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Fun on the beach (Always open for all)

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It was a peaceful night on the far off planet of Macr' Eptilia. Everyone on it was peacefully asleep, including the Head Empress and her fellow co-leaders, one of which was the galactic entity expert, a three headed twin tailed space dragon named King Ghidorah, who was sleeping with all three of his heads since it was a typical night in the area with nothing amiss.


Soon, in the morning at sunrise, another of the co-leaders that peacefully oversee the planet, a pudgy figured gryphon, of fifteen hundred feet tall awakens nude in his bed with a yawn. He then unfurls the blanket from over his body and puts on his typical royal attire of a snug silk purple speedo. After doing that he decides to visit a planet so as such he stands up, making a purple portal appear before walking carefully through the portal, unsure what is on the other side.


Upon reaching the other side, the gigantic chubby gryphon smiles pleasantly as he takes mental notes that he has arrived on a seemingly empty beach. Intrigued by this, and slightly concerned he is alone on this world, he slowly sits down and looks out, admiring the tide.


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