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Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

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What a view, this vast expanse, what an endless bore. Oh, and frozen to the core! As was Jean's pale skin, rigid and stiff, bitten by frost, discolored by the unforgiving nights of this 'Shawnee' rock. Truly, a stump in the ground, this wretched place. What more was there to love but absolute disgrace? 'Scoured' was a compliment, 'tolerable' flattering more so still! Who in their right mind could venture this far north? Not the soldiers, that much is certain. Only a reckless cretin, or perhaps the bored, old soul. Such was the case with Jean Brodeur, I had foreseen. Oh, but look, here he comes, arriving to the scene.

Arms crossed, his restless eyes like boulders, a woolen coat upon his shoulders, even so he walked upright, laughing, to his great delight, at the misery of local folks. Or perhaps it was the irony that made him smile from ear to ear. Oh, how could they stay? So many places to go, so many realms to be, and they chose this? How sad. How very sad indeed.

"Dreadful, isn't it?" he whispered to himself with woe, "as if I hadn't seen enough in my time. As if I hadn't had my fair share of this delightful misery. Oh, when will the devil come for me?" Jean did so proclaim quietly, so as not to attract the odd unnecessary - or shall I say - unwanted gaze. 

They numbered about two hundred, the inhabitants. Jean had counted them himself. That's not to say, of course, that he particularly enjoyed the discipline of arithmetic. Oh no, quite the contrary. This was boredom and its horrid toll. Oh, and the endless splitting headaches! What a chore to travel here. What a brilliant conception! Even Jean had forgotten his original intention! So instead he strolled about, awaiting escort, watching for the ships off shore, crashing, biting, spiting and cursing, walking off the endless bore. That bore known as Shawnee Glacier.

Then came the shouts and bouts of violence, the sudden, dreaded cracks of rifles, and pools of blood as a man tumbled to the ground, pierced through and through. Without hesitation, Jean sprung to his feet, arm reaching for his weapon. Within seconds came that harsh realization, that painful truth, as truths often are - "I'm not back in Genesaris."

Too cold to run, too bored to care, heart racing and guts clenched and tied in many a painful knot, Jean lied down his pistol before him, kneeling in utter resignation, all with a simple proclamation, "This is it, Jean Brodeur, this is how you'll end."

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Far out on the water, a narrow black canoe cut like a knife through the freezing waves.

It had been tailing the Legion's fleet for two days, now. Virtually invisible against the dark water beneath, keeping its distance to avoid being spotted by any particularly sharp-eyed lookouts. Its lone occupant had no need for sight, after all, and saw no sense in drawing close before the time was right. Huddled beneath an oversized black coat, she paddled, paddled, patiently listening to the sounds of the army ahead.

There were roars and screams, now. Barked orders, eager battle cries, the hissing of arrows ripping through the frigid air and finding purchase in hard skulls, soft bodies. The Legion had found its prey. Little more than scavenge, a small and hard walnut of civilization far away from the richer feasts to the south, but the dark army was ripping it to pieces all the same, with enthusiasm born of pent-up frustration and carefully nurtured sadism.

Schrei gave the town, oh, a few hours more. Pockets of resistance would hole up in cellars, putting up a brief fight before they were inevitably snuffed out. Not much of a battle, but that worked in her favor, for she hadn't come all this way just to watch. Once things had settled down, she would need to seek out Dredge personally, and engage in frank discussion of their changed circumstances. Of the future, and the opportunities it held.

In the meantime, however, she slowed her tiny vessel. Hanging back, observing and analyzing. She hadn't witnessed the Legion in battle since all that time ago, in those fetid mountain caves, and back then they'd been more of a small band of would-be warlords and hired mercenaries, rather than a fully-fledged army. Who was left, now, of those original ambitious few? What had they become?

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As the landing craft crunched onto the shore, the Legion prepared to charge, and Dredge strolled past a man being clubbed to death by his vanguard, a war of words was taking place aboard one of the landing craft, much to the chagrin of anyone within earshot of them, only interrupted by an order sent through the air, signaling the start of a war.

