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A New Arrival

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Among the dreams of many children of the ground, there is one that finds its way into the thoughts of many and intrigues them to no end.  And that would be, the dream of being able to fly in the sky, to navigate the air and transcend the limitations of being stuck on the ground.  Whether it be the freedom, the ability to bypass traffic, or simply because it would let them be able to not be late or get lost to anything, this is a dream shared by many and all.

However, for those who can fly, they might contest that last one.

At the moment, Ayan Yurian, a young Alura Boy who had set out to see the world and become an adventurer, was lost beyond all reason.  He had found the city of Umbra, sure, but it was starting to get late, and he had absolutely no idea where the tavern was.  He had a map, but it made no sense to him.  Of course, it didn't help he was looking at the map upside down.

Either way, it was not like he could just fly forever non-stop.  He spotted what appeared to be a large park or something like that, and glided down until he was at a low enough altitude.  After that, he retracted his wings and bent his legs as he kicked off his boots, letting them land right next to him as he landed in a sitting position on the ground.


He then let his wings stretch out once more as he stretched out his arms, enjoying the mobility he felt wearing a sleeveless jacket and shirt along with his shorts.

"I suppose if I cant find the place, I could always sleep here.  Could probably find a river to bathe in too....but I was kind of looking forward to enjoying a tavern, and a real bath.  Or at least a real shower...I wonder what they are like?"

Ayan had only lived with his family, his clan, and so his curios mind started to wonder if they had different customs then what he was used to or not.

Despite his curiosity, he had yet to consider asking for directions yet, which could indicate a bit of airheadedness....

@The Hummingbird

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Making his daily evening tour above the city, Zenahriel Zacharias reveled in the sensation of flight. The beautiful weightlessness, the cold air across his skin, sliding through his hair and feathers, the feeling of his wings rowing up and down with perfect timing and control – this was all magnificent, but overwhelming even this was the sight.

Umbra was a majestic city, with white buildings and marble streets built with nothing less than obsessive care and architectural brilliance. They sparkled in the darkness, and shone with a silver tone in the pale moonlight and glow of the emerging stars. He loved looking at the rounded cityscape, winding around the tall towers of the castle where the highest nobility kept court and slept, enjoying the silence and peace of the capital of the Carmine Dominion. It filled him with a peace only a creature of the silent, chill air could feel.

His last inspection of the city was the Ivory Square Garden., and it was there he saw a most curious sight. His keen eyesight, surpassing the sharpness even of a hawk or eagle, took in the shape of a boy, dressed lightly for the temperature of late autumn. This was itself not that interesting; what was, was the white wings that emerged from the youth’s back. Zenahriel usually knew what such limbs meant, yet the boy didn’t give off the aura that most angels flaunted, whatever their age.

He was talking to himself, and Zenahriel heard every word. He couldn’t help a small smile. He was obviously, and possibly hopelessly lost.

Zenahriel leaned hard to the left, banking in the air, and fell in a sharp descent. He landed hard in front of the boy, his thick, muscular wings sweeping across the ground before folding back, framing his tall body in their tones of midnight purple, blue-black and stygian hues. He wore nothing but slacks, the rest of his body bare and as fit as his wings. He was an intimidating sight and he knew it. Still, he tried his best to exude a less frightening presence, speaking in a gentler tone that what he was used to.

“Lost, are we?”


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Ayan looked around as he admired the view, watching the birds and the trees and everyone and everything.  He saw a young boy with his mother, walking along a path, while another man walked his....dog?

"What is that....its a dog, right?  No, wait, its got two tails....a mutation?  Or another species?  Or wait, are those slits in the paws for retractable claws?  Varied mutations?  Selected breeding between mutations? Or maybe it is its own species?  Maybe it was summoned?  Oh, wait!  What if its the sentient one, and the humanoid figure is a golem it is training?"

As Ayan got all sorts of ideas, he took a journal and began to draw and describe what he saw.  However, around then someone else flew down to greet him, also with wings.  And his words reminded him of something.

"Oh....oh right!  I was lost!  I got so absorbed in the beauty and the people I forgot!  I was lost!"

