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Minor Summary

Forces from Chesterfield and Aligoria clash over an abandoned, but intact, outpost north of the Day River and west of Weland. The forces battle throughout the night and into the next morning, learning about their opponents through the hard-won lessons of pain and sacrifice. Both sides reach an armistice and agree upon a division of material resource and shared use of the outpost.


A scout belonging to Chesterfield has, through the synthesis of rumor and information, discovered a vein of precious material nearby an abandoned outpost in the Terran wilds. She returns with a team to take a sample of the material and confirm its composition back home; while there the team comes across a foreign scouting party in the same area. Unbeknownst to Chesterfield, Aligoria has sent its own forces into the area to take a survey of material resources (notably wood, metal, and stone) and acquire the outpost.

Aligoria moves into the outpost with a small but respectable force of Shadow Guard and a Darkgolem. Seeing this Chesterfield responds by sending their own armed and armored force, both on foot and on horseback. A sole emissary is sent to the stretch between each force and a flag planted to initiate discussion. General Alexios rides out to meet this man. Discussions ensue and quickly fall apart as each side finds their desire to control the local area incompatible with the same desire of the other side.

Over the next night and into the morning both forces fight. First by serendipity and then by intelligent design, although bruised and badly beaten, neither side suffers a casualty. Both sides meet again and come to an informal agreement which will benefit both sides.


  1.  The abandoned, intact outpost is claimed by both Chesterfield and Aligoria. It will be occupied by an equal number of both sides so both benefit from a strategic foothold and early warning system in the area
  2. Aligoria gets "the lion's share" of natural resources in the area. Chesterfield gets full control of the Auranite vein in the area
  3. Although both sides have learned about their opponent in the skirmish, due to excellent espionage and informed analytical observation (due mostly because Chesterfield won the victory rolls), Chesterfield comes out of the battle with more information on Aligoria than vice versa 

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