Then the other war picked right back up.
"You're kidding..."

"What now, sweetie?"

"First off, Mom, please, no. Second off, we come to this no-man's land in the middle of where in the world are we to kill this town? I don't think they have anything other than - "


"What, Era?"

"Shut up and follow orders."

"Yeah, yeah, I know, I know..."

"Now, now, kids, we're still getting paid for this..."

"Yeah, a morally ambiguous family getting paid to slaughter a village in this magic glacier..."

"On this glacier. Not in this glacier."

"Oh, don't be such a pain, Era."

Chuckling to himself at the "quality family bonding time" that was happening, the father of a family of four mercenaries slid himself off of the landing craft like he  were sliding gingerly into a frigid pool - which, in this sense, he was. The glacier was freezing cold, none of the family really were used to the cold, and despite all the warm furs they had, to them it still felt like they were eating ice cream in winter. 

At least that's what the father assumed. He'd never heard that much complaining in his life from his family before.

The father's eyes scanned the town with weathered experience, picking out what he could see, - which, from his angle, mostly consisted of Legion forces and dire wolves. Not man's best friend, but it would have to do.

"Hon, can we get inside already?" his wife grumbled from behind him, leaping down and rolling on the gravel, then immediately brushing her back to get off all the snow, ice, gravel, and associated materials from her furs. "The kids won't shut up about how cold it is, and - "


"Yes, sweetie?"

"Oh my goodness - I'm 25. I'm not a kid anymore."

"Well, you act like one, sweetie."


"And for once I'd have to agree with my sister," Era pitched from above, on the landing craft, surveying the situation from the view the boat provided - which wasn't great, but as his dad would say, it would have to do. "Town doesn't seem like much. The other forces can handle the big guns. We should probably start preparing for -"


"What, dad?"

"They left."


"Yeah, while you were talking."

"DAD! Say something sooner!"

"Why? You never talk to us anyways."


With a happy chuckle, the father of a family of four morally grey mercenaries began to trek into the village in pursuit of his wife and daughter, his son leaping down from the boat to catch up.

Though this happy scene of quality family bonding time was set against a massacre on a bleak glacier, the hissing of arrows and the barking of wolves, tearing of flesh and the screams of the dead and dying which were snuffed out quickly by stomps of feet on icy ground, the words soaring throughout the air, a raucous cacophony of war, the family still found time to smile and laugh with each other. Though the daughter, Aria, had been scanning the future echoes of people and animals, trying to pick out the ones who would hurt the family, she still found time to complain to her mom. Though Ara, the father, had been thinking of a plan of attack the entire time, he still found time to hang back for his son. Though the son, Era, had been cautiously watching the massacre from afar, he still found time to listen in on his family. Though the wife, Matsuri, had been looking through the wilderness for those she could burn into ashes, she had still found time to tease her children.

An echo of family friendly content in a soaring crescendo of death, a sparkle of normalcy in this hellhole of a job.

Ah, well. Just another day on the job for the Hyphy family, right?

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A'aria wasn't fond of the cold. She didn't feel it as strongly as a human, and that had been an interesting discovery, but it slowed her all the same. It made her magic desperate for warmth and her mind sleepy, but regardless she pushed through and had reached this... nearly dead glacier for the sake of the tattoos on her arm. For the sake of those she needed to find, before they disappeared. About a day or two had proven what she hoped to be a sliver of information a dead end, and it had been a waiting game to find a ship to take her back to the starting line, where she'd begin the hunt anew. 

The ship that landed, however, in a show of brutality she hadn't seen for years- not since she couldn't properly channel her magic- was doubtful to be the one to take her back to any semblance of home. She felt the loss of life far more keenly than she was used to, but she supposed it made sense. After all, this place had nothing of the flora she was used to centering on. For her magic to spread a little further as a reaction was natural. Some time back, she might've felt grief and horror. Horror stayed, but grief was constant enough that she hardly felt the difference as she began to rush for the pier, clutching her cloak closer and leaving her hair to flutter behind her, a hand on the daggers she had yet to outgrow. 

