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Treaty of 597 [A.N.T]

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Treaty of 597


1. Gather 50 warriors and 30 mages to repair the damaged wall in Inns'th.

2. Send 100 warriors to claim the Furthest Point in Yh'mi.

3. After the Furthest Point is claimed, maintain 50 warriors there at all times.

4. The Knight of Force Majeure will act as the arbiters for A.N.T. whenever a dispute arises between two member nations that requires mediation. 

5. The Allied Nations of Terrenus will host the biennial (once every two years) A.N.T. Games to test the skill, prowess, and intellect of the member nations and their people. The exact games will be decided on by the host. 

6. Military + financial aid. If a member nation is attacked, other member nations need to send support. Military aid if member nation is active. Financial aid, to help economy or to hire mercenaries equal to the military of a member nation, if said member nation is inactive.

7. Member nations are banned from fighting each other. If a member nation enters conflict with another member nation for any reason other than they attack you first, the attacking member nation will be expelled from ANT. There must be sufficient proof of conflict. Rumors of proxy fights don't count.

8. All member nations must protect the basic rights of their citizens


Establishment Threads:

1. [A.N.T.] Main Thread 1: The Arrivals

2. [A.N.T.] Main Thread 2: The Treaty of 597


*Both Patia ( @Roen) and Predator's Keep/ the Scarlet Empire ( @Red the Ambivalent) are part of this treaty, but have yet to post a signature down below. They are, however, considered to be part of the canon treaty unless otherwise noted by them.

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