so he could quickly enter the water.

"I hope they wont need as much help tomorrow.  I can work with low sleep just fine, but its not like I enjoy it...." he mentioned, as he enjoyed the atmosphere of the open air of the hot springs even while washing off his body before he had entered the water, including the air that felt like it cleared his nose right up and rejuvenated his body already.

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(This is the OOC Thread.  Please read it, as it explains the basic plan I have in mind so far, built to be flexible as the situation progresses)

(also posting for a variety of reasons aside leaving that link, such as expanding on some stuff for ease of use that fit better in new stuff then editing the original post.  Also will add mentions to the people who already posted interest in the OOC Thread.  @Zashiii  @Hurttoto   But yeah, given the size of the event, wanted to add another character so I felt another post was required.  And also let me do some hillariously funny interactions, and expand on some character's backstories, so its a win for everyone!)

At Lyrian started to wash himself off, another individual also entered.  He seemed a tad bit shy and embarrassed, walking in with his towel wrapped around his waist.  It was not like this was the first time he had been naked in front of others before since arriving in this world, and it probably would not be the last either with his luck.  However, after so much traveling, he needed a bath and to relax.  That was when he noticed another boy who appeared a few years older then him.  That boy was actually Lyrian, who was 22 years old, but Noah had no way of knowing that.

Lyrian, who had been busy bathing, also looked back at the boy, and details caught his eye.  Although the untrained eye might not tell, Lyrian was an experienced doctor and could tell that Scar Concealment Cream had been used on Noah's body.  It helped hide the scars and make them less noticable, and Lyrian saw that his body had been treated with a lot of it.  His whole body even, and the boy looked nervous and untrusting...

Given his age and the location of the scars and treatment, most likely it was repeated abuse for years now.  However, if he got treated with that gel...that means it was applied at a hospital.  Given that they would report this, and other factors, he probably has gotten away from them now....so a loner?  A runaway?  Maybe....oh, better deal with this now!

As Noah began to head towards the water, Lyrian quickly got up and called out to him.

"Hold it!"

Noah got flustered as the other boy suddenly called out to him and came over, but even more so when Lyrian pulled away Noah's towel and grabbed his wrist, heading over to the washing station and forcing Noah to sit down at one.


"Oh come now, nothing to be ashamed of right?  These are just our natural bodies, and we are bathing in here after all".

Noah's face turned even more red as Lyrian sat him down and hung the towel up on a hook so it didn't get wet.

"Anyways, even for open air hot springs like this one where you can enjoy the night sky while you bathe, there are things to consider.  First off, you should always wash your body before entering the hot springs like so" Lyrian explained to him, as he began to help him wash all over.  "...and two, you are not supposed to enter the bath with the towel.  Either leave it on the side or on your head, but dont wear it into the bath, okay?"

"Hey...hey!  Stop touching me!"

As Lyrian went further and further, Noah started to panic from his very small comfort zone being infringed upon.  He tried to push Lyrian away, but he continued anyways.

"Oh, dont be so fussy.  I am a doctor after all, so you cant chase me away that easily".

That little comment caught Noah's attention.

"You...are a Doctor?"

"Yes, now stop squirming enough for me to at least finish your back".

And Lyrian managed to at least gets some parts while he was distracted, although Noah's face went red as a result.  Lyrian sat back down on a stool next to Noah, and continued to wash himself off as well.  Which might have been all well and good, if the two of them were not just suddenly wrapped around by the arms of beautiful females holding soaped up sponges and clothes, placing them on their stomachs and then started to wash as they were heading lower.

"Excuse me, boyas.  But having children bathe on their own could be risky, if there was some accident or play, so we are here to assist and take care of you..."

"I see...and what are the real rea....OWOWOWOW!"

But right when Lyrian was about to turn around, the two of them went and pinched in a way that caused pain to them both as they collapsed onto the ground while holding the spot pinched.

The two women were already walking away, but they mentioned one thing as they did.  "Sorry, but we couldn't be sure which one of you was Lyrian.  That is for causing your ex-wife all that trouble Lyrian LeCross!"

Noah, while still in pain, recieved another shock.

"You were married....wait, your divorced?!"

It was loud enough for anyone in the area to hear...and also....

"Wait, there were women here?!"

"...well, this is the mixed bath option..."

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This was odd.

Keira frowned, sitting in her hotel room.

She hadn't lost a single memory for several days.