Some part of her old naivete had stuck, regardless of how much she pretended it hadn't, and it propelled her to cause a distraction. She'd seen at least two where the army had begun to land, and while one ran to warn others, the second fell to despair as soon as he saw the opposing forces. That wouldn't do, would it? No, if she could get this man to join the others, some of the people here might be able to escape. That was enough- a nymph was a protector, after all. With a green glow in her eyes, she pulled on the little bit of nature she could find and forced a wall of thorns from the ice, tall as it was wide and glowing the same green, to split off the army from the village. It would hardly do much, once they had all departed from the ship, and she'd only had the chance now because they were still not all out, but it could at least provide some cover and a small delay. Heaven knew that was all it took, at times.

Sir, you might want to get up and run! You don't lose and die until you give up, and I think it's a little bit early for that!

Her words echoed in the mind of the second man, but she broadcasted them to anyone nearby she might've missed all the same. Being mute, by choice or not, was a bit of a hindrance, but telepathy more than made up for it. 

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59a3489a07c4b53148be0b0cf9110582.jpg"They came," The white-haired woman sighed.. She had been tracking their movements ever since their failed raid in Last Chance. When she lost track of them when they entered the Shawnee region. But it seems her curse was the one who brought her to this island. Dredge had been inside her all this time. What the monster left inside the woman was something she had hated ever since. It was his taint, the ichor that once plagued a lizard woman she once knew. And now it's acting up, speaking into her mind. It's sweet voice beckoning her to return to her daddy Dredge. But the woman was resolute. She will not be swayed anymore. She will not let history repeat itself.

"WIll you fight them, Middy?"

The white haired woman turned to her companion. It was the short girl that was always around the cyborg named Break. It was a simple question but she could not answer. Was she ready? If it was single combat then she would have no problem surviving but the bastards had a fucking horde behind them. If this was not in this stupid glacier she would have been more confident but she knew her strengths and alone she was no match for the Legion's monsters So she told the little girl the truth, "No Khaki.I only came her to say good bye to Dredge and to escort you to Break."

The little girl simply nodded. Together the pair turned back to the scene of the Legion's warriors exiting their boats. Soon the hoard would reach the village and not even the white haired woman can do anything to stop them. With a sigh, she brought her lighted cigar to her lips. Yes, they would meet again soon. The Legion. Daddy Dredge. Break. Kruggy. Ochigo. Names she had once called comrades and now she would need to say her farewell to them. Her ideals no longer conicide with the legion. Her presence within it would only cause friction. And worse Dredge might actually try to kill her. The white-haired woman could still remember the feel of her blade sliding hilt deep into the body of Dredge's lover. It pained her but it needed to be done. Like a tumor that has to be cut, so too did the white-haired woman pull her blade out of Dredge's lover and cut off that lady's head. The white haired woman cried after that, knowing the it is by her own hands that Drege's lover- no, her own mother died. Her own conviction had forced her to put an end to this foolishness.

'I'm sorry mother that I had to kill . But your love for Dredge had blinded you and I cannot let the cartel pay for your foolishness. I did what I had to do.'

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Break had to arrive separately from the legion. He had....more pressing matters at hand. He would arrive not on wings of fury but on a sinking ship barely making it into port before the mast itself was engulfed in the freezing water. As he stepped haphazardly onto the pier. The legion had started long before him and he could see from a distance that there were people begging to join in glorious combat. Looking to his palm he looked along a sapphire enlaid hard drive. If anything this small blue stick belonged in the ocean but he would hold onto it for just a bit longer. Give it a good sendoff...probably embed it into someone's skull. That would be a fitting end.

Reaching to his side he grasped a large canteen of oil chugging its contents before walking slowly into the fray. "Drink up boys. These flesh bags haven't partied in such a long time. Let's give them a worthy sendoff." And with that, a number of cut droids walked up onto the beach drenched in salty seawater and frozen seaweed. They had been stored aboard the ship he rode in on in the hull. Their sleek bodies painted a deep blue and snow white camo, they readied themselves for battle and charged on ahead of him.

