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MT3:2 Arnau Dermont vs Marshall Gamesly

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The Unterholm, gaping maw of fire and earth, so hungry for the bounty beneath our very feet that it has descended into the deepest recesses of legend and myth. It is in this place that boys enter, become baptized in the blood and sweat of their labors, leaving as men, greater for the hardship thrust upon them out of necessity. Rumors of many kinds inhabited this place, a scant few being positive, while the majority told of dark things that have gone down in the annals of recognition. Sir Marshall Gamesly, Knight Commander of the Dogs of War, could think of no better place to fight as well as to further cement the notoriety of his order. Already the world around them whispered of their strengths, but the best was yet to come.

Unlike his previous engagement with Arashi Sato, this was by far a more important battle, as the honor of his house rested upon his ability to best his new opponent. Arnau Dermont, the head of House Dermont itself, was participating in this particularly strange version of classic blood sports between two fighters. Whoever fails to be victorious in this match would surely bring dishonor to their house, especially for the Dogs of War, champions of House Uldwar since their founding. With no intention to sully the good name of his lord, Sir Marshall Gamesly requested some changes to their simulation, to make things more interesting and hopefully tip the scales to his favor.

In this simulation, the massive area is in full swing, with workers abound, the foundries chewing up any ore placed within them, spitting out molten metal and impurities. Throngs of workers shuffled their way, back and forth as their duties permitted, perfect facsimiles of the real thing, all provided for by the machinery in which he was connected to. High above these workers were massive stone containers, transported via pulley system, and filled nearly to the brim with the molten metal which would be used for all sorts of craftsmanship. It was in this environment that Sir Marshall Gamesly intended on surprising his opponent, and striking him dead before he ever knew what was coming to him. Between the blazing furnaces he lurked, a monstrous beast of muscle and fur, walking down a path of glory and blood, having vowed to do all that he could to achieve victory, even if that meant dying in the process.

Sir Marshall Gamesly did not wish to announce himself as before, opting instead to hide amongst the machinery, his new agility and athleticism enabling him to reach areas previously impossible for humans while in his werewolf form. Part of the reason he stayed hidden was so that he could keep the element of surprise, but another part of him, the new beast within, had a taste for the hunt, and so he kept away from sight and stuck to the shadows. It would only be a matter of time before he spotted his prey, and then, it would be all over for the man who thought so arrogantly as to take on such a warrior as he.

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Watching the massive stone buckets gave Sir Gamesly an idea. With ease and supernatural grace, the werewolf made his way up towards the pulley system that held the dangerous containers, and began climbing towards one of the buckets.

After reaching it, he nearly recoiled at the sheer heat, but found it tolerable enough for his purposes. The container was.open at the top, supported by three cables which while strong, he was certain he could cut through if given the chance. Just one of the lines breaking will be enough for him to tip the stone bucket into the right direction, unleashing its molten contents upon his unsuspecting victim. Now all that was required was to wait until they were both in the right position, and then, he would rain hell down upon House Dermont.

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Finally, his opportunity had arrived, and it was time to unleash his plan. 

With one swipe of his claws, Marshall severed the rope, causing the bucket to tip over, spilling hot molten metal into the walkway. Screams ensued as people died in scores, but the most satisfying of all, was the blood curdling cry of Arnau Dermont.

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