Not a single blood-stained cough, or a freakish seizure.

Ok. The seizures didn't happen that often, but if her amnesiac self had stopped being an amnesiac, well, that might have been a bit helpful to know. Sure, they weren't fun, and quite painful, really- but whenever she seized, it usually turned out to be helpful in the long run.


She checked her thin, leather bound book again, for the eighty-seventh time- She counted- However, there wasn't a new page.

You might be thinking, "You idiot- books don't just grow new pages!" And you'd be right- but this wasn't any old book. No.

This was her dhakira. Her memory book. And it had memories, all right. So far the book had 16257 filled-out pages. Thankfully, they had all been numbered so she didn't have to count- as for the outside thinness of it, it's not too far to say that a magical page-growing book can't have some form of compaction magic inside it, is it?

 Every night, new words appeared inside. And the words described her memories. Not all of them, necessarily- mainly the important ones. There were always 10 empty pages inside, for her to fill out personally. And sometimes, at the very back of the book-


Warnings would be written.

Warning given in exchange for pain.

And she always acted on the warnings.

Maybe she should have listened?

Maybe the book was right, a week before her departure to this town.

"A horrible event

One talked about for years to come

Will sweep the inhabitants

And the visitors

And the ones closest 

to the town of Weland."


She had to figure out what it was. She just had to. And she could survive a pretty good beating- hell, it hurt to give her a beating, the metal ingrained into her was so hard. 

But she wouldn't allow the same thing that happened to her happen to others.

Well, rephrase:

She didn't have a damn clue about what had happened to her.

She'd lost her memories, at the age of ten.

And she'd woken up with new limbs.

A new life.

A metallic one.

She didn't want others to suffer the same hopeless, empty feeling of being lost as she had.

So she intervened wherever the warnings went.


She stood abruptly.

Snapping her brown cloak closed around her, she jammed her meager belongings into a bag and hauled ass.

It was time to leave this building. She'd been here too long.

Not the town yet, though.

She'd stay as long as it took for the event to happen.

The subtle clanging of her iron feet echoed in the hall behind her.

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(Road to Welland / A few hours ago)

Image result for salter shinjukuThe Madame Ravenbush frowned. The path to Weland had been rather frustrating. Anyone would be truly be infuriated they are being shadowed by one of the most disgusting beings in this region. A woman that Ravenbush has found so vile, that her presence made Ravenbush feel nauseous. What has been following the Madame all this time was actually the Mitress Blackhead.

Recalling the event earlier that day made the Madame's stomach churn. Travelling by portal to somewhere near Weland was rather unexciting but the real surprise was the person who first greeted her. it was the Mistress in all her bitchy glory. What else would anyone do when faced against a joke? Of course Ravenbush jumped on the terrorist. There was no humor in her face, nor in her actions as she swung her bastard sword in a horizontal swing while screaming "BEGONE THOT!" The action was gracefeul as it is brutal. The Mistress' head was chopped off then and there but the lack of spurting blood forced Ravenbush to back off, eyes peeled open with caution. When dealing with a joke of a character just like the Mistress one must make sure not to overextend his or herself or else the terrorist would cowardly strike at that brief opening. The head though began giggling as it's chopped off neck began to secrete black goop while the eadless body simply picked up it's goop secreting head and reconnected the two sliced ends. Soon the Mistress was back to looking down on Ravenbush as the black goop mended the woman's supposed wounds.

Seeing the goop, Ravenbush already understood that the Mistress was too much of a pussy to appear in person. As she expected, this was one of those stupid shape-shifing homunculus penguins that the cartel developed. Useless for attacks but its utility and durability more than makes up for its lack of offensive capabilities. And it seems the Mistress has began using it as a security blanket. Through the homunculus she can assume multitudes of identities, slip into any crack or crevice, and if needed self-destruct if caught leaving no loose ends. The Madame could pummel that ulgy mug of the Mistress but it would only keep on reforming itself. So Ravenbush ran all the way to Welan leaving the disgusting figure of the Mistress and that smug look far far behind.

But the question is, did Ravenbush actually lose the Mistress? Or is that vile woman still tracking the poor Madame? Perhaps. perhaps not. One thing to be sure of is that the Madame has safely reach Weland. She can finally relieve most of her stress in the city's famed hot springs.

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The sick feeling persisted.

Perhaps this was dread? It intrigued Keira. She'd rarely experience dread before, less lately than ever... And she wanted to try a little experiment.