"I've got a little warming up to do..."

he cackled as his green eyes shone in the frigid air...

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It had all been so hot, the fear, the terror, the blood, and The Legion itself. His new life with burgeoning purpose had been sweltering with enlightening heat. He had bathed in the blood of the innocent not only to help The Legion' cause, but to baptize himself into this new family for good. He truly believed that Dredge was to be the prophet of this era. Hell had become A dull place where killing brought only business or pleasure. They didn't fear death when it was only a minor nuisance that would be remedied in only a few agonizing months of recovery. It was all too hot there...Too hot to care for anything or anyone, too hot to fear...to had to feel...true terror.

He had believed that the world of the humans was much of the same; these creatures possessed a terror the likes of which he had never tasted, but their world was corrupt all on it's own. They cheated eachother, killed eachother, robbed eachother...they were as self destructive to themselves as they were to the rest of the world. He didn't find enjoyment in being an observer to the demons that already twisted their lives into debt riddled hells sputtering about households and businesses like misery diseased cockroaches. He needn't do a thing really and it seemed as though hell had finally runeth over. He, however, had found an interest in the sins that they coursed themselves with. He could indulge them. The Djinn possessing the incredulous ability to grant wishes. He could give a man millions of gold pieces, but unfortunately he would either suffocate or be crushed by the sheer weight of such an amount. It was hard to question such lofy deals when you were but a commoner seeking to survive. Desperation drew them into his trap easier than he had expected. 

Kru'Gorah hadn't fed on such regret and horror, and it was a miasma of joy and purpose. They were here to be fed on. Their corruption was a tool for those who could manipulate it! How could he have been so blind? They were a gift from the chaos eternal. A true a mighty god that knows only the endless infinite. He roamed the lands to continue on his now reverently holy mission. He would spread the sickness of despair and terror so that chaos may grow and bloom. It was impossible for him to believe that another predator to these masses would ever surface as he did...but he had found Dredge. A prophet holier than he...one he would instead embolden all he can. He live vicariously through his newfound god. It was the first time his world had ever gone Cold. That was what it was now...all around them, suffocating the lands and it's creatures. It was thankful that the orcs weren't affected, they seemed far to eager for bloodshed to be stopped by any sort of weather conditions. Kru'Gorah had been planning in their hibernation, preparing new toys and breaking new ground for The Legion' reputation. He was eager to put them into action. 

”Kill them all.”

He heard the call of his master, and stood at his staggering seven and half feet. His patchwork cloak having a few recent human additions and A particularly fearsome Gain boy, and even had the fur of dogs, cats and horses sewn into it's hood. He had prepared for the chill of the air, and it made his senses more capable to sniff out...prey. A tail of of immense length snaking through the air akin to that of some sort of demonic scorpion. "Oh Lord, I shall heed your call with fervent delight, The snow shall melt in the heat of prominent bloodshed~" He said, drawing blood in prayer; scrawling a symbol across his hidden face. The two horns spiraling from his hood beginning to emanate a polluted smoke. His canine jointed legs stalking forth into an eager sprint. the sudden thorns erupting forth and attempting to block there way only, stabbing his hands into the rising thorns and raising up with it's height, puling himself up and over and seeming to be empowered by the very wounds he had inflicted upon himself

His tail swirling like an insidious whip; eyes of luminous orange meeting potent green as he looked upon A'aria. Her message unfortunately being heard by the demonic entity "You truly believe you will find safety if you run? Do you not realize that fast prey is half the fun" He dribbled from shadowed lips...a forked tail being seen licking the air as he tasted the fear in the air. His tail firing into the freezing water, and submerging into the depths below. A cackle broiling from his throat as he lurched forward, brandishing two sets of bone flaying claws that he aimed to rip her to shreds. An eruption of splinters felt underneath her as his tail spearing upward from the docks and attempting to skewer her. Kru'Gorah putting him in a very personal position

"Your putrid magic comes from dirt and from within, but how will it fair with the champion of sin?~" He snarled, eager to taste her blood.



