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Sea-Reaver Submarine - LG-Pretty Lady

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Used this in a naval battle against an enemy of Terrenus in the waters north of Elendaron and figured I'd capture relevant details here for future reference and a baseline. These posts illustrate not only the technology used but their tactical application 


Were she a traditional vessel, the LG-Pretty Lady would even now be sluicing through crests of endless waves in total commitment to her pursuit.

But she bucked tradition, so instead the Pretty Lady rode beneath the surface, hidden from view by hundreds of feet of layered ocean blue and hundreds of yards of lateral distance; she churned through the twilight zone, where sunlight stuttered and the eye could not hope to penetrate. If need be the aquatanium-uru hull could withstand the pressures even of midnight, where light not only stumbled but failed, and conventional weapons had no hope of finding purchase. It's solabernite core could push it to Genesaris and back three times over without refueling, and that was as easy as going topside for a few hours at high noon.

. . . 

Torpedo-like ships, delivered in torpedo-like fashion, were jettisoned from the submarine at high velocity; three of them, aimed to punch half of its body through the hull and inject its upper half directly into the ship's engine room. These upper halves would bisect, each delivering a triplet of water-, electricity-, and metal-knights.

Their first priority was to total the engine and render the ship immobile, escaping by the same means they entered with, and to do so before the walking murder-machines swarmed them.

Aboard the submarine, Lynkos prepared their contingency.

"Take down but don't broadcast this message. Flag the Nymerians. This is Captain Ghostbard of the Pretty Lady. Be warned that Terrenus has suffered an attack along its southern coast. Terrenus has given chase to the perpetrators. Be advised. We encountered them at <these coordinates> with <this heading>. End dictation. Load up the gathered intel from our encounter with these enemy combatants at the beach, and any new intel we gather as a result of this skirmish."


"Sir, we're being pinged on the ether."

Generic, coded speech to mean that there was someone using some form of divination and targeting the submarine. As yet not enough information had been gathered to confirm the point of origin or narrow down the type of method employed, but Lynkos felt confident that, given the circumstances, the originator was their prey.

"How long until we get a signature on it?"
"Recon says about thirty seconds, then two minutes to doctor up some flares."
"Flares aren't good enough. Have them work on a short-circuit. Also arm torpedoes nine and ten for fire on systems failure. They haven't changed speed or course?"
"No sir."
"Steady on then."
"Yes sir. Something else sir."
"The clerics?"
"The cleric. They've identified over two dozen independent necromantic signatures aboard the ship. A good deal of them are in the engine room, and at the bow near where we anticipate steering."
"The manual element of their navigation system."
"Yes sir. They've identified the necromancy involved as having a binding element. They said that we can expect something like animated corpses or forced possession."
"And th –"
"They're working on an exorcism now."
"Excellent sailor. Don't interrupt me again. Steady on."


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