It seemed he had a spark of brilliance in him, but he was a bit...eccentric.  Jumping to his feet, he then remembered he had kicked his shoes off.  Well, he didn't mind standing barefoot either, the grass felt nice and good, and the ground, for dirt, felt clean and nice.

He then showed the man a map.  Although, the entire thing was upside down.  And a bit old and outdated.

"I was looking for a specific tavern!  I heard it was famous here.  It was called....The Intimacy?  No no, that was something else....the Intermediary?  Something like that!  Oh, right!  I forgot!  My name is Ayan by the way, Ayan Yurian!  From clan Yurian!  You have nice wings too!"

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This boy was rather energetic.

Zenahriel craned his head to one side to get a better look at the rumpled map. At first he was puzzled; it didn’t look like any land he knew, much less Genesaris. A moment passed. Then he took the map from the boy, and turned it right side up, at which point it made a little more sense, but not much. The landmarks were outdated, some of them plain wrong for modern times, and missing important labels and marks that today’s maps would never miss.

Laughing, he handed the map back as the boy gave his name. “Ayan Yurian, of clan Yurian,” he repeated. He had never heard of such a clan with people who could fly as he did, and assumed it must be a race form some land he was not that familiar with. Terrenus perhaps, or Tellus Mater. “Pleasure to meet you… and thank you.” Zenahriel was rather proud of his wings as well, although at the moment, black feathers fell to the ground, a partial molt triggered by recent harsh times. “I am Zenahriel, and clearly you’ve never been here before…”  … Otherwise you’d know me.

The energy of Ayan, his rather eccentric, erratic behavior, interested Zenahriel, and to be honest it was rather endearing as well. He patted Ayan’s shoulder. “Calm down. It’s the Intermediary. Come, follow me. It’s not far.” He took off walking, leading the way out of the park and into the streets of Umbra.

The roads were quieter this time of day, but not by much. Ayan would notice most of the citizens of Umbra had odd features; golden eyes and fangs to name just two of many. There were beast people, and humans, elves as well, and most common of all, vampires now wandered the streets in the comfort of the encroaching night. Umbra had grown in recent times, and the people who called it home had grown as well, in number and variety.

“So… Ayan,” Zenahriel said casually as he walked, leading the way to the tavern, “where are you from? You said you are of clan Yurian, yet I do not recognize that name, and what brings you to Umbra, of all cities?”

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Ayan had a sort of face that could only be described by imagining an exclamation mark above it, as he saw Zenahriel turn the map right side up.  "Oh!  Oops!  No wonder I could not find my way around!"

As he said that, he quickly got his boots back on before they started to walk, not wanting to forget them and leave them behind.  "Thanks!  Nice to meet you Zenhariel!" he stated, mispronouncing his name, but then Ayan himself immediately realized it.  "No wait, Zenahreel...no sorry, Zenahriel!  Sorry about that!"

He then began to follow, though he didnt look like he was calming down at all.  He was rather interested by all the various types of people.  Of course, he had seen one of them or another at various points in his travels, or when they traveled near where his clan was living, but this was the first time he had seen them all living in the same place.  All these different people, so much different from him or each other, and all looked interesting.

"Me?  Well, my people, the Alura, are actually scattered all over the world.  However, a lot of us live up in mountains and other high places, because of our wings.  I guess you could say we are everywhere, but also not always visible!  Since we love to fly, sometimes if you look up and see a bird really far away, its not actually a bird, but one of us!" Ayan told him, getting so ridiculously far away from the original question one had to admire the ability to do that so fluidly and naturally.

And then, he realized it.  While absent minded, innocent, and energetic, it seemed he was not totally naive or incapable of noticing thing.

"Oh right!  I am here adventuring!  Because I really want to see and learn about the whole world!  Its really big, and I am really curious, or so I am told, so I decided to go adventuring and learn things!  Oh, and Clan Yurian!  Well, you might call it a Flock?  The two words are kind of the same for us!  We originate from the Yurian Mountain....oh, wait.  Sorry, thats what we call it.  The name Yurian has ancient meaning, it means Sanctuary, or Guardian.  But thats what we called it....what was the other name for it?"

But maybe he was a bit forgetful.

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