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The figure that had so quickly found his way over her wall looked like the embodiment of terror to some, she supposed. Her reaction was more a mix of fear and fascination- the horns, the power, would be nostalgic if it wasn't coming right at her with clearly murderous intent. A'aria leapt back just as the djinn's tail ripped through the dock ahead of her like paper, and remembered a friends words about different manifestations of power. Deciding that was most certainly not a topic that would help her save herself, she dropped it and settled into a fighting stance. One hand brandished a dagger, while second was thrust ahead of her- in mere moments, the thorn wall stretched forward, clawing at the djinn in admittedly simple attempts to pull him back.

More of her power went into the dead wood falling now after having been so violently destroyed, breathing some life into it so she could shape it at will. It twisted, in the blink of an eye, into a dome-like shield; his claws, sharp enough that A'aria was sure they could sever her head from her body, would dig into that first. She was certain he was moving far too fast, and was far too close to change direction so suddenly. 

All that in a matter of seconds, and she took off running fast as she could, keeping an eye out for others. She had no doubt this... What had he called himself? Champion of sin- would follow, but if she could prove herself too troublesome a target she might shake him yet. Her expression settled on determination, then- she'd keep his attention if necessary to save another, but she needed to get out of this alive. 

I never thought of myself as prey, but if you're so determined to give chase, you can keep whatever illusion you'd like.

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@Knighto @bfc @Bureku @Djinn&Juice @Thotification @Trigger2Red @The Only Lucifer 



Thorns, a wall of them. Someone had dared keep Dredge from his intended slaughter and that was not a very wise move. His bickering family of mercenaries and magic murder genie had already gotten to work, so he might as well get to it. Welling up energy into his left hand, the monster known as Dredge raised it towards the thistle of thorns and magically conjured plants. Fire crackled and grew in within his grasp, and without so much as a moment’s hesitation he took hold of the thorn wall. There was a brief moment of incantations being whispered under breath before that which separated the wolves from the herd of sheep was no more. 


A dark and sinister inferno erupted from Dredge’s hand. Feeding on the magic of the caster’s spell it spread like wildfire to consume the wall and reduce it to nothing but ash in the winter’s breeze. Standing on the other side of the smoke and small crackling flames was the monolith of darkness and evil. His massive frame continued to press forward, armor clinking and boots pounding the earth with each step. 


”Release the wolves.” Another command given.


”NAUK-LEAUKE AVHE WARG!!” One of his vanguard shouted in a insidious language not known to many outside of the forces of darkness. 


The sounds of chains dropping and hearts sinking sounded out. The wolves had been released, and with a chorus of howls the hunt was on. People would try to run from this village or hide, the wolves would see to it that none succeeded. The massive dire wolves started at a dead sprint, pushing past the Legion troops and the smoldering former wall of thorns. They began doing what they did best. The screams of not only men and women sounded through the air, but those of children as well. 


The infantry pushed up from the rear and had successfully left the beach and made their way to the entrance of the town. While the wolves were already having their fun, the warriors of Legion loaded their magictech rifles and sharpened their blades for the slaughter and pillaging to come. 


Dredge simply continued to casually walk forward through the town. It wasn’t that slaughter was boring, quite the contrary really. He rather enjoyed it. However there was no one here to challenge him or for him to torment endlessly and corrupt. Well at least no one who had shown their face as of yet. For now he’d simply watch as dire wolves ripped into the flesh of the innocent and his soldiers shot fleeing families in the back without mercy.


”Hyphy family. Bring me the sherpas and mountaineers who work here. Alive preferably.” There was a plan after all.