Hot springs were good for your health, right? Perhaps she could experiment and see if they would rid her of the horrible feeling mounting in her throat.


She took a deep breath. Yes, she decided. She was having second thoughts, but she would follow through with her investigation. Who would protest to a little science?

Well, she wasn't usually shy about her body- you could fluster a lot of men intending you harm, and attack them unawares... But the thing she was most worried about was how people would react.

Over half of her body was metal, after all. 

And so the effect it had was that nearly her entire torso was iron.. She had, essentially, a suit of armor.

However, if she were to take the suit off, all of her guts and blood and gorey stuff would spill out, because that "suit" was her body's version of skin.

The effect the fake parts had on her body was.. Stunting, to say the least. For one, she literally didn't have a chest.. She was flat AF, and sometimes she was pretty pissed about that.

But seriously? To most who didn't look too close, it would look as though she was wearing a skin-tight suit of armor. She wasn't, of course, I already explained that. Honestly- it would attract quite a bit of attention, though.

The dread in her roiled.

Lets get this over with.


She entered the hot spring section-

Surveying the area, she saw two boys who seemed to be fighting, two women laughing together, several more people milling about in the water, and some drying off to go back inside.

Stepping forward, she felt awkward as she picked up the clanking of her feet against solid ground- not loud enough for many others to hear, but she could... And she wondered how long it would take to draw attention to herself... Not intentionally, of course, but just because of something that she screwed up or somebody noticing her strange metal parts..

She walked about, pressing in on herself, suddenly extremely conscious of her body.

One of the boys from earlier was staring.

Well, this is just fan-fucking-tastic.

Somebody's looking at me.

Please don't draw more attention to me.

Please don't draw more attention to me.


(OOC: No she don't have the sickness RN it is actually dread please don't think that she's sick)

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Cali was stressed. He could have a mental breakdown at any time, and considering his unpredictability at the hospital, he just didn't know when he was going to snap again. However, he fortunately hadn't had to deal with any more episodes since that day, so maybe- just maybe- it was over?

Relaxing might help- he'd come to Weland to see what it was like, and for once, to be a tourist.

A sharp pain went off in his skull.

"Ow," he hissed. He took a second, and glanced around, confused. "Wait, where w-"

And then a memory. Thankfully, it seemed much more peaceful than the last.

"Sweetie.. Calimal!" A motherly women called out to a small child, who narrowly missed several cars while running across the road. 

"Am I gonna go crazy again...?" Cali wondered silently as the moments unfolded.

"You could have gotten yourself killed!" The women didn't exactly seem worried... Just exasperated and hovering, like she had told this to the child many times before.

"Train and I want-" The words tumbled out of his mouth, feeling strange and heavy- something didn't seem right. This memory was fuzzy, like a VHS tape that had been warped. Cali slowly come back to reality, blankly staring at a waterfall in front of him.

"I need to go to that water-" And suddenly, another memory flooded his conscious and caused him to zone out. "What the 〒ひ€に...?" Ah. Those words were stranger. He attempted to swear, but the noise came out odd and distorted- as though something was doing its best to keep him from it.

Something whispered in his mind... A voice that sent shivers down his spine. Was somebody screwing with his head? "Hush now child, your life may depend on it~"

He was whisked away into the memory, away from the speaker.

"You see those amino acids, Calimal? Aren't they fascinating?" He felt himself nod, and on the glass of a beaker in front of him, he saw the reflection of a teenage boy. He wondered if it was him, or if it was the one messing with his mind.

"Yeah dad, I know! It's not like I've ever seen them before!" The tone that came from his throat was heavy with sarcasm. To add to the effect, his posture was lazy and he rolled his eyes, annoyed. 

The man who had enthusiastically asked Calimal about the acid looked at him, a slightly concerned look on his face. However, he merely said, (with no less enthusiasm,) "Wait until you've seen the latest specimen that we've found. It seems to be some new, unique species."

"You talking about that slime that you're crazy obsessed with? I mean, it's new, but what is it?" Curiosity entered his voice. Dad had been holed up in here for weeks looking at that stuff, but had said very little about it. The only reason he had a clue about what his father was talking about was because he had snuck in here to see for himself.

"So far, we're fairly certain that it's some form of bacteria. We're going to study it before the CDC takes it away." The man seemed very happy with himself, smiling and taking down extra notes whilst simultaneously talking with his son.