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The claws speared...not into flesh? No, this was wood! Trickery! Deceit! Kru'Gorah hissing as she had managed to fabricate a shield to block his attack; claws beginning to grip and pull at the defensive measure; It and the planks below beginning to hiss as an unknown viscious fluid dripped from The Djinn's claws, seemingly acidic in some form. Her attempt at escape overshadowed by her attempt at luring him. He was seething in joy at the prospect of such a fiery spirit. He craved it more than anything now. He lurched his head back and slammed his insidious horns through the barricade, a blood chilling screech clinging to her heels as she ran; A intent tail thrashing and spearing through the dock in pursuit of her. It seemed she had the gates of hell licking at her back. Kru'Gorah calling forth the abominations he had worked on so passionately in the time that they had laid dormant. Screeches of baleful woe piercing the sky as these winged orc monstrosities swooped and preyed upon the village populace, feasting on some, and taking the rest that weren't being torn apart by wolves. These ravenous beasts having patchwork sewn over any skin they originally had, eyes feral and hungry. It was his best work. 

Her shield eventually shattered against his merciless pursuit of blood shed, hers most of all. His limbs elongating as he became more fevered in his obsessions. Spines of shimmering deamon-flesh erupting from his back, tearing through cloak and all. His form stalking toward the direction she had run "Run as fast as you can little shrew, It will make you all the tastier to chew!" he screeched behind; his tail attemting to robe her leg and pull her off balance, his legs kicking forth as he bared his claws down on her once again; his maw frothing with quaking teeth eager to rend the flesh from her bones. The dock splintering and fracturing underneath as Kru'Gorah tried to sink his teeth into the woman. 

The taste of blood igniting his senses and unearthing the branded and ashen face of the demon baring down upon her, Each eye possessing multiple seething pupils, teeth like obsidian trees piercing through primordial gums as they craved her life source in any form they could get it. His horns spiraling black, erupting with an orange fire as though he were a hellish sconce; The brands upon his skin beginning to emanate a light that revealed them to be symbols and incantations...scrawled across seemingly every inch of skin. "Your world was made to be subjugated, and burned! Hark!, for The Legion has returned!" He howled to the sky; The Gargoyles of Flesh returning in kind as they continued to sew chaos. 



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"Finally! What took you so long?"

"Sis? Not now."

"You learned pyromancy, I don't know why you're so upset."

"Maybe it's because - "

2 hours ago, Dredge said:

”Hyphy family. Bring me the Sherpas and mountaineers who work here. Alive preferably.”

"- oh my goodness," Aria huffed.

"You complaining now?" Era smirked, to the hesitant giggles of his mother and the haphazard smile of his father.

"Shut it," Aria growled at Era as the family split to follow the orders that their employer had barked out with not a word of acknowledgement. To them, effort spent acknowledging orders was effort wasted on acknowledging orders, and thus they just showed they heard by acting.


Era turned around on his heel and began to run back to the water. Reaching out with a gloved hand as he ran, he gently beckoned, coaxing the cold and reluctant water to creep out of the ocean and next to the path his feet would follow. Then, with a quick swipe at the air, he froze the water solid, the ice crackling from the top down in an elegant and stunning display, and to seal the deal Emilio altered his path slightly to his left, hopping on the icy path he had just made and riding the slide all the way to the ocean, where he would be able to scout out any mountaineers on the ocean, as well as any Sherpas around, taking the most inconspicuous path possible: riding on a block of ice in the ocean while paddling with an ice paddle. Totally inconspicuous. Perfect.

Aria and Ara split to scour the land by foot, while Matsuri took one step and flicked two fingers quickly towards her feet. Beneath them, a roar of heat, a rush of steam, a glow of brightest blue, and Matsuri leapt into the air, using her blue fire as an afterburner for thrust, Iron Man style, to try and scout from the air. She wouldn't be able to hold it long, but it was faster than whatever the hell Era was trying to do, and it was certainly faster than Aria and Ara, though the blue fire was kind of hard to miss for anyone looking up.


And unless they were spotted and dodged first, eventually, the members of the group would happen upon some people.

The streak of blue blazing across the sky would eventually come across a white-haired woman and a little girl watching the slaughter from afar. And sooner or later, the streak's wife and daughter would also happen across them.

The little ice float on the ocean would eventually happen across a narrow black canoe that had been tailing the fleet without being noticed.

It just depended on who they got to first.