Cali spoke hesitantly. "It doesn't have a name..?" 

"Oh, but it does! We voted, and decided upon Zermex. We all participated in a vote. Oddly enough, it was unanimous! That doesn't happen nearly as often as I'd like." 

He jolted out of the memory, and took deep breaths like he'd been underwater and had just come up for air. A quick glance around told him that he had been walking while remembering, and he was nearing the hot springs. "That's it. I need to relax."

He looked around and found himself a nice, empty spot to bathe. Just as he was about to get in, he noticed a familiar face several feet away"Oh my god, she's that girl.. From the hospital.. Oh, hell, I made a horrible first impression... I better hide..."

So he did the only logical thing: jumping into the water, he hid behind a rock. Granted, the rock didn't hide him that well, and he actually kind of wanted to talk to her. He never got the chance to ask her about the strange armor she had, and was curious as to where she'd gotten that unique item.


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(Sorry if I missed anything I should have replied to in my post, I re-read everything like five times to try and get everything)

After Lyrian and Noah recovered, the two eventually left their towels by the side of the bath and finally entered.   Almost immediately, the stress and pain they felt were gone, sucked out and replaced with a soothing bliss and they felt their bodies healed and rejuvenated.  These hot springs and baths were famous across all of Terrenus, holding a powerful healing and rejuvenating ability that could not be matched by any other hot springs.   It was considerably great medicine for Noah, whose immune system was still adapting to Valucre, and Lyrian, who had just worked for so many hours straight.

The two noticed a few others coming in and out.  Other boys their age, some older men, some younger kids, some women.  Some even had white hair like Noah or other colors like blue or red or green, others had wings on their back, some had fangs, and others just looked downright suspicious or shady.  Lyrian noticed a few seemed a bit distressed, but nothing life threatening or required his attention.  Besides, he did not have his tools with him.  A doctor he might be, but a doctor cannot heal without medicine and tools, and he was naked so he litterally had nothing on him.

They also noticed a few hiding behind the rocks.  This was enough to draw Lyrian's attention.

"Oh come now!  This is a place to relax, not hide" Lyrian said, his voice sounding like a child's and not a man who had an ex-wife.  "I swear.  People are so shy and formal these days it seems".

"...so....about your ex-wife...why did she leave you?"

At that mention, Lyrian twitched a little.  It seemed he was not entirely over it.

"Love.  Love and Prejudice".

"Wait, what.  Did she love another man or something?"

"No....some hurtful people just called her names....because of me.  You know, there are plenty of species out there to this day that look like me, children compared to normal humans.  And this prejudice gets in the way sometime....they called her names, because of our relationship, and that stress started all sorts of fights and such....eventually we just drifted apart....sorry, can we talk about something else?  Anything else?"

"Yeah....sorry, I didn't mean to bring up bad memories.   So....you are a doctor?  How old are you then?"

"Yep, for two years now.  And I am twenty two...."


Noah couldn't help but burst into shock, and then he started counting and recounting.  The two had ended up attracting the attention of many people nearby that it disrupted and drew multiple people in, from adults to other children.

"That....that means you became a Doctor at the age of twenty!  THat....that means you took what?  Two, three years only to become a doctor?"

"Not just a doctor.  I am also a viralologist, a surgeon, a pediatrician, a vet...."

"Wha....waht?!   Seriously?!  What are you, some super genius?!"

"I am also a ninja".

"Wait what?!  And are you even supposed to admit that?!"

Noah looked around, looking at the others after having bolted into a standing position.

"What next, are you also a samurai?!"

"Well....you know what, just sit down and relax.  YOu are bieng a bit loud, and its why we both are here right?"

Lyrian said, grabbing his shoulder and pushing him back down.  That said, the expression of shock had still not left Noah's face.

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tumblr_oucejpkL4l1s94srdo2_r1_500.pngThen a pair of white haired twins came, one clearly annoyed by the other's presence while the other is relishing in the annoyed' twin's misery.

"Bugger off vile villain!" Ravenbush barked at the woman clinging on her arm. "I do not associate with terrorists! Even if we are related by blood.  So lemme go!"

'Oh dear, why so stiff? I know there's a lot of tasty boys around here and it makes you stiff, but loosen up little sister. I'm not here to terrorize the place. Only came to enjoy the hot springs with my cute sibling."

"Sibling my arse! I know what you and mom been up to while I was away.. You cannot buy me will all that loving elder sister act you're selling. Just leave and let me be at peace," Ravenbush sighed. There's no way the Mistress would ever leave her to her own devices. The woman was like a doting sister. If only the Mistress didn't do a lot of bullcrap with  Dredge and Lilith, then Ravenbush would be more than happy to accept her as a sister. But not anymore.

Shaking off the clingy bitch, Ravenbush scooted towards the bath and slowly eased herself into the pool to sit near tow boys, one having cat ears. Soon she was once more joined with the Mistress who was giggling with excitement. Ravenbush was even more surprised when the Mistress waved at one of the boys (Noah) and called their attention.

"Oho! I see you little Noah! Who's you're kitty friend? You know I missed you dearly after that incident with the doctors."



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Keira hugged her arms closer to her, and started at the boys. 


She squinted, though it did little good as she had more than perfect vision.

Is that.. 

She jerked back in shock, realizing that Noah was with the cat-boy.

Oh my god! It is!

She backed up.

What do I do? This is worse now..

She glanced back towards the door.

I should leave. Yup. Just leave. 

Spinning on her heel, she hurried back inside and changed into her clothes.


Standing in front of her bag, she hesitated, then reached out to grab it when-

Ow! Fuck! Not again!

It felt as though an electric shock had fried her body. Using all of her willpower, she lowered herself to the ground and sat, knees pulled up to her chest. She buried her face in her knees and focused on breathing.

Oh, my god..

In. Out. In. Out. Don't draw attention to yourself. Don't make a scene.

Wow. That was a strong one..

And when it finally subsided, she sat for a few moments more, panting from the effort it took to not cry out. After a minute, she looked back up at her bag again.

I wonder?...

She stood, hooked her fingers in its straps, dug around inside, and flipped open her dhakira, skipping to the very last page. 

And she read the words in horror, eyes growing wider.



No no no.

Her hands shook, in danger of dropping the book.

This is bad.

I can't leave.

Not now.

Ugh! So annoying!


I have to keep an eye on them.

And so she slammed it shut forcefully, shoved it into her bag, and sat outside of the hot springs. 


She was on a mission.

And she had to keep Noah safe.

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"Wasn't that...." Noah said, as his face turned even more red as he noticed Seri running away.  Although given she had already seen him naked before, he was probably more embarrassed then he should.  However, Lyrian just gave him a casual smack on the rear to get his attention, also making him more embarrassed as he stood up from the shock.  Now standing, again, he finally noticed another person he recognized that was calling out to him, along with someone who looked eerie similar.

And realizing his situation once again, he quickly submerged his body back into the water while blushing.

"Sheesh, where did you come from?  Even if you are a city kid, dont you think you are just a bit too shy?  Or has all my time from a doctor somehow made me this numb?  Nah, its probably him".

Well, Noah was an otherworlder, but Lyrian had no way of knowing that yet.

"Anyways, yo uknow them.  Its kinda rude not to greet them you know?" Lyrian said, pushing Noah towards the two before Noah could protest.

"Umm...its nice...to meet you again" Noah managed to spit out in this surprising situation.  "And dont call me little!  And, I am perfectly fine!"

"And my name is Lyrian, Dr. Lyrian LeCross MD.  Here relaxing after a really long shift of patients and work.  After this, want to get out and get some food?"

It was a good time for dinner, as the night sky sparkled overhead with the starlight spread.  However, he then looked at Noah with a bit of mischief.

"...you know, before we get out, as a doctor I should probably check you over...check to see what spots are ticklish.  It is medically important".

"Medically...no, you are just teasing me for fun now!  Stay away!"

"Want to help me you two?  Could always use some assistance!" he said, as Noah started to run away and Lyrian chased after him, eventually pinning Noah to the ground and using his tail to tickle the poor boy.  Well, it was all good innocent fun as no one really got hurt, and Noah WAS laughing.

But once that was done, and everyone had washed off, Lyrian and Noah would then make their way to the area where people ate, in order to have a good meal and chat with more people before turning in for the night.  A few other boys nearby were happy they avoided Noah's fate though.

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"Well met Dr. Lyrian. Perhaps we could join you in your dinner? Care to indulge a pair of young beautiful ladies?"