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From within a house that A’aria had just run past, a cloaked woman stepped into the street. A malevolent presence spilled around her as she did, as if it had been bottled up within the confines of the house for days.

"Your world was made to be subjugated, and burned! Hark-“

Hark indeed, for the Djinn would’ve found himself abruptly silenced by a column of stone that was forcefully thrust into his mouth.

A solid right hook to the base of the column would’ve sent it into the back of his throat, injuring his windpipe.

“Run, now! I’ll buy you as much time as I can,” she called to A’aria. Feet planted firmly into the ground, she faced down the abberation.

@Djinn&Juice @Knighto

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A'aria had not had the chance to focus on the woman at all, at first, not when the Djinn's tail managed to catch and throw her to the ground. She'd forced herself to turn and draw a dagger, stop it from dragging her to a certain death- and she'd only managed one slice before it suddenly released her. Only then did she see the rock colomn, how it had shoved the djinn back and forced it to pause, and she scrambled to her feet as quickly as she dared, taking a blessed moment to think. 

She feared death less than many for good reason, admittedly, but that didn't mean she didn't recognize others had more reason to avoid it, and thus she valued a save all the same. She wanted to run, yes, but if this woman didn't make it out in the face of helping her? A'aria would never forgive herself. 

Buying time implies yours is limited, and I could never be ok with that assumption. Besides, their forces are everywhere- running isn't much progress alone. 

She broadcasted only to the woman, this time, having learned well enough from the first moments of the attack to limit her telepathy a bit. Whether the woman would accept help or not, she didn't know, but she took a chance and yanked at the magic she could find in the ground. It wasn't the kind she was used to, but it was powerful all the same, and enough for what she wanted to do. In a rush, vine after vine rose from the ground just ahead of the two, sprouting pitcher plants three times as large as a well built soldier- and apparently a tad more deadly. Any liquid that sloshed out ate away at the ground below it, clearly more acidic than what the plants normally carried. With a flick of her wrists, the plants emptied their contents- some onto the ground, the vast majority at the djinn. None came close to the two women, A'aria made sure of that.

God, a moment to think was helpful at times. 

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He had been caught off guard, cut short...but from what? The pillar of stone smashing into the back of his throat and shattering a few of his teeth; A strange dark sand spewing forth from the internal wounds lacerating his throat. It seemed he did not bleed as most creatures do, but he felt pain all the same...and he loved it. The sand creating a noxious cloud that began to permeate the air around him. It smelled acrid and irritated the skin,burning it in elongated  yet still this one came and cascaded the pillar further into his throat. More sand spilling from his lips and filling the air as he reeled back. His jaw creaking with physical resistance before splitting the pillar with his teeth, spitting the slagged stone into the water where it billowed steam upon contact. The Djinn whipping his tail ferociously, hissing with anger before coughing from his throat injuries; plumes of sand beginning to obscure his immediate visage. Two coals lit by orange flame piercing through the obfuscation at his attacker with tangible delight. " Humans always act without thought, A lesson in agony must be taught" He seethed with incredulous laughter, curling the air around him as he stood to his full height once more; The plants and their noxious by product splashing upon his form and eating away at the leathery skin across his back, and arms. An aura of burning orange ignited around pulling an enraged roar from his barbed maw. his limbs once again creaking and groaning as they twisted and split apart, another pair of arms being made just below his original set; two sets of claws bursting from their forming hands as he howled in delightful pain and irreverent glee.

Kru'Gorah sprinting forth in a frenzied state, his seemingly boneless form sliding underneath her legs. A tail being swept just behind in attempt to trip her up before spinning in an arc with his claws seeking to rend their flesh in his bladed fury. the joy of inflicting pain on others overshadowed only by his love of pain inflicted on himself. They only anchored his purpose with every laceration and burn he suffered. They were only idolizing his flesh with physical agonizing purpose. "Pain is the offering to him I pledge! Suffer me now in the name of Dredge!" He cried out amidst his ravenous attacks, bites, and whips from his coiling tail. 
@Knighto @Sleepy Seal

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