Ravenbush growled at the Mistress rather curt words. Why is this damn broad flirting with the doctor now? And how does this bitch know a lot of people? It's like everywhere Ravenbush would go, the Mistress was sure to have a friend. Disappointing but she cannot deny the Mistress' charisma. Her naturally friendly aura has earned her the affection of a lot of people even if she was a terrorist. Perhaps people are blind to the true nature of this vile bitch. But not Ravenbush.

Putting herself between the good doctor and the Mistress. She cannot let this monster do as she pleases anymore. So she spoke her warnings, "Back off Mistress. I'm sorry Dr. Lyrian but this woman here is a terrorist and I'd rather not tarnish your good name by being affiliated with this vile creature."

Ravenbush merely chuckled. "Oh dear! I guess the puss is out of the bag? No need to fret dear people, I the Mistress is only here for vacation."

"Vacation my arse! Mistress you're a threat to the public."

"Nooooooo. I am but a delicate and fragile woman. I can never harm another soul."

"Tell that to the people of Last Chance."

"Oh dear, are we starting this again, sissy?"

"I deny my blood relation with you."

"Eh, little sister's finally got some spunk."

"Aaarghh, I am done talking to you."

With that Ravenbush simply sulked behind the Mistress, dipping her head deeper into the water until it was past her nose where she started blowing bubble underwater.

"Doctor please accept my apologies. Sometimes my little sister can be hard to handle."


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He could not hide anymore for he was found and by the child back at the hospital. He slowly rse out of his hiding place and gave a wave back putting up a smile. 

("well I suck at hiding ill be sure to note that") is what he thought as he got seen

He shuffled through the waters which were beginning to calm his nerves, into an area that was a bit more open and visable 

("No point in trying to hide anymore, guess ill just introduce myself") as slowly he had approched

The two woman that were also there were odd at first it seemed that they were sisters but didnt get along very well.  At least thats what seemed apparent from his view point. He was a bit set off due to the nudity and he didnt want to seem like a pervert so he stood far but close enough so that they could hear him and he could listen

"Well then I'll formally introduce my self The name is formally Aima wa shinde imasu 


but I also go by Cali, its a much easier name to say all the time"

He wanted to start a whole story on how he got his name but for annoyance sake he decided not to.

After hearing the names and indulging in a little conversation Cali saw that the woman who had also been to the Hospital was watching them. He couldn't remember her name infact he actully forgot the name of the hospital

("Hey look its that woman from the Hospital that I accidentally shot I hope she forgave that....I just have to make it up for her somehow.....") he thought as he continued to listen in

(OOC: I got taken off of my phone a number of times so excuse my possibly terrible grammer)

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After some time, Lyrian released Noah from tickling and floated over to the group again.  The doctor seemed to take interest in the others now, although Noah felt like he had expended all of his ability to laugh.

He noticed that one of the guys there though seemed a little uncertain about being there with the others though.

"Come on now, how many times do I need to say this?  Nothing to be ashamed about with your natural body.  Trust me, I am a doctor with several medical degrees and have a lot of knowledge" Lyrian said, and then added.  "And I mean, this is a bath.  And the culture here.  And you already entered?  Might as well embrace it".

WIth that said and done, he looked back at the two women.

"I dont mind if you join us for dinner.  The more the merrier, and maybe it will end up help me move on...or at least, stop the trouble with my ex".

"...just how much trouble does she cause you?" Noah said, finally having recovered from laughter.

"She herself?  Oh, none.  We still very much love each other actually, we just cant live together.  She was really great in bed too, but always said I was better and....err, this probably shouldn't be talked about in front of you".

Lyrian started to go onto a subject, but realized Noah began to blush massively and realized it was not age appropriate for him.

"Right, so....everyone want to go get dinner now then?"

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"Oh, I would gladly appreciate it," the Mistress chuckled, " It's not like my sister would mind anyways seeing as she's devolved into a rather pitiable state."

Well, it was more like sulking. Her sister can be quite hardheaded and stubborn at times. This is why Ravenbush can never be part of the cartel. She' just not fit for it.

The way the doctor gazed at her and her sister rather irked the Mistress. There was a time when she lived as a boy, so she knows a thing or two of what goes around a man's mind in a situation like this and it's not a pretty sight.

On the other hand, the Mistress found the blushing boy rather interesting. It's not every she can enjoy such a delicious morsel especially one so young. His timidity was a big plus too. Yeap, the Mistress can be quite creepy at times too. Disturbingly so.

"So, doctor," the Mistress spoke as she stood up, "Lead the way."

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